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Dark/Anti inspired music playlist

Ok, so I looked around tumblr a bit to see what i could find, and with the musics i know myself (so the styles of music i like are heavily represented here), i decided to make a big playlist, along with some piece of lyrics from them, that suit Dark and Anti pretty well in my opinion. Some of them are not there for the lyrics, but of the ambiance of the song, that are Anti/Dark-ish to me. 

In bold are the songs that i think are AMAZINGLY ANTI/DARK-ISH like… It’s almost that they were made for them. So here we go! 

And do not hesitate to suggest other songs I missed, i may update this post from time to time when i find more songs! :3

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I’ve dreamed of visiting Diagon Alley ever since I read the first Harry Potter book in second grade. who knew it would take getting my MA to find an excuse to make it there? hands down one of the most magical experiences of my life, I truly transcended to a better plane of existence that day

So, we’re reaching the season finale of the show…

And I want to, feel the need to adress certain things that haven’t been before, about certain characters.

James (Guardian)

I believe is common agreement between everyone his screen time has been redused a lot, and his plot has been leaving me edgy, and unsure.

James is the kind of man who’s strong, fiercy, who’s not afraid of fighting for what’s right, even if it coasts. However, he is still a man. Under the suit, he’s still vulnerable to outside perils. He’s human. Those who watched Teen Wolf will indentify themselves with it. Stiles was the only human of the show. And that brought a huge depth to his character. 

James might have a awesome suit and the skills. But just that can’t save him on the real world. Just being brave, smart and a good guy doesn’t mean he’s safe of danger. Just wanting to save the world doesn’t mean being able to. As I fully discoussed in another post, heroes have journeys. 

As someone deeply in love with myths, psychollogy and histroy, we all know the greek great heroes had their weekness. Aquiles with the ankle, Zeus with his pride. And if we look closely, in spite of where we live, our culture or beliefs, some of our legends, histories and myths are very similar (collective unconscious). James’s weekness is his humanity. I believe somewhere along the way he might loose the core of who he is as a hero, and something can push him in a path of redescovering himself - bulding up a new ego and self -. Because although he had a calling, he’s still has some thendecies he had previously. James will be the character that might have a moraly grey choice to atone. Because his story seem to be leading him towards that path of self sacrifice, abdicationg and pain. However, his fight will be different than others. He will be the one who will have to fight himself, the darkness that might be underneath.¹

He will have his inner monters to relinquish. And that is not as easy as it appears to be. Light versus darkness might be what set’s him up to be a great hero. Embracing both as his own self will be his path to make.

James is the man who might crumble due to the consequences of a mislead action. He will be the one to take a huge blow. Because being human not only means being vulnerable in flesh but in soul as well. He knows very well what he wants, who he is and what his mission on this planet. He’s the hero that already embraced his calling. But, if he fails, not only that might be a stake, but also his own identity. Not as Guardian. But as a man. Because beneath the mask there is a person whose life might be wrecked.

However, he can also be the hero that get’s up and fight. That after realizing this darkness is also a part of who he is, might use it as a shield. 

Lena Luthor (The lost daughter of the doomed family)

As we say in psychology, Lena Luthor throughout a great ammount of the season suffered what we call generalization. She’s a Luthor, therefore she can only be evil. 

Is she?

Lena is the embodiment of a strong woman. She carries within the archetype of Arthemis and Atena. Strong, brave, analytical, clever, witty. She’s not affraid to stand up and fight.

Raised as a Luthor, she has all the traits of one, but she also is the one person who fights with everything she has. When she first appeared, she wanted it to prove she was not like her parents. Will she? Or will she only become what society hopes she become.

Although some may believe she will be revelead as a bad person, I believe things go deeper than that. When analyzing certain character, we should never stop at the surfice of his actions. Lena has a past that is hard to let go. That itelself is a huge influence on who she is now - to quote Sarte:  Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you. 

Lena has the potential to overcome the generalization she faces as a Luthor. She can be the hero that stripes out or her past, the persona she created in order to surive, and fully embrace a new person. She has the inteligence necessary to take her mother down and let go of the chains of her past.

However, this is not a easy path. Looking into the eyes of someone that was suppose to love and understand that won’t happen is not easy. Because she can look at Lillian and see herself. The woman she struggles not to become.

