Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty Seven - I Need a Drink

Title: Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty Seven - I Need a Drink
Description: CutieKateKat and PawPrints have moved to the London.
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil have known them for a couple years but now they get to hang out everyday as friends, or maybe more, read to find out!
Warning there’s a bit of drama llama! and enough AmazingPaws to make you die from vomiting to many rainbows!!
Genre: Romance(?) Fan fiction
Word Count: 2115

The nurse checked me. He said I was perfectly fine as far as he could tell and he’d have to speak with the doctor but I looked as if I might be able to go home today or tomorrow. Well we waited for the doctor we decided to go check on the others. My mum walked in front, me and Dan walked behind her, he had his arm around my waist and my head was on his shoulder.

We went to Becca’s room first, her and Phil were watching videos on his laptop. She was sitting in her bed and he was sitting next to her. They looked happy, they were laughing, so at least she wasn’t having a breakdown or something… 

My mum asked where her family was and Phil said they were getting some food and coffee so my mum went out to go find them.

Dan sat down and because of the very limited seating that was covered in jackets, book bags, and a purse, I sat on his lap. Plus I just like being so close to him… He makes me feel safe…

We talked for awhile, trying to stay off the subject everyone probably had on there minds, the kidnapping. I’m not quite sure why we were going through so much effort to ignore it… I think we all just didn’t want to make the others worry… But I was curious so I blurted it out “How long were we gone? And how long as I out?” I asked.

Dan turned his head to me “Well you were out for at least a day, I mean I’m not quite sure how long you were out before the police got there but you’ve been out for a pretty long time…”

“And you guys were gone for a couple days… You ended up somewhere in Liverpool, that’s were the police found you…” Phil finished.

“Then were are we now?” I asked.

“You were in Liverpool but they transferred you to London.” Phil said. Which to this day I still have no clue why they transferred us…

“So we’re back in London now?” I asked. Phil nodded. “So were the people caught?” I asked.

Dan tightened his grip slightly well Phil said the one thing I hoped he wouldn’t say… Plus another thing… “They weren’t caught… And we had no idea who they were so they couldn’t go and find ‘em until you guys woke up… But they were kind enough to move you guys outside before they burned down the house you were in…” Phil finished.

“They burned down their house?” I asked.

“That’s what the police say but we don’t actually know, all we know is that you lot were in a house but when they found you, you were outside a burning one…” Phil shrugged.

“You know you’re acting way to casual seeing all that has happened, normally you’d be just as freaked out as us but even you, Becca, aren’t having a panic attack or something…” I kinda cut myself off there, I realized just how important our relationships are. Phil is like Becca’s rock, actually more of her security stuffed animal. They depend on each other. Same with me and Dan… So even though I’ve been kidnapped, beat up, sent threatening notes, hit in the head by a pig, put in a hospital, twice! I’m still not really that scared and I would never in a million years ask for a different life… Mine is perfect…

Other than I’ve never really traveled… But I’m only eighteen, I still have years to do that kind of stuff… 

I smiled to myself and sat my head on Dan’s shoulder.

We talked for a little while before I heard a knock at the door. I turned my head as the nurse peeked his head through the door, “Good you’re here.” He said as he walked into the room. “The doctor said you seem perfectly fine and you can leave today.” He smiled.

I smiled and turned my head to Dan who was aso smiling. “Great.” I replied, a smile still plastered on my face.

“Alright.” He smiled and was about to leave the room when he turned and said “Well, actually, we do need you to get your stuff out of the room, we have another patient who needs the room…”

“Oh, sorry…” I said standing up. Dan followed me out of the room. I went into my room, the nurse went in the opposite detection.

I started picking up the couple things Dan and my family had brought, with the help of Dan. “After we go back home you wanna get a drink or something?” I asked.

“A drink sounds pretty good right now.” Dan chuckled.

“Agreed.” I chuckled.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too,” I smiled “But what’s with the random affection.”

“You were gone for a three days and when we found out where you were you were drugged… I was fucking worried…” He sat down on the bed “For all I knew you could have died…”

I sat on my knees in front of him “But I’m alive, a perfectly fine, even the doctor agrees.” I smiled. Before he could open his mouth I added “And no Doctor Who jokes.”

“But I had the perfect joke…” He complained.

I chuckled and pushed myself up to kiss him. “Thank you…” I whispered and kissed him again before getting up. I pushed him out of the room so I could get changed into proper, clean clothes. He had brought me a black tank top, black ripped jeans, my favourite muse shirt, and a black hoodie. Which I changed into, hospitals are freezing!

When I walked out he was waiting in the hall. I asked if he could take my bag back to Becca’s room, I wanted to go visit Jessica. I went to Jessica’s room, people, who I guessed were her family, were there. She seemed to be asleep. I tapped on a mans shoulder “Excuse me…” I said awkwardly.

“Hmm?” He asked looking up.

“I’m sorry to ask this but do you have a pen and paper I can borrow?” I asked.

