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Hello! I have a question for you as an Irish Ambassador. What human names would be most acceptable for an Ireland character (female). A few that are old but popular today, maybe? And nice! (I've used Fionna a couple of times before, but idk if it's adequate) :'D thanks in advance <3

Ooooooh I love these kinds of questions!! ^^ I’m really big on researching names, their meanings, and their origins, so you’ve come to the right place! 

To briefly comment on the name you were using before, the correct spelling of it would be Fiona. It’s not a bad choice at all, it is pretty popular in Ireland! However the origins of the name are pretty muddy. ;w; The form “Fiona” is actually Scottish, it was invented by the Scottish poet James Macpherson in the 18th century. The name means “white, fair”. There is the Irish name “Fíona” which apparently derives its meaning from “vine” and is completely unrelated to “Fiona”?? The origins of this name are pretty strange and it certainly doesn’t help all the mess James Macpherson left behind, so… Fiona is a good name if you don’t question the name’s origins. ^^;

Other Irish names I could propose that are both old and are still pretty popular today:

Áine - means “radiance, brilliance”. It’s also a name that is carried by the Irish goddess of summer and wealth.

Aisling - means “dream, vision” or “visionary dream”. Hmm this one falls into a strange category because the word itself is pretty old but it only recently made the transition into being given as a name to girls in the 20th century? However the name has been used to refer to Ireland in an Irish poem, so I think it can be used. ^^    

Aoife - means “beauty” or “radiance”. The name was carried by a woman warrior character from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.  

Brighid - (other forms include Brigid or Bríd) means "exalted one”. Oh this name, I certainly recommend it! It’s a name that was carried by a pre-Christian goddess and also by a pretty badass Irish saint! You may recognize the English form of this name, which is “Bridget”. This name was popular enough to go beyond Ireland and evolve into other forms of the name. 

Caitlín - possibly means “pure”. This name isn’t native to Ireland, it evolved from the Old French name “Kateline” which came from the English name “Catherine” which ultimately descended from the Ancient Greek name “Aikaterine”. 

Catríona -  this name is like Caitlín, except this one is thought to have directly evolved from “Catherine”.

Deirdre - Ooooh this is another name that I strongly recommend. The meaning of the name is unfortunately not known, but it is a very old name that was carried by arguably the most famous heroine of Irish mythology. Her story is pretty tragic but I suppose it’s her resolute personality that has left a noticeable impact. The name is associated with sorrow and sacrifice, even the character was known by her epithet “Deirdre of the Sorrows”. 

Fionnuala - means “fair-shouldered” but could be interpreted to mean “fair headed”. Although this name was very popular in medieval Ireland, I’m not entirely sure of its status today. (present yes, but popular?) I guess I’m just mentioning it because I happen to really like this name. ^^ It can also be shortened to “Nuala”. 

Gráinne -  meaning is not too certain but it could possibly mean “grain”. This name was also carried by a character from Irish mythology, this time from the Fenian Cycle!  

Máire -  a popular Irish name that evolved from the name “Mary”. This name could possibly mean either “beloved” or “bitter, rebellious”, depending on its origins.  

Máiréad - (other forms include Mairead or Mairéad) is believed to mean “pearl”. This name is the Irish variation of the English name “Margaret”. The name itself is of Persian origin.  

Méabh - means “she who intoxicates”. This name was famously carried by the Queen of Connacht, a character from the Ulster Cycle. This character is thought to be possibly an older character meant to be the representation of the kingdom of Connacht. (maybe even Ireland?) However all of this is speculation based on some aspects of the queen character. ;w; The English form of the name “Maeve” seems to be a bit more popular than the native spelling. 

Niamh - means “bright”. This is just a very pretty name and I highly recommend it! 

Nóra - means “honour”. Most likely derived from the Latin name “Honora”.   

Róisín - means “little rose”. This is a cute name and a historical figure named “Róisin Dubh” (black little rose) would later have her name used as a pseudonym for Ireland. (in a time where it was made illegal to utter the native name of Ireland) 

Síle - This name is popular but its origins are not well-known. Most sources will claim it was derived from the name “Cecilia” however a few sources claim that it can be translated to “Cecilia” but otherwise it has a native origin. I guess I would trust the sources claiming it came from Cecilia as I haven’t found much evidence of it being native.   

