The shrill sound of the alarm clock jolts Derek from a deep sleep. His brain feels too big for his skull and his mouth tastes like old beer and ass and everything seems a little fuzzy around the edges - but not in a good way. He rolls out of bed anyways, he’s got 10 minutes to get to morning practice, and with a game tomorrow night, he can’t risk it without the threat of getting benched. 

So he brushes his teeth without really looking in the mirror, struggling to find clean underwear and sweatpants with his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. He spits in the sink while shoving his feet into a pair of sneakers, more than proud of himself for managing not to drip toothpaste foam all over his t-shirt. After throwing his bag over his shoulder he heads for the door. 

He has seven minutes to get to Faber. 

It takes him six, because there’s ice on the sidewalks and because he has to dig his beanie out of his bag while he’s walking. But he’s not late, and his ears aren’t freezing off, so all in all, it’s not a bad start to the morning.

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The Signs as Underrated Lush Products

Aries: Toothy Tabs

Little tablets that keep your mouth uber refreshed, and teeth white. Long lasting flavor.

Cancer: Henna

All-natural hair dyes in the form of solid bars that give amazing color to your hair without the harsh chemicals.

Taurus: Body Conditioners

Natural butters and oils that immediately give you very soft and nicely fragmented skin. It really helps with dry patches that can be bothersome.

Gemini: Shower Smoothies

These cleansers keep you feeling fresh and conditioned. The light scents aren’t over-bearing like some, and also help with dry patches of skin.

Leo: Body Tints

Rich body bars that give you a hint of color anywhere you’d like. Usually used on arms and legs. Lots of shimmer too.

Virgo: Fresh Face Masks

These masks leave your face feeling refreshed, cleansed and moisturized all in one. The ingredients are very natural so you’re not putting damaging chemicals on your skin.

Libra: Toners

Fragrant flowery bars that leave skin looking brighter and cleaner after use, the results take action very fast and it’s very effective.

Scorpio: Lip Scrubs

These scrubs make your lips smoother and softer than ever. I find that they work for chapped lips too. Adds a little bit of a tint which is nice.

Sagittarius: Lip Balms/Tints

Balms that keep your lips soft, hydrated, and colored for a long period of time?! There are none like Lush’s. They last for nice amounts of time; don’t have to keep reapplying constantly over the day.

Capricorn: Color Supplements

Have patchy skin? Not a problem with these foundations. They even out skin tone so nicely and it looks so natural when applied! It doesn’t clog pores at all and feels very light.

Aquarius: Shower Jellies

Fun, squishy, cleansing, and refreshing shower jell that smells very nice and always leaves you with a fresh, cleansed feeling. It doesn’t feel heavy and isn’t heavy on the scent.

Pisces: Cream Eyeshadows

Amazingly pigmented shadows that stay on all day and blends so easily. Unlike most cream shadows, these feel so light you can’t tell you’re wearing it!


My video review and try out on the new hair dye brand: Herman’s Amazing hair color - Granny Mathilda grey.

I know the quality isn’t the best. Maybe I will buy a better camera if I want to continue doing videos like this. This one was more like a try out, to see if I wanted to do more of these videos. Also to see if you guys might be interested in them. 

Hope you like it and it’s useful! ^^


[STARCAST] The last story of BTS singing youth, jacket photo shooting site!

Hello, this is BTS. We’re back. (Ta-da!)
BTS received a lot of love from ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2’ in 2015. The full version of that story! They are going to release special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> on May 2.

Before that, STARCAST visited BTS after hearing the news the flower bloomed. To where? To Jeju Island!

The place where BTS’ special album <The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever> jacket photo taken is Jeju Island. The shooting was held in the warm spring day.

JUNG KOOK’s Young Forever
JUNG KOOK was the first runner for shooting. If you think he was the first because he’s the youngest member, you’re right!

