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Can you recommend exo blogs to follow ? ๐Ÿ’“

Sure , here we go :
@jonmyecn @tousdae @sehunicorne @stunningsoo @yeolhighness @juliet-cbx @junyixinqs @brbcrawlingtokorea @byunchen @bbhsthighs @hunandonly @isexoreal @ilovminseok @eyesonxiu @etherealbbh @ksoos-frenum @smhsehun @hunandonly @staygoldenbunnyboy @blowchanyeolsflute @ohhsenshine @princetuans @dorkdo @kingbyunny @luhan-vevo @lottomp3byexo @sehunsluckyone @chanyoel @chanshine @mochibaeks @chanyeolcide

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im thinking abt seeing power rangers but i need to make sure that its like,,, quality gay content before i Waste My Time


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thank u v much for choosing someone i love

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he’s beautiful n dorky n just wants love and friends 
worst quality: he’s so extra but i lov him
ship them with: lance & hunk
brotp them with: literally everyone in the voltron crew but esp pidge n honk
needs to stay away from: anything that could get him killed 
misc. thoughts: he genuinely is too beautiful his big anime eyes stare into my heart 

thanks sm!! 

send me someone!

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Can you recommend any Wiig related blogs I should follow?

OF COURSE!!! Here are some of my MOST FAVORITE KWIIG BLOGS!!! 

P.S Some aren’t strictly Kwiig Blogs but they regularly post/reblog kwiig stuff!!!

@roots-symphony , @wildsflag , @erngilbert , @andyourhostkristenwiig , @sapphiclesbian , @antisocialclimber , @wiigsten , @pattismith , @willforte , @wiigipedia , @howisyourskeleton , @mayawiig , @holtzymannz , @fyeahkwiig

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Oh, he's soft and warm like this at night too. You've just had dinner, he's just taken a hot shower so he's soft and pliant and needy. He pulls your arms so you're draped over him on the couch while his fingers run up and down your back. He whines when you try to get up, pulling you back down against his chest.


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momma I'm worried about my baby, my lovely little cuddle bug, my cat. On one ear he has so many ear mite bites and the other ear only has a few. The one with a lot of bites is bleeding and I can't afford medicine for my baby. What do I do? ๐Ÿ˜ฟ๐Ÿ˜ฟ he's laying beside me rn and I worry about him so much. Thank you for your help. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

hello sweets. you may be able to get some cheap ear mite meds at a pet store. i think the one i paid for was about meh, $16. it takes a few days.

im sorry your baby is sick :c i hope they feel better soon.

im tagging my best friend @johtopride bc she works with animals. she might be able to answer some questions for you.

will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*


dear person reading this:

  • your crooked teeth make your lovely smile extremely cute and endearing  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • your splotches of freckles? yeah, those are places where the galaxies whirling inside of you leaked out to radiance their brilliancy into the world
  • your thighs touch? that’s a GOOD thing. you’re getting proper nutrition! you have muscles! d o  n o t  b e  a s h a m e d!!!! also, thigh gaps are awesome too! anything related to thighs is awesome! all thighs are different because every person is different, and honestly, why does it matter what your thighs look like?? people who are bothered by thighs are weak tbh
  • “bingo arms”???? listen up: you only have bingo arms when you’re WINNING. otherwise why would you be yelling “bingo”?? thought so. you’re a winner – you can do anything you set your incredible mind to!
  • your hair is so unbelievably gorgeous and don’t you deny it. don’t forget to style it, dye it, try new shampoos with it, as long as you want to! your hair is your own, whether it be frizzled or dry or thick or thin – be proud of that, and remember that you can always change it up!
  • your eyes are not too small, or too big, or too wide apart, or too ugly. your eyes are your own mortal doorway into your soul, expressing your thoughts and emotions in dazzling swirls and hues for others to decipher. don’t be afraid to cry, don’t be disgusted by the crinkles at the corners when you smile, don’t hate on the small, microscopic blood vessels running through them. don’t lock your door out of needless shame!
  • scars!!! scars are so cool! they’re visual results from a chapter that makes up the story of your life! no matter where scars are, don’t be conscious of concealing them! ppl loVE scars! even the tiny lil ones! anyone who has a scar is automatically known as an ultimate badass sorry that’s the rule
  • same goes for stretch marks! those little ripples on your thighs, your hips, your waist, your belly? those mean that you’ve GROWN. your body has adapted frequently throughout your life, and leaves those little ripples as little hints of your amazing journey from babyhood to adulthood! (or maybe you’re just a mystical ocean god/goddess and those waves are symbols of your enormous power, onlookers should be on the lookout)
  • sorry, did you say you had a pig nose? do you even kNOW how cute piggies are you should be PROUD of your nose cAUSE U CUTE
  • long, thin nose? p l s. that just means you’re king/queen of everything. don’t deny it. you know how powerful you truly are
  • tummy rolls? everyone has them. seriously, no matter how thin a person may seem, tummy rolls are inevitable. you are not alone! tummy rolls rock! ROCK THOSE TUMMY ROLLS!
  • trust me, barely anyone see your feet anyways. besides, feet aren’t that bad – how do you think your hands would look if they walked everywhere over the earth’s rough terrain? feet are hella 
  • ears are so cool omg they’re like fingerprints, unique to you and you only! plus you can pierce them! repeatedly! how cool is that? ears are best
  • do nOT be anxious about flaunting your legs! wear that short skirt! wear those shorts! own that bikini! your legs are marvelous! ppl would kill for a pair of dandy lookin legs like yours! pale or tan, legs are glorious! L E G S
  • lips. lips. do you know how many magic tricks your lips are able to perform? the formation of words, the ability to smile or frown, the ability to express, to kiss, to wear makeup; lips are ethereal and exquisite in all forms!
  • #1 tip: your eyebrows are always on fleek  (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • and lastly: you are not dumb. you are not worthless. you are not a waste of space, an empty void, a meaningless shell. you are loved. you are worth everything. you are so incredibly intelligent, you are utterly unforgettable, and you are breathtaking in every single way.
  • next time you look in a mirror, blow yourself a kiss and don’t worry – you’ll kill it out there today. ♥