Siobhan - means “God is gracious”. Another personal favourite of mine, this name is derived from the Anglo-Norman name “Jehane” or “Jehanne”. It is cognate to the English name “Joan”. Ultimately the name is of Hebrew origin, the most famous name to derive from it being “John”. 

Sinéad - means “God forgave/God gratified”. Another name of Hebrew origin, it was introduced to Ireland by the French name “Jeanette” and is related to the English name “Janet”. 

Sorcha - means “bright, radiant”. I like that in Irish, we have the word “dorcha” which means “darkness” and the name “Sorcha” stands as the complete opposite of it. (also it’s an example of the d/s dichotomy in Irish, where words that start with a “d” will have a word with the complete opposite meaning start with a “s”.) 

Hope this was helpful!! I hope it’ll help you choose a name for your Ireland OC. ^^

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Hello! I am soon going to be in Ireland for two weeks, starting in Dublin and ending the trip in Dingle. Can you give me any tips on what I could visit and you'd think is worth to see?

Hey @kuro1492 !

Well, since you’re going from Dublin to Dingle, I’ll assume that you’re going to be travelling along the coast or at least through the counties from the south-east to south-west. So for this, I’ll try and stick to attractions around those areas!

(source/original photo)

(Here’s a map just to give you a better idea of the places you might pass through on your trip)

Firstly, I suppose we’ll start with Dublin! Obviously since its our capital city, it is a very popular destination for tourists visiting Ireland, with plenty to see and do.

The most popular tourist attractions in the city are The Guiness Storehouse, The National Museum of Ireland, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Trinity College (where the Book of Kells is kept), St Patrick’s Cathedral,Temple Bar, and many more!

There are also other places like O’ Connell Street, where you can see the General Post Office(there’s a museum inside, it’s not just a post office lol), and the Spire. Grafton Street is also a great place for shopping, as well as seeing many different street performers. And just as you walk to the end of the street, you’ll find St Stephen’s Green, a lovely park and one of my own personal favourite part of the city.

Of course there are many things to see and do in Dublin, so if you think you might not have the time to do everything, there are tour buses that take you around the city and you get to see a lot of the sights this way.

(Also, just as a heads up. If you plan on going out to any of the restaurants or pubs, streets like Temple Bar are prone to being ridiculously expensive as they are often crowded with tourists. Dublin is an expensive city as it is, so I recommend you stay away from very “tourist-y” areas to save and get better value for your money.)



OKAY MOVING ON. Since I don’t know what places your planning on passing through, I’ll recommend some places that might be on the general route that your going!

If you go a little north from Dublin, you can drive to Tayto Park, a crisp themed amusement park/zoo (its not as bizarre as you might think, I swear. I’ve been there a few times and its actually really fun) in just over 30 minutes.

If your driving a bit further south, you’ll probably pass through County Wicklow. There you’ll find Glendalough, an early Christian settlement established in the 6th century, along with the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains. It should also be known that Wicklow is particularly famous for producing the best strawberries in the country, so they’re definitely worth a taste! (especially since this is the perfect time of year when they’re at their ripest!)

From then on, you can visit the beaches in Co. Wexford and Waterford, Cork City is also worth a visit for shopping, and there are always different cultural and arts festivals taking place around this time of year, so be sure to check them out.

(Okay this next one is slightly biased, but I just had to cut me some slack here)

If you happen to be going through Co. Tipperary, I highly recommend that you go visit The Rock of Cashel (and not just because its my hometown what are you talking about). In all seriousness, it is a great historic site and is one of the most visited places in the country. Along with the Rock, there is Hore Abbey just at the end of the hill, and two heritage museums that are within close walking distance from the Rock. So Cashel is another popular tourist spot you shouldn’t miss out on! (also in Tipperary, Cahir Castle is another lovely site that you should check out, and its only a 15 minute drive away from Cashel.)


