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wonder woman reignited my desire to see a clothing line for muscular women. not athletic attire, but casual and formal clothing designed specifically for women with broad shoulders, wide backs, and big arms. jackets that don’t cut off circulation to your shoulders!! and don’t tear down the back when you hug someone!! fancy dresses that can zip all the way up!!!


KAYAPO COURAGE: “The Amazon tribe has beaten back ranchers and gold miners and famously stopped a dam. Now its leaders must fight again or risk losing a way of life.” ~ Chip Brown.  photography by Martin Schoeller - full story & gallery via National Geographic (January 2014)

  • “YNHIRE expresses his identity as a warrior with a headdress of parrot feathers.”
  • “BEPRO wears the beads and cotton-wrapped earrings that boys receive as part of their naming ceremony.”
  • “ROPNI, an internationally known chief, is one of the few Kayapo who still wear the mahogany lip plate.”
  • “PHNH-OTI has an inverted V shaved into her scalp, a ceremonial female practice.”
  • “BEPRAN-TI wears an impressive display of feathers for his betrothal ceremony, a Kayapo rite of passage.”
  • “MEKARON-TI, the great chief, speaks Portuguese and is a powerful advocate for his people.”

this outfit brought to you by my obsession with the ensemble’s costumes in Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with light purple hair that’s pulled up into twin buns.  I’m leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a bright orange tank top with a winking jack-o’-lantern printed on the front.  Under it, I have on a dress–only the skirt is showing.  The skirt is made of layers of sheer burgundy fabric (both lacy and plain) with a handkerchief hem.  Over the shirt, I’m wearing a black vest with gold buttons down the front.  I have on red, orange, yellow, black, grey, and burgundy socks under black boots with big platform soles and yellow laces down the front.  I’m wearing orange eyeshadow smudged on my face, dark red lipstick, a black choker, and a black watch.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]
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Wonder Days and Super Nights

The Supergirl and Wonder Woman cross-over fic that no one asked for but that came to mind thanks to ramblings on the internet. Special shout-out to @nevertobeships and @stennnn06 for playing along.

Everything under the cut is not edited, so please forgive any errors.

If Lena had to put blame on anything for her current predicament, she’d have to say it was because she’s a Luthor.

No matter how many times Kara would come to her defense, holding her close and saying how she’s more than just her families name. There’s just something about being taken hostage for the umpteenth time this week that has got to be either a severe case of bad luck or, more than likely a side-effect of being for lack of a better term villainously irresistible.

So here she sat, in the middle of a cargo container submerged beneath who knows what ocean with a ticking time bomb that would dilute the Earths water supply with enough chemicals to kill all aliens on the planet. Typical Tuesday sorts of things, but of all the outcomes Lena could have imagined, coming face to face with a demi-god was definitely not one of them.

The moment the steel doors opened the first thing she saw was ARMS, gold banded, silhouetted arms that she wished would hold her and never let go. She would never admit this to anyone but in her youth but she used to religiously read a series of erotic fantasy novels centered around mythical Amazonians she even got to meet the author Kristen Cleavagne and ask her who the inspiration for the lead was. She’d talked about her first meeting with the woman they dubbed Wonder Woman, and how her beauty was only overshadowed by her commanding presence.

So with all this in mind, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the moment the doors opened with the silhouette of her wildest desires in front of her that whenever Supergirl came to appear next to her and they both stepped into her field of view – the two most beautiful beings this planet could hold it was the last thing she remembered before everything went black.

She heard music first, indescribably magical music. Then she felt sheets, made of the softest material she could imagine. She stretched her arm out and met an arm, solid, warm and silky smooth. She traced it upwards to the face she knew she’d find – her Kara.

“You’re finally up” she whispered, placing the gentlest of kisses across her brow.

Lena smiled at the tenderness Kara always seemed to show when they were together. “It must’ve been a side-effect of the rapid ascension, I almost thought I saw Wonder Woman when you came to rescue me!”

Suddenly another body climbed into the bed behind her, she turned in a start and couldn’t hear anything apart from her rapid heartbeat in her ears.  There in front of her eyes was Diana Prince, Princess Diana, Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hipolyta and Zeus. “What’s the matter precious? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Diana cupped her chin and brought their lips together.

