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In the spirit of the cool weather and winter creeping in, can you do a HC of how RFA members + V and Saeran react to MC seeing snow for the first time? Personally I have never seen snow and I'm curious how everyone would react. Thank you so much! You are amazing and so is your writing :)

((I hardly see snow where I live >.> I understand the pain of not having snow))


  • Apparently MC had come from a really warm place.
  • He was so excited to show her the snow, since the news had predicted it to dump
  • When they woke up the next morning, everything was covered in white
  • MC pulled on a long-sleeve shirt, jeans, and a light jacket and ran out to go touch it
  • Yoosung had to stop her before she ran outside and got hypothermia 
  • After they had properly bundled up, Yoosung led MC outside. 
  • Several snowflakes landed in her hair making it look like a crown of snow
  • She touched the snow, and was shocked at how squishy it was. 
  • Yoosung runs back inside for something, and MC just stands there, amazed at how smooth and even the snow was
  • Yoosung returns with some rocks and a carrot
  • “MC! Do you want to make a snowman?”
  • They name it Olaf
  • At the end of the day, it’s cuddle time to warm back up


  • He lives in a half-basement apartment, so when they wake up, all they can see is white outside
  • MC throws on her winter clothes as fast as she can and dashes outside
  • Zen gets outside and she’s running round with her tongue out
  • “Hey MC! Watch this!”
  • Zen then falls backwards into the snow, and since he’s wearing white, he completely disappears 
  • MC can’t stop laughing
  • He then teaches MC how to make snow angels
  • Then they try to make a snowman…it’s the thought that counts
  • The day ends with them getting a large coffee, fish shaped bread, and sitting together watching the snow fall on the street


  • It finally starts snowing and MC runs outside.
  • She can see her breath and it’s amazing
  • Pretty soon it starts dumping, but MC doesn’t care
  • By the time Jaehee get’s outside, MC is basically a snowman
  • MC jokingly throws a snowball at Jaehee
  • Jaehee is not impressed.
  • Or that’s what MC thought until Jaehee pulled back the hood of MC’s jacket and shoved snow down her back
  • Oh cold!
  • They both have a lot of fun throwing snowballs at each other
  • Neither of them can aim because they’re laughing so hard
  • They both go inside and drink hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows) to finish off the day


  • “But Jumin! I’ve never seen snow before”
  • “Yes, but you can see the snow from here”
  • MC really wants to go out into the snow, but Jumin doesn’t want her to catch a cold
  • MC looks like she’s going to cry
  • Jumin can’t stand MC crying, so out they go. 
  • She’s like a little kid. He finds it rather cute how she scrunches up her nose when a snowflake lands on it
  • She drags him into the snow with her
  • At first, he doesn’t really like it, but when MC dumps snow down his coat, he plans on getting her back for that
  • He ends up pinning her down and returning the favor by dumping snow down her jacket
  • He’s acting like a little kid again, running around and yelling.
  • MC has never seen him smile so brightly before
  • They end the night cuddling for warmth, and Elizabeth 3rd decides to join the cuddle pile


  • MC! MC! Lookit! It snowed!
  • He’s way too excited about the snow
  • He already has a sled ready.
  • They go to the top of the biggest hill they can find, then sled all the way down
  • or that was the plan anyways
  • They kind of fell off half way down
  • Seven starts a snowball fight
  • They end up making snow forts and are launching snowballs at each other as quickly as they can
  • They end up just grabbing armfuls of snow and kind of throwing it in the general direction of the other person
  • Seven ends up trying to run away and does a face plant into the snow
  • That’s enough snow for one day
  • The day ends with them cuddling under an electric blanket together eating home made s’mores


  • MC is a little too excited about the snow.
  • She ran ahead of V and slipped on some ice
  • He caught her thankfully
  • “Guess you really fell for me”
  • Really V?
  • They get a coffee together and watch the slow falling snow for a while
  • They end up making a little snowman on the side of the road
  • He tells MC about the times when he and Jumin were younger and played in the snow
  • Apparently Jumin used to try and eat the snowflakes out of the air…or at least he’d try to
  • MC is laughing at the image of a little V watching a little Jumin trying to eat the falling snowflakes
  • They end the happy day with cuddles and holiday music


  • He’s never seen snow either
  • MC really want’s to go outside but Saeran would rather not (He gets sick easily, so I don’t blame him)
  • But Saeyoung literally throws him outside
  • Saeyoung, he’s going to freeze to death! Let him back in!
  • Eventually they get Saeran into proper winter attire.
  • He’s outside, but he doesn’t have to enjoy it
  • MC is so happy, she’s spinning in circles. 
  • Saeyoung sneaks up on MC and dumps snow down her coat
  • Saeran then grabs Saeyoung and shoves snow down his pants
  • Eventually they’re all covered in snow
  • Saeran and MC end the night with hot cocoa and cuddles.