Chris (left) & Dustin (right).

I met these guys from California & Nevada who hop from train to train, to travel across the United States. Unfortunately i’ve only had the chance to hangout with them once. I got to chance to hangout with them yesterday, and all we did was talk & Dustin taught me some songs on the guitar. I feel as though they changed my life in a way. They told me so much, and taught me so much. They chose that lifestyle, and the way they live; to travel and to meet new people. Not to run away from their problems though. They’re such good people & everything that came out of their mouths was just so interesting. I can’t wait to see them again. 

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Hi so its been a couple of days since I last talked to you!! its your DLSS!! how are ya? Something did make me laugh on that day so thank you! I will honestly tell you work has been driving me crazy in the best way, so I haven't been able to drop by as much as I may have wanted. How is that winter chill treating you?(Are you getting sick and in denial like me?) What are your fave Darcy fics? Also I am sending Christmas cheer and hugs your way!

Hello darling! :)

I’m doing pretty well. Just applied for a new apartment. So here’s hoping we get it. I’m glad work is good!busy. I hate when I sit around waiting for work, because it makes my days so. MUCH. LONGER. 

The Winter Chill is non existent. I live in Florida (UGH, the SWEAT is awful.) I can’t even drink a hot chocolate comfortably. :( and I love hot chocolate…

I’m sorry you’re sick hon! Wrap up like a burrito in cuddly blankets. Not only is it super comfy, but it’ll force you to REST like a good recovering burrito. 

Ooooo Favorite Darcy fics. That’s a tough one. I’m totally going to cheat and mention favorite authors cause chances are I ADORE these authors for their writing style and will smash my subscribe button on AO3 anytime I see something new. 

@awwheartno- HOLY SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS. Miin doesn’t have it in her to write a crappy Darcy story. I think I’ve messaged her on anon about every single one of her stories. SO. GOOD.

@themonkeycabal- Run Verse is epic. I have LITERALLY no chill when it comes to this series and will pterodactyl screech anytime I read it. Hint, I’ve read the whole series several times. Hits me in the feels every time.

@amusewithaview- Oh. MY. GOODNESS. Have you ever read a fic, that hits the right spot, hits you in the feels, and just overall makes you SEE the character so intensely, you feel like you are watching a movie? This TIMES 1000 with all of her stories. Basically inspired a lot of fics across Darcyland, especially the Soulmate AU, ABO AU. JUST LISTEN, so freaking creative and plot driven. I just want to eternally throw petals at her. Or chocolate. Or hugs. All of the above.

@steeleholtingon- Listen. JUST Listen. This author has a story on AO3 that is 85 fucking chapters with over 300,000 words. Tell me how I’ve not only read that specific store MULTIPLE times, but it hooks me EVERYTIME. I know the story, I know what happens, BUT THE SCENES, AND THE FEELS AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?? And now theres a wingfic in process, and I’m just dead on the floor anytime I read it. 

@wahwahwaffles- ABSOLUTELY. SQUEE. WORTHY. Her Darcy is so kickass, I just melt over her. :D :D :D I feel like I’m watching an expertly planned rom com that flutters my heart every time I read something from her. 

@cinnaatheart- In absolute AWE at her world building. Like it blows my mind that she can connect her characters and plot points into epic, hair raising adventures. 

@ozhawkauthor, @pinkpandorafrog and @dresupi- Okay, hear me out. These authors are vastly different, but I’m reccing them all together because in my head they are like the founding fathers. They give the fics to the people. Not only do these lovelies write crazy epic long and short fics, but they take prompts from tumblr and absolutely make peoples’ fucking day. I love combing through their rarepairs and challenges. We all win when it comes to these authors. National treasures. Each of them. 

@rainnecassidy and @leftylain - another group rec. These two have made me cry with their own stories and other authors in Darcyland love them so much that these lovelies have inspired SO. MANY. STORIES. Like not only are these authors kick ass and have an amazing handle on words and fic, but that they double as muses for this awesome fandom? Double hitters, holy shit man. 

One last group rec, Cause damn, now I just want to flail at all these amazing authors that have a piece of my heart.

@pepperpottsblogs, @lullabyknell and @iamkatebishop -KNOCK ME ON MY ASS AND GIVE ME BREATH. Let’s talk about supernatural Darcy for a moment. We’ve got Witch!Darcy, Dragon!Darcy and Banshee!Darcy in fics so good, my mind has been blown so many times with how many ideas these guys come up with. It’s one thing to write an AU, and there is world building so epic that my jaw is on the floor with excitement and awe.  

Aw man. That got out of hand so fast. And I STILL HAVE AUTHORS I NEED TO FLAIL AT. Oof. Because, that’s the thing. Darcyland has some epic writers. It absolutely boggles my mind how different and amazing they all are, and I can freak out about them for hours. I use to be scared to comment on fics in case I said something to an author in a complete 180 to what they meant. But lately? EVERYONE GETS A COMMENT ON EVERY CHAPTER CAUSE HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT AND MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY????


I just have a lot of feels about these people.