Is like looking between past and future. Between the pain and the insanety. The path Lena has to take is to find out who she is. Is she a Luthor - a bad woman whose past made her that way -, is she Lena, the woman that is trying to hard do overcome prejudices and misconceptions. 

Or is she both?

Because in the end. Darkness and light both live within. The incessant fight between good and evil is a conception the Catholic Church helped to create. We all, as Sirius so amazingly put it, have darkness and light inside of us. We all, even being good people, did things we aren’t proud off. 

Lena can represent the chance people with horribles histories have to own them up. Embrace them so they can let them go. She can prove that a last name doesn’t define who we are. She could be the hero that is not afraid to look at her past - which is a basis to ehr future - and learn from it. She can be the person who doesn’t have to pay for her father’s sins,

Mon-El (The fallen hero, the one who brings freedom)

We all must remember Moises. Yeah, that one. The biblical saviour.

As some may know, he was raised by the Egypcian imperator, grow up surronded by beautiful things and his family until one day he finds out his true origin. 

As hebrew.

Meanwhile, his people worked hours to no end as slaves in a broken empiry. In one of the greatest tales ever told, Moises goes from a coward, silent man, to the person that saved his people from slavery and delivered them to the Promised Land.

I bet it sounds familiar right?

Because it is. 

Mon-El came from a broken monarchy. Not only that but a ditactorship. A place where women were objetified, where he would rather not do anything and live in this beautiful castle while he’s own people suffered. Yeah, we all know that. He was a shitty person, that’s putting lightly.

However, his own story was meant to be this way. As I said hundred times already, Mon-El is the perfect defintion of the Hero Archetype. He came from to sky - symbolyzes regression, the ego going back to a more regress stated, means going towards the darkness and unknown -. Mon-El has a trajetory that’s a cicle,  he came as a coward, as someone who would run and hide if needed. And by each passing day, his ego builds himself up, forming a new identity, a new persona, someone braver, stronger, kinder.


Someone of great courage, power, someone who deserves it. He’s not that person yet. But he can be. With the flying ring, he can rise - which literally means to go towards the sun, ilumination, rebirth, a new person-. Like hundreds of hero before, Mon-El will had to fall - die, change -, in order to rise.

He, the former Prince of Daxam, will be the one to go back to his home, and deliver his people.

The tree together can formate the triplice of the Hero Archetype. The fight between light and darkness, past and present, between who he was and who he is now. 

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A Writer's Inspiration

A/N: Even though this is a request, I want to dedicate this story to ntshrtbtfunsize . I love you and your comments, lol. Hope you don’t mind me throwing your name out there…

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

‘Having a seat in the back of the plane had its advantages. Having a boyfriend like Jimin also had its advantages.

First, Jimin was very experimental sexually and there always seemed to be open seats in the back of a plane. 

Second, Jimin was amazing in terms of sex and when nighttime hit on a plane, it was amazingly dark.’

You were typing away at your computer, starting on your latest smut. Being on a dark plane had given you a mountain of inspiration and the words came to you easily. Jimin leaned his head on your shoulder and started reading what you wrote. He was always fascinated about fanfics so he didn’t see a problem with you writing them. "You’re writing a sex story about me?“ he asked, amusement evident in his voice.

"Nope. Your name is just a placeholder” you said, your fingers flying over the keyboard. Jimin frowned but you were too busy getting your thoughts down to notice. “Why do you need my name there?” he asked.

“Because the fantasy in my head is of you. After I’m finished, I’ll just change the name” you said. Jimin’s eyebrows pulled upward at your words and he looked up at your face. You erased a few words and just stared at the screen, rereading what you had so far. 

'His hand grabbed the inside of your thigh and you gasped looking around for any possible witnesses. He pulled your head to him, his lips fluidly moving with yours, as his other hand worked your inner thigh.’

His eyes scanned over your words and he blinked. 

'Jimin could feel himself growing hard as he introduced his tongue to your mouth. His hand rose higher, moving your skirt upward and cupping your mound over your newly exposed panties. His fingers slid over your clothed slit, adding pressure to your most sensitive part. Your breathing hitched and your teeth dug into your cheek as you tried to choke back your moans.’

