amazing what two years can do to a person

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Any advice for drawing 2012 Karai's hair? I can do 2k3 Karai just fine, but I can't draw 2012 Karai to save my life and your version is so beautiful I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask!!!!!

being the perfect person to ask something about Karai is my life goal, yay, thanks it means a lot!
I tried to make somewhat a tutorial or a reference thingie, but I’m not sure if it’s useful. It took me about two years to understand what the heck is her haircut actually but I’m still in love with it. You definitely should check out @gekroent‘s amazing Karai cosplay (x) (x) (x) - from there you can get a better idea of how her hair works, making screenshots of her in the show may help as well. 

I’m happy Edouard send it to me this picture today cause i always speack about it …
I saw that one yearsss ago in a market in berlin
Mario &Yvonne .
I think it’s from late 90,’s early 2000 , i don’t really know !!!
It was a big poster , i remember i was there with Rafel and it was a sunday after a long night .
I was completely blowned away when i saw it …
Changing all my ideas about a body and tattooing
How it can be powerful and personal !!!
Then crazy life , years after i was working with them in berlin
One morning Mario was burning some incense and i saw from closer his top , it was a massive marquisian piece but all the rest of the skin was filled up with Sak Yant !! He tolded me all the stories behind it
I was amazed how insane was his conception of his own body ….
I really think if i do what i do today it cause that day
It was something really strange on two tones like a black & grey but way more interesting cause different values inside …
So i started that day to understand the concept of layers
I never saw mario again after this week but it was an amazing meeting
Yvonne now is the wife of someone i know & really like ! Mr X …
Power & stories of life …
Blut & Eisen , Berlin , GERMANY !!!!
Guy Le Tatooer


I just love this babe so much! Many people just don’t seem to understand how much impact he can have on just one person and my family and friends  say that it’s ridiculous that I say he’s my “future husband” because of his age. Obviously I am never going to actually marry him, I just really look up to him and I want people to see what an amazing man he is and why I love him so much. He is doing two shows next year and I couldn’t be happier!

San Fransokyo Flat.[Tadashi Hamada.]

Part One    Part Two     Part Three    Part Four    Part Five


The urge to crawl out of bed, and go bask in the possible warmth of the kitchen had crossed your mind a few times as you stared dully at the glass of water and 3 ibuprofen tabs sitting on your side table. Tadashi, you thought to yourself, must have put them out for you before he went to bed last night. Memories of the night before were like a movie to you, some parts stood out more than others, and if you listened closely, you could also hear them in air as Tadashi moved his way around the kitchen. You weren’t sure how you ended up in your bed, for the last thing you remembered was being on the unforgiving bathroom floor, getting talked to by Tadashi who was telling you to get over him. His voice echoed against your skull, beating upon your brain as it rattled, telling you just how hung over you really were.

Sitting up was a struggle, but you managed as you grabbed the little red pills, picking up the glass of water and forcing it down your throat though your body didn’t really want the liquid. Hanging your dangly legs over the bed in a lazy manner, you gripped at your phone, it having a few messages sitting in it. ‘I bet you’re still asleep, but you can come over when you wake up.’ You read it slowly, ‘Tadashi told me you were pretty drunk last night. Are you okay?’ Smiling at the assurance of care that Jack had for you, you tripped a small response along the lines of, ‘I’m fine, just got a bad headache. I’ll be over soon.’ Your entire being felt heavy as you dimly wondered if Tadashi told him about the affection you received, or if he just lightly told him you got smashed. Probably the later, you thought to yourself, weak legs picking up weight as you sloppily managed your way into a crisp pair of jeans, a clean shirt and your jacket.

Sighing gently, you hung around the corner, afraid to make your way to the front door, unsure if you wanted to interact with the Asian man lingering, most likely, purposefully in the kitchen. you had contemplated at this point, asking Jack to come pick you up so he could come up to your apartment, so you could avoid direct one on one talk with Tadashi but fought against that. This is my issue, you thought, readjusting your purse on your shoulder as you strutted out of the corner. The light coming from the west window blinded you for a moment as you head began beating wildly, reminding you to not move so fast, that you were still recovering from last night.

