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Hi! Could you suggest some music in Catalan? Old or modern I don't mind ^^ thanks

Sure! We have a lot of good music imho. I tried to break it down to music genres more or less

Classics (1960s “Nova Cançó” movement)

Modern music



Rap and Ska (most of my personal faves)

Rumba (very very popular among young people)

Inspired by traditional music and/or actual traditional songs

Musical theatre

You’ll find better quality audios on Spotify :)

Woah I just realised I got carried away and made a huge list hehe… well, everyone should be able to find something they like.

I hope you enjoy it!

my country, my city, my home. the place where my heart is, the place where my heart will always be. i didn’t sleep tonight. my heart aches, i’m devastated, i’m so hurt. the thought of that street where i have walked million times becoming an horror, it breaks my heart. but i will walk there again, i will be there again, because this is my city, we are strong. the hospitals have been packed up with people volunteering to translate, people donating blood, people helping. people being people. it’s so touching, everyone is moved by love. because we are a strong city, a strong country, our love is stronger than hate. now it’s time to think of the people we lost, but once we stand up, no one will ever bring us down. 💔

FC Barcelona 0 - 0 Juventus


First, and before everything..

Congratulations Juventus on qualifying for the Champions League ½ finals. 👏 Hopefully you’ll go all the way and give Gigi the trophy he deserves. And Dani gets his 4th CL.

Second… Dani… Thank you for everything you’ve given us. I hope the Camp Nou treated you well, and that reaction at the end was all I needed. 🙏❤

Third, THANK YOU Camp Nou for being there throughout the entire match, cheering on the team, especially at the end. Goosebumps. MES QUE UN CLUB💪🔵🔴

Fourth, thank you MAtS, Geri, Raki, Busi, Andresito, Luisito, Leo, Ney, Jordi, Sergi, Sam, Paquito, Masche, and the rest of the team who did not get to play last night. Thank you for trying, for fighting, for making us proud. Always. Ahir ara i sempre Orgull Culer

Fifth, Neymar.. Ney.. O Rei.. Keep your head up kiddo.. always ALWAYS keep your head up. We are always with you. You did well. You gave everything. You poured your heart in every move you made. But sometimes,things don’t go our way.. but we get through them with our heads held high knowing we did everything we could. AND YOU DID. We are proud of you and of the season you are having. Your time will definitely come .. and soon. Your tears are way too precious.. Thank you. ❤❤ 

There was hope, there is always hope, because what is life without it. But there was also the reality that Juve were not going to make the same mistake their predecessors made. They created a block. A big Black and White block. It was difficult.. and as the minutes passed, the nerves, pressure and stress worked their magic.. Finesse was lost, despite the efforts.. ◽◾◽◾◽◾◽◾◽◾◽ 

But the defense was solid.. the pressure was on, Marc was not tested so much.. it was a good sign.💪💪 

 After that performance last night.. and how the team came out and their reactions.. all that is left to say is 



On to the next one: 


🏟 Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

📆 Sunday, 23, april, 2017

⏰ 20: 45 pm CET

🏆 La Liga, Round 33 

 And as always.. 



Navratri 2017 Special I - Top Navratri Bhajans

00:00 ♫ Aate Hain Har Saal Naurate : Singer - Lakhbir Singh Lakkha
06:55 ♫ Mata Vaishno Ke Aaye Navrate : Singer - Narendra Chanchal
12:49 ♫ Ambe Tu Hai Jagdamge Kaali : Singer - Anuradha Paudwal
17:31 ♫ Tujhe Kab Se Pukaare : Singer - Sonu Nigam
22:58 ♫ Hath Jod Ke Khadi Hoon Maiya : Singer - Anuradha Paudwal
28:48 ♫ Navdurga Ki Mahima : Singer - Narendra Chanchal
34:12 ♫ Maa Sun Le Pukaar : Singer - Babla Mehta
38:46 ♫ Nange Nange Paon Chal Aa Gaya Ri : Singer - Narendra Chanchal
46:30 ♫ Tere Bhagya Ke Chamkenge Taare : Singer - Narendra Chanchal
52:03 ♫ Sachchi Hai Tu Sachcha Tera Darbar : Singer - Narendra Chanchal

– Navratri 2017 Special I Top Navratri Bhajans I NARENDRA CHANCHAL, ANURADHA PAUDWAL, SONU NIGAM (via T-Series Bhakti Sagar)

“And with a smile comes revolution”, a poem by Miquel Martí i Pol

Miquel Martí i Pol (1929-2003) is one of the most popular Catalan authors of the 20th century, and regarded as one of the best Catalan poets of all times. His poetry is still an inspiration for Catalan people, specially those that talk about rebelling against an unfair system.

This poem is called I amb el somriure, la revolta, “And with a smile comes revolution”. Here you can hear the song version of this poem made by Lluís Llach, with the video with subtitles in English.

Original poem in Catalan and translation of each stanza to English:

M’agrada el riure dels teus ulls,
on el reflex d’una llum…
em sembla un far a la marina.

I like the laugh in your eyes,
where the refelction of a light…
seems like a lighthouse in the sea

I per la sort d’estar mig foll
jo m’imagino mariner
buscant recer en el teu somriure.

And for the fortune of being half crazy
I imagine myself as a sailor
seeking refuge in your smile.

I així navego pel teu cos
deixant camins en el teu pit
amb la saliva dels meus llavis.

And so I navigate your body
leaving trails on your chest
with the saliva of my lips.

Per dir-te:

To tell you:

Amb el somriure, la revolta.
Així t’espero i t’imagino
i en l’horitzó de la mirada
el gest utòpic que et reclama.

And with a smile comes revolution.
As I await you and I imagine you
and in the horizon of the gaze
it is the utopic gesture that beckons you.

I em faré au si tu ets el vent
o seré proa de vaixell
si tu ets la dansa de les ones.

And I will be bird if you are the wind
or I will be a boat’s prow
if you are the dance of the waves.

Que per la sort d’estar mig foll
en la tristor i la soledat
vaig dibuixant la teva forma.

And for the fortune of being half crazy
in sorrow and loneliness
I trace your shape.

Que vull trobar amb tu el camí dels estels
per llançar els somnis contra el temps.
Buscar el coratge perdurant en l’intent.
Així t’espero i així em tens.

I want to find with you the path of the stars
to throw dreams against time.
Search for the courage that persists in the attempt.
This is how I wait for you, and this is how you have me.

I en la bellesa un far per un món més bell,
i en el desig el risc valent.
L’amor un pas per descobrir-me molt més,
així t’espero i així em tens.

And in beauty a lighthouse for a more beautiful world,
and in desire the brave risk.
Love, a step to discover many more,

This is how I wait for you, and this is how you have me.

Miquel Martí i Pol, 1982

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Però no soc de Catalunya, soc d'una petita illa en forma de cabra :v *Wink wink xd*

XD Osigui que ets de les balears. Tot hi així, un autèntic plaer. Tot hi que m’encantaria parlar amb tu per privat, però només si vols

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Hi! I just found your blog and it's absolutely lovely. ♥️ This might be a little strange but- I've been trying to look for a good love song in Catalan to surprise my boyfriend with, but I think I need some help. Any recommendations?

Hello! First of all, thank you very much ^^

The most iconic love song is Boig Per Tu by Sau (which was also covered by Shakira), but here’s some other that I like:

I put an * to those songs that are directed at a woman

I hope your boyfriend likes the song you choose!