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Dark/Anti inspired music playlist

Ok, so I looked around tumblr a bit to see what i could find, and with the musics i know myself (so the styles of music i like are heavily represented here), i decided to make a big playlist, along with some piece of lyrics from them, that suit Dark and Anti pretty well in my opinion. Some of them are not there for the lyrics, but of the ambiance of the song, that are Anti/Dark-ish to me. 

In bold are the songs that i think are AMAZINGLY ANTI/DARK-ISH like… It’s almost that they were made for them. So here we go! 

And do not hesitate to suggest other songs I missed, i may update this post from time to time when i find more songs! :3

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My Maid ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

Wanna do another Halloween one except THIS TIME with Wilfy and Darkipoo being a cute couple and Wilford being an idiot getting stuck in his Halloween costume, so LET’S DO IT!!!

Ahh Halloween. It may surprise you to know that Dark rather liked the seasonal occasion, it amused him to no end to see people get so excited over the prospect of scares, multitudes of candy and dressing up. Well….not people, only one particular person in fact. His complete and utter goof of a boyfriend Wilford Warfstache. Dark just loved how enthusiastic he was about the whole thing, and had even been persuaded to partake in certain aspects of it with him. He was currently stood and dressed in a cheap vampire outfit, a cape draping over his back whilst two fake fangs were stuck on his canines; he’d never admit it but he rather liked how they looked on him.

‘Wilford what is taking you so long?’


Dark rolled his eyes with an amused sigh as he hovered outside their shared bedroom, for some reason Wilford was taking quite a bit of time with his costume. Dark grinned when he thought of it, Wilford had insisted on finding the skimpiest maid outfit that the internet could possibly offer. Wilford had even tried to persuade Dark to go for feminine outfit but there were some things that Dark was not prepared to do and “no Wilford I am NOT cross-dressing with you, I love you but there is a line and cross-dressing is the line” put an end to that particular dream of Wilford’s. Dark grinned a little at the thought, until a small stream of seemingly frustrated sounds started emanating from the bedroom.

'Fucking…goddamn tank top….’

'Are you okay? Do you need any hel-’


Dark laughed amusedly, placing his hand on the doorknob to turn it and swing the door open.

'Wilford if you wanted to keep me out then that was the wrong thing to say….’

Dark eyes glittered with his gentle amusement as he opened the door, fully expecting to see Wilford topless whilst holding a piece of clothing in his hands and trying to resist the urge to tear it to pieces. He was half right. Dark raised a hand to cover his mouth as he grinned heavily, oh this was just too good.

'Oh my god….’

Dark fell into a laughing fit as he observed Wilford’s state, He was indeed topless, or partially, his torso was bare due to the fact that by some mystical way, Wilford had managed to trap his head and arms in the 'tank top’ piece of clothing. Thus rendering his arms stuck above his head whilst also meaning that he couldn’t see anything around him, which he was extremely happy about.

'Yeah yeah go on laugh it up why don'tcha!’

Dark most certainly did, for a few rather lengthy minutes in fact whilst Wilford stood there grumbling and struggling lightly. Dark did however manage to compose himself, but he couldn’t keep the massive grin off his face as he paced over with a light sigh.

'You are such a moron.’

Wilford let out a gentle, indignant huff as Dark chuckled and scanned the scene, immediately starting to take the material and yank it slowly as Wilford wiggled. Quite a bit of it was bunched at his underarms so Dark decided to fumble about there, which to his surprise made Wilford jump back with a light yip.

'H-hey be careful!’

Wilford exclaimed, he gulped a little at the thought of how this….was actually quite a vulnerable position that he was in. He certainly didn’t want Dark to undergo that realisation and end up…..taking advantage of it. Unfortunately for Wilford however, upon his exclamation Dark had paused….and let his lips stretch into a wide a feral smirk; he was going to have some fun with this.

'Why Wilford whatever is the matter? I’m only trying to help….’

Dark let his hands move down to where the edges of the material were clinging to Wilford’s lower ribs, and he slipped his hands underneath as he 'tried’ to remove it and lift it up. Wilford meanwhile had already fallen into light giggles as he squirmed and flinched.

'Dahark you’re nahahat helpihing!!’

Wilford’s giggles were squeaky and sporadic as he tried to squirm away from Dark’s touch, but alas, the latter man was extremely persistent as his fingertips started to massage Wilford’s lower ribcage.

'Well obviously it would help more if you could stay still, honestly why on earth are you so squirmy?’

Dark feigned innocence but Wilford could hear the amusement and mischief in his voice as his giggling increased in volume, he was rapidly trying to tug at his arms to see if he could at least bring them down a few inches; but nothing worked.

'Yohohohohou knohohow why yohohou dihihihick!!’

Dark chuckled loudly as he allowed his hands to move down and pinch Wilford’s sides, making said man yelp and try to jerk as he cackled and tried shuffling away.

'No I really don’t, why don’t you enlighten me?’

