amazingly terrible ideas

What you must do to befriend each type
  • ENFJ: Be their colleague/classmate/partner
  • ENFP: Talk to them maybe 3 times
  • ENTJ: Don't waste their time
  • ENTP: Put up with their amazingly terrible ideas
  • ESFJ: Look in their general direction
  • ESFP: Don't judge them, ever
  • ESTJ: Don't overreact, act calm
  • ESTP: Be a Cool Person™
  • INFJ: Spend a ton of time with them
  • INFP: Listen to their ideas and be respectful
  • INTJ: Be someone who "gets" them and don't be too clingy
  • INTP: Who???? Knows?????????????? Not even INTP knows.
  • ISFJ: Find a common interest
  • ISFP: You just gotta hang around and if they like you they'll show it. If not, get out.
  • ISTJ: Be direct with them
  • ISTP: Go and do something with them