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The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV in this, but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language. Bit of angst, but Negan to the rescue

3000 words

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the signs as ‘getting out of the box’ sm artist mv’s 2015

aries: Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
taurus: Shinee - View
gemini: Taeyeon - I
cancer: Super Junior - Devil
leo: SNSD - Party
virgo: Exo - lightsaber
libra: f(x) - 4walls
scorpio: TTS - Dear santa
saggittarius: Exo - Love me right
capricorn: BoA - Who are you
aquarius: Red Velvet - Ice cream cake
pisces: M&D - I wish

Little Lamb

Originally posted by ffrankcastle

Summary:  Amber is on a mission to kill Negan, only to find out that her plan goes terribly wrong. 
Request Summary: “Request based on S7Ep7? The reader in Carl’s shoes though” – ambroselunatic
POV: Amber
Characters: Amber, Fat Joseph, Jesus, Negan, and of course, Lucille 
Word Count: 4670. This is seriously long as shit. 
Warnings: Cursing
Authors note: Let’s see how this goes.  Not too sure how this story will come together.  I’m literally jumping right into the content, no build up, no B.S. intro. Yes, I looked up the correct gun Carl used because I’m a loser and wanted to make sure it was right. xD    I think it came out pretty good. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed.
Quote of the story: “All I can say is, this isn’t Burger King, you’re not going to have it your way and sadly, this isn’t a McDonalds either, so, you won’t be loving it.”
P.S. Seriously, guys, thank you SO much for all the praise and love for my other pieces.  You guys are literally the best and it means so much to me! Also, thanks for the 200 followers!


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MCL Episode Idea: Little Bird

This is a short idea that doesn’t actually have to be a full episode. It could be a subplot, or maybe part of something bigger. I dunno, I was just thinking about it.

Candy’s minding her own business in the school garden when she comes across an injured bird lying in the grass. She mends the bird’s wing and puts it into a shoe box and hides it under a bush. After each class, she keeps going back to check on it and her boyfriend notices. She shows him the bird and he’s impressed that Candy knows how to handle such a situation.

Over the course of the day, more students start to hear about the injured little bird, including Amber. Amber takes the box with the bird inside and demands Candy trade the bird for Amber’s Box of Shame.

Not sure where to go from there. Feel free to add to it if you want, make changes, give more details. Anything, really.