what an amazing thing the teaser is though, so many details, so thoroughly thought through even through, from the sweater saying tomorrow to the direction being back to you and then changing to LT tour 2018, all 7 minutes long with just the beat that’s so catchy everyone’s going to want to listen to it especially with the last 15 seconds, he looks gorgeous, you cn’t look away, you don’t even want to turn the sound off even when it’s repeating because it’s so catchy it’s amazing 

it’s crazy how much y'all understand that little *white girls desperately needed women and how much more female representation little *white girls have had this year but will plug your ears and scream because black women especially can’t find a fuck to give about wonder woman now that black panther is here, like black women and nonblack women of color have been outwardly supportive and hype about wonder woman since jump and the sales showed that so it’s wild to me how y'all just can’t fathom the thought that black people especially black women have effectively curved miss diana for literally every moment of the BP trailer like do y'all know how important this is for black people for black WOMEN, we witnessed numerous dark skinned (yes that IS important to mention) black women take up entire screen shots doing all types of amazing things in a teaser trailer, like sis they haven’t even spoken yet and already they’re giving us life

little black girls and black boys need this movie, black people as a whole need this movie, we fucking deserve this movie, but y'all don’t give a single solitary fuck about black people, especially black women because it makes y'all itch when we remind you that our femininity and race cannot be pulled apart, is being black women is A Thing™, we aren’t just women and we aren’t just black lmao so anyone unless you have something positive to say about black panther don’t fucking talk down to us or try to diminish this movie to another Male Led Superhero Movie, like let’s not even get into That Bag about how movies led by black and nonblack men of color are needed, let’s not talk about the difference between like the last 15 superhero movies being led by white men and the sheer importance of a superhero movie led by a black man like let’s not even open that bag because we’ll be here forever

in short, leave us the fuck alone because you obviously don’t get it and aren’t bothered to learn


The Tin Can Brothers the awesome dudes who brought us Spies are Forever (the musical), Flop stoppers, The Solve it squad returns  as well as many other comedy shows and sketches have released a new project on @kickstarter by the name of The Wayward Guide.

Now I am super excited for this to get funded and I’ll tell you why. It’s a web series focused around a podcast host that discovers a deep mystery in a small mining town. It promises plot twists, adventure, werewolves, murder, badass ladies,  werewolves, mystery, deception and of course werewolves. But that’s not all it will also have a number of podcasts to run with the series from the main characters perspective. Which is super awesome and creative.

Now I don’t often ask for much but PLEASE consider backing this project it looks amazing from the teaser and I would love to experience the whole show.

Back The Wayward Guide and I’ll love you forever

anonymous asked:

I need to find some brain teasers and amazing facts related to architecture. do you have some??

I found these in the ArchDaily article: 13 Weird, Surprising Architecture Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard:

  1. Architecture Was Once an Olympic Sport
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Son Invented Lincoln Logs
  3. Girih Tiles, Used By Islamic Architects for Hundreds of Years, Are Mathematically Similar to Penrose Tiling, Discovered in the 1970s
  4. LEGO Used to Make Special Bricks for Architects

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So in the past 24 hours, Bighit has released the rest of the members teaser photos and I’m SHOOK. Anyways, theory time :)) This is a long one, so, sorry 

So we’ll start with the latest one, Jin (WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!!)

Jin, is the only person wearing A. A suit, and B. with the Smeraldos.  He is wearing a pastel blue suit, and the smeraldos are blue. Blue represents trust, and peace. The hangul writing (translation from Soompi) says “If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.” NOW LET’S LOOK AT AWAKE’S LYRICS SHALL WE… 

Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics
He’s always wanted to be amazing and reach the sky, most armys can agree, that Jin is a VERY underrated member. I’m thinking, he wants people (army) to trust that he can do just as well as the other members. And that maybe this is him learning to love who he is, instead of trying so hard, when HE’S ALREADY SO FREAKING AMAZING (anyways) And what if the flowers are for Jungkook, to trust him that things will get better (Jungkook is in a wheel chair in his teaser photo) and goes for the other members. ALSO, after re-watching Awake teaser video, EVERYTHING IS BLUE, EVERYTHING THE FREAKING ENTIRE ROOM FLOOR AND WALL IS BLUE


J-Hope’s teaser photo (YESS SUNSHINE)

Jhope, airplaneeeeee, his teaser photo says “If you shine, then I’m alright” It’s sweet, but so heartbreaking too. It’s basically saying that it doesn’t matter how I feel, as long as I can see you happy than that’s all that matters. HE’S LIKE GIVING HIMSELF UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S HAPPINESS AND I’M CRYING. Also why is there so many airplanes with him? Airplane in teaser photo, paper airplane in spring day,

 airplane (or butterfly) hand motion(?) 

What do you do on airplanes? You go away to somewhere else. “If you shine, then I’m alright.”  He might not necessarily being going anywhere, but what if it’s because, like Jin, he can’t reach the skies. That’s he only does hand motions or paper airplanes. 