Jimin found himself getting turned on as he read your inner thoughts. Likewise, your panties were growing wet as you imagined Jimin really touching you. Jimin’s penis was fully erect along his thigh and he put his hand over it. From the corner of your eye, you saw him move to cover his erection and you licked your drying lips. 

'As Jimin rubbed your slit up and down, he could feel a wet circle forming. Your chest rose and fell heavily as you sunk into the airplane seat.’

He looked down at your legs and closed his eyes, noticing that you had a skirt on just like in your story. It was hard not to imagine your fantasy in his head when he was practically living it. You were both turned on. You were in the back of a mostly empty and dark plane. He was hard and you were getting wet with every word that you typed.

'You opened your legs wider, not thinking of the potential watchers any more. All you could focus on were the slow circles that he was drawing with his fingers. Your breaths were shaky as they exited your mouth in a hurry. Jimin sucked your earlobe into his mouth before blowing his cool breath on your ear. The action gave you goosebumps, your ear going cold while the rest of your body was in flames. “You are-

”-so wet?“ Jimin said beside you. Your fingers froze over the keyboard and you looked at him. Jimin placed a finger under your chin and you swallowed hard, your writing world crashing into your real life. "Aren’t you?” he asked. You nodded and he pulled you to him, kissing your lips. You closed the laptop and moved it to the side, your lips never leaving his. He flipped the small armrest up from in between you. 

Without a second thought, Jimin roughly grabbed onto your thigh. His hand slid forward until his fingers reached your drenched panties. He moaned against your lips, seeing that you were just as wet as you were in your story. Rather than rubbing you over your panties, Jimin slipped his hand under them. His fingers traced over your slit and you sunk your teeth into his bottom lip. He pressed his finger down over your clit and you fell back against your seat, releasing his lip in the process. 

Jimin smiled, caught up in the euphoria of pleasing you in such a confined public space. At any point, someone could notice what you were doing. There was no blanket covering you and your body was slightly illuminated by the small television screen. Those thoughts pushed Jimin into his sexual mindset. He didn’t care about keeping you quiet. He didn’t care if anyone was watching. In fact, he would welcome people to come and watch your face twist as you reached that point. Nothing else mattered except making you cum.

He quickly rubbed fast, small circles over your clit, watching as your hands squeezed your breasts. He could see that you were biting into your cheek and he wished to make you scream out his name. He could feel a slight dampness in his pants as his precum leaked from his member. Your hips bucked into the air and you couldn’t help but to let out a little squeak as you came.

Jimin removed his hand and looked around before pulling you to your feet. He pulled you in the direction of the airplane bathroom in a hurry. You quickly looked around and you made eye contact with a woman. She just smiled knowingly and looked away. Thankfully, she was probably the only person awake.

Jimin pulled you into the bathroom and locked the door. The space was cramped but neither of you cared. Jimin unzipped his pants and placed you on the small counter space. He pulled his pants and underwear down and your eyes widened at how engorged his penis was. He knelt down and used both of his hands to tear a large hole in your panties. “Jimin, those are the only-”

He licked his tongue to your opening and you stopped talking. His nose bumped against your clit as he shoved his tongue into your opening, tasting your excitement from earlier. Your hands locked onto his head and you looked down, watching him work your pussy with his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and flattened it over your lips, slowly delivering a long lick. The tip of his tongue flickered over your clit and you moaned, briefly forgetting yourself. At the sound of you, Jimin felt his penis twitch and he stood up. 

He’d had enough of the temptation. He grabbed his penis in his hand and you watched with anticipation. He pressed the head into you and you grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. Jimin watched as you clenched your teeth, trying not to make a sound. His eyebrow jumped, amazed that you could still be quiet, and without warning, he pressed his full length into you. 

“Ah, Jimin-” you started to scream out. He pressed his lips to yours, quickly silencing you with a smile. He slid out of you and you let out a breath against his lips. Again, he pressed his full length into you and pressed his lips almost painfully into yours to keep your moans muffled. He picked up a rhythm, his hips doing all of the work. You buried your mouth into his neck letting him rock his hard dick into you. 

Jimin felt your walls tighten around him and he could feel the end coming for him. Within 3 strokes, he was coming into you, sparking your own orgasm. You sat up and sloppily kissed him. 

