amber cole video

The nerve of some people.

This whole “Amber Cole Video” that’s circling around the net is just making me sick. 

  1. Peoples children don’t have enough home training to know that its not right to blatantly suck a dick in public?
  2. Where the fuck where the teachers? This was right outside the front doors of a school!
  3. The boys. The fucking boys that recorded it and sent it to the web. Where are their parents, at the very least an older male role model… 
  4. Simply put: “They ain’t got no home fucking training." 

Everything is just wrong here. To Amber I’d like to say that it’s rather sad to see that she would just publicly do something like this. Just out right in front of school but then who am I to judge? Maybe she had another reason for doing it that only she knows. The guys, its unsettling that they would put it up for everyone to see, like they aren’t hurting themselves as well as Amber. In every way its as much the guys fault for ALLOWING himself as well as Amber to be recorded. Everyone’s on her back calling her sluts and whores. Its really sickening that people think this is funny. What if this was your little sister? What if it was you? Its not  just her fault. Its the guys too. Its just really heart breaking to see the potential future of America going down the drain…