Dark’s smirk was feral and yet playful as he squeezed the ticklish flesh rapidly, relishing in Wilford’s wild reactions as he tried twisting out of reach. Dark’s tickling hands only followed though, there was no way for Wilford to escape.


Dark gasped lightly with heavy indignance, but he couldn’t stop his fond grin from emerging as he observed Wilford’s form. Wilford meanwhile was enraptured by nerves, uncertainty as well as plain and simple mirth; the fact that he couldn’t see whatever Dark was doing made bubbles explode in his tummy as he listened hard. No matter how hard he listened though, Dark still caught him off guard when his hands made contact with his belly.

'I was only asking a simple question, there was no need for such rudeness!' 

Wilford was spluttering with his embarrassment as his bubbly laughter pierced the air and bounced around the room, whilst the man himself felt his knees buckle thus making him fall to the floor as he tried to shuffle away from his attacker.


Dark snickered as he followed Wilford to the floor, perching on his thighs delicately as he squeezed and pinched the light pudge of Wilford’s lower tummy, making the owner squeal and laugh rather adorably. Which Dark did not hesitate to point out.

'Actually I think this is rather cute….’

Dark’s fingertips swept over Wilford’s waistline thus making him buck and yelp in a beautifully desperate fashion, all the while he was tugging fruitlessly at his arms. At Dark’s words Wilford was almost thankful that the garment was covering his face since he could feel his cheeks heating up magnificently.


Dark only had to hear Wilford’s words to know he’d succeeded in his relaxed attempts to fluster him, he’d done it so many times it was like second nature to him; Wilford however had certainly not gotten used to it.

'So demanding, one would’ve thought that someone in your position would be more polite…’

Dark spoke in a light growl as his fingers splayed over Wilford’s belly and sides teasingly, making the man beneath him shiver and let out a gentle whimper. Dark traced light circles and patterns over the quivering flesh, as his hands ever so slowly began drifting towards Wilford’s kryptonite. His strong, sensitive hips.

'Nonononoho Dahark dohon’t do it, j-juhust get me ohout of this please!!’

Wilford’s words bubbled out from him rapidly and haphazardly, which only encouraged Dark to continue in his mischievous endeavour with a wide smirk.

'Oh my darling Wilford, you’re a strong man….I’m sure you’ll get out eventually.’

Dark’s gentle touches ceased….and his ruthlessness reared it’s tickly head as Dark wormed his thumbs under the waistline of Wilford’s maid skirt so he could vibrate them over Wilford’s hip bones.


Wilford was in immediate hysterics, he was bucking and writhing as the bundles of nerves were tormented relentlessly and with an amazingly determined vigour. Dark knew he was enjoying this way too much….but then when it comes to making Wilford hysterical, from his point of view there was no such thing as too much.

'Awwww tickle tickle sweetheart….’

Dark cooed delicately as Wilford wailed desperately, ticklish jolts surging through his entire system as Dark’s thumbs moved to the bowels of his hips; he massaged harshly this rendering a scream from Wilford.


Dark was enraptured by Wilford’s incoherency, and as a result he ended up being shocked when a sharp ripping sound filled the room shortly before Wilford’s hands latched onto his with desperate abandonment.

'Nohohoho mohohohore…..’

Dark couldn’t speak for a moment….Wilford, in that moment was just stunning. His hair was mussed and his lips were spread wide in a beautiful, dazzling, and slightly exhausted smile as his cheeks burned with his breathlessness and flustered feelings. Dark felt hypnotised as he looked over Wilford, who in turn was looking at him with a hint of confusion.

'God….you’re so beautiful….’

Wilford had no time to react before Dark’s lips crashed into his with warmth and sincere passion, Wilford reciprocated eagerly and couldn’t help a happy grin forming as a light hum left his lips. It lasted for a long while, but they both had to withdraw begrudgingly due the annoyance that was their bodies’ needs for oxygen. Wilford was himself in a bliss filled daze, whilst Dark recovered and soon bore a gentle smile as he looked down to where Wilford’s hands grasped his.

'I told you you’d get yourself out.’

Wilford blinked a few times at the sound of Dark’s deeply-toned sarcasm, he smiled at Dark with a hint of exasperation as he looked to where his hands rested; he decided to give Dark’s hands a small squeeze of warning.

'Shut up you….’

Dark chuckled as he leant over Wilford with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

'Why don’t you make me?’

Wilford raised an eyebrow at Dark’s demeanour and giggled a little as he spoke with exaggerated shock lacing his voice.

'Oh you dirty devil!’

Dark let out a barking laugh as he gazed down at Wilford, the mischief that bubbled within the man never ceased to amaze and amuse him; it was one of the endless things that Dark loved about him, mainly because it helped coax out Dark’s own mischievous side. Much like now as Dark’s gaze flicked over Wilford’s attire.

'Mm….perhaps I require a maid.’

