amazon tree boa


These are all horrible pictures but listen. 6/7 babies ate on their own last night. They turned 6 months old and I’ve been so stressed about getting them to eat and it HAPPENED.
If they take regular meals from here on out they will all be going to new homes come spring. Most already have interest, but if anyone backs out or changes their mind I’ll put up stuff here too

I couldn’t resist making Echo an Orochi High student! She’s my weirdest child, so I had to draw her. @orochihigh there needs to be a huffy grounds keeper who throws things every time the arboreal or fossorial snakes have too much fun.

Echo is an odd sand boa. She can frequently be found climbing all of the school signs and trees just because she can. She may be small and getting to those bottom limbs may be hard, but it’s worth it to be a tall tree snake. She truly believes that should have been born a tree boa. An Amazon tree boa probably. They’re pretty cool.  It doesn’t matter that she’s better at falling than climbing. She dreams big for a baby worm!

But at the end of the day, nothing beats burrowing into the ground and making tunnels everywhere. Except knocking things down as she goes. That’s the best part about burrowing.

Echo’s favorite marking is the dinosaur on the top of her head. She can never decide which dinosaur it is, so she rotates through all of her favorite dinosaurs, but on Monday, it’s always a velociraptor. Next to Amazon tree boas, dinosaurs are Echo’s favorite things.

During dinner time, Echo likes to poke her food a few times. Maybe five just to be sure it’s food. She’ll pick it up and drop it in a new place just for good measure too. Once she’s ready to eat, it’s down the hatch–after doing a back bend, that is! Yes, Echo is one of those enlightened snakes that figured out how to use the ground to her advantage. Once dinner is in place, she bends over backwards and shoves her food into the ground so she can eat it faster. There’s no time to waste when there’s dirt to burrow in and things to climb!


Some more photos of the new bendystick.

This one is my boyfriend’s and the yellow one is mine, but it didn’t want to sit still for any photos so I will upload some of it another day. They are both at his place for the time being since I am moving on Friday for my Erasmus exchange.

Both babies are active and eating with no problems so I am very pleased with them. Plus they are utterly adorable and my love for arboreal snakes has skyrocketed since getting them.