Jimin pulled his lips from yours and looked at you. “You go out first” he said. You nodded and kissed his lips again before getting down. You unlocked the door and walked out, hearing the door close behind you. The girl from earlier shook her head with that same smile from earlier but you ignored it, walking back to your seat. 

You picked up your laptop and opened it, preparing to finish your smut. You now had more than enough inspiration.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1) very faithful to the books

2) amazingly dark and blatantly twisted

3) stellar performances 

4) the opening themes ehehe

5) WE NEED SEASON 2 (i mean the show came out a week ago but eh) 


The year is almost over and as crappy as it may have been in reality, in the world of Tokusatsu, it was pretty awesome.

We had three major Anniversaries starting with Ultraman turning 50!

Kamen Rider turned 45:

And Super Sentai celebrated it’s 40th!

We had some fun anniversary films and shows as well including Ultraman Orb, The Kamen Rider Ichigo movie and the return of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger during a two-parter for Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

We also got the amazingly dark and fascinating Kamen Rider Amazons:

Not to mention the BEST Godzilla movie in theaters in years with Shin Godzilla.

The American releases of Ninja Sentai Kauranger and Chouriki Sentai OhRanger on DVD!

Divorced from anything going on Politically, Socially or Mortally, this was a great year to be a tokusatsu fan.

There were a lot more things I could mention that rocked in the toku world this year (The announcement of an Ultraman Double Feature in US theaters, Garo news. etc. etc). but the ones above made the most impact on me personally and stuck out as high points.

On a personal note, I am now almost at 1450 followers.  That’s something I NEVER thought I would ever achieve when I started this blog a few years ago as just a side project from my main focus at the time (my horror blog).  Since then, I have doubled my follower count from what I used to consider my main blog, met a ton of awesome people in the process and had a lot of fun.

Thank you to all of my followers.  You make me smile every single day and please, keep the asks coming.  I enjoy answering them.  I still have a few to get to but I intend to have those answered before the New Year gets here so I don’t have any unfinished business hanging over my head.

Fic Rec Mega Post: Big Bang Special Edition

I’ve spent the last month or so mostly reading the amazing fics and illustrations that were produced for the 2016 Hannibal Big Bang organised by @nbchannibalbigbang / @m-oarts. My conclusion: this fandom is ludicrously talented, it is the actual embodiment of an embarrassment of riches <333333

So, here’s the list of what I’ve been reading. The recs will be slightly shorter this time round, simply because this post would be unmanageably long otherwise. Also, I wanted to make clear, this is not, I repeat NOT in any way a “best of” list. It is a “things wot Vic has read” list. If your fic isn’t on here, it’s most likely because a) it’s a WIP and I don’t rec those on these lists; b) it has an unhappy ending and this delicate flower can’t read those cos they trigger her like daddy kink does other people; c) I just haven’t gotten round to it yet, I’m only human and you guys write so much good stuff I just can’t…

Originally posted by acidwashedcat

Anyway, here we go, under the cut because this is so long it’d take up the whole of your dash:

(Oh, also, I should say that I haven’t said anything about the artwork that accompanies these fics, because I am a visual moron and the extent of my commentary would be: “Oooooh it’s SO PRETTAY!” Suffice it to say, all the artwork is amazing and beautiful and I’m sorry I have nothing intelligent to say about it.)

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Homecoming | Monday  Calum Imagine

Summary: It’s the week of homecoming at your high school, and Calum Hood - the star soccer player - is looking for someone to wear his jersey


It was the week of homecoming at your high school and everything was becoming crazy. Every day was a new dress up day and everyone in the school was expected to show off their school spirit, homecoming king and queen would be announced at the end of the week, and the senior girls were plotting and scheming about who would wear whose jersey on the night of the big game. You absolutely hated the ‘jersey mania’, where girls would begin asking the boy athletes if they could wear their jersey months in advance. At your school the soccer boys were the most in demand, namely Calum Hood who was the star player of the soccer team, and of course one of the most attractive boys in the school.