Dark’s eyes glittered dangerously as Wilford’s own visage seemed to shine and perk up, his lips quirking into a light smirk as he sat up and leant so he was upright and face to face with Dark; he may have only whispered, but his words echoed in Dark’s mind.

'Then perhaps I should get to work.’

Oh those men, nothing will ever really compare to them will it? Their relationship will never die either….it may get a little dusty or glossed over but never forgotten. Much like the season of Halloween. They are eternal.


Born to Love Pirates

Born To Love Pirates 


A/N: Born to love Pirates, or simply “Pirates” is this work’s title… SO I feel the OCness just writing this so this is a warning beforehand. This is a RWBYxLWA crossover about… well… Pirate cousins Akko and Ruby and half-sisters (or so they claim) Diana and Weiss. And well… Pirates! I think. Anyway. Probably gonna be more romance than pirates. But, I do hope you stay for the ride and… 


 Oh, and before I forget… @laulink since you seem interested :)

~Shintori Khazumi


~0~pirates~ lwa ~pirates ~rwby ~pirates~0~-


“Diana, honey?”

“Mama?” A girl about five year of age looked up from the flower crown she was putting together for the sick woman, stuck in bed after her few years of fighting against unknown diseases of their time. “What is it?”

“Don’t you think… the sea is beautiful?” The woman spoke more to herself and the view from her window than at the tiny bundle seated on her lap. A faraway look in her eyes, a tender smile tinted with longing, the little girl could only understand so much about an adult’s perspective.

She answered as she knew how.

“Mm! I think it’s really pretty! Just like mama! Or, well, maybe less. Mama is the most beautiful after all!”

The lady responded with a chuckle, squeezing the adorable cheeks of her adorable daughter.

“Then… what do you think about being in love with a pirate?”

“Pi…rate? Is that what daddy is?” Diana asked curious. Was that another occupation of her busy businessman father?

“I wonder…” Bernadette could only murmur in her dazed state, unaware of the confusion she was causing her five year old Diana.

“I don’t know Mama. Is it good? Loving… Firets?”

Giggles consumed the older woman as she hugged her child. “Pirates dear, Pirates.” She corrected, pulling Diana into her lap as she did when she was about to tell a story, and enthusiastically, her daughter complied, wondering what adventurous tale she’d get to hear this time.


“I think it’s romantic. Loving a pirate. Someone bound by the sea, as if cursed. Only stepping on shore ever once in a blue moon-“

“There are blue moons?!” Diana quipped excitedly. She’d never seen one before.

Bumping her forehead against that of the excitable girl, Bernadette continued, unfazed. “Loving a pirate is a curse… a spell you cast on yourself continuously once they have cast it but once on you.”

“Bad pirates?”

“I wonder…”

“Mama, wondering again?”

“… really Diana… I really wonder…”

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I think I liked you when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches...Chapter 90 - Primal urges

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 90 - Primal Urges

[the pair return to Negan’s room, and unbeknownst to the dark-haired Saviour, Blake has some urges that can only be fulfilled by one person…]

(WARNING:This chapter contains smut/nsfw/dirty talk and some amazingly smut gifs!)

It dark and quiet as Negan strode through the windowless hallways of the Sanctuary, with Blake’s fingers still entwined firmly with his.

Neither of them had to say a word about where they were going, but both of them knew. And it was just a mere moment later, that Negan gave the large wooden doors to his quarters, a firm shove open, the pair of them moving silently into his dim room.

The window was undraped, shedding a pale, white early morning light across one side of the large expansive space.

Both of them had forgotten their tiredness and cold now…Blake’s warm hand suddenly drifting away from Negan's….

The dark-haired man just watched as she tucked a loose strand of caramel hair behind her ear, her green eyes finding his in the gloom.

“Is it ok if I take a shower?” she murmured in a soft voice, standing there as fucking beautiful as ever, still draped in his oversized leather jacket.

He hadn’t lied when he had told her it had suited her. For there she was…. as fucking perfect as she always was…dressed in something that was his.

This was like her wearing his t-shirt all over again…

That oh-so-primal feeling of her being his, flooding his veins.

Negan turned his entire body into her, parting his lips gently, as his chocolate eyes looked her up and down.

“Darlin’,” he pressed in a low, drawn-out voice, shaking his head and staring at her earnestly. “You know you don’ even have to fuckin’ ask…”

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Wilford: Dark! Look at this cool couch one of my fans made for me!

Dark: *Enters the room to find a pink couch shaped like Wilford’s mustache*

Wilford: *Smoothing his own mustache* Amazingly accurate, right?

Dark: One of your fans…

Wilford: *nods vigorously*

Dark: Made you a couch?

Wilford: *nods even more vigorously*

Dark: What kind of fans do you have?!

