ambassador Spock

You know what’s amazing?

In Beyond, Spock tells McCoy he wants to live as Ambassador Spock did. 

And at first, he thinks that means he needs to go to New Vulcan and continue with the projects he’d been working on but then he gets the box of stuff and he see’s what was always the most important thing to Ambassador Spock is right there, in that box on top of everything else. 
The crew. 
His family

And he doesn’t want to leave anymore. 

spock be like

tfw you learn your dad actually gave a damn about you, and actually gave very many damns about you in the form of ‘love’ and ‘pride’ and other illogical emotions and now he’s dead so you can’t even lovingly rub it in his face for some quality family arguing

Another Star Trek Headcanon

In Star Trek: Discovery, it is mentioned that Michael and Sarek share a close bond.

What if the series ends with Michael dying? Especially if it has something to do with a mission gone horribly wrong?

  Sybok, his biological son rejects Vulcan and leaves the planet.

That means that he has lost two out of three of his children.

Could he wanted Spock to attend the Academy and not Starfleet because he wanted to prevent potentially losing his one remaining child? Might this Vulcan have lost all form of self-control if he had to say a permanent goodbye to only child he had left?

  He was pissed when Spock joined Starfleet and wanted to distance himself from Spock so he wouldn’t have to go through that emotional turmoil again. Maybe that if he just didn’t see him, the potential news of his death wouldn’t hit him so hard…… 

This has been a headcanon from the bowels of Hell itself.

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favorite spirk fics?

Wooooot I love this question!

So Wise We Grow (M, 80k, coparenting, friends to lovers, aos) is my all-time favorite Spirk fic (and one of the best things I’ve ever read, period). Fic description: “Commander Spock, we have located your son,” the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock’s face that he’s never heard of this kid before in his life. “If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week.”

Fulfilling the Needs of the One (Or the Both) (T, 8k, established relationship, tos). A little angsty, but lovely at the end. “Spock begins to wonder if his relationship with Jim has been one-sided in his own favor. Jim teaches classes at Starfleet and Spock is an ambassador. Spock goes to visit Jim in his office and finds a student with a bit of a teacher kink being a bit too forward with Jim.“

the warp and weft of your being (T, 7k, fake relationship, friends to lovers, aos). I love this one SO much. “When getting legally married to Spock is the only way to keep him on the ship, Jim is more than willing to do so. (In fact, upon reflection, it turns out that there are very few things he wouldn’t do for Spock.)”

Whatever A Sun Will Always Sing (Is You) (G, 2k, first kisses, aos). Spock nearly dies, and that changes things. “’Captain?’ There is a soft touch to his upper back, just under the collar of his shirt. He wonders if Jim is mindful of his exposed skin. If he purposefully avoids such intimate contact or the whisper of transferring thoughts.”

Walk With Me (M, 12k, friends to lovers, aos). Death and memories and chess and  love and miscommunication–the sweep of this is epic. “Spock gets a second chance.”

Knitting Lessons (T, 4k, pre-relationship, falling in love, aos). “Spock’s mother knit him a sweater, which develops a hole.  Kirk knits it shut–their friendship develops from there.”

All my Spirk bookmarks on ao3 can be found here. If you prefer more tos/established relationship there’s a great rec list here, mohtz’s rec list is here, the consulting redhead’s HUGE rec is here, and there’s a bunch of resources here!


Since I need to practice colour I’ve decide to practice it making fanart. This time, some Spocks. I’m not a big fan of star trek (I’ve been a Starwars fan since i was a toddler!) but I’ve really enjoyed the new star trek films, and since my bf is a declared trekkie, i’m entering the fandom in some way ^^U
Hope you like it!