Music Life

This has been in my tag for ages, and I completely forgot about it

Put your music on shuffle and answer the questions.

Describes how you die: Sorry’s Not Good Enough - McFly
You in a nutshell: I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Love Life: Amnesia - 5SOS
Describes your family: Come & Get it - Selena Gomez (???)
Your Childhood: Flaws - Bastille
Played at your wedding: All of Me - John Legend
Add in my Pants at the end: Show Me Love America … in my pants
Funeral Song: One Of These Days - Olly Murs
Theme Song: I’ll be your strength - The Wanted
Add with a shovel and screwdriver: Demons … with a shovel and screwdriver
Describes your career path: Just Smile - Olly Murs
Describes your week: Running Out Of Reasons - The Wanted
Plays when you miss someone: A Good Day For Love To Die - The Wanted
Is mine and my best friends jam: Don’t Stop - 5SOS

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