Martin Freeman and me.

Ok. So. This is me, holdig a microphone, scared the living shit out of me, asking a question to MARTIN FREEMAN in front of 820 people . Hands down, one of the greatest satisfactions of my life. Plus, I screamed like a fool “oh and HI AMANDA!”, his wife, who was there with him. And this is what she wrote back at me on twitter:

This is why Giffoni is a special and unique thing. Too bad that this was the last Giffoni of my life.

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7/18/15 Blackhawks Fan Convention 2015: Best of Blackhawks TV panel, ft. Kris Versteeg, Joakim Nordstrom and Bryan Bickell

Also featuring bits and pieces of old to brand-new BHTV footage. (The part with Toews & his dog is around the 2:00 mark.)
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Hey guys! 

This isn’t directly kpop related but I just became apart of an upcoming documentary project called “Black Women Are” which will be directed by a friend of mine named Zandashe Brown, and I think it’d be amazing if some of you could check it out and maybe help us get it off the ground? It wouldn’t come at much cost to you and if everyone donated even a small amount, we could reach our goal in no time. Please reblog this to help spread the word and check out the project website here @



In so many instances, we are marginalized, incredibly silenced and spoken for. But now we will take our places among many other incredible Black woman filmmakers telling our stories and writing, producing, or directing content based off of our experiences and displaying that content to the world.

Black Women Are is part of the continuing movement of Black woman filmmakers who are reclaiming the narrative, and telling their own stories. In this documentary, Black women and girls from different walks of life explain the challenges they have faced growing up, the things that have defined them in who they are today, and what they see for their future.

I can’t stress how excited and proud I am to be apart of a documentary like this one. It’s an incredibly cool project that seeks to explore the narratives of Black women as told by Black women (all kinds of black women btw, this isn’t limited to cis straight experiences and it shouldn’t be) whilst supporting black female film makers in the process. 

The goal is $500 and while we’re this close to it, we still have a little more to go. Please signal boost this as much as possible!! This project has so much potential but we need some support to make it happen!


Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

Directed by: Sean Durkin
Cinematography: Jody Lee Lipes
Cameras & Lenses: Arricam LT, Zeiss Master Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
Format: 35mm (Kodak Vision2 50D 5201, Kodak Vision3 250D 5207, Kodak Vision3 500T 5219)
Mode: Spherical (3-perf super35)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

A scribble I did while watching one of my favourite underrated Disney films, Treasure Planet. The way they managed to blend 3D and 2D animation still boggles my mind. And its just a really fabulous movie. Seriously, watch it right now.


O Incrível Mundo De Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball, Season 1, Cartoon Network, 2011), de Benjamin Ben Bocquelet.


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