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Box of Memories

The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV in this, but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language. Bit of angst, but Negan to the rescue

3000 words

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the signs as ‘getting out of the box’ sm artist mv’s 2015

aries: Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
taurus: Shinee - View
gemini: Taeyeon - I
cancer: Super Junior - Devil
leo: SNSD - Party
virgo: Exo - lightsaber
libra: f(x) - 4walls
scorpio: TTS - Dear santa
saggittarius: Exo - Love me right
capricorn: BoA - Who are you
aquarius: Red Velvet - Ice cream cake
pisces: M&D - I wish

My Red Tulip: Ch 2: Stupid In Love

Word Count: 2845

Genre: Fluff | Angst (light) | Humor | Smut (light) | Hybrid 

Rating: General | Teen | Mature

Pairing: Amber Liu x Reader (GXG)

Fandom: F(X)’s MeU

Missed a chapter? Catch up here: Chapter 1: Ain’t My Fault

Lunch was uneventful with Tae and Amber talking or just being weird as always. They may have laughed to their heart’s content at one point, but Amber was still lost in the fact that she had been a bitch to her lady and now her lady was sitting in some dance room working away on an empty stomach. Another one of Y/n’s lunches just skipped until she got home to cook for herself and Amber.

Amber ordered Y/n’s favorite food to go and made sure that Taehyung passed it on to Y/n under all circumstances.

“Make sure you give it to her, or I will murder you.”

“So violent,” shuddered Tae, “but….how would you know if I lied?”

“I have my sources. Just lie to me and see if you live to tell the tale!” Amber barked back jokingly serious.

“Okay, okay,” he frowned looking at Amber like he suspected something was going on between Amber and Y/n.

“What’s with the face?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “You were so mean to her for nothing and brushed it off by saying that you don’t know her. Then you left me in the parking lot to go apologize to Y/n and now you bought her lunch. What’s the deal with you two? Am I missing something?”

“There is no ‘deal’, Tae,” Amber began, almost scared that she had been slightly too obvious that this woman meant something great to her. She decided a good story to deter any attention on their relationship might be a smart way to go, “I didn’t realize how mean I was to her until I saw her rushing into the restroom with tears in her eyes. That’s why I told you to wait and I went to go apologize to her. I don’t like hurting people so I felt extremely guilty that she couldn’t eat lunch because of me. Just trying to be a good human being I guess.”

Taehyung actually looked like he bought the story which wasn’t all that far from the truth…well…maybe tears part was a complete lie, but Tae doesn’t need to know that. And Y/n definitely doesn’t need to know that. She was a feisty one. Contrary to popular belief, Amber doesn’t have a death wish. No sir.

He gave Amber his famous box smile and said, “Okay, Noona!! I will make sure she gets this and eats well!”

“Thanks Tae,” Amber smiled waving at a cheery Tae as she got out of the black van in front of her company and watched it whoosh past her towards the BigHit building.

“Y/n!!!!!” yelled an excited Taehyung. I looked up to see a smiley Taehyung with some take-out in one hand and what looked like a bag full of boba tea in the other.

“Is there a reason why you have so much food when you literally aren’t even back from lunch yet?” I asked dryly.

“It’s for you, Noona!!”

“Noona?” I questioned, giving him a weird look. He never called me Noona. Like ever.

“Yeah…Amber Noona sent you some take-out lunch,” he said raising the take-out bag and you raised an eyebrow that it still didn’t explain why he called you Noona.

“Well. When she was explaining that she had been mean to you and you couldn’t eat lunch because of that, I kind of felt like a jerk for talking to you all weird before I also went away.”

“You mean you felt bad that you flirted? And quite badly, I might add,” I looked away from him and back to my paper. I was actually waiting for him to just give me the food my girlfriend had sent because I was starving at the moment, but he went on.

“Okay, yeah. I felt like a jerk for flirting with you. I don’t even know if you’re taken and I shouldn’t have made advances like that, so I bought you a mango smoothie and then I bought everyone boba tea.”

“How do you know I don’t like boba tea?”

“Because I once saw you decline every flavor of boba tea the department had bought.”

“Where you being a creep again?” I laughed.

“Aniyo,” he blushed, “I just noticed because they were all so good but you would make a face every time they had you try a new one like they were throwing you to the Satan or something. It was rather entertaining.”

“I’m glad you found in entertaining and even more glad you remembered because as polite as I am, any kind of boba tea thrown my way ends up in the trash can.”

“I’m glad I got you a mango smoothie then,” he said handing me the food and the smoothie as I happily made space on the table I was working on and dug into the take-out.