After a few seconds she pulled back, sitting up, gasping “Kara, honey I’m so sorry… I don’t know what…” She felt Kara’s hand touch her thigh as she looked at her girlfriend. Her very naked thigh, Kara seemed to have a lack of clothing on as well as she giggled “What are you talking about Lee?”

She felt Diana lean closer into her side, taking note of how few pieces of clothing the Amazon was wearing and how delightfully rough but tender her hands felt as they worked their way through her hair. “Oh dear, it seems our darling Lena hurt her head more than we thought, Kara. She can’t even recognize her girlfriends anymore and here I thought we were unforgettable” Diana teased, winking at Kara as she continued to play with Lena’s hair.  

Kara feigned shock as she pulled back the covers and straddled herself across Lena’s thighs, “Well we can’t have that can we? Who knows what other super-powered beings are out there just waiting to have a chance at the one and only Lena Luthor” she joked, tracing lines down her stomach and stopping just above her naval.

“I think we need to jog her memory a bit don’t you Diana?” Kara said, voice lower, huskier and more filled with want than Lena had ever heard. If she wasn’t aroused before the smirk that the Amazon gave her right before she claimed her mouth again would have done it.

It was sensational overload, the two most powerful beings in the universe touching, and loving plain old Lena Luthor. If this was how she died it would be completely worth it.

Kara looked up from between her legs, wiping at her mouth as she spoke “Do you want us to stop, Lee?” Lena was in a haze, Diana was behind her kneading her breasts and lavishing kisses along her neck, “All you have to do is say the word precious and we’ll stop.”

“NO!” she gasped, urging Kara back to her former position as she guided Diana’s hand towards her clit. The pressure was building, her whole world was nothing but this, Diana and Kara. “Can you feel it Lena?” Diana husked in her ear, “Can you feel me touching you?”

“Yes” Lena murmured, eyes closing shut as she tried to relish in what she was sure was going to be the most memorable moment in her life. “Come for us Lena” Diana said her fingers plunging in to where Kara had just vacated, “YES!” she shouted. “Come back to us Lena” Kara said kissing her passionately as her pleasure hit an all time high and she saw black once again.

“Come back to us Lena” Kara said playing softly with Lena’s hands.

“Yes…” Lena murmured softly, opening her eyes to a DEO recuperation room and dozens of medical screens and equipment all leading back to her. She couldn’t remember how much time had passed but she’d never felt more exhausted in her life. Was it all a dream? “Kara…what..what happened?”

“LENA!” Kara wrapped her arms around Lena’s upper body, quickly checking for any of the signs Alex told her to watch out for.  “What happened?” Lena said groggily,

“You just passed out babe” Kara said after her inspection was complete, turning her gaze softly towards the other woman and  grasping Lena’s hand again. “You had me worried.”

Lena couldn’t help but smile, sure the dream may have been nice but she had her own version of paradise right in front of her “I’m fine darling, thank you. I guess I must have been down there a bit too long and started hallucinating, I thought I saw Wonder Woman” Lena chuckled sitting upright in her bed.

A figure stepped forward while a voice floated through the doorway, “Did you now, precious?”

Wonder Woman Comics

So I found these two WW books at my library, right?

I’m putting this under a cut because it’s very long and pic-heavy.

And I read through them, and I’m just…amused? Horrified? At how different they are. 

So the book on the left was drawn and written by a woman. The one on the right, all men. And I just feel like…god it SHOWS. Even just the covers, Diana on the right just looks like this weird pinup thing to me, art-wise. So I started with the book on the right, and right off the bat, page 1:

Mmmmmmkay this is fun. I get the “okay origin story, women enslaved, fight back, escape, etc,” but I *really* did not need like 5-6 pages of Hippolyta being the slave of an almost-naked Herakles talking about how he’s (essentially) going to rape them.

Then we go to the present. Diana has apparently left Paradise Island and is coming back for trial (most of this story is told in flashbacks) and again, right off the bat:

why is DIana the only one not allowed pants. And later it turns out, she got a “makeover” courtesy of some sorority gals, but it…idk it still bothers me, maybe I’m weird. And then there’s this weird moment of like…make-up shaming?

Then we go into some Diana chidlhood origin story background stuff and it’s pretty meh tbh, my only other moment of why?was when they have this hunt festival thing which? for some reason? Is like? a huge orgy thing?

