amber dearest

hey hey, check it out in a new fandom, it’s sola swinging in and bringing to you her headcanoned version of blackwell’s dearest rachel amber from life is strange. she’s hip, she’s cool, she’s a beauty beyond her years with a head full of dreams big enough to drive her to do the unexpected. a daredevil with plastic angel wings on her back, if you’re interested in writing together, then please like / reblog this post around and help a girl out?


Happy Birthday to one of the most wonderful people in the world. One of the most talented girls who inspires me and gives me strength. My dearest Amber, who is so precious to me. ♡ Thank you for being who you are, for teaching me a lot of things and for giving us such valuable and beautiful messages that quite apart from me, have helped many others too. I feel so proud of you and for everything you do. I’ll always support and be here for you. I love you so much cutie llama. ♡♡
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