Now as your going on into Co. Kerry, the town of Killarney is really lovely and with its National Park and many restaurants, pubs and cafes, its worth paying a visit there.


(just look at that scenery tho. Kerry is just a really pretty place in general)

And finally, since you’re ending your trip in Dingle, the sights of the coast at the Dingle Peninsula themselves are enough to leave you in awe. While your there, you can also take a boat ride out along the coastline and you might even get a chance to see Fungie the Dingle Dolphin! All of this along with other sites and attractions in this area are a great way to end your journey here in Ireland

Of course, I’m only covering just a few of the countless things to see and do here on “The Emerald Isle”, but I hope this at least helps you gives you an idea of what you can expect here :-)

I hope you enjoy your trip here soon!

Slán go fóill


Canada Fact!

Now I’m going to put all my Canada jokes aside, and get down to actual ambassador business!

Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world! Canada has a total area of 9.9 million square kilometers. Canada is bordered by three oceans, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean.
Canada has 10 provinces, and 3 territories, instead of stars, as many people are accustomed to calling them.

If you want to know the names of all of the provinces and territories, or just get to know more about them, let me know, and I’ll possibly make another post dedicated to them!

reasons why seungkwan is a sweetheart
  • even if he’s part of the maknae line, you can see how much 17 members rely on him, always checking his reactions, and expect him to lead everything (and are usually lost if he’s not there)
  • if no one is saying anything during an interview, even if he’s not the MC he either leads the members or starts talking even if it’s nonsense to save the situation
  • he always tries his best to give good advices, and more than anything: always encourage people a lot
  • he’s able to get along with everyone, even new staff really quickly
  • he likes to make a lot of jokes, but he’s always careful of people’s reaction: if it looks like he said/did something that would make other unconfortable or hurt them he apologizes right away and try to make them feel better by saying nice things about them or gives them a hug
  • he just gives tons of hug to people who are pouting even a bit, or just tons of hugs in general
  • he’s just extremely polite and respectful: like on One Fine Day, when they were given something to eat after picking bossam in Cheongsando, he was the first one to go to other workers to feed them
  • after Mingyu used one the bossam to stop a fire, he apologized right away with a 90° bow to workers who gave them bossam
  • he’s careful of everyone like he tries to make everyone shine, and he keeps telling fun stories about members who don’t talk much
  • he protects his members of any situation where they could be embarrassed: when people ask Jihoon’s height, when Jeonghan accidently spat on the floor (and he moved quickly to hide it with his foot), or when Hoshi was asked if he changed the choregraphy this week too but he didn’t so Seungkwan immediately explained how Hoshi had so much work that it was impossible for him to do so
  • he’s careful of other members likes and dislikes, like when a member suggested to cook curry in a cooking program, he immediately said « no we have a member who doesn’t like curry » before Woozi even said that he disliked it
  • he’s extremely observant and can tell when seungcheol is lying, when woozi is embarassed and acting like he’s not, or really pretty much anything about the members
  • he’s interrested in foreign members’ culture a lot, like  he kept saying to Minghao how he wanted to try chinese food, until Minghao had enough and took him and Jun  to a chinese restaurant
  • and he’s always talking in english, and even try to communicate with foreign fans by using it
  • he didn’t show much of his japanese yet, but it seems pretty good since he’s one the of member who says the longest sentences in japanese
  • he’s very affectionate with everyone really and even more to fans: he greets them with the biggest smile on his face, hands waving really high in the sky, and he  just looks so happy and excited
  • when he leaves he either greets the fans the same way, or looks really extremely sadden to leave
  • he always tries his hardest to communicate with fans, no matter if they are foreigners or not, he has no problem trying to use their language, and start asking them questions about where they are from even if the situation doesn’t really permit them to talk
