One of the most versatile kitchen textiles you’ll ever own, this large furoshiki cloth can be used as an apron, a bread bag, a tote for carrying groceries and produce, a way to transport potluck and picnic meals, a table or picnic cloth, or even a reusable gift wrapping option. The possibilities are endless


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This coming Sunday at 4:00 at WCC: “Moving Towards a Non-Disposable Life”, an @ambatalia workshop from the @ogaard Øffsite class series. An Ambatalia kitchen furoshiki comes with cost of workshop. If you sign up within the next 24 hours I will throw in a small linen bento bag. #westcoastcraft #ogaard #ambatalia #furoshiki #nondisposablelife #10in1wrappingcloth

Ambatalia-Textiles for a Non-disposable Life

                                          Ambatalia Furoshiki Bag. Image by Paige Green

Ambatalia and its creator Molly de Vries, creates textiles for a non-disposable life, an inspiring and beautiful gesture of living with less-less plastics, toxicity, and endless consumption in our everyday landscape, while in turn actually living with more-functionality, efficiency, and beauty through the textiles that that carry us through the day to day.

Molly’s own creativity is drawn from the joys in her daily life.   “ My name is Molly de Vries. I am married to a beautiful man and we are incredibly blessed to have three amazing children that teach us every day how to love. I think of how we can become a resourceful society rather than a wasteful one. I see solutions and I love to create them. I make textiles for the sustainable kitchen, daily work and shopping. I love what I do.”

We love what she does as well.  We look forward to her multi-purpose wearables in the Garden’s Green Gala Fashion Show 2011.

See more of Molly’s sustainable living inspiration here.

Not Your Typical Linen

During the course of one week, I received two of my most cherished orders for Far Fetched. Because each line is a favorite, you’ll be receiving 2 blog posts this week, so get ready!

1. Ambatalia

I cannot be more thrilled to be carrying these perfectly perfect linens. (Yes, I said perfectly perfect.) I spend any free time I can in Austin, who in the past few months has gone completely plastic bag free. If you buy something in Austin you will absolutely not be given a plastic bag. Yep. It’s happening. These days it’s not only the individuals and companies who are turning to a more “green” lifestyle, but cities are stepping up their game. With that said, you’re going to need to invest in some solid grocery bags and carry out totes, and we’ve got the best ones on the block. All the way from San Fran, I introduce Ambatalia: “linens for a non-disposable life and green future.”

Before you run away frightened by square knots, or flat linens that are supposed to support your casserole you made for pot luck dinner, just hold up a bit. 

Psst… square knot directions. 

First. Knowing the difference between a “Furoshiki” linen and your old, faded cloth napkin is a must. Possibly dating back to the years from AD 710 to 794 (!!) Furoshiki, meaning “bath spread,” eventually turned from a bath towel to a more current definition explained by a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods. A cloth with a meaning. Ambatalia’s Kitchen Furoshiki measures 31"x31" which can surprisingly hold a wide assortment of goodies. And yes, machine washable. 

Second. Just like any good mother leaving food instructions for the family while she’s away, Ambatalia (in short meaning mother) gives you hand written directions with each Furoshiki. 

Also, check out their blog with 9 Simple Ways to Wrap the Ambatalia Kitchen Furoshiki.

Third. What to use them for? I’ll let Ambatalia tell you. Perfect for carrying casserole, pie and drinks to pot lucks and picnics. Turns into an instant apron and grocery bag as well as making a wonderful gift wrap for breads, wine or your favorite cook book. Comes with 68" twill tape ( to transform into apron) and directions for use.

You’re in love right? Swing by the store and pick up your color now. 

Just to prove how easy this is, I took pictures of myself (see feet) wrapping goodies and wine bottles. 

A wrapped gift = 2 gifts. Small bandana cloth 21x21 $25

Small bento cloth. $16

Kitchen Furoshiki. 31x31 $28 Best hostess gift ever! And best wine tote/carrier/bag!

Far Fetched * 

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Tues-Sat 10am-6pm Sun 1pm-5pm

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Furoshiki are a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap clothes, gifts, or anything that needs to be carried. The idea of furoshiki goes beyond the fabric itself, however: it involves the quality of the fabric, the beauty of the design, skill of wrapping and tying knots, and the spirit of giving. Molly de Vries of Ambatalia has invited a number of WCC artists to decorate furoshiki that she has made with their own designs. The furoshiki will be displayed and sold at West Coast Craft and in keeping with the spirit of giving, 100% of the sales will go to CommunityGrows, who cultivates healthy youth through growing gardens in low-income, diverse communities. Come see (and hopefully purchase!) these amazing furoshiki pieces and learn about Molly’s other project, “Give Indigo” too! Pictured: the furoshiki donated by ERMIE.

Who: Ambatalia

What: Linens for a non-disposable life.

Why: Ambatalia’s mission is to bring awareness and simple solutions to the harmful and wasteful single use plastic that goes along with buying food and other daily necessities. Moving towards a non-disposable life is not only beautiful and less complicated but it also becomes a healthier and more economical way to live. Ambatalia provides a beautiful and less complicated way to live it.

Where: Mill Valley, CA