Who’s had “West End Kids” on repeat since last night??? If you haven’t downloaded it, what are you waiting for…get it on: 

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New album Vikings out August 14th on DCD2 and WBR. Can’t wait for you guys to hear all of these new songs!! 


Official video for the brand new single “Girl from Sweden” - out now!
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Book Wanted!

Book-lovers out there, 

I am saw someone on a train ride today reading a book I really want to read but I forgot the title:

- it was in English
- blue cover with some green (if I remember right: grass),  some white circles (might be stars, lightbulbs,…?) and the title was written in white and had ‘MAN’ inside. 
- it’s rather thin

I searched amazon and google for it but since my hints are rare I don’t really know what to look for. 
Maybe it reminds you of a book on your shelves? Please, let me know! 
You might just know what book I am talking about and it would be such a relieve.

It would be great to find out - I had a chance to catch one sentence and liked it but I can’t remember anything. Guess I thought my mind out at uni today.

Rectify returns for its third season on July 9! New episodes will air weekly on SundanceTV at 10/9C.

If you want to re-watch (or catch up on) the first two seasons, make sure to set your DVR for the late-night marathons on AMC in the week of June 15, or Sundance’s binge on July 4. Of course both seasons are also available via Netflix US, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Who doesn’t love easy money??

So there’s this app called Feature Points that gives you cash (or Amazon, Starbucks gift cards, etc) in return for downloading and testing out apps.  Its so simple.  All you have to do is download the app that Feature Points advertises and test it out for a minute or two.  Then, when you have enough points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards!  

If you use this code: R6Z5BW, you get 50 points just for downloading the app

And yes, this is real!  I’m currently typing this out and sipping on my Starbucks that I bought with a gift card I redeemed using Feature Points!!

Cartoon Network UK have announced the launch of new game ‘Mixels Rush’. A joint development between Cartoon Network and the LEGO Group, Mixels focuses on various tribes of crazy creatures who can use their special ability to combine together into powerful new forms. The game, available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices, sees players guide…

Cartoon Network UK Mixes It Up With ‘Mixels Rush’ App Game was originally published on Toon Zone News

There is no-one alive these day that we have to look forward to as inspiration for the future besides COMPANIES,Google, Apple, Amazon. Everything is becoming corporate and law driven that there is no time, money or effort into making this world better right fucking now.

Someone needs to step up and get our world back on track or we may Just end up eating each other in the end.

Janet Devil joins Heffron Drive for two shows

It has just been announced the singer-songwriter Janet Devlin will be joining pop sensation Heffron Drive for two dates of their US tour. Janet will be opening for Heffron Drive in Wilmington Delaware at the World Cafe Live on July 2nd and in Philadelphia at the World Cafe Live on July 3rd. These two tour dates will be Janet’s first touring dates in America.

Janet will be performing songs off of her debut album Running With Scissors, which was released this past February. You can purchase Janet’s debut album Running With Scissors now on our webstore, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and at music retailers nationwide. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp. Check out our exclusive Janet Devlin merchandise in our webstore.

Heffron Drive is an American indie pop duo formed by Kendall Schmidt, of Big Time Rush and Dustin Belt. The duo was formed when they realized they lived on the same street, Heffron Drive. After a brief stint as a band, Kendall Schmidt joined Big Time Rush and had Dustin join as the touring guitarist. In 2013, after Big Time Rush parted ways, Heffron Drive revived. Heffron Drive is now preparing a full-scale launch into the world of irresistible electro-pop music. Infusing infectious melodies, unforgettable hooks, and beamingly beautiful lyrics.

To purchase tickets for the July 2nd gig, click here.
To purchase tickets for the July 3rd gig, click here.

Make sure you stay up to date with Janet Devlin on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up for Janet’s newsletter by clicking HERE.


兩款互聯網登錄系統曝出重大漏洞 短期內或無法修復 (Covert Redirect)

繼OpenSSL漏洞後,開源安全軟件再曝安全漏洞。新加坡南洋理工大學研究人員,物理和數學科學學院博士生王晶 (Wang Jing) 發現,OAuth 2.0, OpenID 授權接口的網站存隱蔽重定向漏洞、英文名為“Covert Redirect”。



騰訊,阿裏巴巴,QQ、新浪微博、淘寶網,支付寶,網易,PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Facebook、Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo,, Microsoft,, Github, WordPress 等國內外大量知名網站受影響。

鑒於OAuth和OpenID被廣泛用於各大公司——如微軟、Facebook、Google、以及 LinkedIn——Wang表示他已經向這些公司已經了匯報。Wang聲稱,微軟已經給出了答復,調查並證實該問題出在第三方系統,而不是該公司的自 有 站點。Facebook也表示,“短期內仍無法完成完成這兩個問題的修復工作,只得迫使每個應用程序平臺采用白名單”。至於Google,預計該公司 會追 蹤OpenID的問題;而LinkedIn則聲稱它將很快在博客中說明這壹問題。

OAuth 是壹個被廣泛應用的開放登六協議,允許用護讓第三方應用訪問該用護在某壹網站上存儲的私密的信息(如照片,視頻,聯系人列表),而無需將用護名和密碼提供給第三方應用。這次曝出的漏洞,可將Oauth2.0的使用方(第三方網站)的回跳域名劫持到惡意網站去,黑客利用XSS漏洞攻擊就能隨意操作被授權的帳號,讀取用護的隱私信息。像騰訊、新浪微博等社交網站壹般對登六回調地址沒有任何限制,極易遭黑客利用。


Hey Charmed fans! Charmed: The War on Witches continues the story of the Halliwell witches, picking up where the hit television series left off. 

Having won the ultimate battle against the forces of darkness, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige—The Charmed Ones—are looking forward to a hard-earned, peaceful future. But when Phoebe’s former love, Cole, returns from the dead and the sisters are reunited with Prue, now imprisoned at the magical convergence between the realms, a dangerous new threat emerges.

As seemingly normal mortals violently steal the magic of witches, The Charmed Ones must shield their kind while protecting themselves from a modern-day witch hunt.

Charmed: The War on Witches is out on May 26th. Pre-order your copy today! 






Gwen Stefani fans, get “Run Away”, her collaboration with Snoop Dogg from his new album, BUSH, which is out now!

Google Play:

Check out how to support more of Gwen’s recent music releases: 




           “BE THE REAL SONS OF GOD”


anonymous asked:

Quando si potranno acquistare ?

Domani ricevo la bozza del primo volume. Alla mia conferma passeranno 5/6 giorni per la stampa e la consegna del primo libro stampato.
Dopo averlo divorato.. ehm.. visionato 😊 darò l'ok. Da quel momento in poi sarà acquistabile sul sito e su librerie on line, librerie fisiche, Facebook, ebay, anobii, Google books, Amazon.
Quindi per ricevere il cartaceo potrai anche andare nella tua libreria di fiducia ed ordinarlo lì.
Ormai è questione di (pochi) giorni.