Shatter | Trans Short film



WOW! After a few long years, this blog has hit a huge milestone! I wouldn’t be at this point if it weren’t for all of you lovely folks who have stuck with me for this dragony and guardiany ride! I bet these gifs and graphics are as fun to make as it is for you to see. I enjoy nothing more than your excited tags, analysis’s, and genuine appreciation for this stuff of mine! I hope to have many more exciting years posting gifs and goodies for you all! 

From the bottom of my heart, have a big THANK YOU!!! I love all of ya!


“ انا دائما ما ينتهي بي المطاف إما أضحك او أبكي, و قد يكون من الجميل ان استقر علي حاله في المنتصف بينهما “

“ I always end up either laughing or weeping, and it could be nice to go for something in between “

One Day (2011)

There are no words to describe how amazing "Argo" is.

I’m still having way too many feelings over this film. It’s perfect. The entire theater cheered and applauded at the end and I didn’t hear a single person voice disappointment with it. Reading reviews on tumblr and they are all incredible.

Ugh. I cannot even. Best film I’ve seen in ages. And an amazing cast.

Ben made a tremendous film. He just did.

Once again, Victor brings something incredibly awesome into my life.