And kindasorta starting here, but there keeps being this weird bondage theme and I’m like…idk if it’s just that I’m a prude and it’s my issue, or if it’s being dealt with weirdly and tbh I wouldn’t mind input cause, I do not want to be a kink shamey sort of person.

So Steven Trevor crashes on the island, par for course. Weird Moment #465346:

Yah, she asks if he’s a man while grabbing his junk. Classy.

Apparently the Amazon idea of Man’s World equals women in leashes and underwear drinking milk out of bowls, death, and fetuses. 

Then we get introduced to Elizabeth Candy:

Missing: her first words are “She warned me you gals were kinda kinky, and I guess she was right!” which is kinda hilarious. So there’s that. Point being, Beth Candy is most definitely Not Small, a fact which then proceeds to get remarked on by almost everyone

for the rest

of the damn

comic. And it’s fucking irritating. Also we get more of the “weird bondage moments” as Diana repeatedly makes the case that Man’s World needs to “submit to the loving authority” of the Amazons. Which, yeah they don’t take well.

Also she wants to repay Steve for saving her life? by giving him a collar? and telling him he has to kneel and submit to her?

Anyway…the whole thing irked me. It was hard to put a finger on exactly what, but just…as my first foray into WW comics, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

So then moving from that one onto the other? COMPLETELY different. First page/s of the second book?

Is just an opening shot of Themyscira. And even though it actually has (mostly) the same prologue as the other? SO different in tone. The Amazons fight Harakles and the rest of Greece, but in a normal army sort of way before being rescued by Hera. (Side note: Also interesting that the two novels went different directions with which female deities the Amazons revere.) And the clothing is just so much nicer:

It’s just…y’know…Greek stuff. Or themed. Idk enough to say if thats zomgHistoricallyAccurate! but it’s nice. It never feels sexualised. Like watching the Wonder Woman movie, I for once feel the absence of a male gaze, something I’d never realised was so pervasive precisely until I saw something that didn’t have it.

So second book deals with Diana being born and her childhood/adolescence/young adulthood a lot more and it’s glorious and wonderful. Seeing Diana as a spoiled little brat is kinda amusing, wondering how she’ll get from there to here. 

Basically everyone loves her except this stable girl, Alethea, which of course drives spoiled!Diana fucking nuts.

I am 110% gay for Alethea and her take-no-shit sass.

So Alethea basically goes “Yeah I like people who aren’t dicks,” to which Diana, in a hilariously spoiled way, goes “FINE I’M GOING TO BE THE MOST UNSPOILED BRAT EVER SO NYAH. I’MMA BE SO UNSPOILED YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW” It’s like watching someone try to be the most humble. It’s hilarious. Over time Diana becomes sliiiiightly less of a dick, and Alethea starts to like her juuust a bit more.

Cut to big festival day, everyone competes anonymously, tl;dr Diana is so determined to win to impress Alethea that she cheats, unleashing a swarm of monsters as a ‘distraction’ which then, y’know, start wreaking havoc and she has to try to clean up her own mess.

Alethea fucking dies saving her and my heart legit broke, man. I 100% honestly started crying reading this book. the whole aftermath, and funeral, and trial, were just that perfect combination of writing/art/whatever I guess, but it hit me in the feels, HARD.

Fucking bury me; I’m dead. OH and Alethea’s anonymous costume for the games? It was the fucking Wonder Woman costume. Which Diana (who’s getting banished) is sentenced to fucking wear as a reminder of how she Fucked Up like jesus MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE

immediate pre-closing shot of the book. ANd just to bring it back around again, even in this, her more-or-less Classic!Diana outfit, she is still less skimpy than the male-drawn comic.

Anyway that’s my long rambly thoughts, feel free to chime in, I look forward to trying to find more WW comics.


Yesterday I started to sew an fantasy set. I finished it pretty fast and I am satisfied with the results… I hope the new owner will like it too. Actually I started to miss the fantasy characters from my bjd family ~

✦✦✦ Other infos ✦✦✦
✦ Doll: Resinsoul Yoa body with Fairyland Minifee Shushu (modded sleeping) head
 ✦ Clothes, wig, accessories: all made by me, MI:AU BJD Design