A belated birthday tribute I hurriedly made for myself, involving all the animations that not only made my 2016 grand, but also grew me even more as a lover of cartoons.

If you have no idea what the heck Uncle G is talking about, here’s a little recap for those who don’t know: my mom’s in Heaven with grandma, and one of the special things she ate before she left was my birthday cake and ice cream last year. While she was on hospice, she pretty much refused to eat, let alone even drink soup. However, when my 23rd birthday arrived, she actually managed to eat a WHOLE plate of red velvet cake and strawberry ice cream.

Red velvet is our favorite. I decided that my 24th birthday cake this year would be that flavor, along with a tub of strawberry ice cream, just to feel her much closer. 

I always thought that because this is Uncle Grandpa we’re talking about, that he MIGHT have some way of communicating with angels nonchalantly? I mean, he can duplicate himself and bend time and reality, so maybe? 

Here’s why I chose these specific animations to be featured in my birthday tribute:

  • Uncle Grandpa-he will always be the reason I went back into watching Cartoon Network and realize that it’s actually great again despite having Teen Shite-ans Go!. I love him both an uncle and a grandpa. :aww
  •  Wander-oh, boy, this year has been major Wander Over Yonder love for the show, especially since I just joined in #savewoy, and met great people like @peepsqueak who are the most dedicated people I’ve seen to demand the continuation for a cartoon.
  • Darwin Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball-he show has given me so much more feels this year than it did back in 2015. My second favorite CN show after Uncle Grandpa.
  • Chuck from Angry Birds Movie-probably the BEST movie based on a game in my opinion, and rejuvenated my love for Angry Birds because I ADORE the new designs. Even though it premiered after Zootopia, it pretty much was my favorite animal movie compared to it, because I like birds. 

 I added the Nick Wilde tsum sum plush there because Zootopia was something I looked forward to since 2015 at the D23 convention. And I bought that plush sometime after watching the movie. To me it was the best Disney movie so far. Same reason I included my Finding Dory shirt up there, because it was the movie I watched with my dad on Father’s Day, and she knows how much I love it. 

  • Princess Poppy from Trolls-I never liked the franchise back then, but after its complete makeover and the beauty of its new concept, I fell totally in love with it. The movie was amazing, and thus I have become a fan since, ironically having hated it when I saw the first teaser. 
  • Douche from Sausage Party-first ever adult CGI animated film and it AWESOME. I never thought I would become a fan to this movie, but after giving it a chance, despite its “middle finger” to Disney and Dreamworks movies, it’s actually one of the most powerfully-moral films I’ve seen since Zootopia. You know it’s that good when a freaking Douche has more fangirls than Johnny Depp. :lol:
  • Kooky Cookie from Shopkins (the g-rated version of Sausage Party)-when I was working my first job at Kohl’s last year for the holidays, people kept asking me about this franchise. I honestly didn’t care for it, thinking it was as shoddy as Equestria Girls. However, after watching the Chef Club movie, I’m fallen in love and have been collecting Season 6 Shopkins, hoping to find the limited editions. (I bought the Food Fair Shopkins on the night of my birthday while hanging out with my friends. One of them was a birthday cake Shopkin that literally had the words “Happy Birthday” on its head. )

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday. 


Peridot is the only Crystal Gem that we have right now who honestly wants to protect Earth for being Earth, not just because it’s the place where she can be herself without fear of being shattered. Her whole spiel to Yellow Diamond was about that, that Earth is worth protecting because of its diversity and novelty and things yet to be discovered. Peridot finds many things about Earth fascinating as something to study and learn from and that’s why she argued against destroying the planet to Yellow Diamond. Sure, it want an attempt to save her life, but we’d seen from previous episodes that she honestly believes that the planet and everything on it is worth saving because of all it has to offer, and not just as a resource to be harnesses and discarded once it’s used. She’s different from the other Gems we’ve seen because they protect Earth so they and others like them can live, but they could do that almost anywhere. Peridot wants to save Earth because of Earth itself.


The infamous Cheetah that Daniel M. mounted after many taxidermists told him the skin would turn into ‘cheetah soup’ after it was rehydrated because it was a 70 year old pelt.   It managed to hold up hydration and was mounted up.  It was featured in a previous issue of Breakthrough magazines.

Its important that with mountable skins that they must be stored properly in order to make sure the tan holds up as well as getting it tanned properly.  If I recall this skin was in a museum freezer as a dry tan all those years.


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