Summer in the City 2014

Summer in the City is already a week ago! Time flies by so quickly! It’s time to upload some pictures and talk about this years experience.

Knowing that I would volunteer I had to adjust the things and people I wanted to meet and see to my shifts. The creators I really wanted to meet were Sorted Food and Dan and Phil. 

I met Sorted Food and they are THE nicest people. I had like a 10 minute conversation with them and they are exactly like in their videos. If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed that I loved how Ben smelled. He smells soooooooo good. I hope that this doesn’t sound creepy but he really smells really good. I gave Mike my phone to take a selfie of us and what I didn’t expect that he took 5 photos and they are awesome :D Mike looks exactly the same in all of them and looks all handsome. Then we have Barry whose eyebrow raises with every photo…and then there’s Ben and me derping. Jamie is not in the group picture as he arrived a little bit later. Nevertheless these pictures make me so so happy and all I can do is smile.

I also met Pete and apart from being really handsome irl as well, he gives really good hugs.

Other people I met:

Last year I didn’t get to meet Ben as he always cut off the line just before it was my turn but this year I was lucky enough to meet him finally

This was all within my free time. In the afternoon my first shift began which was helping at some panels…giving around the microphone, check that the creators were okay and so on and so forth.

I did get to meet Dan and Phil but I just had a short conversation with them as it was like 20 mins before their performance on the main stage and we didn’t want to bother them too much. Both of them look so good even in real life and are really lovely.

Sunday was for me a busier day as I was volunteering at some M&Gs. Jim did an impromptu M&G and it was quite some work trying to keep the order in the queue and check that the attendees and Jim were okay. Seeing how Jim was dealing with his viewers and having the patience to meet so many people was really inspiring somehow.

The actual M&G I was working on was Meekakitty’s and Helen Melonlady’s. Shoutout the their viewers for being so nice and calm!

There were a lot of impromptu M&Gs and we had to check that everyone was okay and trying to sort a queue out. 

Aside from that I met Gary C that day and let me tell you something about that man! You can literally feel how much he loves and cares about his viewers. You could see how much he enjoyed being there. So when I got to the front of the queue he asked me if there was something as I was wearing my volunteer shirt but I told him that I was there to meet him and not in a professional thing. Then he hugged me and said: “That was not a proper hug! Give me a proper hug!” AND OMG! That was the BEST hug I ever got. Not those shitty short hugs. Noooo! He knows! He hugs the proper hugs! He is my queen of hugs now. I will remember his hugs until the day I die. If you watch Scrubs you’ll know how JD describes the perfect hug and Gary’s hug was the perfect hug! Furthermore, he smells AMAZING! 

Apart from meeting these amazing people I attended to a few panels and watched some performances on the main stage.

All in all Sitc this year was incredible! Not only did I got to meet new people and make friends but I got to work at something that I enjoy and love and I enjoyed every second of it. Thankfully I didn’t get abused verbally or physically but what I’ve heard from my friends did upset me. They and the organiseres do not deserve being treated like this! You have to think of SitC as a cake. You need to try a lot of recipes until you find the perfect one and I understand that there will always be someone who doesn’t like this or that but it is a lot of effort to please over 8,000 people! We did our best and the only thing to do now is to learn from our mistakes and make it better next time. :)

I’m going to upload a video tomorrow on my youtube channel hopefully!

Music Life

This has been in my tag for ages, and I completely forgot about it

Put your music on shuffle and answer the questions.

Describes how you die: Sorry’s Not Good Enough - McFly
You in a nutshell: I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Love Life: Amnesia - 5SOS
Describes your family: Come & Get it - Selena Gomez (???)
Your Childhood: Flaws - Bastille
Played at your wedding: All of Me - John Legend
Add in my Pants at the end: Show Me Love America … in my pants
Funeral Song: One Of These Days - Olly Murs
Theme Song: I’ll be your strength - The Wanted
Add with a shovel and screwdriver: Demons … with a shovel and screwdriver
Describes your career path: Just Smile - Olly Murs
Describes your week: Running Out Of Reasons - The Wanted
Plays when you miss someone: A Good Day For Love To Die - The Wanted
Is mine and my best friends jam: Don’t Stop - 5SOS

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