“Uhh… Hold on…” He said, his eyebrows knitting together. He said something to the sad looking woman who was sitting next to him. She picked up her purse and handed him a mini notebook and a pen which he handed to me. I started to scribble down a thank you and my phone number. I ripped out the paper and gave him the pen and notebook back.

“What’d you want 'em for anyway?” The man asked.

I folded the note “I might not be here when she wakes up so-” I started but was interrupted by the woman who started crying. “What did I-?” I started.

“She-She hasn’t woken up yet… The doctor said she’s in a coma…” The man said.

“Oh my- I’m-I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, I’m sorry…” I said, starting to freak out a little, this is all our fault…

“It’s fine dear. We know… But the doctor said she has a very good chance of waking very soon.” The man said trying to sound optimistic.

“Good.” I sighed. I still felt like total crap, this really is our fault.

The man held out his hand “We can give her your note when she wakes if you wish.”

I handed him the note “Thank you.” I said. “I should probably get back to my group before they get worried… But could you please call the number on that paper if anything happens…”

“We will.” The man nodded.

“Thank you.” I said before walking back into the hall. Dan was outside of Becca’s room. I walked up to him and hugged him.

“You okay?” He asked rubbing my back.

“Not completely… Jessica’s in a coma and-and it’s all our fault.” I said hugging him tighter.

“Who’s Jessica?” He asked.

I shook my head “She’s the girl who saved us.” I said looking up at him.

“Oh…” He said.

“They said Becca can go-” Phil said “What’s going on?” He asked.

“Jessica’s in a coma.” Dan said.

“Who?” Phil asked.

We proceeded to explain who she was, and her situation.

“At least she’s going to be okay, right?” Phil said.

“There’s only a chance…” I said.

“You said 'good chance’…” Dan said.

“'Chance’ is still part of the situation…” I said.

“Yeah. But-” Phil was cut off my Becca “Shall we leave?” She asked, fully dressed in a pink sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Dan looked at me. “Please. I wanna get out of this place as soon as possible.” I said.

We took a taxi back home where I retold the whole story. We went up the stairs from hell. “I really need a drink…” I said going into the kitchen to get a beer from the refrigerator.

“Can you get me one?” Dan asked. I handed him one. We all went out into the lounge and watched Pai No Ai. I was surprisingly tired seeing I’ve been asleep for the good part of four days, plus it was only around eight…

We started watching reruns of random shows until past midnight… I suddenly realized I was the only one who was still awake so I turned off the TV and tried to sleep, on the couch, cuddled up next to my love.

I couldn’t stop thinking of all the things I want to do with my life that I’ve never done yet, I want to travel all over the world, I want to write a proper book, I want to do something with my life, something great, something that will be remembered… I could’ve died back there… I could’ve died without doing anything important!

I was very tired… So I did fall asleep a couple hours later but all my dreams were nightmares…

The next morning I woke before anyone else, which is a first… It was eight in the morning… I had a lack of sleep and I was freaking out, I decided to go visit Jessica… I know she’s probably not awake yet but dammit, I don’t care if I’m being self-centered or not, her whole situation is stressing me out!

I left a sticky note on the top of the cereal box saying were I was and I would probably be back before they woke up but if I wasn’t to just text me if they need anything. I realized my phone was stolen so I scribbled out the last bit. I added a little heart and a K.

They would probably notice it on the cereal, I thought of putting it on one of their foreheads but it would probably fall off, I also though of putting it on Dan’s phone but that was in his pocket and I didn’t want to wake him…

I got my coat then went downstairs and hailed a taxi.

I was insanely anxious, and to make this story short the nurse wouldn’t let me see her because I wasn’t family but I did see her dad by the snacks, he told me she was still the same and that I should go home, which after getting a bag of crisps I did just that.

When I came back Dan had woken up, he was grouchy because I left by myself plus a lack of sleep didn’t help with his mood… We got into a fight which woke Phil and Becca up…

I ended up staying at me and Becca’s apartment for a couple days, my only company was Toast… Phil convinced me to come back… I missed them anyway… I hate being alone but at the time I felt as if I was being suffocated…

Well I was gone I got a new phone… I was able to get the same number I had before.

Everyday after the incident we all went to the hospital to check on her… She was always the same… Which just made me more stressed…

And the next couple of weeks went basically the same until I got a call. On the other side of the line I heard Jessica. I went down to the hospital after calling the rest of the group.

We said thank you a billion times and if she needed anything in the world she shouldn’t hesitate to ask, and all those cliché 'we owe you one’ things. But really, we do owe our lives to this girl, we would probably be dead, or worse, if she hadn’t been there…

We actually still talk to her once in awhile, you remember her, right? She came to your birthday a couple times…

A/N: Omg :’) This story is basically finished, the rest will just be made up of short stories for the most part then maybe a proper part two but wow… Thank you guys so fucking much for all the support and thanks for sticking around this long, wow twenty seven chapters… This is practically a novel, jk btw, nowhere near novel quality…
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Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty Two - BEN's Rainbow Coat

Title: Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty Two - BEN’s Rainbow Coat
Description: CutieKateKat and PawPrints have moved to the London.
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil have known them for a couple years but now they get to hang out everyday as friends, or maybe more, read to find out!
Warning there’s a bit of drama llama! and enough AmazingPaws to make you die from vomiting to many rainbows!!
Genre: Romance(?)
Word Count: 2484

I layed down next to Dan he pulled me a bit closer to him wrapping his arm around my waist. I interlope our hands and he cuddled his face into my neck. “G'night.” He mumbled drowsily.

