the giant, spindly fusion of my Amber, @osirisartblog‘s Mint Beryl, and @ididthisturquoise‘s Turquoise!

(the smaller characters featured here are @littlepdpoint‘s Peacock Sapphire, my Star Diopside, Turquoise’s Red Jasper, and Osiris’ Bixbite.)

it was pretty fun coming up with the design for the rest of Tsume’s body. I drew her more as a mashup of Vauxite (turquoise x mint), Brazilianite (amber x mint), and Viridine (amber x turquoise). I’m not entirely sure what her weapon would be, maybe a scythe or something of the sort?

Natural Dark Golden Amber Brazilian Citrine Crystal Cluster, 5 ounces / 142 grams Mineral Specimen

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