the way you workin’ that motion, boy you got me in a trance

my opinions on the instruments since you guys are asking (reblog and add yours!!1!)

french horn: honestly so pure. i always think of Dvorak’s 9th when i hear them and u g h y e a s

tuba: my bias here should be obvious

euphonium / baritone: honestly they’re so pretty and cute and nice to listen to. basically improved versions of tubas (sorry @me)

flute: pretty but anyone who can play them is clearly dabbling in dark magic

mellophone: i haven’t met one but i really like their sound. its so nice and… not to be redundant but mellow

trumpet: tbh i could listen to trumpets all day. even beginning players sound amazing to me

trombone: i always listen to the trombones when i’m confused on my part, so they’re sort of my anchor. thanks frens 

piccolo: similar to flutes but the notes are even prettier and the players are using even more dark magic

saxophone: honestly saxophones=awesome jazz to me, and i love jazz, so 

clarinet: they sound like the ethereal wood fairy version of flutes (im not sure why i think this). there’s a really good clarinet player at our school so i always think of their solos when clarinets get brought up

oboe: like clarinets but more flute and less wood fairy

bassoon: oboes but stronger

percussion: thank you kind friends for keeping the beat when i am too lazy to count

piano: probably the very purest musical insturment

viola: like with french horns i always think of Dvorak and how awesome y'all’s parts are in his stuff

violin: amazing but also definitely dark magic

cello: i live to listen to cello solos. (also just Dvorak in general, but the two are intertwined)

bass: you’re the string version of me. i respect you


  • Ransom: Let me tell you a little bit about the man of my dreams, holtsy
  • Holster: Shoot, Rans
  • Ransom: He's handsome
  • Ransom: Tall. So tall! 6'4"!
  • Holster: I'm 6-
  • Ransom: Don't interrupt me.
  • Ransom: he is so kind and friendly
  • Ransom: he's an amazing hockey player
  • Ransom: and we're both d-men
  • Holster: Rans...
  • Ransom: LET ME FINISH
  • Ransom: Even though he's not from Canada, I can let it slide
  • Ransom: because he has the cutest accent
  • Holster: Justin, I had no idea you-
  • Ransom: It's Alexei Mashkov
  • Holster: Jesus McFucking Christ
  • when my team scores a short handed goal: wow it's so amazing how talented hockey players are like wow can you believe the kind of skill that takes
  • the other team scored a short handed goal: um? illegal

“We don’t watch YouTube gamers just for the games they play, we watch for the experience. The camaraderie of reacting to the same sights, sounds, and stories, together. We watch for the human aspect- the human aspect that can’t be had with a simple recording or playthrough. It’s this human aspect that creates friendship and empathy. Shared emotions and experiences, trust and enjoyment. It’s this human aspect that provides the foundation for a community. Because what you feel is what we do, too. When you reach new heights, you reach them with us. And when you hit rock bottom, you surely aren’t alone. When you show emotion we see it all, but vulnerability is a part of sharing. And just as we’ve gained from your sharing, we’d like to share our emotion with you too”
-Markiplier 8mil fan reaction video

This is so beautiful and captures the essence of why these communities are so great in the world, I just felt like this needed a throwback. I haven’t been watching Mark for that long, only a few months, but him and the people from the community he built have had such a profound and unique influence on my life already. It’s sad to me that so many people don’t understand and even shun people for watching gamers in their free time, I wish I could show them the beauty in some of these communities.

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Ravenclaw quiditch players?

  • If you thought Oliver Wood was bad wait till you see the battle plan constructed by the ravenclaw captain
  • The team are constantly trying new moves and it honestly drives the captain insane like yes that was a beautiful pirouette but CAN U PLEASE CONCENTRATE ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT HERE???
  • Ravenclaws with absolutely no interest in quidditch somehow get roped in as well
  • Engineering kids being dragged to practice to help make brooms more aerodynamic
  • Musicians composing a house chant after hearing Weasley is our King
  • Spoiler alert it’s less of a chant than a 4 part choral arrangement complete with marching band and toad choir
  • Every time ravenclaw wins a match they see it as a victory against house stereotypes and get personally offended every time someone assumes they must be bad at quidditch because they’re in the ‘nerd house’
  • After the quidditch world cup everyone spends ages marvelling over all the incredible magic they saw
  • There’s a pair of omnioculars on a shelf in the common room that students love to tinker with because it’s such complicated magic and it’s amazing
  • Ravenclaw quidditch players using quidditch practice as an excuse not to finish that essay that was due yesterday

Read in 2016 » The Diviners by Libba Bray 

“People tend to think that hate is the most dangerous emotion. But love is equally dangerous,” Will said. “There are many stories of spirits haunting the places and people who meant the most to them. In fact, there are more of those than there are revenge stories.”

Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

Add more if you like!!!!

seriously though i feel so bad for vex. i think she was starting to bond with kaylie a little bit - talking about absent fathers, saying ‘thank you’ when she left the room so vm could talk alone. she wasn’t involved in the pudding prank + she went through hell waiting alone in that inn for news. and then for scanlan to go after her like that, specifically the comment about ‘daddy issues’. poor girl. laura is such an amazing role-player. i think both she and her character were most hurt by what happened and i hope they both get a chance to work through that.

real talk...

kelley o’hara does not get enough credit for how amazing of a player she is. every pass that she makes is well thought out, and 98% of the time executed perfectly. she is a truly important player for the uswnt, and I never see anyone address this.