“Goodnight love.” I whispered back. His breathing soon changed and he was asleep. I was so damn tired but all I kept thinking was the thing I needed to remember… Something of such importance it was slowly driving me insane. I tried going back in my memory to the day of the break in.

I remember being at me and Becca’s flat with Phil, we both got texts from Prints saying someone was in the house. I remember being in such panic I just ordered Phil to call the cops and ran all the way to the flat, I fucking ran, I can’t believe I was stupid enough to run.

Anyway, I remember searching through the downstairs rooms when I didn’t see nor hear anyone I went upstairs to the bedrooms, I checked Dan’s last. By that time I was so exhausted from running plus the extreme worry I just fell onto my knees. Then my memory failed, I could remember nothing until I woke in the hospital. I know I was hit over the head with a pig because Phil told me but that’s all I know… Yet I feel as if I seen something else before I was in the hospital, something extremely important…

I went over everything that happened multiple times before deciding to try and clear my mind by listening to some Muse. Luckily my iPod was on Dan’s bedside table so I, careful not to wake Dan, reached over to pick up my iPod and earbuds. I put in the earbuds and scrolled through my playlists to find my playlist of all time favourite Muse songs. I closed my eyes and focused on nothingness. Which quickly changed to worry because when my mind tries to go blank the most terrifying of things appear.

I blocked out everyone of my thoughts and replaced them with the lyrics. I somehow fell asleep an hour or so later.

“Kate?” I heard Dan’s voice ask.

“Hmm?” I replied, to tired to speak proper words.

“It’s almost noon, wake up.” Dan said pushing my fringe out of my face.

“To tired…” I whined.

“Phil and Becca made bacon and eggs~” He said.

“Bacon?” I asked squinting my eyes open a bit. Dan was laying on his side next to me, his head was propped up on his arm and his chocolate eyes stared into my own blue gray ones.

“Mhmm,” He said “And they didn’t catch anything on fire this time, the food actually tastes pretty damn good.”

“You ate without me?” I asked “You jerk.” I laughed.

“I only had a piece of bacon, no reason to call me a jerk.” He laughed.

I kissed him “Your a jerk, so there.” I chuckled.

He laughed. We both sat up and I stretched as he got off the bed. “Coming?” He asked.

“Yup.” I said getting up and yawning. He interlaced his fingers with mine and I followed him downstairs. I heard the sound of water, pans and I smelled food and by food I mean bacon, eggs and toast. Delicious.

When we got outside the kitchen we could see Phil and Becca cleaning up. We went in and Dan handed me a plate, we got our food and chatted with Phil and Becca a bit as we ate. Somehow in the middle of a conversation about pie that changed to pai no ai that changed to sword art online we thought of some sort of video idea. Me and Prints decided to discuss it after breakfast only to be reminded by Dan that we were going shopping.

Becca said she would be staying home with Phil and toast today so Dan and I would be shopping alone (insert forever alone guy here~)

After breakfast I went upstairs to get ready to leave, I was still pretty tired and didn’t really want to take a shower or do anything to my hair so I put on a beanie, got on a warm dark blue sweater my mum had got for me before I left, and put on a pair of black skinny jeans.

Dan had slipped on a brown sweater over his shirt and put on some black skinny jeans.

We said goodbye to Phil and Becca then left for the store. We would have normally walked but it was cold and the whole reason why I was going was because I didn’t have a proper coat so we got a taxi. We went to the mall first. We wondered around for a bit before we found a nicely priced clothing store.

I looked around for a coat as Dan pointed out the most random things, there were multiple shirts with the british flag on them, there was one with a tardis on it, another that said ‘I am sher locked’ on it, I found that one quite cute, Dan minorly fangirled over a shirt that had a llama wearing a hat on it, which I also found cute, when Dan fangirls it’s simply hilarious, we also seen another that had a cat wearing a crown.

After looking at the t-shirts for an unnecessary amount of time we finally found the coats. There was rainbow patched coat with two rows of buttons and a collar, but literally rainbow patched, it looked like something nyan cat would have shat out or maybe something the sixth doctor would’ve worn, he did have a very… Um… Bright choice of clothing…

“This would be perfect if it was in black…” I said mostly to myself after looking at the actual design of the jacket.

“Maybe there is one in black…” Dan replied looking through the rack. I helped him search. “Ta-da~!” Dan said pulling out a jacket that was the black version of the rainbow-sixth-doctor-nyan-cat-shit coat.

“Awesome!” I said with a smile taking the coat. We made our way to the checkout. The line was pretty short so we didn’t have to queue to long.

I bought my coat and we went to tesco. We bought about eight bags of groceries, two of which being junk food, we really need to be more responsible with our shopping choices.