Where You Belong Part 2

               Mr. Winchester smirked at you before you could stop yourself you let your eyes travel from his amazingly dark hazel eyes, to his strong chin that stubble covered lightly. You sucked your bottom lip in between your teeth at the thought of that stubble scrapping against your jaw, or your thighs. You noted his tight white button down shirt with his dark blue tie loosened around his neck. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows exposing his forearms and the veins popping out of the tanned skin. You noticed how tight his black slacks were and let out a very audible sigh. “Damn….” You thought you whispered but actually said out loud.  

               “Everything okay Y/N?” Sam asked as you licked your lips quickly, before the bartender slammed your items on the bar and you instantly took another shot, slamming it down your throat, praying the burn would help cool you down. “You know, those sleeves rolled up like that turn me on” you smirked leaning closer to him; Sam seemed to hold an amused look on his face as he watched your flush face getting closer. “Wanna know a secret?” you said lowly once your face was inches from his. “What?” he asked in a softer tone now. You giggled biting your bottom lip. “I’ve had my eyes on you for a long time now…” You giggled as he smirked. “Really?” he muttered as you grinned at him. “Yes Mr. Winchester” You hiccupped before reaching for your drinks. “Well I gotta go….wait…” you set them back down before turning to him. “Why did you give me that book to read earlier? Fifty shades of Grey is about….sex” you giggled as another hiccup contained your voice. “World history isn’t about sex” you said laughing. Sam went to answer when you grabbed the drinks and turned away, walking carefully back to your table.

               Sam watched you from a distance for a while, so he wasn’t the only one day dreaming about the two of you. He paid for his drinks, satisfied with how the evening had gone only to notice you had disappeared. He quickly began scanning the room only to get a glimpse of you walking out the door. Carefully making his way through the crowd, he exited the bar, only to find you doubled over puking beside a car. “Y/N?” he called out carefully. “Don’t look at me” you groaned as his hand was suddenly on your back and his other hand pulled your hair out of your face. “Here” he quickly pulled a napkin from his pocket and let you wipe your mouth. “Thank you Mr. Winchester” you whispered staring up at him dizzily as your eyes kept trying to close. “Call me Sam” he said softly leaning you back against the car. “Why don’t I take you home so you can sleep this off?” he murmured with a soft chuckle as you nodded “you’re spinning” you whispered to him as his brows pulled together. “What?” You went to speak again when you sighed and your eyes shut your face colliding with a warm solid surface before you blacked out.

               You groaned rolling over letting your face bury in the soft pillows. The smell of musk, a woodsy, pine tree kind of smell, but it was mixed with something, a sweet, softer smell, what was it? It suddenly dawned on my throbbing head; Vanilla and Cinnamon; you smiled a little as your eyes opened. Though you weren’t smiling for long when you noticed the black pillow case your face was partially buried into. You sat up quickly, squeezing your eyes shut as you held your head. Bad choice of movement, you looked at the large but tidy room, everything had a place, and even the dirty clothes looked nice and neat. You turned noticing the large windows behind the bed when something caught your eye on the night stand. Orange juice and Advil; you were terrified at the blank mind that you got when you tried to think of last night. You took the Advil and the orange juice quickly before standing up. That’s when you noticed you weren’t wearing your clothes. In fact, the only thing you were wearing, was a long white button down shirt, turned your head and caught a whiff of the collar.  It was the same smell from the bed. You bit your lip and slowly exited the room in search of your clothes. ‘God, whose apartment is this! What the hell happened last night?! Alright Y/N, let’s just calm down and think this through…shit….I can’t remember!’ You sighed as you turned a corner and there stood a toned, tan back, with shaggy brown hair, dark grey sweats on. He was cooking breakfast. You swallowed thickly when your gaze lowered to his sweat pant covered bottom. Your jaw dropped open and you quickly, but quietly made your way back down the hallway.

               ‘Oh shit…oh shit…oh fuck….no no no…..that couldn’t have been him….I’d recognize that ass anywhere though! Oh god!! Okay, calm down. Just find your clothes and let’s get the hell home so we can somehow drop his class and never face him again.’ You searched all over his room; your clothes were nowhere to be found. You turned and jumped seeing him smirking in the doorway. “Morning” he was leaning against the side, his legs crossed at the ankles as his arms crossed his bare chest. You swallowed thickly and blushed some looking away. “Uh…good morning Mr. Winchester” you whispered casting your gaze down. You felt like you could die.

               “I told you, call me Sam” he said smiling as he nodded toward the kitchen. “Breakfast is ready” he noticed when you glanced at the bed before looking at him again. You pointed a little to the bed “Did….did we….I mean….I uh….did” you stumbled quickly over what you were trying to say. Sam let out a chuckle and shook his head “No, we didn’t. You passed out before telling me where you lived, so I brought you were, put you in one of my shirts since you puked all over yourself and put you to bed. Nothing happened.” He had his hand on the small of your back as he guided you to the island in his kitchen. Eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice, coffee, pancakes all sat there along with some toast. You there staring at everything as he made his own cup of coffee.

