amber box

the signs as ‘getting out of the box’ sm artist mv’s 2015

aries: Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
taurus: Shinee - View
gemini: Taeyeon - I
cancer: Super Junior - Devil
leo: SNSD - Party
virgo: Exo - lightsaber
libra: f(x) - 4walls
scorpio: TTS - Dear santa
saggittarius: Exo - Love me right
capricorn: BoA - Who are you
aquarius: Red Velvet - Ice cream cake
pisces: M&D - I wish
Episode 1, Mark Gatiss - The Devil in Amber - BBC Radio 4 Extra
Dandy secret agent Lucifer Box investigates drug-related dealings in 1920s Manhattan.

GUYS! They’re rebroadcasting Mark Gatiss’s book – which he narrates, sublimely – on Radio 4x this week (available online worldwide for a month).

If you haven’t heard/read these dark, droll, delicious patishes of spy novels…

Excuse me, but…

Our puppy just did this amazing thing and shut down all the haters. You know, the ones claiming she couldn’t be golden lacquer bc she isn’t that good, or that thin or too short? Where is the excessive amounts of Luna pride rn? Why is there not more OMG, look at our girl?

United front time f(ans).

People who claim Amber is overrated and don’t understand why she is so popular clearly don’t understand what she represents. Sure some fans like her simply because she’s awesome and a good artist, but for a lot of us she’s a needle in a haystack that shows that you can be different and not fit in and still be successful. 

Our desire to see her solo career succeed isn’t just some superficial desire to make her lots of money. It’s our need to see someone who doesn’t fit into heteronormative sexist social norms be able to do well. It’s our need to see someone like us who doesn’t fit in and isn’t standard be able to work hard, and pursue their dream, and actually make it to the top. This is why Amber’s solo doing well is important, and this is why so many people love her.