We took a taxi back because I’m not making the mistake of carrying this many groseys all the way home then up the stairs from hell again.

When we got back Phil and Prints weren’t home yet so we got some lunch and sat down to watch whatever was on the telly. Nothing that interesting was on so we just watched adventure time, as the childish adults we are.

Great way to spend my evening, cuddling on the couch with my british youtuber boyfriend watching adventure time. I’m such a weirdo, most girls want to have a guy who will take them on romantic walks in a park or will cook them fancy french food but nope! I just want to be sitting on a couch watching a cartoon well snacking on some crisps.

At around six we started getting a bit hungry, even though we’d been eating junk food, so we went to make some dinner. We made some spaghetti and meatballs. It turned out pretty well if I may say so myself. I texted Becca and asked if they’d be home and she replied with 'We’ll be home in a hour or so.’

'Alright, see you then.’ I replied. Dan and I got our food and sat back on the couch to watched some other cartoon that was on. Becca and Phil got back a little less than an hour later.

“Hey Dan. Hey Kate.” Phil said as he walked into the living room.

“'Ello.” I replied.

“Hello~” Dan said, he was a bit distracted because he had been on tumblr.

“Did Becca die or something?” I asked.

“No, no, she’s fine she just went to put away her coat and get some food.” Phil said.

“What, you don’t want anything to eat?” I asked.

“I was just telling you guys we were back first.” Phil said.

“Oh okay.” I replied. Phil left the room.

Becca and Phil came back into the room a couple minutes later with their plates of food. They sat on the couch and watched the show that was on.

“What’s this?” Becca asked pointing toward the screen. Phil shrugged.

“I dunno just whatever was on when we came back into the room…” I said.

“Oh okay~” She replied. “Where’s the remote?” She asked Phil.

“Um…” Phil said looking around.

“Over there…” I said pointing at the table. I cuddled up into Dan’s shoulder and watched him scroll through tumblr. This is how we normally spent our evenings.

Becca switched through a couple channels then went back a couple because Phil pointed out some animal show.

We basically just stayed like that for some hours before Phil and Becca went off to bed.

“Dan?” I asked.

“Hmm?” He asked still scrolling through tumblr.

I sat up “There’s something that’s been bugging me…” I said trailing off.

He looked over at me with a small about of concern on his face “And that would be?”

“I feel like I’ve forgotten something…” I said and trailed off again.

“Like?” Dan asked the concern becoming more noticeable.

“I feel like something happened before I woke up it the hospital, I don’t remember the last minute or so before I got hit in the head and I feel as if I seen something, or someone, very important.”

“Oh…” Dan said. After a minute of silence he continued “Well I guess if you don’t remember it now you might remember it later… The doctor did say you might have a bit of memory loss but it would come back… That’s probably all it is… If you give it some time you’ll probably remember…” He finished with a little reassuring smile.

“Oh okay…” I said looking at my hands. “It’s just fucking annoying not remembering something that could be extremely important.”

“I would think it would be…” Dan said then wrapped his arm around me to pull me into a side hug. He kissed the top of my head.


It had been a couple days since I had told Dan about my idiotic memory loss. It still bothered me. I thought by telling him he might know something or be able to help in some way. I’m really naive aren’t I?

Dan was upstairs taking a shower. I was sitting on the living room sofa on tumblr. Becca was in Phil’s room and Phil was checking the mail.

I heard footsteps running up the stairs. I set my laptop next to me and got up to go see what was going on. Phil ran into the living room carrying a box. “Where’s Dan?” He asked excitedly.

“He’s taking a shower…” I said.

“Oh dang it…” Phil said with a slight pout.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We got the new games.” Phil said, his face lighting up again.

“Which would be?” I asked.

“The new pokemon game and the new zelda game.” He said happily.

“Awesome.” I said, now I was getting excited, I love zelda. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and Dan walked into the room with a towel, drying off his hair.

“We got the new zelda and pokemon games.” Phil said smiling.

“Cool.” Dan said putting the towel on his shoulder and taking the box. He walked into kitchen closely followed by me and Phil. He went through a couple drawers and found something to open the box. He pulled out the games.

Phil took the games from his hand and we all rushed upstairs. Phil put the zelda game into the console. The title screen popped up and we were all super excited.

I guessed they were planning on playing this for their gaming channel because they set up a microphone and camera.

“I guess you’ll be our special guest.” Phil laughed.

“Damn right, I’m not missing playing this.” I said with a laugh.

“I’ll be right back~” Dan said and left the room, probably to go fix his hair. I noticed I was still wearing my pajamas, I also left to go get changed. I changed into a dark green t-shirt that had a little chibi Link sticking his head out of the pocket, perfect for the occasion, and some ripped skinny jeans. I went back into the room and sat down on the couch. Dan came into the room a couple minutes after me, his hair dried and straightened. He sat between me and Phil.

Phil turned on the camera and we said our hellos to the audience. Phil started the game and we took turns playing, it was fantastic, the game was wonderful and it’s hilarious to play anything with these guys.

“What'cha guys doin’?” Becca asked as she walked into the room.

“Playing zelda.” I said, it was my turn at the moment so I made my explanation short.