               Taking a piece of toast, you began to slowly eat it. “Um….I don’t remember much from last night” you admitted taking a sip of the coffee. It warmed your throat and sent warmth throughout you, waking you up fully. Sam chuckled and nodded “I do…you should cut loose more often, you’re fun.”  He smirked slightly, amused with the blush that crept up your face. “I should be going, I don’t think your girlfriend would like it very much if she came home and found one of your students in nothing but your shirt” you admitted looking down. Sam shook his head his hazel eyes holding that amusement. “I don’t have a girlfriend Y/N”

               You weren’t exactly sure what to say; here you were, living one of your wildest dreams. “Oh….” You looked back at your plate, your bottom lip pulled between your teeth. Suddenly he sat beside you leaning over closely to you, his eyes drawn to your lip as you looked at him, your lips parting slightly, your breathing  short and shallow, “Y/N…Do I make you nervous?” he whispered close enough for you to feel his hot breath your cheek. You went to speak but your voice stuck in your throat. You could smell it so strongly now, that vanilla and cinnamon, that musky woods smell. It was him, he naturally smelt that good. Your bottom lip quivered lightly. “Yes…” you admitted barely above a whisper. “Very nervous…you……draw me in…” you whispered your eyes never leaving his.  He seemed to be inching closer, causing you to swallow thickly and nervously bite your lip. “Really?” he asked quietly, somewhat confident in asking you. You slowly nodded; nervous your voice would give out. “Y/N…” he whispered, bringing his warm hand up to cup your cheek. You bit your lip, your eyes closing as his lips brushed yours.

“Y/N?” a voice rang out, your eyes shot open.

Part 1 


It’s 2 AM and I wanted to doodle something, so have some pre-jet jettwins!

This post has been making the rounds today and it perfectly illustrates why I love TFA so much and will never get over the fact that there’s no season 4. The Fridge Horror and implications of that show were amazingly dark and the show got more and more disturbing. I feel like we might’ve gotten more information about Cybertron, about the questionable experiments done on the Jettwins and such. Just think! If Cybertron was already a darker place than might first appear with Ultra Magnus, how dystopian would’ve it gotten with Sentinel Dickhead Prime in charge! Why was there no season 4 this show was so much better than one might first think uughhh

kindredspiritsandgoodomens replied to your post: Laurence Fox has been my dreamcast Wimsey for ages…

Ruth Negga is my current favourite potential Harriet - she’s very very subtle (brittle irony no problem) and has got the necessary sort of ‘aura of power’.

Rocks short hair amazingly? Check. Dark eyes? Check. The ability to convey oceans of suppressed ideas and emotions through clipped dialogue and a low-key, put-together demeanour? Check. Ms Negga is a very strong contender.

Paul would come over at least once a week to watch basketball , drink, and eyball my wife Kim. I really had no issue with it, neither did Kim, wiggling her ass for his amusement. Kim, occasionally wandered in and stayed for a while.
Not so much to watch the game, but to see how drunk I was getting. She’d been getting on me about my drinking and warned me not to get trashed, but I was pretty gone. I don’t even remember who was playing, or which of the two
teams I was cheering-I just remember taking shots every time they fouled, every time they missed a shot, and two for missing a three-pointer. Paul wasn’t half as
drunk as I was and had more than one reason to enjoy my drunken state!

He smaked her on the ass all the time, but it was always playfull and shed always give him an “oooh mmm daddy!” and giggle… I actually liked the idea of seeing my wife fool around with Paul… and so did she. It was just a private fantasy we shared.

Sitting across from me, Paul commented about his willingness to pay to see my wifes pussy. “I’ve never seen black pussy in person, you know, likeright in front of my face.” I just took it as drunk talk, I mean, I told him a few times how much Id like to see his wifes perky white tits.

Finally my wife Kim interrupted him, I guess she’d just wanted to see how far Paul would actualky go with this, you know, call his bullshit!

In her sweet innocent voice, her finger trailing up Pauls leg, “So how much would you pay to see mine?”

He instantly said $20, but Kim said it was worth at least $50. “You can get laid for $50 in most places,” Kim suggested.

I didn’t say anything, I just sat there, stunned and amused by the course the talk had taken. I like to tell Kim what a pretty pussy she has because I really do think she has a great looking black pussy. Her slit is rather petite, and her outer lips are chubby and kept smooth-shaven, and she keep the dark triangle of pussy hair that frame it trimmed short.

Everything was sort of time delayed for me. Everything I heard took a few seconds to actually achieve meaning for me, so by the time my brain truly understood what she was talking about, actually showing him her black pussy, Paul was telling my wife she was hot, but, he wasn’t sure he’d pay more than $50 to see her puss… probably figuring by now she was maybe fucking around with him at this point.

Suddenly, Kim stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, and slid them down her legs. I remember feeling like I wasn’t really there, like I was watching a movie.