  • so whenever he’s in a situation where he can’t really talk (like when he was doing Sukira for exemple) he writes on a notebook things he wants to ask to fans (« are you excited for the comeback? », or after asking to a foreigner where she’s from: « NY? » to make sure), saying thank you to fans « thank you for congratulating me for my graduation♡  », talking about his feelings « i’m going to sing later, i’m so nervous », « i missed you »
  • he’s also one of the member who communicate the most withs fans on SNS
  • because of Pledis’ rules he sometimes has to refuse things like taking pictures, or giving people his signature, and he was said to look extremely sorry and apparently kept apologizing everytime it happened
  • he always show the same respect to sunbae groups, no matter if they are a popular or an unpopular group, he’s admiring all of them and keeps talking about how much he liked one of their song or enjoyed things they did in the past, etc
  • he’s like some kind of Jeju ambassador: never letting anymore makes fun of it, even if playing along with other people’s jokes would make it easier for him to fit
  • he has his own insecurities like his weight or his dancing skills (he used to be considered one of the worst dancer) and how he’s the one being scold the most during recording usually, but he never blames anyone joking about his weight, or people scolding him during dance practice, or  during recording. He just keeps working hard to diet, and improve in any area he’s not confident in
  • he makes sure the members don’t loose confidence in themselves, like when seokmin had to show a special talent on a show but reactions weren’t so good, he took his hand even if he was really far away from him to show support
  • he showers members with praises about anything related to their insecurities: like randomly talking about how happy he is that seungcheol is the leader, how much he likes mingyu’s skin color, or how fun joshua is and actually not a boring person at all…
  • when Jeonghan joined the group and was awkward with everyone, Seungkwan was the first one who tried getting close to him, by doing a lot of silly jokes, and it was never said but it looks like it took some time for Minghao to become close to the members, and Seungkwan also seems like one of the first who started looking out for him
  • he loves babies and kids so much and if seungkwan is usually the most professional of the group in any given situation, kids are an exception for him: he just stops talking about what he was supposed to talk about and keeps playing with the kid and talk no-stop about how cute he/she is, or even almost forget about the « no photo of people without their consent » rule, because they are so cute to him
  • he knows every members’ birthday
  • seungkwan always thought during his predebut days that he would be the least popular, and his biggest fear has always been not getting any attention at all, not being noticed
  • he was said to be a soft-heart boy since predebut: he cried more than Chan when his father came, also cried the hardest when samuel’s mother read a letter written for seventeen’s members, was the only one who cried when he read his letter for his mother on parent’s day, cried when doing a video message to his mother on 17project and couldn’t stop crying after seeing her, cried at the boys wish concert, cried when seventeen won their first rookie award, and got extremely emotional on his last day at Sukira with Ryeowook and the rest of the S-line, and on the One Fine Day when the 3 leaders read their letters
  • he also cares a lot about member’s feelings, like he was afraid for seokmin’s feelings when no judge talked about his singing in 17project (while seungkwan was praised), or when vernon said he felt sorry to seventeen about SMTM, he said later in an interview « He was talking about how he was sorry. What’s there to be sorry about~ right? » ©
  • he loves his mom so much and keeps talking about her no matter what; he even almost gave up on being an idol because he didn’t want to leave his mom in jeju
  • he gets anxious really easily, and sometimes he’s tired but since he’s the moodmaker and has pride on this title, he doesn’t want to let other people seeing his tired-side and try to gives energy to people as much as he can no matter what
  • i have so many things to say but i’ll stop there, so just remember that seungkwan is a sweetheart and that he deserves all the love

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Honhonhon Bonjour my darling! Baguette here! I was assigned to you for the ask event! ♥ Let's start hard with some (recent-ish) History! What can you tell us about the Easter Rising and figures like Éamon de Valera and/or James Connolly? I've read a bit on the subject myself which is why I'm curious- How is that event taught in irish schools? (Now I'm getting rambly, I'll let you work your magic! ♥ @champagne-embassy )

Hello Baguette/ @champagne-embassy! Thank you for your lovely question! And oh boy I’ve been waiting to write about some history for a while now so buckle in kids.