Taehyung’s teaser photo (YEAH V)

Taehyung, reflection in a puddle, photo says “Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice” Who left? Flashback to I need U m/v (original ver and edited ver) Tae stabs someone, and technically kills them. What if he’s talking about the girl. If he hadn’t killed the guy, would she have left? If he hadn’t been filled with rage, would the person have stayed? Or, what if that person didn’t leave, but was taken away? What if she took the blame for when Taehyung killed the guy, that’s why in stigma’s lyrics it says “(You) who was punished in my stead" 

(THERE GOES THOSE BLUE COLORS AGAIN) (Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics)

Namjoon’s teaser photo (MY BABYMON)

Namjoon, looking out a window, reflections, (presumably since you can see your reflection through a window) Reflection? Namjoon’s solo song, reflection. His photo says "I look only at your back, Because it’s not the time now” The hell does that mean? What if it’s someone he can’t face because he isn’t ready, or something he can’t face. What if that person he can’t face is Taehyung? Remember how Tae called someone but there was no answer, and theories say he called Namjoon but he didn’t answer, as to why he is shaking the payphone box trying to get to it in Reflection teaser video.

 Tae and Namjoon were a heavy pairing during HYYH era

Jimin’s teaser photo (MOCHIIIII)

Jimin, umbrella, soft looking, his teaser photo says “I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me” Right off the bat, LIEEE. *clears throat* So, lie, Jimin, stop lying will ya? He’s caught in a lie once again, or could it be the same lie? That’s why in Lie he says “Get away from me”

 Also what is “someone like me?” Is it his looks, his personality, the things he’s done?

Suga’s teaser photo (MIN YOONGI GENIUS)

Suga, he’s in those like giant pipe thingy (idk what it’s called lol), the text says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.” This kinda ties in with what Jimin’s says. We all know Yoongi has gone through a lot of stuff regarding the concept of loving ones self. Let’s look at The Last

Remember that fight with Jungkook and Yoongi during Run. 

What if Yoongi blames himself about Jungkook’s accident. We can assume the accident happened AFTER that incident. That’s why he says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.”

Jungkook’s teaser photo (YEAHH GOLDEN MAKNAE)

So FLASHBACK to the I NEED U M/V, we all remember how Jungkook was about to get ran over by a car, or he did. 

I’m thinking, he got ran over, but survived and ended up in a wheel chair, basically meaning he’s paralyzed or ATM injured and can’t walk. Also, not HYYH era but if you watch the Begin teaser, he wakes up on technically a hospital bed.

 So my personal thinking, since the whole premises of this concept is Love Yourself, what if his hyungs are beating themselves up on the fact that they could’ve saved him. What if Jungkook is the girl (from the story theory about the Smeraldo) that took flowers, the grotesque looking man, is the rest of BTS. That the fact that they couldn’t accept themselves, and love themselves, they couldn’t save Jungkook, because when you can’t even love yourself, how can help anyone else? ALSO, who the heck was driving the car that technically ran over Jungkook.  What if it was one of the boys? I can’t find anything good enough, or reasonable enough to back this up, but I mean, it’s not a far shot thought.  Okay, so back to the photo. The hangul translates to “The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place” What if it isn’t a place, but people? It’s like the whole premises of home, it’s not necessarily a place, but it could be people. *cough* people being bts and/or army *cough* Also, watching back on Young Forever M/V Jungkook was chasing after them while they were in the truck driving away. 

Off topic, but not gonna lie, doing research and re-watching most of the HYYH era m/v really got to me. I never realized how emotional it actually was. It was deep stuff, my heart didn’t handle it well, lol. Anyways, I think the concept will not only pertain to Loving Yourself, but also, being able to love other people, and accepting other people for who they are. Also, if you zoom in closely to the photo, it might just be the graphics, but the flower doesn’t look colored. It’s pure white. And in research, white flowers typically mean purity, and innocence, like youth or kids, or love. 

The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place. Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy. I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me. I look only at your back. Because it’s not the time now. Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice. If you shine, then I’m alright. If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.
The journey to loving themselves.


~”Love Myself, Love Yourself” (-Kim Namjoon)

Can never be loyal when it comes to Block B
  • BBomb comes out with a (Japanese) solo: Like, comment, subscribe for more content. Posts it's everywhere and listens to it for years
  • Taeil announces a solo comeback: After 2 years finally! I'm all about this and all about him. Get out the way Lee Taeil bulldozing through these boys
  • Turns out Kyung is the producer: Wow look at you. My baby. My world. My everything. Never loved someone as amazing as you
  • Teaser for SMTM6: Never been so attracted to a dark blurry shot and silhouette of a person like I am now of Zico
  • P.o holds a fake baby: My body is telling me to make him the father of all my children just because of these 2 photos of him with a fake baby
  • Jaehyo tweets: This is what I need in my life. Someone that is loyal, funny, handsome, always stable. This is healthy and I love him
  • Ukwon takes a photo of/with his dog(s): Dog person like me. Doesn't cause any drama. Speak different languages. Dances. Sings. This is why you were my first always be my first!
Yongguk - Differences