She kicked them off, sending them flying at the couch where Paul sat and stood there in her sweater and panties with her dark legs spread a comfortable distance apart. The panties were small and all white contrasting amazingly
against her dark skin. From the top, stray curls of black pussy hair peeked out, and the thin fabric revealed not only the rise of her mound, but also hinted at the pursed lips of her chubby pussy! Kim hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them up even tighter against her crotch, teasing her dark pussy lips just aroundthe edges of her little panties.

“You sure you wouldn’t give me $50 to take these off?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Paul asked, again looking at me, but I didn’t even look at him. I was staring at my wife’s crotch, trying to figure out why she was standing there, in front of my friend in her panties, and why I wasn’t stopping her.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kim said.

Paul pulled out his wallet and laid two twenties and two fives on the coffee table, while smirking at Kim. I tell Kim all the time what a sexy pussy she has. Paul’s right, not all pussies are cute pussies. Kim and I had gone so far as to show off her pussy at the mall doing the cliche ‘wear no panties at the shoe store’ thing. We always had great sex for days after letting some other guys get a peek at her preened pussy.

“Well,” Kim said to me, “let’s see if Paul thinks this black pussy is as cute as you do.”

Kim walked up to Paul and stood right in front of him. He sat up on the couch, which brought him face to crotch with my wife.

“Go ahead, take them off… you paid for it,” Kim said in a sexy voice.

Stunned, I watched Paul hook his fingers in the sides of my wife’s panties and slowly slide them down her bare thighs until they fell to her feet, her now exposedpussy barely inches from his face.

“You have two minutes, Paul, do you want me to pose for you?”

Paul just nodded without indicating what he wanted her to do, so my wife posed herself for him like a stripper slut. She sat down in front of him and spreads her legs as far apart as she could. Then she closed them and brought her knees up to her chest. Finally, for his last thirty seconds or so, she turned around and got on her hands and knees and waved her bare black pussy at him like she wanted Paul to mount and fuck her.

When the time was up, Kim simply faced him again and sat on her butt with her legs still open so Paul could still see her pussy. She then said something that was enough to tear through my alcohol induced fog.

“So,” Kim asked him, while she ran one of her fingers over the sensitive divide between her chubby cunt lips that had started to become a little swollen, “Are you sure all you want to do is look at it? Add another twenty and I’ll let you fuck me right here.”

Paul looked at me with his mouth hanging open.

“Don’t worry about him,” Kim told him. “He’s been dying to have someone else fuck me. Add another twenty and you can fuck me right here in front of my dear husband,” Kim added as she slipped one of her own fingers inside herself right in front of Paul.

Paul pulled out another twenty, my wife pulled off her sweater and dropped her bra, exposing her massive big black titties for him. I couldn’t belive this was happening right in front of me. Paul and I stripped off our clothes and sat on
the arm of the couch to get the best view white I jerked my dick.

Kim pushed paul back on the couch, turned around bending over, giving Paul a complete look at her wet pussy. She bent her knees a bit so she could grab Pauls dick, her black fingers in stark contrast to his very pale dick. I fevereshly stroked my cock as I watched my wife slowly sraddle Paul, guiding his dick inside her bare cunt as she sat her big black as down on his lap.

Kim kept her hands on his knees and began grinding her pussy on him, bouncing
her ass up and down his dick. “You like this black pussy?” Paul just moaned, holding her big hips, forcing her down on his dick with more force. Kim started moaning, clearly enjoying this as well. Her moans turned to grunts and her skin started glistening withsweat. Paul smaked her big black ass hard, letting out a loud “CRACK!” filling the room.

Paul and my wife were becoming much more vocal, more animalistic, grunting and groaning as Kim used her pussy to fuck Pauls dick. She was breathing harder, her chest rising and falling, causing her big black titties to jet out and jiggle with each bounce and upward fuck from Paul. I was close to cumming. I was keeping in rythem with theirs. 

Suddenly, without warning, Kim started to cunvulse, it looked like she was having a seizure. She was having one of her most powerful orgasms, her whole body was shaking. Paul grabbed her by her haunches, thrust up deep inside her and grunted, “Fuckin cum inside this black pussy!” filling my wife with his seed. I came instantly, spewing my cum all over the couch cushion.

I watched as my white friend Paul inseminated my wife. Kim slowly coming back to reality, still grinding her black pussy on Paul. She leaned back into him, he reached out grabbing both her titties from behind as he continued to empty himself inside her. 

They sat like this for a while till Paul drifted off to sleep. Kim slowly stood up, her knees cracking a bit, Pauls cum clearly vissible running out of my wifes pussy and down her dark legs. She grabbed me by the hand and whispered to go up to our beedroom. As I followed her up  I asked her why she charged him money to fuck her and she said she might as well get paid for it. I asked her if it didn’t make her feel like a whore and she asked me when the last time a player in the NFL or NBA played for free. “Enjoying what you do doesn’t mean you have to do it for free!” she reminded me. 

As she got on the bed on all fours, her ass up and her cum filled pussy clearly exposed to me, I got behind my wife and shoved my newly hardened dick inside her, feeling Pauls sperm act as lube. Kim looked back at me one more time, “but he aint gonna have to pay for this black pussy no more, it’s bought and paid for now!”

