A2-----great device with brilliant adjustable LED light


Dimension(LxWxH): 600mm x 400mm x 11mm(23.6 X 15.75 X 0.43 Inches)

Active Area: 320mm x 520mm (12.6 X 20.5 Inches)

Work Surface: Acrylic Panels

Light Source: LED

Net Weight: 1.92KG

Working Voltage: DC 12V

Rated power: 6W

Interface: Power Adapter

The best light box around! 

I did a lot of research into what was the best light box to get, after reading all the reviews it was obvious that this tablet was much better than all the others!

Great device with a clean feel and brilliant adjustable LED light. I was just looking for this, it’s the best light tracing pad I could ever desired. Made with good materials and it is just few millimeters thick! Perfect!