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When the UT/US/UF skelebros go to the beach for the first time, who sunbathes? Who makes sandcastles? Who starts collecting seashells? Who goes swimming? Who swims a bit too far and needs help? Who gets their toe pinched by an angry crab? Who gets annoyed by the kids running around and screaming just a few feet away? Who stares at the bikini babes playing volleyball? Who goes and plays with them? Who just leaves and decides to come back when it's less crowded? Who got sand in their eyesocket?


  • Just sort of lays on the beach all day. “Sunbathing”.
  • Ironically smears sunscreen on his nose ridge for laughs.
  • Sunglasses even though he doesn’t need them. They make him look ‘cool’
  • He wears a big t-shirt and swim trunks with hot dogs on them.


  • Definitely goes swimming.
  • He’s got swim trunks with dinosaurs on them and a baseball cap that he modified to say ‘Radical Dude’ to keep the sun out of his eyes.
  • He’s all about boogie boarding contests with Undyne (especially if he’s trying to impress someone wink wonk)


  • Definitely collects a bunch of seashells and organizes them into piles. He’s going to take them home and put them in a jar.
  • Buries Papyrus in sand (up to his head)
  • He’s got swim trunks with stars all over them.


  • Naps most of the day away buried in sand.
  • His swim trunks have giraffes on them. No one knows why.
  • (They were the first thing he saw on the sales rack and he was too lazy to look for another pair)
  • Most likely be seen sipping on a slushie and laying around.


  • He’s got one of those little floaty things you lay on and sort of just snoozes on that all day in the water.
  • Papyrus makes sure he doesn’t float out to sea.
  • Most likely having fun stressing his bro out.
  • Doesn’t even bother buying swimwear.
  • He’ll pig out on french fries too when he’s on the beach just lazing under an umbrella.


  • He makes the biggest sand castle you have ever seen
  • There’s even a working drawbridge and everything it’s pretty amazing
  • Red swim trunks, black tank top. He doesn’t like being exposed as much.
  • He might actually just sit in the shade for a bit and take in the scenery. He can be pretty quiet like that sometimes.
  • But then he’s also probably screaming  with Undyne in the water. She bought one of those big-ass blow up beach ball things and they keep tossing it around.

you know  most people look better wearing some colors, because it puts a nice contrast to their skin tone or because it accentuates their eye color

and then, there is Magnus Bane, rocking every outfit he is in

unbuttoned burgundy shirt + necklaces+ dark jacket? niiiiice~ 
burgundy shirt with golden patterns + golden hair? prettYY
dark/military green? hell yeah i want twenty
grey shirt + black waistcoat? hoT DaMN
burgundy shirt + matching dyed strands of hair + suit? WOW
cobalt blue tunic? *heart eyes*
Victorian era attire? dAmMIT
white shirt + fushia tie + dark suit? *heavy breathing*
silver embroidered jacket + black velvet shirt + blue pants? sPLendid
blue shirt + gold ? amaZING
red shirt + long black coat + necklaces? ooooooh boy
red scarf + dark jacket and shirt? hell YEAH

and you can’t even be jealous because i mean… look at him

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Scared - Part 2 (Michael Clifford)

Requested : Yes

  • @esmespontallia : Can you please do a part 2 for Scared (Michael Clifford) :) I love your writing!
  • @dropbearcaution : Part 2 to Scared pleeeease! It was great! You shouldn’t have been worried :) xx
  • @imagine-missile : Part 2 of scared pleaseeeee😂

Rating : R

Word count : 1,6K+

Story line : You come back and have a discussion with Michael

Part ONE

“Are you breaking up with me?” I weakly asked and she quickly looked at me with wide eyes before looking down at her feet again.

She stayed silent, her head hanging in-between her shoulders, her fingers tightly wrapped around her purse as I saw her lips start to tremble. She was going to cry again… I had made her cry again.

“I didn’t mean it,” I weakly whispered as I kept my eyes on her, hoping that she was going to lift her head to look at me. “I didn’t mean a single fucking word I said, I’m so sorry… I swear if there’s anything I can do, anything… I’ll do it, just please don’t leave me, I love you so much, I can’t live without you, (Y/N), please,” I started to beg, my voice trembling a little.

