hey SVtFoE fandom/fans of the trans Marco theory!!

 I wanna tell you about a character named Zadie

she is from the Amazon Prime all-ages cartoon “Danger & Eggs” and she is explicitly and unambiguously a trans girl

in the 13th episode (which is titled “Chosen Family” and yes it is about exactly that, oh and it takes place during Pride) she sings a song about her first day of school after transitioning 

and everyone loves and accepts her and it’s the most precious and beautiful thing, like I was genuinely almost moved to tears also the creator of the show (Shadi Petosky) is a trans woman herself

so I just wanted to share her with you guys, I feel like you’d really appreciate her :’)

(PS go get an amazon prime trial and watch all of Danger & Eggs because it hasn’t been confirmed for a second season yet and really REALLY needs support!!!! big cartoon fandom help a smaller one out…??)

i’m going to start off slow.

i’m furious.

i’m a young jewish woman, and i deserve to be treated with basic fucking decency. i should be able to relax and enjoy my holiday, say shanah tovah and not have to deal with goyische bullshit.

for those of you who haven’t heard, this years cw superhero supercrossover fuckdome is entitled “crisis on earth x”. earth x is the earth of the CWSeed’s new animated show The Ray, where canonically jewish characters/jewish coded characters such as barry allen, ray palmer, and kara zor el along with multiple other superheroes are nazis. i’m not going to explain why this is gross because you have google right at your fingertips.

comic books are jewish american culture. that’s right, say it with me. COMIC BOOKS ARE JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE. every classic comic superhero you love was created by jews and tells a jewish story. batman? jewish. superman? jewish. wonderwoman? jewish. every single one of them tells a jewish story.

by making these characters nazis, they turn our own creations against us. we contributed to society, but they’d rather see a world where we’re dead than one where they give us credit for everything we’ve contributed.

so here’s the deal: don’t watch the crossover live. don’t give them the ratings. if you’re really despesrate, but the seasons on amazon or something and watch it right after it airs. watch it illegally online. don’t give them the ratings, let them know that this isn’t ok.

yell on social media. tweet the dctv writers. be vocal about how ugly this is. do something this is so bad please protect ur local jews.

Why Wonder Woman was so Important to Me

I had the opportunity to see Wonder Woman recently, and I was left awestruck.  Wonder Woman is such a timeless character, and I feel this story and the way the film was made really captured the heart of the original character.  With DC’s track record, it had a high chance of being lazy and bad.  But it wasn’t.  It was original. Refreshing. I cried a lot, and here’s why.

1. Women Are Strong 

I’m not one to loudly complain about the misrepresentation of women in media (though we often are).  We’ve had some really awesome and strong female characters over the past couple years.  But somehow, Wonder Woman took this in a completely new direction.  Watching the Amazons fight the invaders on the beach nearly brought me to tears.  It was so special for me to see women take on roles we rarely see them in.  They were the fighters, the protectors, the providers.  There are many women out in the world right now who are fighting their own battles, much like the Amazons.  They’re providing for their families or serving their countries through the military.  It was a pleasant reminder that while men and women have differences, they are equally strong and skilled.

(Also yay for a female director!)

2. Actions Speak Louder

Many times, Wonder Woman is questioned.  She’s scoffed at for being a women (which would have been very common during that time).  She’s underestimated.  But what’s so amazing here is that she never has to prove herself to the men.  It would’ve been so easy for the movie to fall into that common trope.  She never argues with a man and she focuses her attention on others instead of herself.  She wants to kill Ares and stop the war. And in the end, her actions speak louder then her words ever could.  What I took from this is to rise to action.  Stop talking and start doing.  Ignore what others say, because you know what you can do.  Hold your head high and rise above.

