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She is still pretty young but starting to look like a looker nonetheless. I think she rather liked me and now I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a thing for me. The knee breeches are cut tight to show off my crotch at its best, and the uniform – worn by everyone but Dad at these court functions – seems to have caught the polite eye of the young heir.
—  22-year-old future President John F. Kennedy, writing in 1939 to his friend (and future U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Claiborne Pell), on his interaction with the 13-year-old future Queen Elizabeth II at a royal function for diplomats hosted by King George VI that JFK attended (in traditional court dress) alongside his father, U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy. 

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Just finished watching all of The Kennedys. It was amazing. Katie wasn’t as bad as I heard. She just didn’t have the accent. But Barry pepper was amazing as bobby. I was so amazed and shocked about how dead on everything with him was. I fell in love. They had parts that really didn’t go the way they really did. Like when JFK was shot they didn’t want the ambassador to know/ tell him but in the movie they have him finding out by the TV. But over all it was amazing.


 25 November 2013: Ambassador Kennedy visited Mangoku-ura Elementary School in Ishinomaki, where the kids helped give her a lesson in Japanese calligraphy. And she also  met with General Toshiaki Tanaka, commander of the JSDF North Eastern Army, and discussed U.S.-Japan security cooperation. Later they visited a restored church that today commemorates U.S.-Japan cooperation during Operation Tomodachi after the 3.11 earthquake. Her husband joined her for the second event

photos: US Embassy Toyko


19 November 2013: Press Confrenence after presenting her credentials
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