“I don’t want to break up with you,” she let out in a breath, her voice barely audible. My heart swelled in my chest and I slowly got up before taking a step toward her. “Please don’t,” she stopped me, a tear escaping from eyes and rolling down her cheek.

I immediately stilled and bit down on my bottom lip as I felt my eyes watering. I couldn’t believe I had hurt her so much; I wanted her to punch me again and again until the physical pain took over the aching in my chest.

“You have no idea how much I hate myself,” I shamelessly said.

“Why did you… Did you really think I was going to cheat on you?” she asked, her head still not rising.

“No, no, of course not… I don’t know what took over me, I just… I lost it and it was all my fault, I don’t know why I did that… I didn’t mean it, (Y/N), please believe me… I didn’t mean it,” I repeated and she raised a hand to her cheeks to wipe the tears away. “Please, look at me,” I gently begged.

She took a deep breath and shook her head before placing her hand over her eyes.

“I can’t,” she murmured and I felt as if I had been shot right in the heart.

“Please, try,” I insisted.

She sighed and shut her eyes tightly for a second before very slowly lifting her head up. Her gaze crossed mine for half a second and she immediately looked down again as another tear leaked from her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I can’t right now…” she apologized again and I wanted to take her in my arms.

It was so strong of her to even be here, to even try… She hadn’t given up on me right away, she had come back, and she was now standing in front of me, trying her best to stick back together a relationship that I had shattered to the ground with just a few sentences.

“I just… I keep hearing those words… Over and over again, it’s like you’re constantly saying them into my ear and the voice just won’t leave me alone,” she murmured with a sob.

I parted my lips and took a sharp intake of breath as I only started to understand what I had done. She thought that there was at least a part of me that meant those words; she was starting to believe them… They were starting to become hers.

“Baby, please, no,” I sighed as I took another step toward her and raised my hands to place them on her hips.

She stepped back and my hands hang by my side, my teeth attacking my bottom lip as I felt her slip through my fingertips, there, right in front of me.
“I just… I want it to stop,” she cried as she threw her head back and let it rest against the wall behind her.

She was now sobbing, her chest violently heaving up and down and both her arms wrapped around her body as if she was trying to protect herself… Or hide her body. I didn’t deserve her, I didn’t deserve her tears, I didn’t deserve her shame… I deserved nothing but loneliness for the rest of my life.

“What can I do?” I helplessly asked.

“I don’t know… I don’t think that…” she tried to speak but words seemed to be failing her.

“Please tell me how you’re feeling…” I begged once more.

She took another breath and tried to calm herself down, relaxing her shoulders and rubbing her eyes for a few seconds before opening them to the ceiling again. I couldn’t bear to see her like that… But I forced myself to keep my eyes on her, anyway, punishing myself for all the wrong that I had done.

“I feel… Well, ugly for a starter… And… And completely worthless, and stupid and… unloved.”

I brought a hand to my mouth and suppressed the cry that threatened to escape from my lips. That wasn’t something I ever wanted to hear from her, not while standing in front of me, not to me… Not when I knew that I was the one who made her feel like that.

“Oh, please, no,” I cried, not stopping the tears this time. “No, baby, I love you, I love you so much… Please don’t… I… I didn’t mean this, you know I didn’t… Baby, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, you’re the best thing that could ever happen to anyone… I can’t… I can’t let you feel unloved when my heart’s literally beating for you, I felt… I felt so fucking empty this past two days… I love you so fucking much, I don’t ever want you to feel that way, please, baby, I love you, please don’t doubt that.”

She had started crying again and I tentatively lifted my hands before slowly placing them on her hips. She took a sharp intake of breath but didn’t flinch away this time. Her arms were crossed over her chest and I got as close to her as I possibly could, going slowly and watching her reaction. She seemed extremely uncomfortable and it seemed painful for her to have me this close. I couldn’t stand her tears, I couldn’t stand her shut eyes and quiet sobs… I wanted to make it all better, but for the first time since we met, my arms weren’t going to calm her down.