(I should also mention now that I’m not gonna go into extreme detail, otherwise we’d be here all day. But I tried my best to condense it to the most important points for simplicity’s sake, just to make sure we’re all on the same page)

Okay, So in order to understand why the Rising took place and the events leading up to it, we have to go back a few centuries and a bit more into earlier Irish history…

Around the 12th-13th centuries, Britain had slowly gained control over the island of Ireland. There had been many rebellions before (Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen being notable figures during the 1798 rebellion) but were all mostly unsuccessful. By 1801, Under the Act of Union, Ireland became part of the United Kingdom and was governed from Westminster in London, with the government in Dublin being abolished.

By the early 1900s, there were two main political groups in Ireland, Nationalists and Unionists. Unionists wanted to maintain the Union with Britain, while nationalists wanted Ireland to govern themselves with a parliament in Dublin.

Nationalists were also divided between those who support Home Rule (led by John Redmond) which would give them power to deal with internal Irish affairs while parliament in London dealt with external affairs such as trade and military.

Republicans on the other hand, wanted a full republic free from British rule.The IRB, or Irish Republican Brotherhood, wished to establish a republic using physical force.

Unionists were opposed to the idea of Home Rule because they thought it would ruin industries in cities such as Belfast, and that Protestants (majority living in Ulster) would be discriminated against by Catholics. The Ulster Volunteers, organised under the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force), was formed to enforce this idea in 1912. Within a year, the Irish Volunteers were formed in retaliation and declared that they would secure the rights of the whole people of Ireland. (The organisation then later became known as the Irish Republican Army, or IRA, during the War of Independence)

As you mentioned in your question, James Connolly was an important figure during this time. He was a socialist leader and the founder of the Irish Citizen Army, an organisation set up to protect workers from the police during the 1913 Lockout. He later led both the IRB and ICA as Commandant of the Dublin Brigade.

(James Connolly, 1868-1916.) (x)

When talking about the Rising though, the first person that comes to mind would have to be Pádraig Pearse, as he was one of the main leaders in charge of organising the Rising. He was a member of the Irish Volunteers and later joined the IRB. He was inspired by the mythological legends of Irish heroes like Cú Chulainn and republican figures like Wolfe Tone who had fought and died for Irish freedom, and believed that blood sacrifice was the only way for Ireland to gain its freedom. He was strong in his ideals, believing that "Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.“  

( Pádraig Pearse, 1879-1916) (x)

In 1914, the Home Rule Bill was brought in by the Liberal Party, but was later postponed when World War I broke out in Europe. The Irish volunteers were split, with one side joining the British to fight the war in Europe, and the other side believed that now was the perfect time to strike as “England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity”

The IRB planned the Rising, setting up a Military Council to organise it. Roger Casement was sent to Germany to receive arm that would aid them. ‘The Aud’ set sail for Ireland, but was captured off the coast of Kerry on 20th April 1916.

The Military Council hoped that Eoin MacNeill’s Irish Volunteers would join them in their effort in the Rising, though he was largely kept in the dark about the Council’s plans for a rebellion. So in order to convince him, they forged a letter called the ‘Castle Document’ that stated that the British authorities were planning on arresting leaders. There had been planned ‘authorized man oeuvres’ for the Volunteers, but they were cancelled just days before the Rising when he found out it was a forgery.

Even though they had few weapons and men, the IRB decided to go ahead with the Rising on Easter Monday, April 24th 1916. 1200 men and women from the Irish Volunteers, Citizen Army and women’s group, Cumann na mBan took over key buildings across Dublin. Some of the occupied buildings were the GPO (led by Pearse and Connolly, as well as Clarke, MacDiarmada, and Plunkett), St Stephen’s Green, Four Courts, Jacob’s Factory and Boland’s Mills (led by Éamon De Valera). Pearse stood outside the GPO and read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

The signatories

  • Thomas J. Clarke.
  • Seán Mac Diarmada.
  • Thomas MacDonagh.
  • P. H. Pearse.
  • Éamonn Ceannt.
  • James Connolly.
  • Joseph Plunkett

The British were caught off guard by the rebellion, but soon they had 1600 men in the city and the rebels were defeated after less than a week of fighting as the British army outnumbered them in weapons and troops, as well as being more well-organised. They sent a gunboat. ‘The Helga’ down the river Liffey and caused the destruction of key buildings, like Liberty Hall. By Saturday April 29th, Pearse and the other leaders had no choice but to surrender unconditionally.

