ambassador class

What’s Mine Is Yours

I did a thing for the Jealous!Rey prompt, because I live for it.  (No worries, in this story, they only have eyes for each other.)

Pairing: Reylo

Rating:  M for sexy times.

Summary:   Rey succeeded in bringing Kylo Ren to the light and, subsequently, to the Resistance.  At first, Rey expected the less-than-warm welcoming of the man she’d come to care for… What she didn’t expect was for their distrust to shift to something else.  Something that threatens what’s hers.

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Ships of the Federation

Science/Exploration Classes

Ambassador Class (Enterprise - C)

Constellation Class

Constitution Class (Enterprise)

Constitution Refit Class (Enterprise - A)

Excelsior Class (Enterprise - B)

Galaxy Class (Enterprise - D)

Intrepid Class (Voyager)

Nebula Class

Norway Class

Nova Class

Oberth Class

Sovereign Class (Enterprise - E)

NX Class (NX-01 Enterprise)

Medical Classes

Olympic Class

Warship Classes

Akira Class

Centaur Class

Daedalus Class

Defiant Class (ship of DS9)

Miranda Class

Prometheus Class (can split into three)

Saber Class

Soyuz Class

Steamrunner Class

Galaxy Refit Class (aka Galaxy Dreadnought Class)

Small Craft

Danube Class

Peregrine Fighter

Delta Flyer

Type 6 Shuttle

Type 9 Shuttle

Other Classes

Dauntless Class

Enterprise J Type (unknown class name)