Now when Paul comes over, she meets him at the door completely naked or with her jersey on and no bottoms exposing her pussy. She always greets him with a sexy kiss before sitting him on the couch. She teases him and me for a while first by wandering around us with her massive black titties and ass out. Sitting her bare ass on his lap. I like to watch as she undresses him and sucks his cock right there in the living room during halftime. Then, after the game, she straddkes him, always letting him fuck her bare.

A Writer's Inspiration

A/N: Even though this is a request, I want to dedicate this story to ntshrtbtfunsize . I love you and your comments, lol. Hope you don’t mind me throwing your name out there…

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

‘Having a seat in the back of the plane had its advantages. Having a boyfriend like Jimin also had its advantages.

First, Jimin was very experimental sexually and there always seemed to be open seats in the back of a plane. 

Second, Jimin was amazing in terms of sex and when nighttime hit on a plane, it was amazingly dark.’

You were typing away at your computer, starting on your latest smut. Being on a dark plane had given you a mountain of inspiration and the words came to you easily. Jimin leaned his head on your shoulder and started reading what you wrote. He was always fascinated about fanfics so he didn’t see a problem with you writing them. "You’re writing a sex story about me?“ he asked, amusement evident in his voice.

"Nope. Your name is just a placeholder” you said, your fingers flying over the keyboard. Jimin frowned but you were too busy getting your thoughts down to notice. “Why do you need my name there?” he asked.

“Because the fantasy in my head is of you. After I’m finished, I’ll just change the name” you said. Jimin’s eyebrows pulled upward at your words and he looked up at your face. You erased a few words and just stared at the screen, rereading what you had so far. 

'His hand grabbed the inside of your thigh and you gasped looking around for any possible witnesses. He pulled your head to him, his lips fluidly moving with yours, as his other hand worked your inner thigh.’

His eyes scanned over your words and he blinked. 

'Jimin could feel himself growing hard as he introduced his tongue to your mouth. His hand rose higher, moving your skirt upward and cupping your mound over your newly exposed panties. His fingers slid over your clothed slit, adding pressure to your most sensitive part. Your breathing hitched and your teeth dug into your cheek as you tried to choke back your moans.’

Jimin found himself getting turned on as he read your inner thoughts. Likewise, your panties were growing wet as you imagined Jimin really touching you. Jimin’s penis was fully erect along his thigh and he put his hand over it. From the corner of your eye, you saw him move to cover his erection and you licked your drying lips. 

'As Jimin rubbed your slit up and down, he could feel a wet circle forming. Your chest rose and fell heavily as you sunk into the airplane seat.’

He looked down at your legs and closed his eyes, noticing that you had a skirt on just like in your story. It was hard not to imagine your fantasy in his head when he was practically living it. You were both turned on. You were in the back of a mostly empty and dark plane. He was hard and you were getting wet with every word that you typed.

'You opened your legs wider, not thinking of the potential watchers any more. All you could focus on were the slow circles that he was drawing with his fingers. Your breaths were shaky as they exited your mouth in a hurry. Jimin sucked your earlobe into his mouth before blowing his cool breath on your ear. The action gave you goosebumps, your ear going cold while the rest of your body was in flames. “You are-

”-so wet?“ Jimin said beside you. Your fingers froze over the keyboard and you looked at him. Jimin placed a finger under your chin and you swallowed hard, your writing world crashing into your real life. "Aren’t you?” he asked. You nodded and he pulled you to him, kissing your lips. You closed the laptop and moved it to the side, your lips never leaving his. He flipped the small armrest up from in between you. 

Without a second thought, Jimin roughly grabbed onto your thigh. His hand slid forward until his fingers reached your drenched panties. He moaned against your lips, seeing that you were just as wet as you were in your story. Rather than rubbing you over your panties, Jimin slipped his hand under them. His fingers traced over your slit and you sunk your teeth into his bottom lip. He pressed his finger down over your clit and you fell back against your seat, releasing his lip in the process. 

Jimin smiled, caught up in the euphoria of pleasing you in such a confined public space. At any point, someone could notice what you were doing. There was no blanket covering you and your body was slightly illuminated by the small television screen. Those thoughts pushed Jimin into his sexual mindset. He didn’t care about keeping you quiet. He didn’t care if anyone was watching. In fact, he would welcome people to come and watch your face twist as you reached that point. Nothing else mattered except making you cum.

He quickly rubbed fast, small circles over your clit, watching as your hands squeezed your breasts. He could see that you were biting into your cheek and he wished to make you scream out his name. He could feel a slight dampness in his pants as his precum leaked from his member. Your hips bucked into the air and you couldn’t help but to let out a little squeak as you came.

Jimin removed his hand and looked around before pulling you to your feet. He pulled you in the direction of the airplane bathroom in a hurry. You quickly looked around and you made eye contact with a woman. She just smiled knowingly and looked away. Thankfully, she was probably the only person awake.