“Why didn’t you guys invite me?” She asked and walked in front of me to sit next to Phil.

“Don’t walk in front of me when I’m trying to kill the damn guard of the fucking spider demons.” I said waving my left hand at her.

“He’s not their guard… And those guys aren’t spider demons…” Dan said with a laugh.

“Well that’s what they look like~ But who cares what they’re called I just need to kill them.” I said.

“Okay, okay no need to go on a murdering spree.” Dan laughed.

“Spider demons??” Becca asked. “Nope, nope, goodbye.” She said and got up.

“No. No walking in front of me until I finish killing these guys.” I said holding my arm out.

“But-” She started.

“Go set your butt over there until I’m done.” I said moving my hand back to kill the last couple guys.

She still walked in front of me and left the room. “Bye~” She said.

“Ahh~” I said in annoyance.

“Bye.” Dan laughed.

“Bye~” Phil said and laughed along with Dan.

“Crap, crap, crap, crap~” I started, there was a boss guy chasing me around with a fucking bat.

“Kill him with your boomerang!” Phil suggested.

“It’s not equipped!” I half shouted.

“Why??” Dan asked.

“I don’t fu-freaking know!” I said. Then the syco with the bat killed me. “Craaaaaaaaaap~!” I sighed and leaned back into the sofa giving Dan the controller. “Evil demon spider shits, syco fucking guy with a friggin’ bat-” I mumbled.

Dan laughed but soon became annoyed as he played. Luckily he equipped the boomerang so we didn’t have to go through this crap again.

We played zelda until the wee hours that night, we had enough footage for a couple videos at least.

A/N: This is technically two chapters put together but because both chapters were so short I put them together and mashed the names :3 ;P
I know this is a very random chapter but these are just fillers until the exciting shit happens ^^
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Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty One - A Haunted Spaceship

Title: Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Twenty One - A Haunted Spaceship
Description: CutieKateKat and PawPrints have moved to the London.
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil have known them for a couple years but now they get to hang out everyday as friends, or maybe more, read to find out!
Warning there’s a bit of drama llama! and enough AmazingPaws to make you die from vomiting to many rainbows!!
Genre: Romance(?)
Word Count: 2575

~Kate’s PoV~ (A/N: Thank god, the last chapter was such shit)

I got home a day later than originally planned, by home I mean Dan and Phil’s flat seeing I was basically living there now… When I got back the flat was a total mess.

“Did you have a party just because I left?” I asked Phil and Becca, obviously they didn’t, neither of them are really the party type.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no-” They started waving their arms about.

“I know, I know. Calm your tits. I was kidding. I know you wouldn’t… But your reaction… You suspicious little shits!” I said acting as much like sherlock as I could without hysterically laughing.

“We didn’t~” Prints said with a bit of a laugh.

“You know we didn’t…” Phil said squinting his eyes at me.

Dan started cracking up. We all did the same.

After we calmed down Phil and Becca said they needed to check on Toast and left for our flat. Dan told me go sit down and he would make me some hot chocolate, with almond milk. (A/N: Anytime I say something about foods/drinks I mean allergy free so shoosh your faces =-= )

I was only sitting there a couple minutes before the mess of the room was driving my OCD insane. I started cleaning up the room a bit, so I didn’t lose my mind.

“Kate?” Dan asked.

I didn’t hear him come into the room so I jumped “Dan?!” I replied spinning around.

“Let me do that.” He said setting the mugs on the table and walking over to me. He picked up a picture frame I had in my hand that I was about to set back on the shelf.

“No, no I got it.” I said taking the picture frame back.

“You really shouldn’t be going this stuff at the moment, you literally just got back from the hospital.” Dan said. Yet he did let me put the picture back up.

“Stop treating me like that.” I said a bit under my breath but still easily clear enough for him to hear.

“Like what?” He asked.

“Like a child…?” I said as if it was obvious, it was. Wasn’t it?

“I’m just trying to help… Sorry~” Dan said in an annoyed tone.

“Whatever…” I said turning away to walk back to the couch.

After a bit of silence I said “Sorry for being stupid… Just… I thought you were one person who wouldn’t treat me like a fucking child just because I’m younger than you.” I put my face in my hands. What the fuck, I need to fix this!! Why do I do this crap?

“It’s okay, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to treat you like that… I just don’t want you getting hurt or anything… I just want to protect you…” Dan said still not looking at me.

“From what a picture frame?” I laughed.

“No everything.” He replied way too seriously.

“Aww~” I said getting up and hugging him. He hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. We sat there for a minute hugging, his chin resting on top of my head.

He pulled back a moment before his phone rang. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and pressed a couple buttons. “Phil says Becca want’s to know if we want them to order us anything…”

“From where…?” I asked.

“The chinese place that’s by you guy’s flat.”

“Uh… Sure…” I shrugged “Why not. Chinese food is always good.” I smiled as I sat back down.

“Okay, cool.” Dan said whilst quickly typing a reply.

I felt as if there was something I needed to remember, it’s been bugging me for the past couple of days… I thought for a while as Dan cleaned up the living room. “Oh my god, I almost forgot…” I said a bit out of the blue.

