Is it only me that thinks that BigHit hasn’t necessarily planned everything since debut and instead, when thinking of a new concept, they look back on past projects and build a new story and create links based on what has been seen already. So, in other words, they think of ways to create a story along the way instead of having it all pre-planned.

For example, with the new short film STIGMA, there were scenes from Danger. But instead of having such a concept planned since then or even earlier, they’ve sat down and said ‘Alright, what links and connections shall we make to create and continue a story?’. And that kind of applies with the other short films, teasers, projects etc. They’re just constantly looking over what they’ve done, referencing it in new projects and adding additional details.

so if sasuke is indeed boruto’s sensei, boruto would challenge him all the time and he’d totally try everything to make his life a living hell and sasuke would just brush it off like ‘i grew up with your dad, you got nothing on him, brat’ 


Some highlights from that freaky as hell teaser.


Use a Vingare Cipher with the key “Weirdmageddon” and you get “BLUEBOOKBLUEB”

“BLUEBOOK” is the most recent Vingare key, and the key to decrypting the title of the next episode.


Say, check out that BLUE BOOK Ford is stepping on there. Awfully familiar symbol on it, eh? *cough*PINE TREE*cough*

EDIT: I’m silly and forgot “XPCVEAOQFOXSO” actually is the title of the next episode. (I’ve been thinking of it as just “Weirdmageddon.”) It reveals “Blue Book” when deciphered because that’s how the Vingare Cipher works. 

Still leaving that commentary up, though, since that blue book with the pine tree on it is obviously important :)

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Hey! Hows the novella coming along? How many words? Its sounds amazing from the teaser . I didnt get to buy sanctuary,i wasnt at a good place financially when it came out. But when this ones finished maybe ill buy both. Youre my favorite author💙💙

Hi! The first draft is finished! I sent it to the two people I trust more than anyone to look over it, and I will be looking at their notes and editing as soon as I finish breakfast :) XOXO

MINI TUTORIAL and tips for making FNAF animatronic cosplay [Attaching eyes + teeth]

Hello hello~ how’s goin’?
This tutorial is mostly for SpringTrap eyes. But I’m gonna explain how to do other animatronics eyes. 
Well….. since few weeks… I really want to make FNAF4 cosplay next year… That jaw-belly Fredbear looks amazing on teasers and it would be a challenge for me… idk seriously…. For now I’m gonna make Phone Guy’s head for my lovely Phone Gal and of course - I will make tutorial about it~! 

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