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(Assuming you're still taking requests. If you're backed up and don't want to do this, it's fine. <3) Could you draw some Dipper and Ford fluff? Also, what you're doing for everyone is so kind. You and your art are absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you appreciate it/find it helpful!! 

Dip’s showing him some spots where he’s seen weird stuff so they can go check it out together!


collab with @bente36!(they lined and i colored♡)I had so much fun working on this with you!!;;O;; screams thank you so much for collabing with me!


Look friends, none of these sketchy ass drawings (or the sketchy ass WIPS I still have to finish) can adequately convey how fantastic Sweet and Savory by @sapphyrelily and @seijouho is. It’s an absolutely PHENOMENAL HanaMatsuIwaOi story that will make you laugh and cry and have way too many feelings at 2 in the morning when you have work the next day. ;^;

It’s a text based story, so the selfies/scenes/etc. aren’t explicitly described for the most part, so hopefully I didn’t stray too far from the writers’ visions! (although if I did they should totally tell me)(*wink*wink*)(*hint*hint*)(*NUDGE*NUDGE*)

So yeah. Go read it, tell the authors how amazing they are, and then come talk to me so I have someone to spew my feelings at. :P

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Do you ever realise how many people you bring together? This place is like a great big meetup from all the different communities and it's so cool to see you help support other peoples art! You are an amazing cookie cookie *sends virtual hug*

… Σ(゜ロ゜!!! )
f-for real?

For being honest,i dont feel very well right now and i’ve been completely down these past days…so i hope,i sincerely hope it’s sincere bc i’m sincerely touched by your words… i wish i had an utility/were useful) into this community. Not sure what to think about it but i feel unexpectedly cheered up !

thanks a lot kyote anon!//gives a golden cookie//✧˖°ˈ·*ε-(๑˃́ε˂̀๑ )


14-year-old Muslim girl dreams to be the first hijabi ballet dancer

A young Muslim ballerina wants other girls like her to know they can make a change — no matter their beliefs or the clothes they choose to wear.

Stephanie Kurlow converted to Islam with her family in 2010. Sadly, her conversion led to her feeling the need to give up ballet. She wanted to wear her hijab to dance classes in the southwest suburbs of Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her family, but she couldn’t find a school who would accept her.

“All I want is to share the beauty of the amazing ballet art form and inspire other young people who maybe don’t feel so confident to follow their dreams due to the outfits they wear, religious beliefs or lack of opportunities,” Kurlow told Mashable Australia. “I want these young people to have opportunities, young people who think it’s not possible to make their dream a reality because of the pressure from the many phobias and racism in our society.”

Kurlow has been dancing since she was 2 years old, and desperately wanted to be a professional ballerina. She started a crowd-funding campaign to try to make her dream a reality — and to help other young people who feel like they can’t pursue their endeavors without discrimination.

“In this day and age there is a lack of facilitation for youth who are disengaged or of a different religion or race,” Kurlow wrote in the campaign description. “I plan on bringing the world together by becoming the very first Muslim ballerina so that I can inspire so many other people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.”

Kurlow is trying to raise $10,000, which she states is to cover her tuition, supplies and competition entry for one year. She believes if she receives the right training she can pass on her knowledge and skills to girls who have the same aspiration. Once she trains, she hopes to open a ballet school to cater to a diverse group of ballerinas.

“I want to become a professional ballet dancer and receive my qualifications so that I can open a performing arts school that caters to children and young people of different faiths, races and backgrounds,” she said. “I believe that one day all children and young people will have an opportunity to perform and create, without sacrificing their values, beliefs or looks and my campaign is one step closer to achieving this.”

They are big plans for a 14-year-old, but she says the project is also to raise awareness about issues many people in our society still face. Her initiative follows in the footsteps of her mum, Alsu, who opened a performing arts academy in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown that teaches ballet, martial arts and aboriginal art classes to the local community.

No matter if she achieves her goal, Kurlow is happy to add her voice to the discussion. “I don’t want people to be seen for the clothes they wear, I want them to be seen as the person they are and how they want to change the world,” she said.

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Does hailhedaleksa do all of your fic art, or are there other artists as well? The ones I've seen have been amazing.

@hailhedaleksa does all my patreon arts atm. She’s my bestie lmao so she’s just being nice and taking pity on me! But my fics (mainly HSAU- no one gives a shit about FDAU or Gang AU) get art from a couple of other people too! @unreleasedsong does amazing arts for my work too. Besides that, we have a lot of art submitted to us by various artists/editors! Off the top of my head I remember awesome works from @zesaltyroot , @wandering-wanheda, and @winterpencil to name a few! I wanna make an art page! 

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Hi! I saw your art, and it's amazing! I was wondering, are you okay with people posting your art on other social media so long as credit is given to you? Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for asking!

Short answer is no: please, don’t repost my artwork anywhere. If you wanna share it on facebook, you can share them from my personal fanpage and this is my twitter if you wanna RT.

I’ve received this kind of questions so much lately I’ll need to stat it clearly somewhere lol 

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Oh don't need to be anxious about anything you do, to be honest, I've looked up to you for the longest time, everything you do is so amazing, your jokes, your art. Don't worry about what other people say, we all love you so so much

Omj ,,  thank you so so much for saying that, anon!  That means the world to me that you would even care.  I try to do the best I can but my best takes time,, , I’m trying to be better.  Thank you so so much for your kind words, you really made my day. I love you too, sweetest anon! ! 

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✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.

// @bugzb4bitchez they write really well and they are super hella cool. They are also a really awesome friend and make super cool art!!

@asknanu I don’t know if they would consider themselves a rp blog as well?? But there art is just so good and well shaded! How they portray the character is amazing! I would love to do a rp with them sometime. Like something with art? But all in all there art is amazing… ;v;

And really all the other people I interacted with. Sorry if I didn’t add you- I still love you all!!


Sona swap with the people i talk to the most

(I don’t talk to Eli-sin-g but I really wanted to see the result of a swap. I couldnt resist)








and a sexy bonus

@rksins hand sona mm so gud gonna put that in my mouth