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Winged people.

-Okay but peple with wings. People having wings specific to different birds, people with owl wings able to gracefully fly without making a sound, people with air diving bird wings (eagles, hawks, buzzards) who can fall for long distances but not break any bones if they land correctly, people with water bird wings who have water proof ones which dry very quickly. 

-Society having sub groups among the subgroups each type of wings having stereotypes (eg. prey birds: Housewife/husband).

-Peoples wings become more colourful the more loved they feel.

-Wings that mimic their emotions many have learnt to keep them under control but some keep them tightly shut so they don’t seem obnoxious or knock everything over.

-People who dye their wings whether due to fashion trend or think their wings are boring.

-Laws in certain areas, like building sites and sky scrapers where you aren’t allowed to fly.

-Stress causing feathers to fall off.

-Everyone moults and gets a new and beautiful wingsthat stand out, this time of year is different for everyone.

-People with small wings wanting big fluffy ones, people with big fluffy ones veiwing their wings as clumsy and as a nuisance and wating smaller neat wings.

-A couple of people who beleive that certain wing types have certain personalities (like the zodiac but with wings) and devoting their lives to that belief. One example could be people with Robin wings are angry and arrogant.

-People with different sized lungs dependant on what altitude they can get to and how large their lungs are.

-Swimming with wings. Those who haven’t got water proof wings can buy a wax which makes them more sublime in the water.

-Wing competitions (like body building competitions and fashion competitions).

-Cameramen Kestrels (They can hover and stay in one place for a while kestrels are like helicopters)

-Little children wanting to fly but their wings aren’t big enough, usually you can learn to fly at 11-18 years of age. 

-Teenagers who have had growth spurts unable to fly for a while cos their wings aren’t able to grow fast enough.

-Some people being natrually better at building muscle, or find it easier to gain fat and then find it hard to lose it due to their wing type.

-Flying police, paramedics and fire fighters who are strong af as they have to carry their equipment and suits/uniforms sometimes even carry others.

-Flying pizza man.

-Flying amazon delivery man who delivers loads of small packages at once.


Re: Diana’s Head Piece

I think it’ so cool that Diana’s crown/tiara/head piece (sorry I have no idea what to call it) was Antiope’s and that she puts it on only just before she crosses no man’s land. (Like she’s channeling Antiope’s strength) The concept such an iconic piece of her uniform/costume was original someone else aka amazon’s the greatest warrior of the amazons according hippolyta really implies that anyone can be wonder woman especially if they surround themselves with supportive empowering people and draw powerful from your fellow strong kick ass friends and family.

I watched twice the film already and I love so much Wonder Woman, I have painted this between works because AUs. I want to draw so much amazons now, the armors and combat is awesome

Diana´s pain breaks my heart and gives me so much hope! The music is awesome for work btw


“I know a lot of you probably don’t have much use for religion. I didn’t either, for a major portion of my life. I’ll be honest, I wear a collar sometimes, but I still have doubts. Big ones. If anyone tells you they don’t, they’re lying. Because life is mysterious, death more so. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers.”


Love between Clark and Diana has always been tender, a little complicated but bonded by friendship, and trust. It humanizes them because they both feel as vulnerable or as excited as any other couple learning to compromise and grow together. Be it the unresolved sexual tension when they were besties or as canonical  lovers, their relationship was and is the best for me in all of DC comics.  And nothing anyone can say will change that in my mind. 

You guys. Service alert here.

If you haven’t watched Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle yet, drop everything and go see it–like, now.
I’m serious, that’s what I call some A+ television. I think I haven’t loved anything so much ever since Avatar (and that is a few years ago now). 

Also, though making parallels feels like a big reach–I might say it does have some things with characters and their choices and their relationships and dynamics… things that might just slightly remind you of some of our beloved Avatar characters now and then. In a complete different context, of course, but, you know. KINDA. I guess it’s just the fact that it’s really well witten and for me Avatar is the epitome of good writing, I don’t know. It’s just really, really good. really well done and amazingly developed so far.

Just some random thoughts but I had to pour all these emotions somewhere and I hope you guys can give this show a try because it’ really worth it