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Dark/Anti inspired music playlist

Ok, so I looked around tumblr a bit to see what i could find, and with the musics i know myself (so the styles of music i like are heavily represented here), i decided to make a big playlist, along with some piece of lyrics from them, that suit Dark and Anti pretty well in my opinion. Some of them are not there for the lyrics, but of the ambiance of the song, that are Anti/Dark-ish to me. 

In bold are the songs that i think are AMAZINGLY ANTI/DARK-ISH like… It’s almost that they were made for them. So here we go! 

And do not hesitate to suggest other songs I missed, i may update this post from time to time when i find more songs! :3

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The year is almost over and as crappy as it may have been in reality, in the world of Tokusatsu, it was pretty awesome.

We had three major Anniversaries starting with Ultraman turning 50!

Kamen Rider turned 45:

And Super Sentai celebrated it’s 40th!

We had some fun anniversary films and shows as well including Ultraman Orb, The Kamen Rider Ichigo movie and the return of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger during a two-parter for Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

We also got the amazingly dark and fascinating Kamen Rider Amazons:

Not to mention the BEST Godzilla movie in theaters in years with Shin Godzilla.

The American releases of Ninja Sentai Kauranger and Chouriki Sentai OhRanger on DVD!

Divorced from anything going on Politically, Socially or Mortally, this was a great year to be a tokusatsu fan.

There were a lot more things I could mention that rocked in the toku world this year (The announcement of an Ultraman Double Feature in US theaters, Garo news. etc. etc). but the ones above made the most impact on me personally and stuck out as high points.

On a personal note, I am now almost at 1450 followers.  That’s something I NEVER thought I would ever achieve when I started this blog a few years ago as just a side project from my main focus at the time (my horror blog).  Since then, I have doubled my follower count from what I used to consider my main blog, met a ton of awesome people in the process and had a lot of fun.

Thank you to all of my followers.  You make me smile every single day and please, keep the asks coming.  I enjoy answering them.  I still have a few to get to but I intend to have those answered before the New Year gets here so I don’t have any unfinished business hanging over my head.

reason #19 Katara has "when will your fave" status

Book 1 episode 19 when Zuko breaks in and tries to capture Aang, Katara pulls that ice sphere breakdance move that is literally the equivalent of her saying “ok since you want Aang so bad how about you be him for a minute” and this is before atla could get away with having their children’s show be too blatantly dark but Katara is savage you know she left no breathing room like your kid mind would have you believe she maybe just locks him in there no ma'am she squeezed Zuko so tight in there he probably felt his ponytail edges pull

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1) very faithful to the books

2) amazingly dark and blatantly twisted

3) stellar performances 

4) the opening themes ehehe

5) WE NEED SEASON 2 (i mean the show came out a week ago but eh) 

A Writer's Inspiration

A/N: Even though this is a request, I want to dedicate this story to ntshrtbtfunsize . I love you and your comments, lol. Hope you don’t mind me throwing your name out there…

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

‘Having a seat in the back of the plane had its advantages. Having a boyfriend like Jimin also had its advantages.

First, Jimin was very experimental sexually and there always seemed to be open seats in the back of a plane. 

Second, Jimin was amazing in terms of sex and when nighttime hit on a plane, it was amazingly dark.’

You were typing away at your computer, starting on your latest smut. Being on a dark plane had given you a mountain of inspiration and the words came to you easily. Jimin leaned his head on your shoulder and started reading what you wrote. He was always fascinated about fanfics so he didn’t see a problem with you writing them. "You’re writing a sex story about me?“ he asked, amusement evident in his voice.

"Nope. Your name is just a placeholder” you said, your fingers flying over the keyboard. Jimin frowned but you were too busy getting your thoughts down to notice. “Why do you need my name there?” he asked.

“Because the fantasy in my head is of you. After I’m finished, I’ll just change the name” you said. Jimin’s eyebrows pulled upward at your words and he looked up at your face. You erased a few words and just stared at the screen, rereading what you had so far. 

'His hand grabbed the inside of your thigh and you gasped looking around for any possible witnesses. He pulled your head to him, his lips fluidly moving with yours, as his other hand worked your inner thigh.’

His eyes scanned over your words and he blinked. 

'Jimin could feel himself growing hard as he introduced his tongue to your mouth. His hand rose higher, moving your skirt upward and cupping your mound over your newly exposed panties. His fingers slid over your clothed slit, adding pressure to your most sensitive part. Your breathing hitched and your teeth dug into your cheek as you tried to choke back your moans.’