Jimin pulled you into the bathroom and locked the door. The space was cramped but neither of you cared. Jimin unzipped his pants and placed you on the small counter space. He pulled his pants and underwear down and your eyes widened at how engorged his penis was. He knelt down and used both of his hands to tear a large hole in your panties. “Jimin, those are the only-”

He licked his tongue to your opening and you stopped talking. His nose bumped against your clit as he shoved his tongue into your opening, tasting your excitement from earlier. Your hands locked onto his head and you looked down, watching him work your pussy with his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and flattened it over your lips, slowly delivering a long lick. The tip of his tongue flickered over your clit and you moaned, briefly forgetting yourself. At the sound of you, Jimin felt his penis twitch and he stood up. 

He’d had enough of the temptation. He grabbed his penis in his hand and you watched with anticipation. He pressed the head into you and you grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. Jimin watched as you clenched your teeth, trying not to make a sound. His eyebrow jumped, amazed that you could still be quiet, and without warning, he pressed his full length into you. 

“Ah, Jimin-” you started to scream out. He pressed his lips to yours, quickly silencing you with a smile. He slid out of you and you let out a breath against his lips. Again, he pressed his full length into you and pressed his lips almost painfully into yours to keep your moans muffled. He picked up a rhythm, his hips doing all of the work. You buried your mouth into his neck letting him rock his hard dick into you. 

Jimin felt your walls tighten around him and he could feel the end coming for him. Within 3 strokes, he was coming into you, sparking your own orgasm. You sat up and sloppily kissed him. 

Jimin pulled his lips from yours and looked at you. “You go out first” he said. You nodded and kissed his lips again before getting down. You unlocked the door and walked out, hearing the door close behind you. The girl from earlier shook her head with that same smile from earlier but you ignored it, walking back to your seat. 

You picked up your laptop and opened it, preparing to finish your smut. You now had more than enough inspiration.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1) very faithful to the books

2) amazingly dark and blatantly twisted

3) stellar performances 

4) the opening themes ehehe

5) WE NEED SEASON 2 (i mean the show came out a week ago but eh) 


The year is almost over and as crappy as it may have been in reality, in the world of Tokusatsu, it was pretty awesome.

We had three major Anniversaries starting with Ultraman turning 50!

Kamen Rider turned 45:

And Super Sentai celebrated it’s 40th!

We had some fun anniversary films and shows as well including Ultraman Orb, The Kamen Rider Ichigo movie and the return of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger during a two-parter for Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

We also got the amazingly dark and fascinating Kamen Rider Amazons:

Not to mention the BEST Godzilla movie in theaters in years with Shin Godzilla.

The American releases of Ninja Sentai Kauranger and Chouriki Sentai OhRanger on DVD!

Divorced from anything going on Politically, Socially or Mortally, this was a great year to be a tokusatsu fan.

There were a lot more things I could mention that rocked in the toku world this year (The announcement of an Ultraman Double Feature in US theaters, Garo news. etc. etc). but the ones above made the most impact on me personally and stuck out as high points.

On a personal note, I am now almost at 1450 followers.  That’s something I NEVER thought I would ever achieve when I started this blog a few years ago as just a side project from my main focus at the time (my horror blog).  Since then, I have doubled my follower count from what I used to consider my main blog, met a ton of awesome people in the process and had a lot of fun.

Thank you to all of my followers.  You make me smile every single day and please, keep the asks coming.  I enjoy answering them.  I still have a few to get to but I intend to have those answered before the New Year gets here so I don’t have any unfinished business hanging over my head.

Fic Rec Mega Post: Big Bang Special Edition

I’ve spent the last month or so mostly reading the amazing fics and illustrations that were produced for the 2016 Hannibal Big Bang organised by @nbchannibalbigbang / @m-oarts. My conclusion: this fandom is ludicrously talented, it is the actual embodiment of an embarrassment of riches <333333

So, here’s the list of what I’ve been reading. The recs will be slightly shorter this time round, simply because this post would be unmanageably long otherwise. Also, I wanted to make clear, this is not, I repeat NOT in any way a “best of” list. It is a “things wot Vic has read” list. If your fic isn’t on here, it’s most likely because a) it’s a WIP and I don’t rec those on these lists; b) it has an unhappy ending and this delicate flower can’t read those cos they trigger her like daddy kink does other people; c) I just haven’t gotten round to it yet, I’m only human and you guys write so much good stuff I just can’t…

Originally posted by acidwashedcat

Anyway, here we go, under the cut because this is so long it’d take up the whole of your dash:

(Oh, also, I should say that I haven’t said anything about the artwork that accompanies these fics, because I am a visual moron and the extent of my commentary would be: “Oooooh it’s SO PRETTAY!” Suffice it to say, all the artwork is amazing and beautiful and I’m sorry I have nothing intelligent to say about it.)

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