“Awwwww. Kyeopta!!” he whined, cheesily.

“Dork,” was all I whispered before turning back to the delicious food at hand. My baby knew me so well.

Arms wrap around me and I sigh deeply as I sink into the familiar scent. It feels like home. I don’t even remember how and when we went from just roommates to lovers, but I’m glad it happened. I don’t know what I would do without her.

“You smell really good,”She says, taking a whiff of my neck as my wet hair softly frames my face. She moves the hair to one side and places a soft kiss on the juncture of my neck, “I’m sorry for being so harsh today. Did you get a chance to eat your lunch?”

“Hmmm,” I hum softly as I go back to cooking our dinner.

“Hmmm? That’s it? Are you still mad at me?” she asks worriedly but still against my neck.

“I’m almost done with dinner, but no I’m not mad at you,” I smile looking back at her. She smiles back and leaves a kiss on my cheek before she starts setting the table. I immediately missed her contact.

She told me about her day and told me all about what she did with Taehyung. It was a nice dinner and then she did the dishes as I went to go get a blanket and some pillows so that we can watch a movie. It was our everyday routine. I cook, we eat, and she does the dishes whilst I set up for the movie time.

She smiled coming towards me and I held out my hand that she accepts gladly and pulls me in for a kiss and whispers, “I feel like I don’t tell you how much I love you enough.”

“You say it enough, Amber,” I whisper before kissing her back. I pull back and move to her ear, “I love you so much, Am.”

Amber shudders visibly at my comment and giggle softly and whisper again,”Get on the sofa, baby. I’ll turn on the movie.”

“Yes, Ma’am,’ she giggle throwing a mock salute. I roll my eyes and bend over to pick up the remote control only to find Amber sitting on the couch leaning on a pillow majestically staring at my ass.

“Stop perving, Amber.”

“I can’t!” she squeals. “Not when I’m painfully aware that you aren’t wearing any panties under those sleeping shorts.” I roll my eyes and and walk back to the couch.

“Turn around and face that way with your back against the pillow.”

What?” she says looking scared but turning around nonetheless.

“Relax. I just wanna cuddle,” I smiled settling between her legs and leaning back into her.

“Awwww,” she says leaning into me to pull a blanket over us and wrap her hands around my waist. I hold one of her hands and cross my fingers with her. She kisses the top of my head and watches the movie silently. I try to pay attention to the movie, but for some unknown reasons, I just couldn’t focus.

I had days like these. Amber just wasn’t really aware of them because they cuddled all the time on most days, I was okay with Amber just holding me and whispering sweet nothings into my ear, but today seemed a bit different.

It happened before Amber as well. Amber was my first true relationship, so before her, these moments lasted for days where I wanted to do nothing more than just sit in my bed as someone held me close to their heart and assured me that everything will be okay.

I would just deal with it by hugging a friend for a second too long or snuggling into my warm blanket. But now. I knew what it felt like to have someone always hold you close to their heart and love you like their life depended on it. And that’s what scares me. What if one day Amber decides that she doesn’t love me anymore or what if one day her career asks her to choose between me or the job. I wouldn’t want her to choose me because music is what makes her happy.

I hadn’t realized that Amber was asking me something until she kissed the top of my head and I heard her whispering, “hey, hey, hey. It’ll be okay, baby. Shhhh… you have me. Don’t cry.”

Cry? Don’t cry? I touched my cheeks to find the tears Amber was referring to. I hadn’t even realized that I was crying until she said something. I turned to the side slightly and wrapped my arms around Amber as I put my head on her chest.

“What;’s wrong, baby?” She asks again.

“Nothing,” I whisper, holding her tightly.

“You’re crying baby. That doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“I didn’t even know I was crying. I was jost thinking.”

“You would,” she laughs as she holds me close.

“What is that suppose to mean?” I say looking at her, which was a serious mistake because tears were glistening in her eyes too.

“Was I that mean to you this morning?” she said sadly as the first tear fell. I quickly sat up and wiped her tear away.

“No, baby, quite the opposite, actually.”

“Are you still mad at me?”

“Listen to my heart, baby,” I said staring into her eyes and placing her hand on my heart, “ I’m not mad at you. I was seriously just thinking and I didn’t even realize that I was crying.”

“What were you thinking about?”



“You,” I repeated and smiled at her as I wiped her cheek again, “I was just thinking about how I lucky I am to have you and what I would ever do if you stop loving me.”

“Baby…”she whispered.

“Shhhh…I’m just scared. We have to hide so much that I always live in the fear that someone will find out and then they will make you choose.”