©wascallywabbit12  Today has been such a cool day. My dad was able to meet @jaredpadalecki and @nowandgen , and they gave me a shout out! I have mad respect for this power couple and the things they fight for! Today they were out there helping support a bill that cracks down on cyber bullying. I’ve always wanted to meet them, hoping I’d bump into them in Austin. Thanks for the shout out, I’m star-struck for sure . Thanks also to my dad for having a cool job and meeting great people @koskionfox7 #supernatural #jaredpadalecki #makingadifference #shoutout #austin #toocool #starstruck #amazingpeople #tvstars #cw

People who draw Pitou more androgynous: amazing
People who draw Pitou more feminine: werk 
People who draw Pitou more masculine: yaaaaas
People who draw Pitou w/ a more monster like body: you’re doing great
People who draw Pitou w/ a more human body: das some good shit 
People who draw Pitou flat chested: wonderful
People who draw Pitou with a bust: awesome

Pitou is a girl to me. that’s cool
Pitou is a boy to me. that’s cool!!!!!!!
Pitou is non-binary to me. THAT’S COOL!!!!!!


people: be confident in yourself! dont be ashamed of loving yourself! strut your stuff!

person with npd: im amazing

people: you’re so full of yourself and abusive and you only care about yourself :/ can you not love yourself for like 3 minutes? thanks.

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(you're still killing me with these awesome aus) can we have some spa au headcanons?


  • Altea Spa - owned by Allura’s family
  • Keith is a masseur/massage therapist
  • I mean with arms like those - HOO BOIII
    • Seriously his massage technique is amazing
    • People who’ve had him as a masseur always ask for him again
    • what are his hands made of 
  • Lance is a lifeguard hAAAA 
    • just started working at the spa
    • took over Shiro’s original shift as lifeguard
    • likes to teach kids swimming when he has time/or is off-shift
    • highkey he wanna give those tan lean shoulders a good massage ;‘^)
  • when Keith is off duty he will try and do anything he can to just peak over at Lance working
  • Keith doesn’t even kno Lance’s name yet - he’s so fuckin gay
    • keith is just a pining gay baby in this AU
  • Esthetician!Hunk GOOD LORD 
    • wanna kno how Lance keeps his skin beautiful and unblemished? 
      • it’s Hunk
    • Hunk knows all the ways through skincare and is skilled in giving skin treatments and facials
    • Crowd favourite in the spa ;)
    • You literally feel better about yourself once you’ve done a session w/ Hunk
    • he also helps carry deliviries for the spa when he has time 
      • he’s rewarded with free deserts at the food area because he’s a special angel
  • Pidge is a nail technician (manicurist/pedicurist)
    • Likes gossiping with their clients during sessions
      • “That’s why their glasses are so big - it’s full of secrets” -Hunk at one point
      • who needs knives when you’ve got sharp nails to claw out the eyes of your enemies
      • Allura LOVES having Pidge for sessions
        • they talk for hours non stop
      • loves catching Keith when he has a stare-session on Lance
        • Pidge: *makes a clawing gesture* Go get ‘em tiger
        • Keith: SHUT UP PIDGE
      • Will take any chance they get to do the “nya” joke because of this
    • was originally the spa lifeguard but was then taken over by Lance
    • now teaches yoga sessions
    • highkey thankful he does this now because it helps him de-stress since he has to put up with those kids everyday
    • Allura likes to join Shiro’s yoga sessions a lot because even she can only handle so much
    • Tfw everyone that joins Shiro’s yoga sessions just like to stare at his ass majority of the time (who can blame them tbh)
    • more like Mr. Moseby 2.0
    • tbh if anyone deserves a break it’s him - someone save coran
  • can we just….steam room shenanigans


Quick video a generous Rob made for the wife of the Johnny Depp lookalike at a party on Saturday night in Los Angeles he attended with FKA twigs in Beverly Hills at the home of Jeff Beacher, prior to the American Music Awards.  11.19.16

From IG with caption:

“So this is happened last night it’s so cute my husband @hollywoodjohnnydepp got #robertpattinson @official_robertpattinson to do this cute video for me:)❤️❤️❤️ I love it that’s so awesome and he such a great sport!! The best part is he is my favorite actor and has been for many years- I actually watched twilight and Breaking Dawn part 1 yesterday with my daughter don’t ask me why the order was out of whack LOL!!! #VIP coolest guys on earth! #amazingpeople #hellya #twilight #twimom #twihard #nicestactors #celebs"

Reasons why I am totally behind all Clothing becoming socially accepted as neutral objects:
  • Women in suits look great
  • Men in skirts are amazing
  • People have different body shapes that gender defined clothing sometimes don’t cater for their particular shape. (It’s why I buy jeans in the ‘men’s section’. Way more comfy.)
  • It will pave the way for trans people becoming more accepted (If a masculine trans!girl wears “feminine” clothing in a society that doesn’t care for gender defined clothing, she’ll feel more safe in wearing what she wants.)
  • Clothing standards for everything would go up (thicker shirts, yay!)

List of Amazing People 3/?

John Green

“Nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. We don’t have to be like, ‘oh yeah that purse is okay,’ or, 'yeah, I like that band’s early stuff’. Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. When people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.” 


My favourite picture of these two, and they happen to be my two favourite actors and most influential people in my life, currently. Tom was an idol almost right off the bat when I first saw him in War Horse and Thor(and of course interviews), but with Benedict it took some time and now I am madly in love with him because after seeing him in so many movies/shows/interviews I suddenly realised how beautiful of a person he was on the inside and outside. They really changed my life and I firmly believe that they have made me a better person over the last year or so.