I leaned in and placed my forehead on her shoulder, inhaling her scent and silently begging her to press her face into my neck.

“I love you,” I whispered, my lips against the soft material of her cardigan; “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life proving it to you… That’s what I wanted when I asked you to marry me… And you said yes, you didn’t even hesitate, you just said yes… I… I want you to still mean it, I want you to still want it.”

I let my arms slowly travel to her back and held her closer as my tears were starting to wet her cardigan.

“I can’t help but… you wouldn’t have said those things if you hadn’t meant them at all… about me being clingy, about me not… not looking very good naked… about me-”

“Stop,” I gently interrupted her, “please stop,” it was a plea this time. “There is no excuse for what I did… I got jealous, I started doubting myself and I… I said those things to hurt you because… damn, I… I get so scared I am going to lose you sometimes and it drives me completely crazy…” I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself before continuing. “You can never be too clingy with me, (Y/N), I… I crave your touch, I crave your love… and your body… baby, it takes me places I didn’t even know existed before meeting you… you know the power your body had on me… how can you… don’t let the few stupid words I said erase everything that you’ve seen before…” I told her, “you know how much I love your body… you’ve used it as a weapon against me before… and it worked because I just can’t resist you and I crave you… damn do I crave you…”

She didn’t reply and we stayed like that for a few minutes, her head hanging in-between our two bodies, and mine desperately pressed against her shoulder.

“Please look at me, baby, I love you,” I tried again as I raised my hands to cup her face.

I didn’t force her to look up, I just let my palm rest against her damp cheeks, waiting for her to be ready.

She very slowly lifted her head before opening her eyes into mine. They were red and swollen and the remaining piece of my hear broke as she parted her lips and let out yet another sob. But she didn’t look away. She kept her eyes on mine and let me see her pain, let me see her insecurities… she stood naked in front of me, ashamed of who she was because of me.

I started to lean in, letting her time to understand that I wanted to kiss her, time to make a decision.

“Don’t,” she whispered and I wouldn’t have heard her if I had been a feet further away from her. “I still mean my ‘yes’, Michael, I just… I’m probably going to need some time before I can… before I can be the same with you but I… I’m going to try, I swear just… Give me some time, okay?” she said, her eyes in mine.

“You’re not leaving?” I breathlessly asked.

She shook her head and I took her in my arms again, holding her as close as possible even though she wasn’t returning my embrace.

“No problem, take your time, baby, we’re going to be okay, yeah?” I asked as I cupped her face and looked at her.

“I hope so.”

Preference #70 : He makes you feel insecure - Luke&Michael/4

Requested : Yes

Could you please do something either 4/4 or just Luke where he said something that makes you feel really insecure (like about your weight or something) and like he doesn’t realize and then later he feels really bad and tries to apologize but you are really upset cause you are really insecure in general? I’m sorry if this is very specific… Btw I really love your writing, you are just amazing

Rating : No smut

Luke :

“Pwease” I pouted as I hold my hands out and looked at Luke with puppy dog eyes.

“No, come on it’s not that far from here to the bedroom” Luke sweetly replied.

We just watched a movie in the living room and I felt asleep halfway through and instead of carrying me to the bedroom, my boyfriend decided to wake me up. I was now begging him to just scoop me up in his arms and walk me to our bedroom but he just wouldn’t do it.

“Pleaaaase” I whined some more and he kept shaking his head. “You’re a bad boyfriend” I said as I realized I wouldn’t get what I wanted and started to stand up.

“Well, it’s not my fault you’re a heavy girlfriend” he lightheartedly joked and my mouth fell open as he turned around and started walking away.

He stopped dead in his track after three steps and turned back around as I pretended to pick up the covers and pillows that were on the couch.

“That was a joke, you know that, right?” he asked and I put the best smile on my face as I looked at him and nodded.

“Yeah! I’m going to fix myself something to drink, do you want anything?” I asked and he smiled back before shaking his head and walking away.

