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Galactic Mermaid

I dipped into my Colour Pop shadows and whoa boy! You just need to test out one of them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I also used my NYX colored mascara for my brow, it takes about 3 coats to cover all of my brow. If you have blonde or thinner brows it won’t take as many coats.

As a side note, I did apply the shadows with a primer. I never wear eyeshadow without a primer so these don’t get any different treatment.

Products used:
NYX colored mascara in Pink Perfect
Colour Pop Shocking Shadows in Play (transition), Bandit (crease), Bae (lower lash line, crease, and putter corner), Pop Rocks (lid)
Ardell Demi Wispies
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
Elf Lock&Seal
Pacifica liner in Gun Metal


This is why I love bright colors, when they fade they look like unicorn magic!

The braids had to go and I was dying to straighten my hair. I blow dried it with a heat protectent and coconut oil, then flat ironed it with a titanium flat iron on the highest setting. I know I’m not supposed to have it on the highest setting but I only did 1 pass on each section. My ends looked horrendous so they had to go as well! If you saw then you would be disappointed. Some curls got tossed in it and there you go! I would suggest straightening really small sections and going over it slowly.

I’ll post better pictures later on in the week. Hope you guys like it! Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Hey everyone! 

In this video I show you how to get defined curls that will last all week with just 3 products! I used the small grey perm rods, a wrap and set mousse, and eco styler gel. One thing I forget to mention in the video is that I curl each section of hair in the opposite direction so as the style ages my curls won’t clump together. 

I have a special series for Halloween that involves a bunch of color and one of my favorite cartoon shows so stay tuned! Thanks for watching!

Blink into Color: NYX Color Mascara

Spring is always welcomed in the makeup community with pastel shades of pinks, purples, blues, and many other colors. NYX got a head start last December with their color mascara in 5 vibrant shades. I picked up Pink Perfect and Perfect Pear for $5.24 a piece at Ulta, they are regularly $6.99. On the NYX website they go for $7.

I was truly amazed at the high pigmentation of the mascara with just one coat. The thin wand makes it easy to coat every lash with the lightweight formula. I tried to put a second coat on while it was still wet and the first coat began to wipe off. I would recommend waiting until the first coat is dry before putting on a second layer.

The mascara gave my lashes some length and separation without the being clumped together. With a second coat my lashes are soft to the touch. I chose 2 of the lightest shades that were available to see how much color payoff I would get. I’m more than happy with these mascara and can’t wait to use them for a colorful look.

I’m comparison to Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition color mascaras, NYX definitely takes the trophy. NYX has more pigmentation, a better formula, as well as more vibrant colors. You get less product in NYX but the quality makes up for what you’re missing.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review/first impression of NYX Color Mascara! Make sure you stay tuned for future looks featuring them!


Used my Color Pop color gel liners today for a rainbow effect on my eyes. They settle quickly on the eyes so you have to move fast if you want them to blend seamlessly. The yellow isn’t as opaque as I would like it to be but is a great if you later it up.I was surprised at the quality of white liner and didn’t expect it to be it’s true color in only one swipe. Definitely worth the $5 if you were looking to add some color to your everyday cat eye.


Hi river-nymph! This is the glitter I used for this look. It’s really supposed to be used for nail art and I’m pretty sure I got it from Sally Beauty. I’ve had it for a couple years so I’m not exactly sure. The glitter on the tail end of my brow is a mixture of loose glitter that I purchased from Michael’s. I like to mix glitter for certain looks so I’m not really sure what colors I mixed. The glitter comes in packs of 10, I have the neon color pack and the more normal glitter color packs. It was in the kids craft section at Michael’s and very inexpensive. I hope that answered your question! If you want to know anything else don’t hesitate to ask!

Nightime Makeup Confession

I’m just going to be completely honest here, I strongly dislike makeup wipes and here are 3 reasons why:

1. They cost too much
2. You only get about 24 of them
3. They don’t remove all your makeup

I’ve been using Huggies Simply Clean baby wipes for months now and I will never buy another makeup removing wipe in my lifetime. Here’s 3 reason why they’re better than regular makeup wipes:

1. They’re less than $2 (depending on where you get them)
2. 64 come in a pack
3. If they’re baby booty safe they’re more than safe for sensitive skin

I hope this was helpful for you if you find yourself picking up makeup wipes every time your out! Great skin comes from great care!


Exploding in color this morning

NYX Color Mascara is on my brows and let me tell you that this stuff is hard to get off! You have to use an oil based makeup remover or you’ll be stuck with it forever!

Products used:
NYX colored mascara in Perfect Pear
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
Coastal Scents Hot Pots in Neon Bright Pink, Vibrant Lime Green, Tangelo Tint, and Deep Grape
Blue eyeliner pencil from beauty supply
Take Me To Brazil Palette for lower lash line
Elf Lock & Seal
NYX Glitter Mania in Disco Ball


New tutorial!

I get a lot of questions about my brows outside of my blog and social networks so I thought it would be a good idea to make a tutorial on how I shape them. I’ve been doing my own brows since I was 12, the shape and techniques have changed over the years. This is the shape that I like for my brows and it cost me nothing to do it.

If I didn’t explain anything about the threading process well enough, there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube about brow threading. I hope this video was helpful! If you have any requests for videos or tutorials be sure to let me know!