3. Mutual Respect Brings the Most Success

As I said before, it would have been easy for the film to fall into certain tropes.  A trope we often see nowadays is a woman proving that she (or all women) are better then men.  That’s never a point of conflict in this film.  Her love interest, Steve, fights as her equal.  He isn’t clumsy or weak to make Wonder Woman look stronger.  He believes in her and helps her to the best of his ability. When they become interested in each other romantically, they both hold their own.  They love each other but are not dependent on one another.  We see the rest of the men in their gang react the same way later on.  They all eventually come to love and respect Diana.  It’s a great reminder that feminism is about collaboration and equality, not one gender being better then the other.  We each have something to bring to the table and our differences are what makes us stronger. 

4. It’s Okay to not be Okay

There’s a really interesting character in Wonder Woman’s gang named Charlie.  He’s supposed to be the world’s top shooter, but time and time again he fails.  He seen some things that have damaged him pretty heavily.  What’s really interesting about this character is that we never see this issue resolved.  He doesn’t have his big “hero moment” where he is suddenly able to shoot and save the day.  This is so much like real life.  We’ve all been hurt, and it’s ok to be damaged.  You have nothing to prove, but your great efforts will help everything to turn out right in the end.  At one point, Charlie even says to Diana “You don’t need me, you’re better of without me.” To this she replies “No, Charlie, if you’re not here, who will sing?” This implies that Charlie is still a valued member of the group, despite his shortcomings.  His friends are able to recognize his other strengths when he cannot.  

5. There is Much Darkness in the World, But Love Will Save the Day

Not much to say here, as Diana said it all in her own monologue:

“I used to want to save the world, to end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learnt that inside every one of them there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know… that only love can truly save the world. So now I stay, I fight, and I give - for the world I know can be. This is my mission now, for ever.”

Often times love is portrayed as a great weakness. But it isn’t.  To love is to truly see beauty in the world.  To love is to be brave and strong.  Love is the greatest power of all.  

Additional Notes:

We must learn to forgive.  Diana had the opportunity to kill the chemist responsible for Steve’s death.  And she chose not too, instead focusing on the larger problem at hand and in turn leaving the past in the past.

There were not gratuitous or sexualized shots of the women in the film.  The framing was based around the action.  The women were all beautiful, but the film relied on it’s story and the strength of it’s lead rather then her beauty. 

There will always be hardship. There isn’t always one bad guy to fight.  We all will have to continue to fight our demons and endure through our trials.  But it’s the light and the love, those precious moments, that we fight for.

Thanks Wonder Woman.  You inspired me, and I’m so grateful.  I don’t think I’ve seen a superhero movie with more heart.  There will be many days ahead where I think “What would Wonder Woman do?” 

*I may edit and add on to more of this at a later time, but I wanted to get my initial thoughts out!

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The path to preserving the Amazon for future generations is through protecting the rights and lands of its indigenous stewards

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know, i you have Amazon Prime, you should watch the heck out of an animated series called Danger & Eggs. Its so inclusive! There are casual characters of all races, religions, and even genders. Take for example Milo from the episode Finding Cheryl;TheTrio. They didn’t even mention it or make it a big deal, but Milo used they/them pronouns. Thats a huge deal! And even adding on to that, ilo is a non binary person of color! Like??? Thats so big! And guess what else? The Mayor od their town? A strong, smart, black woman. There even a person of color in a hijab in one episode!! Like just take these screen grabs from an episode:

LOOK AT ALL THE QUEER CHARACTERS. And no, this isn’t even at a pride parade. Look, there’s a trans person, a pan person, someone in a hijab, someone in a rainbow shirt?? THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. Another example is in the episode Morning Routine;The Lost & Found. Phillip is reading off what the rule is when someone doesn’t claim their item from the lost and found. He basically says, if someone doesn’t claim their item, the person in charge of the lost and found could Dispose of it however “he/she/they” deem fit. He used THEY. Guys you need to get people to watch this show, its inclusive, and it doesn’t make all of the queer characters like a plot point?? They’re just there! You have to spread this around, this show hasn’t been renewed for a second season!! We need representation like this in the media! Its and amazon prime original show and its amazing! And on top of all that, it teaches super important lessons to people!! But it needs more people to watch it. It starts Aidy Bryant (from snl) and Eric Knobel. Please please please spread this around! Everyone needs to watch it!! Its free if you just sign up for amazon prime and go watch it!! 


