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Gary hitting Amber with those court documents about Matt like OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AMBER AND SEE THE CREEP YOU’RE ENGAGED TO!

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What are your opinions on all of the teen moms? Do you already have a post about that somewhere?

I’m not sure if I’ve answered it all in one go before!

Chelsea: I like Chelsea and I get stick sometimes for liking her for some reason. But she has grown up on TV and become a good mother. I like her because she has her priorities right. I do wish she would move on from the she now that Aubree is getting older but that’s her choice.

Leah: There’s a lot that Leah has done in the past that I’ve criticised - mainly lying and cheating. When she seemingly got into addiction I really thought it might be the end of her. But she has turned her life around, she is looking really healthy and I’m so happy for her. I think she needs to stop listening to her family when it comes to her baby-daddy drama. But she loves her girls and I do have a soft spot for her.

Jenelle: Never changes and never will in my opinion. Jenelle is a nasty piece of work. Her main concern is posting about her perfect life and then melting down when something happens to show she’s full of shit. She is doing huge damage to her mother and to the children she has brought into this world, and I think they are all going to have a lot to recover from. I think she’s abusive, a narcissist, and only cares about herself and the man she is currently controlling with money.

Kailyn: I’m not a fan of Kailyn. She’s dishonest, entitled, selfish, rude and destructive. I don’t think she has much of her own personality either, she just falls in line with whatever friends she currently has. Props for being a good mother most of the time though, although I think those boys have seen enough fights and meltdowns.

Maci: I think Maci is a good mother. I can’t say I like her but it’s more a preference thing. She makes cute kids, I really don’t have much of an opinion on her because she stays out of the limelight and I don’t really watch her segments anymore.

Farrah: There isn’t a psychologist in the world who can describe Farrah. Part of me thinks her persona is for the cameras, part of me thinks no, that’s her. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Her life makes zero sense to me. She’s abusive and her daughter sees it daily. She’s also a liar. She’s lied about being raped more than once and I will never forgive her that. She makes a lot of money which is great I suppose, but her example for her child is appalling. I think her parents are mentally unbalanced too.

Catelynn: I liked her in the early days. Now I can’t stand her. It’s hard to talk about Cate without talking about Tyler because they are so codependent they are basically one person. I think they both sat back and did nothing with their lives and a lot of their depression stems from that. Catelynn is like a middle school bitch with how she deals with Farrah. I think she’s hugely jealous of Farrah and self conscious about her own weight.

Amber: She is my least favourite of all the cast, including Jenelle. Amber is an egomaniac with low self esteem. She’s addicted to drama, an expert at playing victim, a huge liar, and no way do I think she’s sober. The way she’s responded to people being concerned about Matt has been vile and abusive. She can call herself a real woman until she’s blue in the face, but she’s an asshole. I don’t believe she really wants to prioritise Leah, I think she just wants to complain about Gary and play victim. Also, going to jail for addiction and then coming out and continuing to destroy lives is not something to brag about.

2015526 meeting Amber Liu fanaccount

I can’t believe I met Amber Liu today. Like, I blog her all the time, my last tweet about her was less then 24 hours ago. T

She was filming something with JK Films at my work. My coworker called me like “hey.. do you know an amber from Kpop?” and im like “… YES WHY…” she says “Cus I think she’s here.. filming somethin-” she continues to talk but just say “IM ON MY WAY” and hang up, jump in my car and 2 minutes later, I’m at my workplace. (thankfully I live right down the street LOL)

I almost hit a car parking LOL i was freaking out, I run (yes, run) to my work and enter through the back, but then walk in so I don’t look weird and I try to act all cool.

I spot amber and i was like.. oh shit… she’s really here… (shoutout to amy for recognizing amber, and s/o for chelsea for calling me !) Since, we sell taiwanese shaved ice, i order some and sit in the corner, closer to amber lol so I don’t look tooo weird just sitting with nothing.
I’m just enjoying watching amber conversate with her friends (wow I sound creepy) but it’s just.. really cool. Also, there were literally no other customers in the store. Just me, Amber, and JK Films crew, so there’s no crazy fans (Cept me) to worry about.
30 minutes passes by and suddenly everyone gets up, going to the door, i start to worry because Amber is like, first out the door, so I ask one of the crew like “Hey, can I get a photo with AMber?” he’s like “yeah!” he calls her over and she’s SO FREAKING NICE. I’m like omg, I’m such a huge fan. Can I have a pic ? She’s like of course!! and oh, what’s your name? and im like Oh!! I’m Olivia! then I see her kinda like going in for a hug but i wasnt sure if she was just trying to get close for a photo but i ask anyway, i say’ can I hug you?“ LOL shes like of course!!!
So then I’m opening my phone for a photo, and she sees snapchat and she’s like ” oh you’re snapchattin?“ im like haha yeah!! then she’s like ” oh okay so you snapchat then i’ll just jump in the video and be like ahh im with olivia!“ so then we make a cute little snap video. after thaat I’m like ” can we take 1 more photo? for me (the for me part sounds really creepy now that i think about it lmao)“ and she’s like oh yea of course. im positioning the camera for a selfie and the camera was facing the wall -_- and she’s all joking about it like haa yeah let’s take a picture of the wall. and i say "oh awk sorry” (omg.. i said awk to amber liu wtf)
then we take a photo! and bam. I’m like thank you! and she’s like “thanks man!” AMBER LIU CALLED ME MAN? idt she actually thought i was a boy though I think that’s just her being hella chill and that being her gender neutral term to address either gender.

amber liu is soooo nice, soo chill, and super down to earth. she’s so small (im taller than her haha) and thin. her wrists were so tiny and when I hugged her i made sure not to like squeeze bc she’s just so tiny! ok we get it, she’s tiny. she looks fragile but she’s a pretty tough girl, as well all know.

today was just awesome. I love you AMber liu omg