I have feeling that if we try to explain to the Supergirl writers why the handling of the Kara/Mon-El relationship is racist and homophobic compared to how Karolsen and Sanvers have been treated they’re gonna be just like every other show and shrug us of saying “you can’t make everyone happy” and still pat themselves on the back for the 3 amazing Alex scenes they’ve had and continue to ignore James like that’s what would happen



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They cut Reese getting the masks from someone on the street or something that they use in the Federal Reserve from return 0, also a mysterious motorcyclist cut from the final sequence, dialogue with Shaw on the phone at the end, and apparently 20 minutes from The Devil's Share, return 0, If-Then-Else and Deus Ex Machina.

Alright fandom let’s do this! Here’s your (not so) comprehensive list of deleted scenes that we know are out there somewhere:

1. Root and Shaw’s totally hot date in Panopticon aka when TM realized that Shaw needed something besides being a cosmetic salesperson and introduced her to Romeo’s amateur crew. (x) (x) (x)

2. Harold fishing TM out of the water at some point during BSOD. I can’t believe we were deprived of this amazing scene. (x)

3. Harold and Grace hugging at the end of Return 0. (x)


5. Shaw’s loft from Razgovor, also featuring whiskey, chinese takeout and a great view of the city. (x)

6. Root wearing black nail polish on her toenails when SAM came online because Amy Acker is so goddamn thoughtful and wanted to preserve that part of Root somehow. (x)

7. The Harold vamoosing to his childhood home scene from Beta that still makes me rage to this day (and there’s even video of this fucking scene)! (x)

8. Harold’s vests are integral enough to have their own origin stories! 

9. The Mysterious Motorcycle person from Return 0 that fandom simultaneously squee’d over and complained bitterly about for the longest time. (x)

10. Flashbacks to TM moving itself in God Mode. I would legit kill someone for the chance to see this. (x)

11. Shaw having a longer convo with TM at the end of Return 0 that they cut because it didn’t flow well. (x)

Feel free to add to these if I’ve missed any (preferably with credible sources)!

Ok I actually really loved this episode so much. Magnus and his cats! A family reunion! Maryse! Malec! Magnus saving the day! Climon! Raphael! Max! That rune ceremony scene was amazing! Jace and Magnus talking about Alec! Ahhh. I. Am. Dead. I legit screamed. Wtf is gonna happen next week. Also Madzie has to be ok! Maia slayed my life. Malec confirmed having sex! Alec almost dying was fucking crazy and just ahhhh. I am speechless

Rewatching The Lost Comanders and Kanan talking about order 66 to Ezra just holy shit it makes me want to cry. FPJ did an amazing job on this scene and I just his voice breaks when he says “gunned her down in a second” and I just god it hurts so much

Well, I guess this is it! With last night’s episode, I think we’ve seen all the interactions that Caryl will have this season…Hopefully we’ll get more in the finale, but I’m not holding my breath for that…I guess that, if we are lucky enough, they’ll interact again on 8A only to be separated again in 8B and reunited in season 9 or 10. I suppose this is how it works with Gimple…It looks like the guy can only focus on one couple at a time, and seeing how much focus R****nne is getting since it went canon, the only thing we can do is wait (and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait…).
Anyway, I had a pretty shitty day so I think the best I can do is watch some amazing Caryl videos with scenes that we already have and hope for the best. Let’s hope for better times in s8, because I’m finding it harder and harder to wait, and I really don’t know if it’s worth waiting over a year between interactions only to get hugs in return (AMAZING HUGS, MIND YOU, but ambiguous after all).
I hope I didn’t bring anybody down with this post, it wasn’t my intention at all. I just needed to share my frustrations with people that actually listen to me.
Have a great day everyone!


The episode was good, Gosh Magnus fighting was amazing. Max scene!! I could not stop watching.

But gosh…I am still weirded out about Malec, I wish I can just forget about it? But I mean It is just disappointing and weird….why did Alec look so uncomfortable to talk about Magnus and his first time? I mean he is that kind of guy, but I thought he would smile when Izzy asked and then Magnus was like: oh he told you, like he was sad….like why?

Can I please get a good LGBT+ Representation in television once in my life? I just….I don’t know. I need to leave tumblr for a while I guess

What is so damn special about that mon-el guy I wanna puke…then they hype up our Sanvers Valentine’s Day episode which they gave us a whole flipping minute and a half of that amazing scene yet gave golden straight white boy practically the whole damn episode…can ya tell I cannot stand mr douchebag…They have zero chemistry imo yet Kara and Lena have insane amount of chemistry…oh but how soon I forget…only one gay couple per show…yeah bite me CW…

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'#thanks for the pain of this scene on my dash ashley' BUT IT'S A GREAT SCENE KAREENA, it's a break up convo that's happening without the break up! alec's remarks are so cutting! magnus' hurt is amazing! their next scene in the institute is a great follow up bc it's in front of others, and magnus is never going to out alec, that would never happen, but he still makes alec know that he hurt him and he's still mad about it. THE ANGST AND EMOTIONAL STORY TELLING I DESERVE T B H

ahsley, it is a great scene but still - they’re happy now! they’re dating! kissing and dates and happiness!!!

ashely: lol remember when alec broke his heart.

you know what i’m bitter about

it was such a good kiss and it’s for such a notp like if it had been sanvers or karolsen or literally anyone else, that would’ve been the most amazing scene bc that kiss is what otp dreams are made of WHY IS IT FOR A COUPLE I HATE


Okay, fine..this? I wasn’t mugged. Alright, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he showed up two seconds later, I would have-