250 mil tablets Kindle vendidos em cinco dias

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Foram encomendados 250 mil Kindle Fire nos primeiros cinco dias em que o tablet da Amazon ficou disponível para pré-venda, de acordo com estimativas da firma de marketing digital eDataSource. A imprensa internacional diz que não se viam números assim desde o lançamento do iPad e do iPad 2, da Apple.

O Kindle Fire ainda não está disponível para entrega e só vai começar a ser distribuído a partir de 15 de Novembro, mas apenas nos Estados Unidos. Nas primeiras 24 horas terão sido reservadas 95 mil unidades do tablet, que vai custar 199 dólares.

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Picando Código: Amazon Kindle extingue el fuego del aprendizaje

Cada usuario es libre de elegir los dispositivos que adquiere pero es importante que conozcan las libertades con las que cuentan o de las que son privados a la hora de usar uno de estos dispositivos. … El ejemplo más destacado de esto fue el sitio Lendle, el cual está arriba de nuevo ahora, aunque […]

Ever wanted to rent a book on your Kindle? Well, now you can!

Kindle and Kindle Fire to have a lending library: The program, which launched today, allows readers to borrow one title at a time per month; when they rent a new title, the previous one will leave their device. Sounds like…not the best plan in the world. The library has over 5,000 titles for readers to choose from, so it’s a little limited. Also, the service is only available to users of Amazon’s Prime service, which costs $79 a year. Stock up! source

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Five Differential Points: Kindle Fire vs Reliance Tab

As the technology world continues to roll out yet another tablet, several feel often obliged to engage in a forced tussle of two products which are from same segment yet poles apart.

Just yesterday Jeff Bezos, Founder, President and CEO of Amazon showed of the new Kindle Fire tablet. In less than 24 hours, countless comparisons of this tablet has been made despite of the on-your-face clarity - It is a multmedia consumption device. Still many felt technologically/socially obliged to share their views that state how Reliance Tab is better than Kindle.

I laugh hard and then decided to write down my views which I believe are true, at least from technological point of view. 

1: Mean Screen:

We’re comparing one screen offering 800x480 pixel resolution for a 7-inch display with a tablet that offers 7-inch multi-touch supporting display built using IPS panel technology with Corning Gorilla Glass strength. To add to that, the Kindle Fire also comes with 1024x600 pixel resolution and anti-reflection layer on the display. Clearly, both screens are poles apart in terms of technology and native resolution.

2: Underdog CPU vs Dual-core Beast:

Do I even need to say that dual-core processor bearing tablet will be more powerful than the 800MHz CPU bearing tablet? I mean even a fresher to technology can clearly cite the difference.

3: Wi-Fi Only vs 3G+Wi-Fi:

Sure Wi-Fi is not there in every nook and corner of India. Neither is 3G. That pretty much calls them even and sums it up.

4: Cost Factor:

Kindle Fire costs $199 (Rs. 9800 approx) while the Reliance Tablet costs Rs 12,999. Do note that only cost of hardware is being compared over here. For 3G, Reliance tab owners will have to shell out extra cash on monthly basis or can pay a huge amount upfront. 

5: Apps and Multimedia:

Both tablets will come with some sort of market while the Kindle Fire will have access to three major multimedia libraries - Digital Books, Music and Movies as well as TV Shows. Sure the amount of “pirated” content would be limited only to 8GB on Kindle Fire but the company offers all Amazon’s multimedia libraries for streaming. It is not like the Kindle Fire won’t offer content to be enjoyed offline. The question is whether you wish to go legitimate or illegitimate.

In the end, I would just like to urge that both tablets are meant for different audiences and markets that vary in usage patterns as well as purchase behaviour. Reliance Tab is perfect device for Indian consumer who wishes to try out the max from a pocket friendly (size) device and ready to compromise on services price. Meanwhile Kindle Fire remains a good affordable choice for the friends of Uncle Sam. Hereby I will twice and cite a classic metaphor of not comparing an Apple with a Custard-Apple

Why I prefer my eReader over physical books

It’s small enough to fit in my bag
It’s not too heavy
Mine is touch screen
I can read it with one hand
It can read to me!!!
I can read a sample if any book I want
Discounted prices on books
I can make the text bigger or smaller
Pretty much all the classics are free!!
I can save my place in the book without dog earing it
No grubby finger prints on the pages
The battery lasts for ages
I can make notes in books and not ruin them
You can read magazines/ newspapers on it
I can put cool/ pretty covers on it
I don’t need to worry that I have to lend a book to a friend and never see it again (despite their best intentions)
The cloud allows you to redownload the books you have already purchased again if you get a new device
Estimates practical reading times of chapters based on your average reading speed
If you’re reading something “embarrassing” no one can see the cover
It fits a bajillion books on it
Samsung anuncia Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

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O Amazon Kindle não é o único tablet Android de 7 polegadas a ser lançado esta semana. A família de produtos Samsung Galaxy Tab adicionou também esta semana um dispositivo compacto chamado Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

É suportado por um processador dual-core de 1.2 GHz com o sistema operativo Android 3.2 HoneyComb e com uma memória RAM de 1 GB. Tem um ecrã de 7 polegadas, com resolução de 1024x600 pixeis e com uma capacidade de armazenamento de 16 ou 32 GB, contem ainda uma câmara de 3 mega-pixeis e uma outra frontal de 2 mega-pixeis para vídeo-chamadas.

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Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

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Nintendo Advertising Begins Appearing On The Amazon Kindle

Nintendo Advertising Begins Appearing On The Amazon Kindle

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The cheaper version of the Amazon Kindle Fire places advertisments on the device’s lock screen. Normally, the adverts are for Kindle apps or books available on Amazon. However, it looks like Nintendo maybe working with the online giant to spread the word about their consoles. One Reddit user has posted a screenshot of a Nintendo 3DS commercial that appeared on his tablet, showing off some of the…

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Kindle Fire, Full Color 7

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Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

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Report: Amazon's Kindle Fire losing money with every single device
  • $199 the amount the Amazon Kindle Fire, launched earlier this week, costs
  • $209.63 the amount the Amazon Kindle Fire’s parts are estimated to cost source

» Loss leader vs. straight-up leader: Amazon knows that the thing that was going to get the Kindle Fire to sell was the price, and it appears that even though the device is going to sell at a $10 loss per unit, they’ll make that back quickly through the sale of music and other stuff. This is a situation unlike that of Apple, which sells its devices at a profit and makes money through the sale of content. But that said, Jeff Bezos is looking particularly Jobsian these days.

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Touch screen Kindle Fire with color display

The Amazon Kindle Fire’s full color screen  gives the user fantastic features at a price point that is lower than the competition.It’s capabilities include checking email,browsing the Internet and playing  games.For $199 you get a great product in the Kindle Fire. The portability of a 7" tablet lends itself well to the Amazon Kindle Fire.


Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon bringing the heat!


Amazon Kindle Fire Announced : oTTtn
O tablet da Amazon: Uma ameaça para o iPad

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O tablet da Amazon, que segundo rumores se chamará Amazon Kindle Fire, poderá ser o primeiro dispositivo Android a oferecer concorrência ao iPad da Apple. Ou acabará como um dispositivo com bastante divulgação, de onde foram colocadas bastantes expectativas, mas que em contra partida, o seu desempenho não surpreendeu o publico e será esmagado pela gigante Apple.

A menos de 24 horas para o seu lançamento, é difícil imaginar como será o impacto do Amazon Kindle Fire, contudo damos a conhecer algumas características previstas.

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