You couldn’t understand the fascination with Calum Hood, I mean sure he was good-looking. He had amazingly bronzed skin with dark hair to match, and a killer smile, but other than that he wasn’t anything special. He was just another jock who always had a pretty girl on his arm. Because of his affinity for beautiful girls, everyone had just assumed that Reina Corse, the prettiest girl in the school who was loved by everyone would be the one wearing Calum’s jersey, but rumor has it that when she asked for his jersey he turned her down and told her he had someone specific in mind, but the school had yet to find out who this special someone was.

When you walked into school on the Monday of homecoming week everyone was dressed up as their favorite character, which meant that girl’s wore extremely short Minnie Mouse dresses and the guys were in superhero outfits. 

You hadn’t gone to quite the level of dedication as other girls in your school, but your best friend Joslyn absolutely loved homecoming, and she wouldn’t let you skip dressing up for another year. So you decided to dress up as April from Parks and Rec which was essentially just normal clothes, while Joslyn dressed up as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite, side pony and all.

“Holy fuck Y/N, take a guess at who is wearing your outfit counterpart today!” Joslyn squealed when she got to your locker.

You just shrugged nonchalantly while continuing to switch your books for your first few classes.

Joslyn let out an exasperated sigh, “While I guess you’ll never know then.” She had always been quite the drama queen, and used it to her advantage with you to get her way.

She started to walk away, but before she could get too far you let out a laugh and called her back, “You are so overly dramatic, who is it then?”

“Calum, fucking, Hood.” Joslyn whisper-screamed.

You faked an extremely shocked look, “Oh my god, do you think this means we are getting married?!” Then you shook your head, and began the walk to your first class of the day.

Joslyn was one of Calum’s many fans, and would probably kiss the ground he walked on so you weren’t surprised when she responded with, “One could only hope.” 

You just bumped your shoulder into hers and stopped at the door of your first class, before saying, “You’re delusional. I’ll see you at lunch okay?”

You were sitting in history class feeling like the day was dragging on and on, as your teacher tortured you with a documentary about the immigration habits of Europeans in the 18th century, when finally someone must have heard all the calls for help you were sending from your brain because the next thing you knew the fire alarms were going off.

Everyone rushed out of the room, not because they were worried about the fire but because they all wanted to get out of there before they died of boredom. In the process you somehow ended up in the middle of a different class, but when you looked over you recognized Calum Hood who was indeed dressed up as Andy from Parks and Rec.  You had to admit his outfit was very impressive, he was on rollerskates while playing some of the songs by Mouse Rat, you would’ve thought he would be dressed up in a superhero costume to show off his muscles like the rest of his friends.

He was in the middle of a song when he did a circle on his rollerskates, and caught your eye, stopping his circle mid-spin, “So you’re the other Parks and Rec fanatic everyone has been telling me about all day!” He skated closer to you with a smirk on his face, “So this is going to sound extremely douchey of me, but I don’t exactly know your name.”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s okay, we’ve only been in the same classes for about six years now, I wouldn’t expect you to know me. We don’t really have much in common anyways since I’m not much of an athlete, but I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You said, suddenly becoming aware that people were watching you. It must have been because you were interacting with Calum.

“Well Y/N, we clearly have more in common than you think!” He said ignoring the obvious bite in your voice and motioned between our costumes, but he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going in the process, and when we made it outside for the fire drill he hit the grass and immediately started to flail. Before you could even think, you put your hands on his shoulders to stop him from falling but you underestimated the momentum Calum had had while skating, and he ended up falling on top of you in the process. 

You kept your eyes closed because you didn’t want to think about the mortifying situation you were currently in, but you could feel Calum’s muscles on top of you, and his arms on either side of your head that kept him from completely crushing you.

Eventually you opened your eyes and cleared your throat causing Calum to look up at you, “Uhh, are you planning on standing up any time soon Calum? Or have you fallen asleep?” You said in a sarcastic tone.

He scrambled to stand up, and then pulled you back up before laughing your biting comment off, “Sorry about that, I’m just not used to girls falling for me so quickly.” He dropped his eye in a cheesy wink.

“I’m sure it must be really hard for you to come by a girl that likes you, isn’t it.” you replied back to him, starting to walk away.

He quickly caught back up to you, “It’s hard to find someone that likes me for me, rather than just my athletic abilities.” You were shocked at how serious this conversation had just gotten. But then Calum’s face lit back up into a smile, “Of course my dashing good looks always help!” 

