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       In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with zero powers comes to realize his city is owned by a super villain. As he struggles to uncover this conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero.

Thoughts on... The Tick 2017

So, I’m really digging the new Tick. In fact, as the first episode was about to start I was informing my boyfriend about a big fan theory with The Tick. It’s all in Arthur’s head. And for a moment it seemed like the new show has going to say that was so until it said ‘Nah, The Tick is real.’

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But I would like to say that The Tick is still made up by Arthur.

Wait! Hear me out. I promise this isn’t a bad theory.

I know that Arthur’s sister and many others see Tick and he clearly changes the world around him. I also know that Arthur and Tick are seen together. But let’s look at the Tick himself and Arthur.

  1. The Tick’s appearance changes in the show. Like Noticeable so. Arthur even points this out and there are small other moments of this. 
  2. Tick has the same voice as the Night-light speaking to young Arthur.
  3. Tick says that his head feels fuzzy when away from Arthur. Plus, Tick declares he is the Hero Arthur always dreamed of being.
  4. Super powers are real and relatively normal. No one is freaking out about Lent’s powers, or at least Arthur isn’t.
  5. A big deal was made of Arthur taking meds and being a little out of touch with reality. In fact, Arthur flashes to all the points that could imply Tick was fake until Dott sees Tick confirming it isn’t a breakdown.
  6. Going by the first few episodes, background info always seems important and holds value later on. Sometimes in small ways and others in bigger ways. Like when Arthur was taking the taxi and the radio was talking about the dead super team.

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So, here’s the theory.

Arthur unknowingly has a super power. Following the death of his father, favorite team of heroes, and getting his ice cream stolen by the Terror, (or the day that could only have gotten worse had he owned a puppy) Arthur’s determent powers start acting up.He starts creating a hero to deal with his emotional damage and his powers start to form that being. But Arthur’s powers are weak and he can’t make the person appear, just hears the voice.

But because it isn’t an outward ability, like Lent’s, and because it is still very weak no one even thinks it’s an ability. They are quick to believe he has mental issues. So, he starts taking meds. The medicine partly, or fully, blocks his super powers preventing the Tick from forming. 

When Arthur stop taking his meds and started tracking the Terror, his subconscious mind started to recall his dreams, wish to help others, and the heroic traits he admired. This all formed together to create The Tick. This is why everything is new and amazing to The Tick and he feels fuzzy away from Arthur. Much like a phone out of range, Tick has issues working correctly without Arthur. It also explains why Tick is so dependently drawn toward the guy. 

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In short, Arthur has a super power and unknowingly used that power to create The Tick.