“Are you trying to break up with me, right now?” Amber asked sadly.

“I will literally kill you if you try to turn this around and leave me.”


“I’m not trying to break up with you. I’m trying to tell you that I love you so much that it hurts me when you walk around freely with everyone and everyone’s touching you and I’m stuck there having to smile on the sides. I hate it,” I yell frustrated.

“Are we having a round 2 of my jealousy outburst from this morning?” Amber smiled at me softly with an eyebrow suggestively raised.

“Fuck you,” I huff moving away from her when I’m suddenly flung back into her chest.

“You know you want to,” Amber says suggestively and I struggle with her until there is a hand around my head holding me down on her shoulder and a hand sneaks into my shorts under the blanket. I gasp loudly as a hand brushes across my heat.

“Look at me, baby,” She whispers in my ear, heavily. I refused to meet her eye and struggle more with her causing her to tighten her grip and bite my ear lobe and trying a more direct approach this time, “I SAID LOOK AT ME!”

I stop struggling and look at her. She kisses me harshly and tightens her grip until I kiss her back. That’s all it took. One kiss and I was lost in my Amber. She kept her hand rubbing imaginary eight in my shorts as she turned me around to get better access to my mouth.

“Tell me the truth,” she asked going back to her gentle self, “what happened? Did Taehyung say something?”

“No. He kept on being all like ‘sorry I was being so inconsiderate by flirting with you. I don’t even know if you’re taken or anything,’ and all I wanted to do in that moment was tell him that yes I was taken and that it was great he was already so familiar with my girlfriend. In that moment, I wanted to yell to the world that you belong to me and I belong to you and it should be me bringing him lunch after coming back from a lunch date with my girlfriend and not the other way around.”

“I’m so sorry, baby,” she whispered, “let me make it up to you.”

She pulled out her hand from out of my shorts and flipped us over so that she was in between my legs. Amber pulled my shorts down gently and kissed her way down my stomach to my heat. She buried her head in between my thighs and I buried my hands in her hair.

I moaned softly as she gently started working her tongue on me. Her tongue skillfully moving around my ridges and folds. Another moan escaped my lips as I felt her rub imaginary eights once more on my clitoris.

“Amber,” I panted as she hummed against my core causing me to jerk at the sudden vibration. She slowly inserted a digit as she continued to move her tongue on me but quickly added another.

“Go faster, baby.”

I ached to find my euphoria but Amber continued painfully slow causing me to rut against her tongue. She brought her other hand away from my heat to hold me down.

“Uh uh, Princess. I’m taking my time loving you today.”

“Baby. Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Please let me cum. I need to cum.”

Amber hummed once more and picked up her pace. A few more hair tugs and I screamed her name as my walls tightened and convulsed around her fingers. I tugged her up and pulled her into a harsh kiss wrapping my legs around her waist.

She kissed me passionately as I took her button-up off and reached for pants. She stopped my hand suddenly as whispered, “I was making it up for you. You don’t have to do it.”

“I want to. And then…” I trailed off as I moved my way down to her neck.

“And then?” she whispers.

“And then, I want you to fuck me into oblivion. Right here, on this couch,” I whisper back, biting her ear.

It was going to be a long night.

Amber kissed the top of your forehead as you soundly slept in her arms on the spacious couch. Your and her clothes were scattered around the small table that sat in front of the couch. You mumbled in your sleep and snuggled your naked form into hers. She smiled thinking of your love making earlier that night and pulled the blanket tighter around you.

She could still hear your loud moans and screams as you held onto the couch like your life depended on it as she pounded into you with all she had. It was the best sex Amber had ever had. Your usual style was rather gentle but the need to just hold onto Amber had won tonight. It was a good hour of rough and aggressive sex and Amber was sure you would be limping tomorrow morning.

Amber ran a hand through her bed hair and finally for the first time that night thought about what you were actually trying to say to her. If the word of this relationship, Amber wasn’t sure if she would be able to choose between the two. For some reason, Amber found small comfort in the feeling that knowing her fans, they would be very accepting of her relationship with her lady and the fact that it is with another woman but she doesn’t know what her company’s thoughts would be on it.

Probably something very negative. She was pulled out of her thoughts as Amber felt a pair of soft lips against her jawline. She looked down to see, you,  the love of her life smiling softly up at her. As if reading her mind, you brought a hand up to brush her hair away from her forehead and say, “Sleep, Mahal Ko. We’ll be fine.”

Amber kissed your forehead and snuggled your naked body into hers and soon you felt her soft snores against your bare shoulder.

You smiled and drifted off to sleep.

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