(a map of Dublin outlining the key buildings and events that occured during the Easter Rising) (x)

(It should also be known that even though most of the action took place in Dublin, groups of Volunteers went ahead with attacks across the country, and included a few small victories in places like Ashbourne, Co. Meath, where a group of around 60 men seized the RIC barracks, and in Co. Wexford, where Volunteers took over the town of Enniscorthy.)

As a result of the Rising, 16 people, including the Seven Signatories, we executed at Kilmainham Gaol between 3rd-12th May (Connolly was executed tied to a chair as he had been injured during the fighting, Joseph Plunkett married his fiancee Grace Gifford in his cell just hours before his execution) Roger Casement was also hung in London for treason.

A total of approximately 485 people died during the rebellion, with around 54% being civilian casualties. £3 million worth of damages was also caused because of fighting on both sides. The British impose martial law and internment on 2000 people.

(Sackville Street, Dublin, after the Easter Rising) (x)

The Easter Rising was known as the ‘Sinn Féin Rising’ at the time, though they had nothing to do with it at all. Though because of this, along with their opposition of the British government’s decision to impose conscription, they rose in popularity and later went on to win the majority in the 1918 election ( Éamon De Valera became the leader of Sinn Féin, as well as the Irish Volunteers)

Even though they didn’t have much support from the public during the Rising, it wasn’t until after the executions took place that their cause began to gain more sympathy and many started to question and oppose British rule over Ireland. So, even though the Rising itself was an overall failure, it was the catalyst for the events that would follow that would eventually lead to the fight for independence.

NOW as you can tell, that is a Lot to take in, but it is one of the most important events in modern Irish history, as the War of Independence (1919-1921) soon followed (I could do an entirely different post on that, and as you mentioned Éamon De Valera, he plays a pivotal role during this time)

This becomes even more relevant to us in in recent years, as we commemorated the  centenary of the Easter Rising just last year!

 (Irish Army marching in the Easter Sunday parade in Dublin, 2016) (x)

An array of events across to commemorate the events during the Rising took place all over the country. Since you also mentioned how this historical event is taught in schools, I can only speak for myself/my own school, but as far as I know (or as I can remember), we were taught the very basic facts of it in primary school around 4th-6th class (10-12 years old), but then went into more detail in secondary school at Junior Certificate Level, and then even more detail in Leaving Certificate (though by the time students reach Leaving Cert level, history can be chosen as an optional subject to keep on). Like I said, since last year was the 100 year anniversary of it taking place, it played quite a significant role in what we were taught in school around this time. The leaders of the Rising are generally seen as heroes, and are seen as important figures in modern Irish history to this day.

That’s all I have to say about this topic for now, if you have anymore questions regarding Irish history (or just Ireland in general), feel free to drop an ask in the ask box and I’ll try and get around to it as soon as possible! And as always, if you think that I missed a key point or made any errors, or simply want to add on to what is already here, feel free to do so!

(I’ll also take this opportunity to thank @aphaskevent for organising this wonderful event, I had a ton of fun researching and writing about these kinds of topics!) (also i’m sorry for being late oops thank you for your patience Sia xX)

Slán go fóill!
What Donald Trump's "joke" about Nikki Haley reveals about him
At a lunch at the White House on Monday with more than a dozen UN ambassadors, President Trump poked some fun at his own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.
By Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

At a lunch at the White House on Monday with more than a dozen UN ambassadors, President Trump poked some fun at his own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In front of the UN Security Council, President Donald Trump jokingly says… Ambassador Nikki Haley “can easily be replaced.”

“Does everybody like Nikki?” Trump asked the assembled ambassadors as Haley sat by his side. Amid laughter Trump added: “Otherwise, she can easily be replaced."Cue awkward laughter.

Now, Trump was joking. And everyone in the room – including Haley – understood that. But, that doesn’t mean he was entirely kidding.

