Men always think in terms of fight or flight. In fact the most common instinct in the face of this kind of threat is to freeze. If she didn’t fight, if she didn’t scream, if she was silent and numb, it’s because she was petrified. If she went with him quietly, it’s because she was afraid for her life. And not just her life. Yours, and Nancy’s, and the baby’s.

Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, The Fall (S03E01)

That ocean scene was so beautifully done and the whole build up to get to that scene was amazing too. I believe that Angelo knew he was going to die, and his last moments of him showing humanity were so emotional and peaceful.

This reminded me of Corteo and Angelo’s final happy moments together, in which Angelo had to shoot his best friend and brother afterward, with Corteo accepting his death.

I think that the roles have been reversed in this finale. Nero still saw Angelo as his close friend, and maybe even brother. In the end, Nero is the one who has to pull the trigger on his dear friend Angelo.

I know that a lot of how everything goes in the episodes is down to storyliners and writers, but I can’t help wondering every now and then (especially after these amazing scenes of the villagers pulling together for the Bartons and how everyone was affected by Holly’s death yesterday, and then the scenes of the villagers looking for Belle, sending out search parties with soup from David’s) if anything would have been done differently after Aaron’s abuse reveal had IM been the producer back then as well.

your favorite ghost by augustbird

“My hair,” Bucky says, running his fingers through his now mid-length hair. “Will you cut it like you remember it?”

Steve touches the scissors. “I’ve never cut hair–we could go to a hairdresser tomorrow morning–”

“Please,” Bucky says.