Tadashi himself was slumped against the counter, not sitting, but leaning against the granite top, a hot cup of tea in his hands. His almond shaped eyes caught yours for a second as you moved as fast as your small body could at the moment. He didn’t say anything as he gazed down at the hot liquid sitting in the even hotter ceramic cup in his hands. You spoke first, reaching for your shoes, which were snug on a dirt mat by the front door. “You can invite Rebecca over, I won’t be home for a while.” He remained quiet behind you, setting his now half empty cup down on the cold counter top. Gripping around the edges of the cabinets, his knuckles turned a slight off white color out of frustration. He wanted to speak, but no matter what he tried, nothing came out of his mouth as you tied your shoes onto your feet.

“I’m probably going to stay there for a week.” He crossed his legs, stretching his long body out.

“You remember what I said last night,” He sounded sullen, his deep voice making it painful to look up and over at him. Your silence was fleeting, and your avoidance was an answer to him as he sighed, picking up his hat to run his hand through his thick raven hair, “Listen, I’m sorry… I just…”

You held up your left hand to stop him from talking, which seemed to have worked for when you managed to build up enough of yourself to look at him, he was gazing at you already, his eyes wide with innocence. “Don’t apologize for what happened. It takes two to tango, ‘Dashi.”

“I kissed you last night,” His beautiful brown eyes gazed into your soul, his fingers now fiddling around as though he were playing the piano, something he had the tendency to do when nervous or when confronting a problem. His version of a confession was soft and lingered in the air as he stood straight, looking at your shoe laces. You shrugged your shoulders in a dancing manner, as though it really meant nothing to you, when in reality, you could feel the tears of distress hit the back of your eyes like sharp knives, your body even more distraught as you looked over at him with big eyes. “That was the only chance I’ve ever had. Even when we were together, I… I could never bring myself to actually kiss you because it was like wanting to kiss an angel.” He laughed slightly at his own wavy voice. “So I guess, last night as just pent up want from years ago… We were both drunk, I wasn’t thinking straight.”

He had pushed himself off the counter by this time, making his way towards you in cute strides.”Just wanted to let you know that. I wanted to kiss you, I always have but you’re not mine so doing what I did to you last night was unfair to both of us.” You nodded in agreement, letting your eyes fall into his for a moment. You could read his emotions in the pupils of his orbs as he glanced back at you, his mouth slightly agape as he said, “So, let me apologize from the bottom of my heart for doing that… Still friends…?” Swallowing slightly, you dropped your purse and lunged into his arms, the initial shock of your body against his enough to rock him back slightly. He responded quick enough though, to wrap his long arms around you, his fingers digging into the soft fabric of your jacket.

“I tried convincing myself that you weren’t my someone anymore, Tadashi,” He listened quietly as you held onto his large body with all your might, tears now pouring from your eyes onto his cardigan clad chest. He felt you shaking, and no matter how many times his fingers rubbed up and down your back, you didn’t calm down, “It’s been four years since I started that, and last night just…” Your voice stopped in the middle of the sentence for you had no strength to continue, your heart hoping he understood what you wanted to get out.

“Re-sparked feelings you didn’t were still there?” You nodded shamefully as he rubbed your spine, ticking your vertebrae as he murmured, “The same applies to me.” He brushed your hair out of your face, looking down at you with love in his eyes. Wiping tears away from your eyes, Tadashi craned his head down far enough to capture your perky mouth in a delicately maneuvered kiss. Your reaction was somewhat slow, it taking a few seconds to process his natural heat, but once you pressed your mouth back, he pressed his hands against your back, pulling you to him in a tight manner. It was fast, his lips detaching from yours as he muttered, his breath fanning its way down your face, “(Name), promise me something.” You listened to him as his calloused fingers traced the outline of face. “Promise me you’ll get over me…” Tadashi brushed your hair back slightly, admiring your beautiful face as he said, “You need to because you deserve someone who’s better than me…” He rubbed his nose against yours slightly, pecking your lips, “You deserve a prince, and I’m nothing but a pitiful commoner in love with the princess he can never… ever have…”

“We made a deal,” You murmured, “That by the time the two years is over, we’ll be with the most amazing people…” He could hear the melancholy leaking in your voice, your fingers pressing flat against his broad chest, “But the most amazing person I want, just told me to get over him… How am I supposed to do that…?”