Jimin found himself getting turned on as he read your inner thoughts. Likewise, your panties were growing wet as you imagined Jimin really touching you. Jimin’s penis was fully erect along his thigh and he put his hand over it. From the corner of your eye, you saw him move to cover his erection and you licked your drying lips. 

'As Jimin rubbed your slit up and down, he could feel a wet circle forming. Your chest rose and fell heavily as you sunk into the airplane seat.’

He looked down at your legs and closed his eyes, noticing that you had a skirt on just like in your story. It was hard not to imagine your fantasy in his head when he was practically living it. You were both turned on. You were in the back of a mostly empty and dark plane. He was hard and you were getting wet with every word that you typed.

'You opened your legs wider, not thinking of the potential watchers any more. All you could focus on were the slow circles that he was drawing with his fingers. Your breaths were shaky as they exited your mouth in a hurry. Jimin sucked your earlobe into his mouth before blowing his cool breath on your ear. The action gave you goosebumps, your ear going cold while the rest of your body was in flames. “You are-

”-so wet?“ Jimin said beside you. Your fingers froze over the keyboard and you looked at him. Jimin placed a finger under your chin and you swallowed hard, your writing world crashing into your real life. "Aren’t you?” he asked. You nodded and he pulled you to him, kissing your lips. You closed the laptop and moved it to the side, your lips never leaving his. He flipped the small armrest up from in between you. 

Without a second thought, Jimin roughly grabbed onto your thigh. His hand slid forward until his fingers reached your drenched panties. He moaned against your lips, seeing that you were just as wet as you were in your story. Rather than rubbing you over your panties, Jimin slipped his hand under them. His fingers traced over your slit and you sunk your teeth into his bottom lip. He pressed his finger down over your clit and you fell back against your seat, releasing his lip in the process. 

Jimin smiled, caught up in the euphoria of pleasing you in such a confined public space. At any point, someone could notice what you were doing. There was no blanket covering you and your body was slightly illuminated by the small television screen. Those thoughts pushed Jimin into his sexual mindset. He didn’t care about keeping you quiet. He didn’t care if anyone was watching. In fact, he would welcome people to come and watch your face twist as you reached that point. Nothing else mattered except making you cum.

He quickly rubbed fast, small circles over your clit, watching as your hands squeezed your breasts. He could see that you were biting into your cheek and he wished to make you scream out his name. He could feel a slight dampness in his pants as his precum leaked from his member. Your hips bucked into the air and you couldn’t help but to let out a little squeak as you came.

Jimin removed his hand and looked around before pulling you to your feet. He pulled you in the direction of the airplane bathroom in a hurry. You quickly looked around and you made eye contact with a woman. She just smiled knowingly and looked away. Thankfully, she was probably the only person awake.

Jimin pulled you into the bathroom and locked the door. The space was cramped but neither of you cared. Jimin unzipped his pants and placed you on the small counter space. He pulled his pants and underwear down and your eyes widened at how engorged his penis was. He knelt down and used both of his hands to tear a large hole in your panties. “Jimin, those are the only-”

He licked his tongue to your opening and you stopped talking. His nose bumped against your clit as he shoved his tongue into your opening, tasting your excitement from earlier. Your hands locked onto his head and you looked down, watching him work your pussy with his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and flattened it over your lips, slowly delivering a long lick. The tip of his tongue flickered over your clit and you moaned, briefly forgetting yourself. At the sound of you, Jimin felt his penis twitch and he stood up. 

He’d had enough of the temptation. He grabbed his penis in his hand and you watched with anticipation. He pressed the head into you and you grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. Jimin watched as you clenched your teeth, trying not to make a sound. His eyebrow jumped, amazed that you could still be quiet, and without warning, he pressed his full length into you. 

“Ah, Jimin-” you started to scream out. He pressed his lips to yours, quickly silencing you with a smile. He slid out of you and you let out a breath against his lips. Again, he pressed his full length into you and pressed his lips almost painfully into yours to keep your moans muffled. He picked up a rhythm, his hips doing all of the work. You buried your mouth into his neck letting him rock his hard dick into you. 

Jimin felt your walls tighten around him and he could feel the end coming for him. Within 3 strokes, he was coming into you, sparking your own orgasm. You sat up and sloppily kissed him. 

Jimin pulled his lips from yours and looked at you. “You go out first” he said. You nodded and kissed his lips again before getting down. You unlocked the door and walked out, hearing the door close behind you. The girl from earlier shook her head with that same smile from earlier but you ignored it, walking back to your seat. 

You picked up your laptop and opened it, preparing to finish your smut. You now had more than enough inspiration.


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