Antifa Anarchists march in the heart of a fascists’s area (Athens, Greece)

Following an antifascist attack against the headquarters of neonazi Golden Dawn party in Athens, Greece on March 30, 2017,  and more than an hour later, fascists brutally attacked a passerby art student, in their usual manner, that is many against one, because the latter dared to take a photo of their rampaged offices.

In response and as a reminder than not an inch of space should be left to the murderous fascists, a publicly announced demo was arranged from antifascists around the area of Abelokipi on April 12, that was plenty of time for the fascists to prepare. Despite the fact that the fascists knew of the demo, they deserted the area and there were nowhere to be seen, apart from their friends, the greek riot police that protected their headquarters building and even a coffee bar at close proximity that they hang out.

Residents forced to live in the area around the headquarters warmly greeted the antifa demo, that in turn, proceeded to stay put at small square in the neighborhood to hand out antifa leaflets and wait patiently to ascertain whether the fascists would have a change of heart. Well, no surprise there, when fascists are faced with organized antifa anarchists, they either hide and try to attack alongside the riot police as one or, as was this case, they tend to hide in their holes.


Door(s)  of Prosfygika , a complex of buildings in Ambelokipi built in the 1930s to accommodate Greeks who left Turkey as part of the 1923 population exchange.
Today, Prosfygika provides housing not only for some 30 descendants of its original residents, but a wide range of low-income Athenians, squatters and immigrants waiting to move to more northern parts of Europe for work.

Πόρτα στα Προσφυγικά, ένα συγκρότημα κτιρίων στους Αμπελόκηπους χτίστηκε το 1930 για να φιλοξενήσει τους Έλληνες που εγκατέλειψαν την Τουρκία ως μέρος της ανταλλαγής πληθυσμών του 1923.
Σήμερα, τα Προσφυγικά παρέχουν στέγαση, όχι μόνο για περίπου 30 απογόνους των αρχικών τους κατοίκων, αλλά και σε ένα ευρύ φάσμα Αθηναίων με χαμηλό εισόδημα, καταληψίες και οι μετανάστες που περιμένουν να μετακινηθούν σε πιο βόρειες περιοχές της Ευρώπης για το έργο