Writing by @moustachiopenguin :

If someone were to ask him about his first love, he would lie and say he’s forgotten.  He wouldn’t tell them about a boy named Kise Ryouta.  He wouldn’t share memories that make him smile and make him ache.  He’d pretend not to remember racing hearts and sweaty palms and stolen kisses.  There would be no stories about commuting between cities and missing trains home.  He’d have nothing to say about locked doors and flushed cheeks or bruised lips. 

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But you don’t understand! Hero was the first ever video I watched of Monsta X. And now they’re singing it in Japanese (my favorite language and the one I’m trying to learn)!!! This line was the reason I fell in love with Wonho! Oh my gaawd my heart is engulfed in so much nostalgia and feels I cannot…