“‘Cause I’m born to dance in the moonlight. I feel like spending my nights alone. I try to give you a little more space to grow. White lies, I don’t wanna be around anymore. I’m through giving, I’ve got to go… Am I Chasing Time? 'Cause I wasted all mine on you…” #ChasingTime #AzealiaBanks #KaliNovacaine #AmazonGoddess #Curly #BlackGirlsRock #FroLife #Afro

I got my tongue in the mouth of a sinner and I keep praying father forgive us. But I come back to you for redemption until I feel you rise up inside me like tension. All the thoughts in my mind you’ve imprisoned, I have faith in the god you envisage. Then I praise you and stroke you to pieces ‘til you come in the dark and release me. And I beg at your feet when you leave me 'til my tonsils are sore from the screaming, 'til my knees hit the pavement your feet hit. For the hem of your garment I’m reaching because you’re the only god I’ve ever believed in… #KaliNovacaine #AmazonGoddess #TallGirlsRock #Natural