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Inktober Day 17 - Little Angel

I drew this one in an art club with my friend, Dóra! (sketch by me, inking by her)
Go check her out!


Dodgers take a 3-0 series lead against the Cubs (AND ARE ONE WIN AWAY FROM THE WORLD SERIES)

What a great day to remember that in the original P3 game Akihiko was a character who was struggling with trauma from what happened to his sister when they were younger and that he literally chose boxing just for the strength he could gain from it. That he uses fighting Personas to train himself and become stronger, that he was in a lot of ways hypocritical towards Shinjiro – wanting him to come back when Akihiko was still focused on what happened to Mikii. What a great day to remember he was stuck in the past in his own way, and was until his best friend died. And that he decided to face everything head on and gained his Ultimate from such and this doesn’t change through the game. He faces things head on, is willing to fight against death itself. Hell, he sticks to what he’d decided even in the Answer, refusing to go back – He’s made his choice and even if he could bring back the dead he wouldn’t! Akihiko in the original P3 is such a great character!

And Mitsuru! This girl was forced from a young age to prepare to take on the family’s burdens… All because she awoke to her Persona to try and protect her father from a Shadow! She struggled with the ranks of SEES growing, even apologizing to Fuuka at one point for the fact she honestly kind of pressured her into joining. How great that she decided not to only carry the burdens of her family, but the legacy of her father. That she would continue where he couldn’t and do her best to atone for something that was the fault of her grandfather! What an amazing day to remember Mitsuru was forced into something so great when she was a little girl, and only really found a place for herself after her father’s death and Yukari’s push in the right direction!

And Junpei too! He seems like just a “bro” character at first, but there’s so much to him! An alcoholic father (who had gotten drunk on cooking wine in the past, no less), making a lot of his thoughts negative – and making him avoid drinking himself. The way he felt inferior to the MC due to the fact he seemed to do everything Junpei couldn’t do! The way Junpei felt he found someone that let him feel like #1 in Chidori, only for her to die in his arms. The way he decides to live for her and realizes that he might might not be like/as good as the Protagonist, but it still strong and important. The way he matures enough that he is one of the few not guided by emotions in The Answer – Instead making his choice based off the fight with Nyx and how hard it was! Good on you Junpei, growing so much!

I didn’t go into detail, but Yukari/Aigis/Ken/Fuuka are also good! I wish I had more time to write them out too, but maybe some other day! SEES is just a good group when it comes to development, since the main plot makes sure they all get to shine a little bit!

 Hell, even those that don’t get much are pretty intriguing in their own ways: Shinjiro, Metis, Strega, Elizabeth… All fun characters! Hell, a good amount of SLinks only were good for only being there for their own story! P3 just has a good cast of characters. Good kids, great kids!

fdkfjslfdja ppl are mad that the female protagonist in The Shape of Water doesn’t speak oh my goD she’s the main character nonetheless and communicates with sign language…her “voice” has not been taken away, she just doesn’t communicate in a way that the average person is used to. the force of her voice isn’t heard by her oppressors for precisely that reason - she is “otherized” for it, much like the creature in the tank is for being what he is - and somehow I doubt he speaks conventionally either. that doesn’t mean either of them have no agency.