I took my 2 strand twists out this morning but didn’t have time to separate and fluff them out. I’ve been locking the moisture in my hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Sheen Sealing Nectar. This stuff smells so good it’s ridiculous. I picked it about about 2 weeks ago at walmart for around $9.

My hair retains the shine it gives for hours and the smell too. I spray it on my hair in the morning as I’m getting ready and maybe once again in the middle of the day. You have to be careful not to spray a whole bunch because everywhere you lay your head will have a grease stain on it. So far it’s doing a really good job at retaining the moisture in my hair.


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to do weekly challenges to get myself back to blogging and doing my makeup on a regular basis. Believe or not, but I’ve been slipping in the makeup department. This week is all about winged liner so I’m kicking it off with a strong brow and lilac liner!

Majority of this week’s madness will consist of crème gel liners from Colour Pop Cosmetics. I used Piggy Bank (purple), Boots (pink), and Exit (white) to create this look. I mixed Boots and Exit to get the soft lilac at the beginning of my brow and topped it off with NYX Colored Mascara in Forget Me Not. For the lilac liner I mixed Exit with a little bit of Piggy Bank.

This is just the beginning of the week so stay tuned to see how you can jazz up your everyday cat eye.


Happiness has finally been put into a lipstick form with a great price!

I’m excited and you should be too! Earlier this week NYX launched their Maracon Lippies in 12 bright and fun shades. Only $6 a pop I couldn’t resist the purchase. These smooth, creamy, and pigmented lipsticks are everything you need for the perfect bold lip.

These lipsticks apply very smoothly with a great color pay off. From left to right is Chambord, Blue Velvet, Violet, Rose, and Key Lime. The first swatch picture is what they look like without a flash and the last one is with a flash. You don’t need to put a lot to achieve the product color either. On go around on your lips will give you a great color.

I’m sad that I didn’t purchase the rest of the lipsticks in the collection because they are definitely going to be my summer lipstick choices. All I have to say is that you need this in your life.


Used my Color Pop color gel liners today for a rainbow effect on my eyes. They settle quickly on the eyes so you have to move fast if you want them to blend seamlessly. The yellow isn’t as opaque as I would like it to be but is a great if you later it up.I was surprised at the quality of white liner and didn’t expect it to be it’s true color in only one swipe. Definitely worth the $5 if you were looking to add some color to your everyday cat eye.


My favorite hairstyle of all time!

This is my version of a halo braid formed from 2 regular braids. This style is super easy to do if you already know how to braid. Let me know if you guys would like to see a tutorial.

Products used:
Curls Unleashed leave in conditioner
Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter
Eco Styler Argan Oil gel
Dark N Lovely Au Naturale Nectar Sheen Spray
2 Bobby pins


Hey everyone! 

In this video I show you how to get defined curls that will last all week with just 3 products! I used the small grey perm rods, a wrap and set mousse, and eco styler gel. One thing I forget to mention in the video is that I curl each section of hair in the opposite direction so as the style ages my curls won’t clump together. 

I have a special series for Halloween that involves a bunch of color and one of my favorite cartoon shows so stay tuned! Thanks for watching!



Sorry for taking so long but here is what I used to do my finger coils. You don’t have to use the same products that I did but you do have to use a Denham brush. I tried to do it with a regular paddle brush and it didn’t work out.


Creme of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-in Conditioner

Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel

Denham Brush

Spray bottle filled with water

Hair clips or rubberbands

Start off with freshly washed hair that is soaking wet. Apply your conditioner of choice throughout your hair and take a small section of your hair and saturate it with gel. The amount of hair you take will determine how big or small your curls will be. I didn’t want mine to be too small and I didn’t want to spend too long on my hair. This size too me about an hour.

After you saturate the section of hair you want, take the brush and brush through your hair until it refines your natural curls. Once that section is refined, take you finger and begin to twist the hair around it until you get all the way to the tip. Do this throughout your head until there is nothing left. I forgot to add Argan Oil to the products used (sorry again). Use a quarter size amount of the oil of your choice and apply it to your finished coils. While you are coiling your hair, make sure to keep your hair moist because it has to saturate with water for good coils. Wait until your hair is completely dry to separate your coils. I did my hair in the morning and waited until the next day to separate them.

I hope this post makes sense and isn’t hard to follow. I’ll make a video once I take this sew in out.


Full coverage, highlighted, and natural looking foundation tutorial!

I don’t do this full routine everyday or every time I wear makeup. This is a good way to wear your makeup to formal event, like prom, if you want a naturally perfected look. 

Hope you guys like this tutorial! I have a hair update video because my hair has been through some drastic changes!