Peridot is the only Crystal Gem that we have right now who honestly wants to protect Earth for being Earth, not just because it’s the place where she can be herself without fear of being shattered. Her whole spiel to Yellow Diamond was about that, that Earth is worth protecting because of its diversity and novelty and things yet to be discovered. Peridot finds many things about Earth fascinating as something to study and learn from and that’s why she argued against destroying the planet to Yellow Diamond. Sure, it want an attempt to save her life, but we’d seen from previous episodes that she honestly believes that the planet and everything on it is worth saving because of all it has to offer, and not just as a resource to be harnesses and discarded once it’s used. She’s different from the other Gems we’ve seen because they protect Earth so they and others like them can live, but they could do that almost anywhere. Peridot wants to save Earth because of Earth itself.


The infamous Cheetah that Daniel M. mounted after many taxidermists told him the skin would turn into ‘cheetah soup’ after it was rehydrated because it was a 70 year old pelt.   It managed to hold up hydration and was mounted up.  It was featured in a previous issue of Breakthrough magazines.

Its important that with mountable skins that they must be stored properly in order to make sure the tan holds up as well as getting it tanned properly.  If I recall this skin was in a museum freezer as a dry tan all those years.


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