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I know this may seem rather out of the blue as i don’t often post on tumblr, and have barely mentioned this to anybody, but for the past 2 years i have been working on my very own novel. 

It would mean so much if you were all to check it out, and possibly give it a read! I am extremely proud of this; publishing a story has been all i’ve wanted to do for as long as i can remember and after many many months of self doubt and procrastination I have finally done it!

Here are the links:
Kindle ebook 

And if you read it, I would be soooo grateful if you were to leave a review, as I have entered it in the Amazon Storyteller 2017 competition, and titles with the best reviews will be shortlisted to win a prize. More info here.

And even if you are unable to buy it, it would mean a lot if you guys were to reblog this post and also spread the word because more than anything i just want people to read it so i can hear people’s thoughts on it, as i have barely shown it to anybody <3 Thank you!!

A co-teacher donated this doll to my classroom because he granddaughter doesn’t play with her anymore and I’m living
I was just about to buy a wheelchair on amazon for our storytelling center but my wish came true!
So we talked today about muscular dystrophy because we’ll be participating in the hop-a-thon next month. And I am so proud of my kids. We talked about how Belinda (that’s her name) does things differently because of her wheelchair and how she was born with muscles that don’t work quite the same as ours.
And Belinda came with a friend, Eliza, who is her helper and does things for her that she might not be able to do. And Eliza helps other kids to understand why Belinda is different.
And my kids. These damn 3 year olds are so. Good. They respect this doll and her wheelchair when they play with her. They make sure others respect her. They were teaching their friends about her.

I’m always so floored by the level of kindness and respect that my students have because that’s all I want to teach them. If they leave my class with one thing, I want it to be an unrelenting kindness and acceptance. I’m so proud.


Congratulations to Jill Soloway for winning the 2015 Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical for Transparent.  

Before creating the critically acclaimed series, Soloway premiered a short film, Una Hora Por Favora, during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and then her feature debut, Afternoon Delight, during the 2013 Festival, where she won the U.S. Dramatic Directing Award.  Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple (pictured above with Soloway) both starred in Afternoon Delight and Hahn went on to star in Transparent.

Check out a 2013 interview with Jill Soloway discussing her feature debut here.

Photos by Jason Merritt / WireImage and Fred Hayes / WireImage