A request from @idkijustneedanotheraccount that was sent forever ago for how Yongguk would handle being in a relationship with someone who is different from him? Their personality is goth, shy at first, but very caring.
I don’t think I conveyed much difference and this is kind of short, but I hope you guys enjoy! I’m trying to get back into writing on a regular basis but life is still busy.
-Admin Em

Warnings: none. Fluff ahead before Yamakazi destroys us all. (Seriously, that teaser is amazing)

Yongguk lies in his bed with a smile as he admires your sleeping face. You seem at peace in your dreams and your usual dark makeup is missing. Although he found you beautiful with or without it, he appreciated the times he was able to see your bare-face. He remembers the first time he saw you at a charity event. Even from across the room you surprised him. Perhaps it was rude to think, but you looked so…different from everyone else at the event.

Sure, he had seen various idols with the gothic style, but he couldn’t recall seeing someone at a charity like this. Still, you had a smile on your face as you seemed to make conversation with the people around you  He was captivated until you looked up from what you were doing, Yongguk looked away quickly. He didn’t want to be rude.

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Also legit I love this teaser so much it’s a genius amazing teaser it’s the best damn teaser I’m so fucking hooked what’s coming next I gotta know what tf is it gonna be about





Calm You Down | Do Kyungsoo

Genre - Romance Fluff

Idol AU

Drabble (Drabble Game)

 "5…6…7…8! Okay that’s it girls very well done today, you can grab yourselves a drink and call it a night" The choreographer dismissed your girl group. The comeback was definitely one that set the bar quite high with amazing teasers being released every few weeks. You tried not to get too stressed about things, but perfecting every move was definitely a priority in your book regardless of the countless number of weeks you’ve already spent practicing with the girls. You took a seat against the cooling mirror taking a huge gulp of water. Your members gave you questioning looks as they stopped in their exiting tracks.

“You guys go get some rest, I just need to brush up on my routine for the bridge,” you explained followed by them sending you concerned sighs. “I promise I’ll be back in a few hours, you guys need your rest its almost 3 in the morning.” You flashed them a faux energised smile, which resulted in them simply shaking their heads and making their way back to the dorms. They were far too knackered to move you from the decisions you take about extra practices, your perfectionist trait was quite apparent. 

Becoming the last person in the studio and possibly the building, you decided to turn the volume to full blast allowing the melodies fill the expanse of the room. You took a deep breath and let the music carry you through the routine once… twice… a third time. Amidst being so focused on your moves you failed to notice that someone had slipped into the room and took a seat against the back mirrors. As you caught your boyfriend’s eyes in the reflection, you let out a loud yelp in surprise immediately placing your hand over your chest. You promptly turned to give him a small glare as he broke down into fits of laughter. 

 "You should’ve - oh my - seen your face. Gosh you’re so cute when you do that, it makes scaring you worth it every time" He said in between chuckles. You let out a small breath to calm yourself down before getting up to restart the song.

“What are you doing staying back so late?” You asked and he made his way towards the speakers putting his arms around around your waist, pulling you into a back hug. Either he was really warm or that could’ve been you but regardless, you enjoyed finally being in his arms after a week or so. He’d been busy with his promotions as well so these were one of the rare moments you could spend together. Burying his nose in the crook of you neck, he swayed the two of you from side to side as he explained that he had some extra recording to do. 

You’re distracting me, I know what you’re trying to do” You pouted, remembering his usual tactics to try and pull you away from work. Ninety-five percent of the time, it was for your own good because he knew how much you over-worked yourself but you weren’t having it. You tried to escape from his arms but alas, no avail as he effortlessly pulled you back in “Babe I need to get back to practice” You let out a small groan as he placed small butterfly kisses up and down the side of your neck.

“You’re too stressed about this comeback, I can practically feel how tense your shoulders are Jagi. Take a small break, you can finish off tomorrow morning” He quietly suggested moving away from your neck and turning you to look into your tired eyes. “Plus, I want to spend some time with you. God knows when I’ll see you next before you start getting busy with your own promotions” He placed a small peck ok your lips and you couldn’t help but smile. 

 "Your dire need for attention is getting on my nerves, but I can’t be mad at you" You finally gave into him as he reached behind your back to turn the speakers off. You let out a squeal as he hoisted you into his arms bridal-style, collected your belongings and began to walk you out of the dance studio. Sometimes you need someone to calm, you down…

A/N: This drabble was written my baby anon who has probably been waiting for this for months on end but Year 11 is so time consuming (explaining the half-hiatus). I wrote a few drabbles over the summer and I’ve now just about had time to sit down and post them. We have a Chanyeol one next! But yeah, thank you so much to all of my loves who have stuck by me even when I haven’t been able to be here for so long, you guys are the best <3

~Shazz xx