Wonder Woman | BTS Featurette on “Training the Amazons”

I would watch a whole full length feature of this.

Father to the Unknown: Part 2

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1

    You had never been a fan of boats, you’d always felt more comfortable in the sky. In a plane. Your mother had claimed that was your father in you. You claimed it was one too many times of watching the Titanic. So, you figured, the ill feeling that had settled over you as your small little motor boat had been lowered into the water was completely reasonable. And the further you went into the fog, the stronger that feeling became. And despite all of that, you felt a pull. The pull of magic. The pull of blood. The pull of the Amazons.

    When the fog suddenly disappeared, and the sun suddenly shone in full force, you knew you’d reached your destination. The island was exactly how your mother had described it. It was full of greenery, the water was clear, and the sand was white. As you hit shallow waters, you disembarked, and pulled the boat on to the shore. As you stared at the towering cliffs before you, and the long stretch of beach to either side, you knew you were in for a long day.

    It turned out to be several long days. You walked the beach until you had found a side of the cliffs with better foot holds. Then you had begun your climb. You’d been careful, scaling the sides of the mountain. You hadn’t brought any climbing equipment, and while you wouldn’t die from the fall, you didn’t relish the idea of pushing your own arm back into its’ socket.

    After that, you had spent two days navigating the jungle. And the further you went, the more you were convinced that your mother’s homeland was a death trap. Then again, you figured that was for the best. After all it would keep the inhabitants safe.

    You reached the city three days after you had landed on the island. You were tired, and sweaty, and your mother owed you some sort of spa day when this whole thing was over. Despite your desire to simply walk into the city and ask for your mother, you stayed hidden. Reconnaissance came first. Charging in blindly got people killed. Chief had taught you that and so many other things.

    So you waited, and you watched. And the more you watched the more you realized, that it wasn’t just your mother who was in trouble, it was her entire people. Over several hours you watched as wounded were brought to some space under the palace. They were settled on the streets as a medic cared for them. Others would come running out, retrieve weapons, and run back in.

    You waited for the cover of night before slipping from your hiding place. You moved quietly down the streets, and into the same building you’d seen others go into. You found very few weapons left. You allowed your fingers to ghost over the blade of one of the few remaining swords, before your eyes focused on something in the corner.

    You’d never cared for the sword. You’d been smaller than your mother, petite almost. You’d always done better with distance and strategy. The bow and arrow had been your weapons of choice when learning from your mother. You had excelled in it.

    You’d never been one to deny facts. Whatever was happening under the palace was a battle. And a bloody one at that. You’d never had a desire to fight. Charlie had always said you were a lover not a fighter. There had always been a look of pride in his eyes when he’d said that. It had been him, who’d inspired you to go into medicine. He’d always been certain that if taking a life had felt so painfully bone chilling, than saving a life must have felt amazing. You’d been able to confirm the theory for him before he’d died.

You’d done both in your long life, had been in the fields of more than one war. Desperate times called for desperate measures. And it had been Charlie who had held you the first time you’d come home, after months at the front as a medic. He had sung until you’d fallen asleep.

    And as you pulled that bow and quiver from the wall, you forced your emotions back, and focused on the task at hand. You slipped past the wounded and down the steep stairs to the cavern below. And what you saw there made your stomach lurch.

    Below you in the middle of a battle were Amazons and men. You watched for only a minute before slipping off to the side. You found a high vantage point, and a bolder to hide behind. From there you surveyed the field. Your eyes scoured the field for the familiar red and blue armor, and eventually you found it. At the front of the battle field stood your mother, fighting a beast like none you had ever seen. Her sisters surrounded her, protecting her from those who  were trying to interfere. And that was when you saw them; Chief, Sameer, and Charlie. Your eyes focused on them. You’d never seen them so young, as young as they had been in the picture.

