Hey how long do you think Peter was on the ceiling when Harry was napping on the couch? Just watching Harry sleep and wondering how to handle this whole situation; his best friend is dying and hoping for a miracle Peter knows cant happen…

I just love the idea of Peter having to stand by while Harry dies agonizingly slowly, in an au where Harry didnt take matter into his own hands…

Yes, wonderful angst

Venom Movie Coming 2018... and why I want to shoot myself in the head:

Okay, so just to get everyone on the same page, the two Amazing Spiderman movies were within a seperate/standalone cinematic universe, as opposed to the giant MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) we all know and love. That’s because Sony and Marvel Studios are two seperate entities. Almost 2 years ago, Sony had ALL the rights to the Spiderman character, which was why the Amazing Spiderman wasn’t, and couldn’t have possibly been connected to the MCU. Unfortunately for Sony, their Spidey films didn’t do as well as they’d hoped, and soon enough, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige obtained the rights back from Sony so that they could reboot the character, allowing Spidey to exist within the MCU, which was why Tom Holland’s rendition premiered in Captain America Civil War and is getting his first debut movie in July (Spiderman Homecoming). When Sony relieved the rights to the character, with it came all the characters connected to it, allowing the MCU to use villains such as Dr Octopus or Rhino if they wanted to in the future, and it’s also the reason why Vulture is able to be the villain in the upcoming Homecoming film. It all sounds great, however, the shift of character rights wasn’t a perfect transition from Sony to Marvel Studios. Sony still somewhat possesses control over Spidey in terms of direction and creativity. Kevin Feige pitches ideas regarding Spidey, but Sony always have to approve it. It’s an awkward relationship, but if it means that Spidey can exist within the MCU and fight alongside the Avengers then it’s worth it. Now here comes the somewhat bad news. Because Sony is still attached to Spiderman and all the characters tied to him, they still have the power to make their own films, OUTSIDE of the MCU. Yes, rather pointless I know. The first occurrence of this is when Sony announced an animated Miles Morales Spiderman movie a few months back. Okay, that’s bareable I guess, it’s animated and it clearly doesn’t exist as part of the MCU, just a fun little cartoon. Sony haven’t stopped there though… Oh no. They’ve just announced (seemingly out of nowhere) that they’re planning on releasing a Venom standalone movie, NEXT YEAR! If you understood what I was blabbing on about earlier, then it means it won’t be within the MCU, because Sony are making it without Marvel Studios, and it’s also not a spin off of the two Amazing Spiderman movies seeing as though they’ve been demolished. So it is 100% standalone. A movie about venom with no access to any Spidey characters that the MCU will want to use, let alone the Web-crawler himself. I suppose you could argue that you don’t need a Spiderman to have a Venom movie, but there’s so many characters and so much lore that can only be accessed by using Spidey characters. I honestly don’t see any need in this film. It’s so obvious that it’s just Sony still trying to prove that they still have some control of the Spidey rights, but they’re backed into a corner with limited creativity, just trying to make standalone Spidey-related content whilst tied with their awkward relationship with Marvel Studios. It’s ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. What is the point of going out of your way to make a Venom movie on its own? They hit the green light and it’ll mean we won’t have Venom in the MCU in the future because Sony will be too busy forcing a standalone franchise with him instead. Way to confuse movie goers even more. So you got the big MCU over at Disney/Marvel Studios, you got Fox’s Xmen universe, and now you have Sony’s solo Venom franchise now. Get the convoluted graphs and charts ready when trying to explain this to casual moviegoers. At least a random one-off animated Miles Morales movie was easier to understand. I’m honestly so confused and frustrated at the same time. What. Is. The. Point? If it flops then it’ll only fracture Sony’s already unstability more. Then the MCU/Marvel Studios will be like, “Okay Sony, nice try. Let us do Venom now from scratch, making your run of the character obsolete and meaningless like we did to your Amazing Spiderman movies, so Tom Holland’s Spidey and Venom and coexist in the MCU like they should”. That in turn will just confuse people even more if the day came and Venom was rebooted for the MCU. It’d receive the same confusion and backlash that Spiderman Homecoming did. Casual moviegoers didn’t grasp the need and importance of the Spidey reboot, unaware of the seperate cinematic universes. How stupid will it look when Sony makes a completley seperate Venom movie next year at the side of the MCU giant, and in a few years time, Marvel Studios strips them of the character and implements a new version within the MCU? It’s literally pointless to make a Venom movie OUTSIDE of the MCU without Spiderman. Sony, what are you doing? End my suffering… So to clarify, Sony is making a standalone Venom movie, outside and unconnected to the MCU because they’re stupid, all whilst still working with the MCU for Spiderman Homecoming, rather than leaving Venom alone and allowing the MCU to use the character themselves in a few years time, like in Phase 4 or something.

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Who else was gonna care for you and protect you and worry about you? Your father? No. I was the one who wiped your nose, and made you brush your teeth and do your homework or washed your dirty underwear. Me! Your stupid, non-scientific aunt, who doesn’t know how to make ends meet, who has to take nursing classes with 22 year old kids so I can pay for you to go to college. And I don’t know how to do this without Ben! I don’t know how! And you’re dreaming about your perfect father, who was never here? No! No. I won’t tell you.