amazingphil rp

phil: vote and you-

phil: no wait

phil: everyone who votes is-

phil: no hang on

phil: everyone who votes gets a free… 


phil: stote??

phil: wait a stoat is a real thing right?

phil: *does the google*

phil: omg


dan’s phone: *ding ding motherfucker new phil tweet get your fangirl heart into gear*

dan: did he- oh my god phil you actual turnip

dan: thats such a phil thing to say

dan: honestly hes so fucking cute 

dan: i- i mean- i can reply just this one time

dan: can’t be too homo howell

dan: ok wait


Deals and Punishments : Part 7

Part 7

Characters: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Pewdiepie, and Darkiplier

Details: While Felix, Dan, Phil, and Sean are dealing with their unexpected visitor who rudely interrupted their collab, they end up having to find a way to assist Mark in his battle against Dark from their place outside of his mind. (For more details as to what happened prior, go read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6!) 

Author’s Note: After a week of delay I’m finally posting part 7!! I’m sorry it took so long, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure to be faster about part 8!! In fact, I started typing it the moment I finished part 7 and had it sent to @meepercat to be edited. Also, if you ever have any requests of any fics you want me to write, just let me know by dropping something in my inbox or just pming me!! I hope you enjoy!!! (Also, feel free to give feedback.)

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Penis Dan, Penis Penis Penis.

Dan Howell. We all say we love him and how great he is, but we don’t talk as much about the bad stuff. I can understand why, though. If you don’t mind, I am now going to make a sadish post.
Dan was bullied. Dan had (and, I think to a small extent, still does) low self esteem. He is musically gifted, but doesn’t consider himself good. But aside from all that, he dropped out of law school. He started with intents of being a lawyer, or something professional. He fucking dropped out to do something that, at the time, could’ve been the worst idea ever. And we all say “Phil is so great and means so much to Dan!!!1!!!1!!” but he is. He is so much to Dan. During that dropout time, Dan was most likely very sad. Very, very sad. But Phil was there for him. I’m not even going to imply Phan right now, because it doesn’t matter. Whether or not they are or were dating, Phil -probably- DID save him, at least once, during that time. “But he wouldn’t have dropped out if he wasn’t with Phil” That sounds harsh, but let’s be honest. Can any of you see Dan as a lawyer? Not to say he couldn’t do lawyering, it’s just not him. Had he not been with Phil we might not have had a Daniel James Howell in the world.
And don’t forget they’re real people. Don’t shove Phan down their throats. Yea it would be fun if they were a thing, but don’t make them feel guilty for not being in love. Honestly, if I knew over a few million people wanted me to date my best friend and I didn’t like them like that I would probably feel like I’m letting them down. I DON’T CARE IF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME OBBSESING OVER THEM, THEY ARE NOT CAS AND DEAN, THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE.
That is all, thanks if you actually read this all, it was longer than I intended it to be. It’s just me expressing my opinions. And remember kids, treat Phil and Dan like real people. They’ve been through a lot and you need to treat them nicely. They choose to do what they do for you, so don’t make them want to quit.

my friend showed me this great website that can help fanfiction writers. what you do is type in the names of your otp and click generate. (ex: phan, troyler, dastiel, ect)

and I just

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wait! say that again.



a collection of phrases said by Phil Lester in various videos, mostly from the gaming channel he shares with Dan Howell. 

  • “Cancel me from the universe.”
  • “No that looks like a scary nightclub.”
  • “I’m gonna tie your hands.. to the.. table. “
  • “Right, lets get all the socializing done first.”
  • “He’s gonna be having a baby in a coffin by the end”
  • “No, that’s boring, mine the diamonds!”
  • “I don’t know what guys do, they just go in the toilets, wee all over the walls, over the ceiling”
  • “It’s so distracting when people where nude coloured clothes”
  • “He looks like startrek” 
  • “He’s watching us! Look, his eyebrows changed!”
  • “Burn him! …. that’s a little bit harsh.”
  • “Just, just spank him. I mean scold him!”
  • “She’s thinking of fire and he’s thinking of licking fire.”
  • “Everyone farts at least seven times a day.”
  • “Lets do me!”
  • “Touch me, I’m real.”
  • “I should have gone to the toilet before we started.”
  • “I swear he just stands outside with a drill like MEEHHHH MEEEHHHH”
  • “Do we have any buds?”
  • “This is not an anime, we’re not gonna do it.”
  • “I’m doing it badly!”
  • “It’s only four am, we’ve got so many more hours left!”
  • “Sometimes things are scarier without noise.”
  • “I had no idea what that was, so I downloaded that on your computer.”
  • “Right, it’s so peaceful, reminds me of my younger years.”
  • “I’m gonna keep running and see what happens.”
  • “Running away, I’m running away!”
  • “Oh.. what did I do?”
  • “Well, I guess we’ll unravel these mysteries.”
  • “I took the battery out of my baby doll.”
  • “Are you traumatized?”
  • “I’m actually quite offended – you called me a minion!”
  • “Do you think about a skeleton as always inside your body?”
  • “No, you can’t have hard drugs or strippers”
  • “Oh my god, you’ve said pumpkin twice what does this mean?”
  • “It looks like a jar of your soul.”
  • “You could kill someone with this, couldn’t you?”
  • “That’s a lot of responsibility”
  • “This is the big daddy! Why did I just say that?”
  • “Grow a flower, grab your fluffiest lamb, and give birth to an egg.”
  • “You can like, shred your own wheat.”
  • “If I could have a smell pumped into my coffin it would be this smell.”
  • “It kind of looks like the coffin of a guinea pig”

[Vinesauce] GeePM - Dan and Phil Rp