“Forgot what?” Dan asked.

“Hold on~” I called as I ran down the hall to the kitchen, I dug through the refrigerator and pulled out the box of chocolate I got for him a couple days before. I walked quickly back into the living room with the chocolate behind my back.

Dan stood there utterly confused why I just ran out of the room.

“Ta-da~!” I said pulling out the chocolate and holding it towards him.

“Thanks.” He laughed. He looked at the package for a moment before opening it. We sat on the sofa and he ate the chocolate as I drank the, now almost cold, hot chocolate well we watched the newest episode of Pai no ai we had missed.

Half-way through the episode Becca and Phil got back carrying some take out containers. We sat and ate dinner as a group as we spoke of recent events, the entire time something in the back of my mind kept telling me I had forgotten something… It was driving me insane what could I have forgotten?

“Oh, Peej was wondering if we could all be in his halloween video.” Phil said randomly, I snapped out of my thoughts for a moment to pay attention to my surroundings.

“Hmm? What’s it about?” Dan asked, still eating.

“He won’t tell me, he said it’s a surprise…” Phil said.

“Sounds fun.” Becca said.

“Indeed.” I said with a smile, this is actually pretty exciting.

“Should I call him about it then?” Phil asked.

“Sure, it’d be nice to see him again, we haven’t seen him in about a month…” Dan said looking up from his food.

“Then I’ll call him after dinner.” Phil said smiling. And he did call him after dinner. We planned to take a trip to see Peej that next week.

I was feeling much, much better by filming day yet I still had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I was forgetting something very, very important… I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone yet but it was really starting to bother me…

We left at around nine am. We got on a train for a little over an hour. Phil played apps on his phone, so did Prints. Dan sat on tumblr and I just doodled whilst listening to a fantastic MUSE playlist on my phone. Me and Becca decided to vlog a little that day seeing as we haven’t vlogged much since we had gotten to London and our fans were getting a bit pissed.

We got in a taxi and went to the address Pj had told Phil. We got to our destination in around fifteen minutes or so. Our destination, by the way, was just a basic set, not much going on yet other than Peej and a couple other people rushing around poking at the sets to make sure they were perfect and discussing scenes and such.

The set looked almost as if we were in a haunted house, if the haunted house was really a haunted space ship or boat seeing the round port hole type windows, the set was pretty dark looking. I liked it, very halloweenie.

It took a while of us awkwardly standing near the door before Pj noticed we were there. “Hey!” He called from across the room. We greeted each other with hugs. “Chris should be by soon and some other special guests also~” Pj said cheerfully yet a bit mischievously.

“What exactly are we supposed to be doing anyway if you don’t mind me asking…?” Phil asked.

“Umm~” Peej said spinning around and picking up some papers off of a near by chair. “Here’s your scripts… Nothing to major, Kate, you don’t even really have any lines.” He said with a laugh.

“Oh thanks~” I said sarcastically but with a chuckle.

“But you still get one of the best parts!” He said happily.

Chris then walked through the door and after we all said our greeting we went over our scripts.

I seemed to play the part of the main alien characters evil twin who turns to slim because of Crabstickz’s character, Jeffory. Phil played an alien bartender and Dan played an old man who sat at the bar and complained about everything. Becca played Chris’s grandmother, which is particularly funny because Chris is older than Becca.

This was going to be fun.

A couple hours later everyone else showed up such as, Emma Blackery and her boyfriend Luke. Christian Novelli, Jason, (A/N: Shut the fuck up right now =-= ) and many, many other people, some of which I did not know…

I had costume and makeup which consisted of a shiny red jacket with mostly black and green cloths. Painting my skin a odd green like color, adding glitter dots to my face, wearing weird antenna and such on my head, etc. When Dan seen me he immediately cracked up but not his that’s-hilarious laugh his this-is-awkwardly-creepy laugh, I looked at myself in the mirror and his reaction was perfect. “Oh god.” Was I all I said before I started laughing hysterically, I looked simple terrifying.

Dan was almost as bad as me, he was dressed as an alien cowboy with a gray wig and a gray mustache.

“Remind me to never baby set your children.” Becca said, she looked pretty normal compared to us, she just had a cane and a gray wig on with a flowery old lady type dress.

“Oh thanks~” I said sarcastically “I wouldn’t want you to babysit our kids anyway.” I said sticking my tongue out, which was a bad idea because I got a mouthful of green make up. “Ugh.” I said wiping my tongue off on a napkin that was luckily near by.

‘Wait did I say our kids?’ It seemed Dan picked up on what I said because his face looked a bit surprised but his expression soon changed to happiness “Yeah.” He agreed and laughed. 'He actually thinks we have a future? This is fantastic!’ I wanted to kiss him but decided not to seeing the makeup issue.

