My personal gift <3 I had to wait a few weeks but it was worth the wait. I ABSOLUTLY love this picture. Many thanks to Sarah J. Maas for bringing this amazing story to life and especially for being such a funny and admiring person. Keep going!! And also many many thanks to @charliebowater. I am soooo happy that I got this print and could support this great person (At least a little). At first I thought Charlie only sold her pictures in Etsy… “so no court of dreams for me”, I thought. That’s why I was so happy for finally being able to have this print :D I totally didn’t see the society 6 button.

Keep going, Charlie, I love all of your art :) ….really!!!

Name: Sydney Williams

Age: 18

Location: Alabama

Occupation: Student

Website (if applicable):

This image captures a few of the items that I value most and deem precious to me. The first thing I made sure to include is my dad’s old Minolta film camera that he passed down to me a few years ago. Photography has become a major passion of mine and I have learned to love experimenting with various types of cameras (including Lomography and DSLR). In addition to photography, art is a major part of my everyday life. The sketchbook featured in this photo is open to a drawing of a sculpture piece I did titled “Tick Tock.” This piece is very special to me because it was the first work of mine ever constructed for a gallery showing. I built the piece for a 2016 spring exhibit titled “Mess of Assumptions.” My sculpture portrays my perspective of time through a 3D installation constructed entirely of found objects that resembles a drop waist ball gown (finished piece:

Everyone that knows me can vouch that if I don’t have a paintbrush or camera in my hand, I’m probably reading. Apart from reading way too many editions of Vogue and virtually everything written by Sarah J Maas, I have always had a soft spot for classics (like Shakespeare). For this picture I also included my signed edition of the book It by Alexa Chung (who is kind of the coolest person ever… I mean she dated Alex Turner so goals). This book gives amazing insight on where Alexa draws inspiration for her impeccable style and is just in general very inspiring, making it one of my favs.

The last two pieces I included in this pic are my record player and jewelry box. Music has always been a big inspiration of mine. Apart from it having a strong influence on my artistic perspective, I love to play guitar. This Head and the Heart record also features one of my favorite songs of all time, “Down in the Valley.” Positioned on my Alexa Chung book is a very old jewelry box that I thrifted from a second edition store. Apart from it being absolutely gorgeous, it plays that creepy music when you open it making it 10x cooler. All in all, each of these items represent me in some way, shape, or form, making them priceless and precious to me.


Mind officially blown! Thanks #baileighradar
That’s a lot of chain and a lot of patience . Artist ➡ @youngdeok_seo #amazingart

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