Feel the breeze of Jeju Island and photosynthesis for the good photo to be taken… 

He tried to cover the hot air balloon which was the prop, 

and took a selfie!
and the result is? 

It is during the day but it wasn’t for JUNG KOOK?? JUNG KOOK was in dream still! 

It’s hard to wake up ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅  Therefore he shot while sleeping. (Genius) 

JUNG KOOK’s concept is reality. It was a concept of just got up… But he really was getting up!!!! 

I can’t open my eyes.  ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

JIMIN’s Young Forever
JIMIN’s attractive figure making us to anticipate today’s shooting!

The King of facial expression 

In fact, he was bit drowsy because of the sunshine. ˘⌣˘ * 

Hey, JIMIN? How are you? Would you please be in my pocket….?
He looks so young with black hair! He looks like a detective child… He kind of looks like he has to go to school with a backpack…* 

He’s not 22 months old. He’s 22 years old PARK JIMIN. 

Releasing moody eyes with cute face is cheating!!! 

JIMIN is drowsy because of sun light today..

JIN’s Young Forever
JIN had most shocking change since he debuted. [He’s legally blonde!]  

He’s been changed into school’s top student who would say “Hey, you’re bit pretty, you know?” 

He’s still the friendly JIN, we thank for his existence.

However…! Vroom, vroom. There was a sound of motor vehicle from somewhere!….

Hey bro, is it still going on? 

/KOOK is going back/

JUNG KOOK came to pick up his older brother… He’s not a son of head of a village. He’s the golden youngest member of BTS, JUNG KOOK.

The oldest member of BTS who doesn’t sleep until late in the morning, JIN. He was the first one to shoot started from early in the morning…

Truly handsome.

He’s checking his photo.

J-HOPE’s Young Forever
J-HOPE’s photo looks like it will say something to us! The shooting starts with energy!

Starting with sweet eyes.

Squeal!! He stretches with his unique sound. 

Sometimes tries to be looking moody.

Vroom, vroom 22222 I think I hear some familiar sounds… That’s right! 

JUNG KOOK is on the way to pick you up.
JUNG KOOK came to pick up his another older brother. 

/Going backward/
Our maknae is the best! Maknae is the best! 

Started shooting along with warm sunshine. it feels like getting sleepy! 

J-HOPE is taking Polaroid photo to give it to the fans as a gift. Really… Gorgeous…*

The sketch camera captured J-HOPE who was taking a selfie from far away! J-HOPE captured JUNG KOOK who was recording the video!


Hey, hi everyone? Do you know who I am!? The ghost, HOPE! HOPE, the ghost!

V’s Young Forever
Vroom, vroom 333 I looked back as I hear the familiar sound again..


-After a few minutes- 


V was a professional. It’s V pro looking so impressive in front of the camera. 

If we go to camping site, there are firewoods, fire and marshmallows- V’s props to shoot were sweet marshmallow. 

Looking for party to be marshmallows.(1/951230) 

V is back with colorful hair again. Which one do you like? 1. Red 2. Dark color 3. Orange!?  

RAP MONSTER’s Young Forever
RAP MONSTER is looking good with whatever he wears. He possess flowers with him..

It’s cheating if you smile like that..Because it’s threatening my heart.. 

I should take him with hot air balloon like that! 

Don’t start the hot air balloon. Let’s stop him from going back to heaven.. 

RAP MONSTER was waiting beside in advance because the weather was so good. 

He took a photo with the winsome J-HOPE.


SUGA’s Young Forever

Hey, SUGA! What is the hair color that doesn’t suit you!?
SUGA looks amazing as his hair color suits him perfect! 

It’s here today! Lies down.

It’s here today! 22 Lies down here too.

The #Genius SUGA expressing emotion well in spite of angle, background and situation.

Today’s #SUGA’s eyes 

Title: I got up just 5 minutes ago. 

Title: I want to take a picture quickly. 

JIMIN who has finished his shooting wanted to take a photo with SUGA..