“Kate!” Peej called “You and Emma’s scenes are first.” Emma had the roll of my nice twin and in this scene I would be chanting something in gibberish then Chris would shoot me with some sort if ray gun and I would become slim which meant me getting a bucket or two of slim poured on my head, hopefully this would take too many shots…

Getting slime poured on your head when you’re wearing about four layers of clothing, scarfs, head things, etc. Is not as fun as it would seem not to mention the first take my mouth was open so that didn’t go so well…

But it still was a fun day. I’ve only been in one of Pj’s videos before and he’s a really awesome person to work with.

It was around five by the time we finished with our scenes, I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and I was starving seeing it was around dinner time now so we all went out for lunch/dinner. Nothing special just some sandwiches and coffee.

After our meal since we had finished what we needed to record we decided to let Peej get on with his editing and we should just go home, maybe take a nap… It’s been a long day, jeez!

We said our goodbyes to everyone on set and made our way to the tub to go back home. I almost fell asleep on the way there, why does transportation always make me tired!? Curse you transportation vehicles!!

I sat with my head on Dan’s shoulder as he scrolled through tumblr. Phil and Becca stared out the window most of my way back. I took glances outside once in a while but nothing that interesting seemed to be going on other than dark, trees, and buildings so tumblr was less sleep inducing.

After we got back to london it was six thirty and the sun had already set and there was a strong breeze that froze me as soon as we got off the train. Dan got a taxi and we all huddled in the back trying not to freeze to death. “My coat is not made for this weather, I really need a better one.” I mumbled mostly to myself.

“You need to get a better one. How about you go get one tomorrow when we go shopping.” Dan said wrapping his arm around me.

“I just went shopping. Why do we need to go shopping again?” I asked looking up at him.

“We’re running low on food…”

“How the hell do you guys eat so much? I wasn’t even home, that’s one less person. How the fuck could you eat that much??” I asked completely astonished.

Dan shrugged “Don’t ask me.”

“Maybe that’s why they broke into the flat.” Phil said.

“To steal our food?” I asked with a laugh.

“Of course!” Becca said.

“That and to break a pig over your head…” Phil mentioned.

Dan’s grip tightened around me. I looked up at him trying to reassure him that I was okay. He nodded and loosened his grip a bit.

The taxi stopped. Dan held the door open for me then wrapped his arm around me as we all walked back inside.

“I’m gonna change into some warm pajamas.” I said before going upstairs. I got out some pajamas from my drawer and went to the bathroom to change. I was wearing a dark blue shirt that had a skull on it with some dark gray and black plaid fluffy pajama bottoms.

I went back downstairs to see everyone seemed to have changed also. Dan into gray joggers that, as all his pants seem to do, hung around half way down his bum yet the same black tee shirt he’d worn almost all day. Becca had changed into pink pajama bottoms and a oversized pikachu tee that I suspected way Phil’s, and Phil had changed into a blue and green tee and superman pajama bottoms.

We stayed up a couple hours and watched The Great British Bake Off. It made me really hungry and seemed to make Phil hungry too because he went and made a couple bowls of cereal, one for himself, one for Becca. I decided to go clean up the kitchen, knowing he had destroyed it, and go make myself some toast with a couple extra pieces in case Dan wanted any.

After I finished cleaning up I put the buttered toast on a plate and took it back into the living room. Dan had fallen asleep while watching the show. That’s a first, he barely ever goes to sleep this early, I guess it really was a long day for all of us.

I sat down and finished eating, I took my plate back to the kitchen. When I came back I leaned over him then poked his arm a bit to try and wake him up so he could go to sleep in his bed. “Love. Come on, let’s go to sleep.”

He stirred a bit and fluttered his eyes open “Wat?” He asked drowsily squinting at me.

“Come on.” I said pulling on his arm a bit.

“No~ I don’t wanna get up.” He pouted.

“Come on. Stop acting like a little kid.” I giggled. 'What the fuck? I don’t fucking giggle! I chuckled, not giggled.’

Dan stumbled up to his feet.

“Goodnight.” Phil and Prints said.

“G'night.” I replied before half dragging Dan upstairs.

(A/N: I’m in a halloweenie mood for obvious reasons and I promised you guys a halloween fanfiction and so far this is all your fucking getting jkjk lol and I’m writing this on my phone in the back of my brother’s bf’s car on the way to the airport surrounded by my aunt, cousin and Lisa who all want to read it =_= it’s also partly written on the plane… Lisa might edit this when we get back but it will probably be up before then ;P so sorry for any mistakes please tell me if there is any because I do want to improve my writing ^^)
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Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Seventeen - Broken Promises [Part Three]

Title: Two YouTubers in London - Chapter Seventeen - Broken Promises [Part Three]
Description: CutieKateKat and PawPrints have moved to the London.
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil have known them for a couple years but now they get to hang out everyday as friends, or maybe more, read to find out!
Warning there’s a bit of drama llama! and enough AmazingPaws to make you die from vomiting to many rainbows!!
Genre: Romance(?)
Word Count: 1127

I woke the next morning to Phil poking my face “Kate, Kate, wake up, Kate~” He was saying.

“What’d you want?” I asked covering my face with the blanket.

“I need your key and I need your help.”

“For what?” I said with only my eyes out of the blanket.