    You watched as they fought to protect your mother’s back. And you watched as someone from as distance aimed an arrow, straight at your mother’s heart. You didn’t think, you simply acted. You’d drawn your bow and arrow, and released before you’d even realised. And as the man fell, you drew another arrow, and waited. Anytime someone got close to your mother, or the men you had considered uncles, you let an arrow fly. You were so involved in the war taking place down there, that you didn’t realize he was on you until his arm snuck around your throat.

    “And what do we have here?”

    You scowled as your air supply was cut off, and clawed at the arm. The lack of air sent a wave of fear to your brain, and you forced yourself to control it, before you let your elbow fly. It landed in his gut, loosening his arm just enough to grab his fingers and bend them backward. With a snap, he howled. A twist to the arm sent him to his knees, and a roundhouse kick to the head sent him into unconsciousness.

    Of course, by that time, you’d drawn too much attention. As several more men closed in on you, you made a choice. Ever so carefully, you flung yourself from your high vantage point, tucked your head close to your chest, and rolled. Dirt and rocks bit into your skin as you rolled, and as your momentum carried you, you took down both enemy and Amazon alike.

    When you finally stopped, all attention was on you. Including your mother’s. You saw the fear in her eyes, at the sight of you. And that’s when the movement caught your eye; the beast she had been battling surged forward, and your hand moved without your permission. You grabbed your last arrow and fired.

    It was a kill shot, if you’d ever seen one. The arrow penetrated the beast’s eye, digging directly into the brain. Almost in slow motion, you watched it fall. There was some sort of battle cry, before the Amazons began to surge forward. They moved towards the gate, a gate the beast had been blocking.

    You watched as they moved into two groups, pushing the heavy stone doors closed. You felt the adrenaline fade from your body. You kept your eyes on your mother as she smiled at you, and as the doors closed shut, with a finality, you let out a deep breath.

    Your mother surged towards you, pushing your hair away from your face. Her voice was soft, “You’re hurt.”

    You shrug, “A couple of bruises. I’ve had worse.”

    Her smile was kind, “You came.”

    You take her hand, “I got your message. The blood was a bit much.”

    “Not my choice, I’m afraid.”

    You nod, as your eyes stray to your uncle’s, “What’s going on, Mom?”

    You watch her hesitate, before someone calls her name, “Diana?”

    Your eyes pass by your uncles as another man comes forward. Your first thought was that he looked just like his picture. Your second thought was, how were any of them alive? As your mother pulled you to your feet, her arm went around your shoulders, and as she moved to guide you forward, you stayed rooted to the spot. Instead the man, the man who looked just like your father moved forward.

    How your mother’s voice stayed so calm, you weren’t sure, “Steve … this is our daughter.” Her attention turned to you, “Y/N, this is your father.”

    And as the weight of that statement settled on your shoulders, you decided that you were going to punch Bruce for whatever part he played in this.


“I know a lot of you probably don’t have much use for religion. I didn’t either, for a major portion of my life. I’ll be honest, I wear a collar sometimes, but I still have doubts. Big ones. If anyone tells you they don’t, they’re lying. Because life is mysterious, death more so. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers.”

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you have Amazon Prime you should watch it and here is why:

  1. Written and directed by a woman 
  2. Written and directed by a Jewish woman
    1. About a Jewish housewife in New York in the 1950s whose life goes sideways
  3. The main character is a woman and she’s funny as fuck
  4. Religion is important to her, they talk about Yom Kippur and the rabbi and and and many times the first episode
  5. They grab a lot of stereotypes head on and I found it pretty enjoyable. There are tropes, but they don’t go into gross for me. 
  6. Tony Shaloub as the dad
  7. Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce okay

Sadly it does star a non-Jewish actress in the lead role, though she grew up in a Jewish area and her own family was not religious, she is not Jewish. That’s the only fault I can find with this show so far. That is definitely a doozy, but, man, so far, this show is amazing. Seriously. 

It’s only one episode so far but I am in love with Mrs. Maisel.