do you ever just get hit with a truckload of inspiration from reading a fic because????? i have

this is a gift for @adreamingsongbird!! THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING FIC!! and for answering my questions about their clothes lmaoo  

(you could read this beautiful fic here!! that’s right read it >>here<< and you should definitely read it right now at this moment because it’s great and i’m in love and did i mention that it’s beautiful???

If you were a dragon, what would your treasure be made of? What would you be obsessively hoarding? For me it’d be art supplies and various dinosaur items. Tell me what your hoard would be in the comments or in the tags!

Bruh one thing I never understood in hxh…if Killua’s yo-yo’s weighed 50 kilos each, THEN HOW THE FUCK DID HIS PANTS NOT FALL DOWN WHEN THEY WERE IN HIS POCKETS



And btw 50 kilos=110 pounds, which means he’s carrying around 220 pounds in his pocket. R i d i c u l o u s 




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Can I please request RFA+V+Saerans reactions to finding out you've holed yourself in your room for days due to mental health issues, and how they would try and help??? Ah it would be great ( โธโธ•แด—•โธโธ )เฉญโพโพ (p.s: I love your work โคโค)

A/N: (thank you!! <3) If you or anyone goes through this I just want to let you know that!! You!! Aren’t!!! Alone!!!! I experience this a lot (but have gotten better at coping with it) so y'all can come to me if you want/need! I’ll shower you all with the safest-feeling hugs that I can ~Admin 404



           -He came over to your house for a surprise visit!

           -But you didn’t greet him at the door? He had to use the spare key you gave him to get in

           -He knew you were home!! He texted you not long before just to make sure!

           -Were you….lying to him? Were you actually out with anoTHER GUY??? THAT’S NOT HIM????

           -On the verge of a breakdown until he’s snapped back to reality by sounds coming from your bedroom

           -He knocks on the door and opens it, hoping to surprise you but… he noticed how messy your room was. It’s never that messy, you’re the cleaner one in your relationship!

           -Food wrappers everywhere, dirty dishes, clothes strung everywhere

           -You were beyond embarrassed! You promised that your room is almost never this messy!! You just…. were going through a rough patch with your emotions and couldn’t bring yourself to clean up after yourself, let alone leave your bedroom for more than a minute or two

           -He almost cried when you told him that!! Why didn’t you tell him sooner? He just wants to help you! ;A;

           -From then on, he promises to help when your mental health is unstable!! He’ll always cook and bring it to you! He’ll even pick up after you, whatever you need! Your time together is always full of warm cuddles and playing some handheld games together!




           -Seriously, he slept on the couch for days because he thought you were mad at him

           - wtf no, why would i be ma-…….wait, did yoU DO SOMETHING I SHOULD BE MAD ABOUT WHY IS THIS CHAIR BROKEN ZEN

           -Finally couldn’t take any more and bursts into the bedroom dawning dozens of roses and at least three boxes of chocolate as an apology

           -You kind of just stare at him with “what the fuck” practically written on your face

           -When he starts apologizing, you stop him immediately. He did nothing wrong?? Why did he think that??

           -He told you that he thought you were avoiding him because you were in the bedroom the whole time and you instantly felt worse

           -You tried explaining that, no, it wasn’t anything he did, it was some mental health issues you were trying to work out on your own so you wouldn’t bother him. Before you could get any further than that and apologize, he cut you off and hugged you close to his chest

           -He felt a little silly that he misunderstood the situation, but promised to never leave you alone when you felt so down again! He promised to protect you physically, but now he also promises to fist fight any bad thought that comes your way don’t think that’s possible zen but okay


           -Poor baby didn’t even notice because she’s so swamped with work

           -Honestly thought you had come out a few times to talk to her

           -Or at least walked past, and maybe it just didn’t register in her brain that you did

           -It wasn’t until it had been almost a week that she realizes, you haven’t been out at all

           -Her stressed out brain only thought you did

           -Immediately went to see what was wrong. It wasn’t because she ignored you, was it? She didn’t mean it!!!