“Becca’s present. I couldn’t set it up yesterday but now she’s feeling a bit better so I told her I was going to be out with Peej and Chris all day. If you can help then I’ll just say you’re coming with me.”

“Wait, why are we going with Chris and Pj?” I asked still half asleep.

“We’re not, it’s just a cover so I can set up her present. So will you help me?”

“I guess so. What do I have to do?”

“It’s something Becca seen and thought it was cool, I’ll tell you after we leave.”

“When are we leaving?”

“Around Two or Three?” Phil said standing in the door.

“Wait, what time is it now?” I said setting up and putting on my glasses to check my phone.

“One~” Phil said before slipping out the door.

I sighed and sat up “I guess I can go take a shower and get something to eat.” I mumbled to myself and yawned “And some coffee would be good.” I stretched walking over to my suitcase to get some skinny jeans, undershirt and whatever the first shirt I could find was. I wandered downstairs to the bathroom to go take a shower.

After I was done I got changed into what I could now see was my baggy black shirt that had a light gray skull on the pocket and said In beautiful fancy red lettering:

Ham. Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?

Pol. By the mass, and ’t is like a camel, indeed.

Ham. Methinks it is like a weasel.

Pol. It is backed like a weasel.

Ham. Or like a whale?

Pol. Very like a whale.

This was a over sized t-shirt a fan made for me as a birthday present last year. She gave it to me at vidcon and it has my favourite shakespeare quote on it that I mentioned in a Q and A video in July of that year. I had many reasons why it was my favourite quote, one being that people just follow other people without thinking and it’s dumb as shit so I think this explains that nicely.

I dried and straightened my hair. After I looked moderately alright I went down stairs to make some toast and coffee then to sit on tumblr until it was time to leave.

I didn’t see Phil anywhere around, I guessed he was upstairs with Becca so I just went on with my own business. I just sat on the couch I heard a crash from the stairs. I sat down my breakfast and laptop to run into the hall.

There stood Phil surrounded by boxes and plastic tubes, like the kind you have for hamsters. I helped him put the tubes back in the boxes. “Sorry.” He said.

“About what?” I asked.

“I dunno… Dropping all this down the stairs…? I was just trying to bring them downstairs so they would be less of a hassle when we’re leaving.” He said as we got the last couple of tubes back in their boxes.

“No worries.” I said as I stood up. “Just take a couple boxes at a time.” I smiled. He stood up and nodded. I went back to the lounge to finish my breakfast as Phil finished taking the boxes downstairs.

“Ready to go?” He asked a half hour later.

“Guess so, need to get my shoes and keys first.” I said setting my laptop on the table and getting up to go to the kitchen to put away my dishes. I then went upstairs to get my keys, jacket and shoes.

I was greeted by Phil as the bottom of the stairs “Ready?” He asked.

“Yup.” I said picking up a couple boxes.

We left for my flat. We decided just to walk seeing it wasn’t raining and looked surprisingly nice at the moment.

Phil went straight to Becca’s room and piled the boxes on her bed. He started opening the boxes “Wait, do you guys have a screw driver?” Phil asked.

“Of course.” I said going down the hall and back to the kitchen, I dug through a couple draws before finding a screwdriver. I went back into the room and Phil was on his phone. “Got the screwdriver.” I said “What’s up?” I asked when Phil didn’t reply.

“Sorry, nothing. Dan just texted that’s all.” He said putting his phone back in his pocket and getting out one of the tubes.

“What about?” I asked getting out some screws.

“He was just asking a question, nothing important.” He said holding a tube on the wall a little above her desk.

“Oh okay.” I sat the screw under the tube “Here?”

“Yep.” Phil said. We carried on like this for a while until we build hamster tunnels and small houses on most of her wall above her desk, we then moved to the other side of the wall.

“Where did you get all these anyway?” I asked.

“Fans sent me a bunch of them a while back when I was trying to convince Dan to get a hamster. Then a couple of them I got myself yesterday.” He added with a proud smile.

I wanted to say something sarcastic but decided against it “Cool.” I replied.

We kept building until the covered the entire right wall of her room.

“We finished up this entire wall by…” Phil looked at his phone. “Wow… Eight…”

“Wow it’s getting pretty late, we should probably be getting back.” I said.

“Good idea.” Phil said as he walked over to the pile of empty boxes we left. We starting packing up the boxes but Phil and I both got texts from Becca saying ‘There’s someone in the house!!!! They’re down stairs I can’t get out! Call 911! I can’t talk or they might hear me! Help!! Hurry!!’

“You call the cops I’ll get over there.” I said to Phil as I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door, down the stairs, out of the lobby into the cold air, down the street and many blocks back to their flat. I took a quick breather before going up the stairs. I checked all the rooms to signs of life at all. I fell over on my knees in exhaustion. I seen a reflection in the mirror in Dan’s room then someone hit me in the head with a porcelain pig and everything went black.

(A/N: OMFG!! DRAMA LLAMA!! Feel free to add your shit storm of comments (I’d like to read them xD) and sorry the chapters a bit short been busy for the last day or so with extra school work x( :P

[Chris would be Crabstickz and Peej would be KickThePJ btw])