Design a banner contest!

Are you interested in designing a banner for amazing homestuck cosplay? Love the blog enough to put your time and effort into something that may or may not get featured on my blog page for the rest of the blogs life???

This is your chance! :o Use whatever means you have to edit, photoshop, paint, picnik, who knows. Make it look silly, make it look cute, go ahead! If you want to put cosplayers on it, make sure you know the cosplayers and have their permission to use the image if you do it!

The winner of the contest will receive his or her username forever placed on the blog, the banner forever placed on the blog, AND

*drumroll please*

An Sburb spirograph keychain (as available at the time the winner is announced)!!!!!!! 

So go crazy, because you guys have until March 1st, 2012 to get your banners in! What you need to to is email me your banner as well as your tumblr username and if you used certain cosplayers, their usernames on tumblr or deviantart or whatever. Email to no later than March 1st, 2012 11:59 PM to be eligible. Winner will be announced on March 3rd! :) Good luck!!!