Then he began to play the song Sex Hair by Mouse Rat which caused you to giggle. You tried to hide your smile by covering your mouth with your hand, but it was too late Calum had already seen it, “I knew I could get you to smile eventually, and of course nobody can resist Mouse Rat - the greatest band to ever live!” He all but screamed the last part, and began to skate circles around some of your classmates chanting “Mouse Rat” and of course because he is Calum everyone quickly joined in.

Soon the chant died down, and one of your teachers gave you the all clear to head back inside. You were walking back inside, when you heard your name being shouted. You turned around to see Calum dodging people on his roller skates, how he was skating so well in the grass you had no idea apparently his athletic abilities were in more than just soccer.

When he finally caught up with you he smiled his best, full-teeth smile that sent something running through your body then asked, “So, since you’re April and I’m Andy I think it’s only fair if I get your number.”

You giggled, and leaned in to whisper something in his ear, “Not in a million years Calum.” Then you sent him your most dazzling smile, and walked away.

He was left there with his jaw hanging open, before he swore under his breath, with a new found determination to make you his.

A/N: I just thought of this idea, and I really like it! Let me know if you like it just as much, and want to read about what’s going to happen on Tuesday of Homecoming Week here!

Tuesday is up now!

Rejected Poetry


It was pretty early in the morning. The sun was shining brightly outside, and the birds were singing glorious songs…..of course all of this was blocked out on the inside of Black Hat’s headquarters. Inside the halls everything was dark, due to all of the curtains being drawn together. Everything seemed amazingly dark and dreary today… for a big set of papers on Black Hat’s desk that seemed to be absolutely covered in writing.

About 8 different discarded pens could be seen across the desk, all of them a different vibrant color. It seems someone had taken it upon themselves to write all sorts of poetry on the papers, in all sorts of different colors and handwriting to boot! Some of the bits of poetry were odd as well, describing very disturbing creatures, animals, and all sorts of other dark horrors in a cutesy fashion, not to mention all of the subjects of the poetry seemed to be mental disorders, Black Hat himself, and love or something similar. There was only one person in this house of evil that would do this….Dementia, who was currently in her own room.

for @jody-lou-13

Hey! Could you please do me a teen wolf cast request where the reader is part of the cast and they go out on a camping trip. The reader has a really bad phobia of dogs and so on the trip a few dogs run up to her and she has a big panic attack and Dylan o'brien, Tyler posey and Tyler hoechlin, Holland Roden and Crystal reed have to calm her down. But it doesn’t work until Dylan tells everyone to back off for a minute so it just the two of them and he knows exactly what to say to calm you down. Thanks xxxxx

“can someone please go and find some wood?” called out Holland across the big clearing where we had set up all our tents. you, holland, crystal, dylan and the two tylers had decided to go on a camping trip during our break from filming the next season of teen wolf.

“ill go!”you called walking past her and towards the edge of the camp.

“you need help?”asked Tyler posey.

“na. ill be alright”you smiled and walked off into the woods.

you had been walking for about 10 mins and had collected the broken bits of wood that you had found. you were looking up and admiring the amazingly tall dark green trees around you and enjoying the piece and quiet.

suddenly you felt something tug at your leg and you looked down to see an averaged sized shaggy brown dog at your feet. your heart skipped a beat as the memories of when you were younger came flooding back, when you were about 9, you were playing in the park with your friends and a massive dog ran up to you. it dragged you across the floor and ripped and bite at your leg. you remember screaming for help and how much your leg was bleeding. obviously it had left you with psychological scars, and when ever you saw a god you freaked.

your breath heightened and you froze when you saw another smaller dog appear and join the other.

they sniffed around you for a bit and then ran off. you stood completely still, your legs frozen and your chest tightening. you tried to breath as deeply as you could but your lungs left like they were being squeezed shut.

“ i came to find you”you heard tyler H say as his feet crunched over the leaves towards you. “hey, are you ok?”

you just looked at him and his face dropped from its smile to a concerned look. “let me take these”he took the wood from your arms. “come with me”he took your arm and led you back to the camp. as you got closer and closer your breathing became heavier and heavier until you didn’t think yo could breath anymore.