           -She almost knocked down the door rambling out an apology so quickly that you had no clue what she was trying to say to you

           -You managed to make out the words, “I’m sorry” though, and stopped her in her tracks

           -She had nothing to be sorry for! You told her that you had been having some emotional trouble the past week, and didn’t want to disturb her from her work, because you knew how important it was!

           - MC SCREW THE WORK IF YOU’RE HAVING PROBLEMS PLS TELL ME Makes you promise to come and tell her next time, her work can wait!!! Your health is a bigger concern, and means more to her than the stupid paperwork. The rest of the night was spent ranting, listening to some Zen DVD’s, and close cuddles on the couch <3


           -At first he never realized that you hardly left the bedroom

           -He’s usually at work, in his home office, or in the bedroom with you

           -But for a few days now, you haven’t greeted him at the door?

           -It was just Elizabeth. He loves her dearly, but? He loves you too? Where in the world are you?

           -He stood in the doorway of the bedroom and watched you read your book for a moment until everything finally made sense to him

           -“You…. haven’t left this room for days, have you, MC?”

           -He startled you a little bit, but you slowly nodded as you eyes dropped to a spot on the bed, refusing to meet his gaze

           -He sat on the bed next to you, asking you what was wrong as he ran a hand through your hair

           -When you told him that you just weren’t emotionally feeling strong enough to leave the comfort and safety of the bedroom, he immediately accepted it and told you not to worry. You could come out whenever you were ready, and he’d be accepting of it. He could never force you out of the bedroom if you weren’t feeling well

           -Until then, however, he’d move all the paperwork he was working on in his office to the bedroom, so he could sit with you! If he wasn’t working, the two of you plus Elizabeth would just lay there talking, watching TV, or just enjoying the company in silence


           -He kind of does the same thing, just in his computer room rather than the bedroom

           -You always coax him out of the computer room, so he’s going to do the same for you when you’re locked away in the bedroom

           -Notices after the first day if you don’t come out

           -Knows it’s because of some mental health issues that you fight with, but he wants to help you feel better!! You can’t lock yourself up!!

           - what a fucking hypocrite

           -If you won’t take whatever bait he sets up to get you out of the room, he won’t hesitate to come in and physically bring you out of there

           -You can yell, kick, and thrash about all you want but you are COMING OUT OF THAT ROOM

           -He’ll do any goofy thing he can think of to calm you down, and relax you

           -Once you’re comfortable enough outside of the bedroom, he’ll sit you down and ask you to tell him every single thought that’s crossed your mind since that first day you locked yourself in there. He’ll listen so closely that you swear he can physically see the sound waves created by your words

           -Holds you close afterwards, and tells you millions of facts that he’s looked up about the issue on the internet. Not to mention he slips in obvious fake ones just to make you laugh. He’ll do this until he feels you’ve long forgotten your problems, then you challenges you to a pillow war just to make triple sure you’re really okay


           -He respects your privacy, but..

           -You’ve been in that room for days now

           -Were you working on something??

           -Were you avoiding him???

           -No, you couldn’t be avoiding him, you’re happy to see him every time he comes in…

           -He was honestly starting to worry about you, so he decided to try and get you to come out and go on a walk with him

           -Or at least sit with him in the living room, something other than the bedroom

           -You reluctantly agreed to come out, but stayed silent as the two of you cuddled close on the couch

           -After what felt like hours, he asked you what was wrong, and you explained that you’ve just been battling a few mental health issues of yours and that locking yourself up in the room was the easiest way to deal with them, since it’s a safe  place away from others

           -He understands completely, but still wishes he could help you! Reminds you that he’s always willing to listen to your problems, and hold you for as long as you need, and is convinced that the amount of kisses he gives to your forehead should be enough to banish all bad thoughts you may have hes so precious someone save him


           -He was like this A LOT when he first came home

           -It doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but it’s still a thing from time to time

           -He honestly thought you were mad at him? Or just being weird

           -Something of those sorts. So he just let you stay in there

           -After a few days though, he started to go crazy

           - He couldn’t stand not seeing your face anymore, and decides that he’ll just….gently….slip in the question of why you’ve been locking yourself in here.

           -“MC why the fuck are you in here”

           - fuck

           -You didn’t take it personally, and told him that you were dealing with some problems of yours, and he silently sat next to you on the bed. You always helped him through his rough patches, and he just wanted to do the same for you. Though he…didn’t…know how

           -You understood his gesture and ranted all about how you were feeling, as he pulled your head down to lay on his shoulder, lightly stroking your hair the whole time. The two of you sit in a comfortable silence afterwards until he tells you that he really cares for you, and hopes next time you’ll just tell him before locking yourself away