I stayed in the kitchen for a few minutes, trying to compose myself as I did my best not to let his comment get to me. I knew I wasn’t the skinniest girl on earth but I had managed to convince myself that it was okay and that it didn’t make me any less beautiful and I didn’t want Luke’s comment to make me question myself.

I took a deep breath and walked to the bedroom where Luke was lying on the bed and I went to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth before joining him in the sheets. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and pressed his chest against my back as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Goodnight, beautiful” he whispered in my ear.

“G’night” I replied and I felt him tense behind me as his arms suddenly left my body.

“(Y/N)?” he asked from behind me and I closed my eyes tightly as I tried not to let the tears fall down my cheeks.

“Hmm?” I said and his hands found my shoulders as he turned me around to face him.

“I really didn’t mean it; I was just joking around” he said and I tried to smile at him as I felt the first tear roll down my cheek. “I’m so sorry; it wasn’t a smart thing to say but I really just meant it as a joke; you know you’re the most beautiful girl on earth to me… Hell, you’re the only girl to me” he added as he pulled me to his chest and started soothing my back.

“I know you didn’t mean to say it… Don’t worry it’ll all be forgotten in the morning” I whispered into him before lifting my head up to kiss his cheek; “I just wanna sleep right now” I said as I turned back around so that I wasn’t facing him any more.

I eventually fell asleep and woke up to a very sorry and tired Luke who had spent the night beating himself up and hadn’t been able to even close an eye.

Michael : 

“Baby, if we don’t leave now, we’re gonna be late!” Michael told me as I stood in the doorway, outfit on point, hair done and purse on my shoulder.

“I’m ready” I replied as I smiled and he lifted his head up and gave me a weird look before standing up, putting his hands on my shoulders, and pushing me toward the bathroom.

“You forgot to put makeup on” he said as he laughed and the smile immediately faded from my face as he placed me in front of the mirror and walked out of the room.

I was going to meet his family and for the first time in a very long time, I had felt confident enough to do it without makeup. I thought I looked decent enough but obviously Michael didn’t agree and didn’t want me to meet his family without makeup to cover my flawed face.

I tried not to think too much as I applied foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner and all the things I usually put on my skin. I saw my face turning into someone else’s as each thing I applied made me look a little bit more different. That’s how he wanted me.

I didn’t show him how upset I was we both arrived at his parents’ house and met everybody. They were all so lovely I almost forgot about the little incident until one of his aunts brought it up.

“So you seem to love fashion and makeup” she told me and I tried to keep a straight face as everybody turned to me.

“Yes, I love fashion… and I just wear makeup because I need it” I sweetly replied and she frowned at me.

“What? No you don’t! Who told you that?” she asked as she kindly smiled at me.

“Well huh… Michael” I quietly replied and she chocked on her water as I felt Michael’s eyes on me from beside me.

“You’re an asshole” I heard his cousin murmur as I felt tears appear in my eyes.

“Humm… Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom” I said as I got up and started walking away from the table.

I heard a chair being pushed against the floor but I didn’t turn around as I walked as fast as possible to the bathroom. I felt a soft hand on my wrist and I knew it was Michael’s even before he tugged on it to make me turn around.

“Hey, I never said that” he whispered as he inched his face closer to mine and looked at me in the eye.

“You did, earlier… It’s fine, Michael, I know I’m pretty disgusting without makeup” I replied as I looked down and tried to escape from his grip.

“No! No, you’re not! I said that because you never go out without makeup and I genuinely thought you had forgotten… But I’d take your makeupless face over your covered face any day” he assured and I bit down on my bottom lip as I tried to contain my tears.

He took my shin in-between his thumb and forefinger and made me look up at him before crashing his lips onto mine.

“You’re flawless, princess… You don’t need any of that and I’m sorry I haven’t told you enough” he whispered against my lips before pulling away. “Okay?” he asked and I nodded as I gave him a small but genuine smile.

“I’ll just go fix myself really quickly” I replied and he nodded before pecking my lips one more time.


  • red vest of sex
  • all the snowing
  • all the captain swan
  • emma realizing that she shouldn’t have let regina kidnap bb!august 
  • captain swan kiss