BTS’ Young Forever

BTS arranging the giant hot air balloon. 

V & JUNG KOOK’s playful features aroused…and the BTS members watching them. 

It is hard to take a group photo.

It is really hard to take a group photo.

It is really really hard to take a group photo…
However, BTS members are happy and fun today. 

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever jacket photo shooting has been finished in happy atmosphere. Please look forward for BTS upgraded than the last album!

[ Bonus Cut ] Young Forever wallpapers!
BTS will taking in charge of ARMY’s phones! Here are images for wallpapers! It would be happy if you see BTS’ faces for 24 hours a day…

cr: star cast


Day 19 @bazwillendinflames *whispers* I love Penny so much

I also like drawing silly hairdos and giving Penny amazing hair colors
This is actually my fourth time drawing Penny D: I need to draw her more and Agatha too ;-;

Also I’m having trouble with tumblr, I’m definitely not receiving notifications idk why :/ AND THANK YOUU AND WELLCOME NEW FOLLOWERS I’M HANNA AND I’M REALLY TRYING TO CURE MY CRONIC PROCRASTINATION HI!

m y i d o l s.

if you’re looking for a guy who is good-natured and fun, can make you smile no matter how angry or sad you are, hilariously dorky, can sing riffs like it’s no big deal, the life of a party, adorably awkward, and are tall,
find scott hoying.

if you want someone who is full of sass, unconventional, always aesthetically pleasing to look at, ridiculously hilarious, has an amazing sense of fashion, supports the LGBT community, and is a truly beautiful person- inside and out,
find mitch grassi.

if you’re looking for a girl who is confident yet humble, bubbly, always positive, caring, can cook and bake, graceful, independent, can look absolutely amazing with any hair color, and has the most precious smile,
find kirstin maldonado.

if you’re looking for a guy who is sensitive, has facial hair & the most alluring, intense green eyes, gentle, has the deepest and lowest voice, humble, has hips that definitely don’t lie, the biggest nerd and food lover, and genuine,
find avi kaplan.

if you want someone who is passionate, self-driven, intelligent, swole, very kind, has the most addicting and hilarious laughs, speaks another language, reads for fun, ridiculously multi-talented, has the most beautiful smile, and can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business,
find kevin olusola.

and finally,
if you’re looking for a band who is just “out-of-this-world” full of talent, down-to-earth, genuine, writes and arranges their own songs, different & unique, consists of members who represent different types of minorities, still remains humble, and are just the loveliest people ever,
find pentatonix.

Klaine fic - “Need for Speed” (Rated NC17)

Kurt Hummel moves from California to Lima after his dad’s heart attack causes them to lose their repair shop. Kurt leaves his prestigious performing arts school and any chance of moving to New York and getting into NYADA. His only other joy in life is custom tuning cars, but his father doesn’t approve. Things seem to get back on track when he joins the Dalton Crew as their mechanic, behind his father’s back. He’ll make the money he needs as long as he can put up with the unwanted attention of Sebastian Smythe. But, how will his dreams change after he meets the head of the McKinley Crew, Blaine Anderson, who decides that winning Kurt Hummel will be his next big challenge?

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 (3205 words)

Kurt did the oil change on the Corolla alone, demanding that his dad sit down behind the counter and rest. It was a good enough excuse to get time to himself to contemplate Blaine’s motives. Kurt couldn’t stop thinking about Blaine kissing his hand. He had never been properly kissed by another boy in his life, and now he began to imagine what those soft, full lips might feel like pressed against his own, or possibly on other places over his body. Kurt hustled to finish, concentrating on his work to settle his body and keep it from responding to the thought of Blaine’s kisses. He vacuumed the carpets, cleaned the windows, and checked the air pressure on the tires. Burt looked quizzically at his son, lured by the flurry of activity after Kurt’s sluggish morning and examined Kurt’s work.

Kurt looked up at the smirk on his father’s face and grimaced. He hated being so transparent.

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