Two things we know about Trump suggest that beneath his attempt at humor was a hard-edged point.First, we know he likes to keep the people working for him on their toes. Never being absolutely certain where you stand in the Trump orbit is one of his tried and true management techniques. He plays favorites, pits people against one another and listens to different people on different days without any seeming rhyme or reason.Witness White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s arc since he came to Washington. Bannon seemed to be Trump’s closest and most trusted adviser in the earlier days of the administration – pushing Trump successfully on the travel ban and ramping up talk of the "deconstruction of the administrative state.” But then Bannon fell into disfavor, with Trump offering a public condemnation of Bannon as “a guy who works for me

"This "joke” about Haley certainly seems to be in keeping with Trump’s long-standing practice of keeping his people guessing.

Earth's Ambassadors

This looks like fun! How about this?

Species: Ae

Planet: None - Void Dwellers

Description: Alternate dimensional beings composed of fluctuating energies. Ae live almost exclusively in the void of space due to the fact that their “bodies” have difficulties stabilizing on planets. Worlds and stars are powered by energies humans can see, along with many others humans cannot see. Many life-bearing planets are encompassed by energies toxic to the Ae.

Chance encounters by drifting spaceships are what introduced the third dimensional life forms to their previously unknown neighbors. Ae are neither overly kind or cruel, they merely wish to learn more about the various species in this dimension. When communicating with other life-forms, an Ae will take a temporary third-dimensional form in a glimmering mimic of the individual Ae’s favored species.

However, be wary. It is said that the Ae shared a dimension with another species temporarily – a species that abruptly went extinct after encroaching on the yawning void Ae’s call home.

Creator: Clocktimustime

Feel free to ask questions!

These sound so COOL

scientist & philosopher. a juminv mix for @juminvweek.

If time is money, then I’ll spend it all for you
I will buy you flowers with the minutes we outgrew
I’ll turn hours into gardens, planted just for us to take
I’ll be reckless with my days, building castles in your name

01. i’ll keep you safe - sleeping at last // 02. circles - passenger // 03. laughter lines - bastille // 04. in my veins - andrew belle // 05. come what may - the scene aesthetic // 06. wildfire - marinara’s trench // 07. unsteady - x ambassador // 08. carry on - fun. // 09. home - phillip phillips // 10. the kids aren’t alright // 11. we close our eyes - oingo boingo // 12. balisong - rivermaya // 13. better together - jack johnson // 14. next to me - sleeping at last.

[ listen to it here! ]

AMBASSADOR PAPYRUS!! He’s ready to help monsters peacefully integrate into human society!

Fun Fact: If you choose for Frisk to not become Ambassador in a True Pacifist end, Papyrus becomes the Ambassador instead.

It is a fun fact that I’m bringing up because barely anyone seems aware of it. :’>

Playlist Top 10

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  1. Too Bad by Nickelback
  2. Youth by Daughter
  3. Stay by Mayday Parade
  4. Lost Boy by Ruthie B.
  5. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy
  6. Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
  7. Gangsta by Kehlani
  8. Perfect Color by Safetysuit
  9. What You Wanted by One Republic
  10. Ahead of myself by X Ambassadors

Fun fact: my playlist varies on my mood. This is only the tiniest sliver of what I’m into.

@assass-is-here you better do it too, I don’t wanna be the only one here.

✨ Four Songs ✨

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Honestly – let me preface by saying that this is very hard so I’m just going to pick the most recent songs I’ve listened to off his playlist. 

1. Jungle - X Ambassadors 

A fun fact about this song - this is actually the first song that has ever gone on to Seker’s playlist. It was one of the songs I listened to that helped kind of spur me on while writing his biography and stuff. 

2. Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation 

3. Stay With Me - Boyce Avenue

4.  Desolation & Last Man Standing 


Parrot Copy Cat

Zoe the red lored Amazon parrot, Amazona autumnalis, is one of our original animal ambassadors. She’s so fun to have around and makes me so happy that I’ve chosen to provide a happy and healthy life for all our amazing animals.


‘Made By Moment’ by Jacob’s Creek - First date

(via Jacob’s Creek Wine on YouTube)