“whats happened?”asked crystal worriedly running over to you both and taking you from tyler.

“i don’t know i founder here like this”

you leaned on crystal and fell to the ground next to the log seats, you leant your head back and gasped for breath. suddenly dylan and tyler came out from their tent followed by holland.

“whats wrong?”dylan ran over to you an dent down so he was at the same height as you.

“i think she’s having a panic attack”

“what do we do?”asked tyler as they all surrounded you.

“guys just give her a little space”said dylan taking charge. “just look at me y/n”he said calmly as he turned to you “concentrate on my voice, my eyes”

you stared at the shinning brown eyes infront of you, “breath with me” you copied his breathing, in and out, in and out. you started to calm. your heart beat slowing down and your chest relaxing and your breathing becoming easier. dylan was the only one who could have helped you.

once you were calmer the others scattered after making sure you were ok. “thank you”you said to dylan as he sat next to you rubbing your back. “I’m sorry”

“theres nothing to be sorry for”he said looking into your eyes. “id do anything for you”


Right so I would like to introduce you to 2 of the many loves of my life: Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin. They are everything I want to be and inspiration for this Monday’s back to school series post: Mod for the Modern Era.

The focus here is statement liner with a fresh understated face. 

Use liquid liner to make a thick Audrey inspired cat-eye or hand draw little doll lashes on the bottom of your eye like Twiggy.

White on your lids and lower lash water line add that mod feel. Bring the white to your corners for a updated fresh look. Adding a little color liner to your bottom lashes, such as the light blue pictured on the eyeliner section, can add a similar doll eye effect. Add a few on the end or draw them all the way over like Jane. 

A filling in a strong brow keeps attention at your eyes so keep your skin fresh and natural with soft pink or peach blusher. Same goes for the lips. Jane always had a orange toned balm on in photo shoots and everyday looks. 

While there are a lot of brands that make a good liner ( like my favorite Bobbie Brown) Benefit’s They’re Real liner is amazingly dark and stays on through thick and thin. Also a lot of Benefit’s products give off a vintage feel this post has. Stila’s brow pencil is easy to use and looks good on plus their packaging is adorable to me, similar to art supplies. 

Of Bumblebees and Baby Talk

Because this is what I do at three in the morning. I get random Solavellan baby feels with a heavy dose of Cole. Happy holidays! (Even though this takes place in early spring…)


Cole is probably the only person on the entire planet who enjoys changing diapers.

To be fair, it’s not just the diapers. He just loves being with Samahl. The first thing he does in the mornings is watch her sleep, waiting for her to wake up. She’s a deep sleeper, so he often sits for more than an hour, just quietly watching the babe slumber while Nimue gets them ready for the day’s travel. He never tires of it, sitting in complete silence while the former Inquisitor harnesses Foxglove and breaks camp, until Samahl finally starts to wriggle and whine grumpily for her morning feed. He makes sure she’s clean and dry before he passes her off to her mother for her breakfast, and every little cry, whimper, grizzle, or coo, he knows just what she needs or wants, and he’s always eager to oblige.

Nim would be jealous, if she weren’t so grateful. Without Cole, she’s not sure how well she’d be doing on her own. She likes children well enough, but she’s never had much experience with babies, honestly never thought she’d have one of her own. She skims a hand over her belly, soft and streaked with lightning bolt stretch marks underneath her loose, homespun shirt, and wonders if she’d even have kept Samahl if she’d been fathered by someone else.

It’s selfish, she knows, but she doesn’t think she would have. When Cole told her that she was pregnant, she panicked at first. Had no intention of keeping the baby, but then… Then she thought, in a hidden little corner of her mind, This is something of him that I can keep. Something he can’t steal away in the night. Something to remember him by.

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I took my 2 strand twists out this morning but didn’t have time to separate and fluff them out. I’ve been locking the moisture in my hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Sheen Sealing Nectar. This stuff smells so good it’s ridiculous. I picked it about about 2 weeks ago at walmart for around $9.

My hair retains the shine it gives for hours and the smell too. I spray it on my hair in the morning as I’m getting ready and maybe once again in the middle of the day. You have to be careful not to spray a whole bunch because everywhere you lay your head will have a grease stain on it. So far it’s doing a really good job at retaining the moisture in my hair.