“I think you’re convinced I’m what you want because we’ve been friends but, (Name)… You need to see how you look at Jack… The way you smile at him, the way he looks at you…” Tadashi paused, swallowing back his pride as he said to you, “You may not see it yourself, but you love him. He’s the man who deserves your love because he treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Convince yourself that he’s just as great, because in all reality, he is much better for you than me…”

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Hello ^^ wanna say i love the blog :3 Can you do one were SoSu gets depressed thinking of the past and the companion comforts them and tries to cheer them up

Hello ^^ wanna say i love the blog :3 Can you do one were SoSu gets depressed thinking of the past and the companion comforts them and tries to cheer them up

Hi anon! Aw that’s so sweet of you! Thank you so much! :) Of course, I’ll try my best to write a good one for you!


Danse had been travelling with Sole for a while now and he had their back that much was sure. Sole had stuck up for him when no one else would. They had truly risked everything for him, saving his life in the process and since that night, Danse had felt more alone than he had ever felt before. But Sole had been so patient with him and more understanding than he had ever deserved.

Danse just sighed, he didn’t even know how he was ever going to truly repay them and that made him feel more guilty with every passing day.

He should have been the example, not the exception. He should have died that night.

They had been travelling for days now without rest and Danse had decided that it would probably be best if they stopped for the night and even though Sole resisted at first it didn’t take long to convince them it was the best move to make. He could always tell when Sole was getting tired, they always seemed to get more tense with every passing minute and they both knew how dangerous that could be in the Commonwealth and Sole seemed more hurt tonight than Danse had ever seen them before. He was starting to get concerned.

Passing them some food, he sat next to them and started eating his own. Giving Sole one of his concerned looks, he stopped. Sole was just staring into the fire, they hadn’t said a word since they had got here and that worried the ex Paladin more than anything. They were always so lively and Danse would always have trouble getting them to stop talking and now there was nothing?

But either way Sole broke the silence first.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore”. Sole sighed, pulling their legs up to their chin, resting it there. Danse didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say.

“I couldn’t even save my-” They stopped, finding it too much to finish. “I couldn’t even stop them from taking my son-” Sole choked on their own words once again.

“Sole… I am sorry.” Danse now sat closer to them, putting a comforting arm around them. “Listen to me, there was nothing you could have done, you were trapped. And I know what you saw hurt you. It would break anyone and I understand that; but you can’t blame yourself for that.”

“You really think that?” They were fed up of reliving it so Sole gave the comforting words a chance for once. Sole now looked at him with tear soaked eyes. 

Danse used his thumb to wipe some of the tears away from Sole’s cheeks.

“Come on Sole, I don’t just think that, I know. Truly there was nothing you could have done.”

“I guess you’re right, but it still hurts,” Danse sighed, he knew how that felt.

“It will for a long time, but just know I’m here.” Danse tired to give Sole a comforting smile.

“I know Danse, I couldn’t do this without you. You know that?” Danse nodded and the ex Paladin let Sole rest their head on his shoulder “never leave me?”

“Never.” And with that promise made, Sole soon feel asleep. And for the first time Sole seemed peaceful.


He never understood why Sole never showed up when he asked them to come to war meetings.  To be fair to them, they had done a lot for the Brotherhood of Steel and as Elder he couldn’t complain. But truthfully he was worried for Sole. They had been so quiet lately. They had always been outspoken, outgoing and always said what was on their mind. But lately, nothing. They had barley spoken a word to him, and he sort of understood why. Maxson had known how close Sole and Paladian Danse were and to order them to kill him… Maybe a step too far on his part. He had tried to tell them that he was sorry but the words just didn’t come out of his mouth, he wanted Sole to know how sorry he was, but once again it seemed he would be the one to go to them.

Maxson stopped just outside their door. Usually as Elder he had the right to barge in, without warning but this time he didn’t. He just stood there, trying to find the courage to face Sole. After what seemed like hours Maxson finally knocked, and opened the door slightly after getting no answer. Sole was there, facing the wall.


No answer.

“Sole? Look at me.” They finally looked at him but it was a half hearted attempt. He walked up to them putting a hand on their shoulder. Trying his best to comfort them. He knew nothing he said could make them forgive him for what he did and Maxson accept that, but he wanted to try. He felt something with Sole. A respect he had for no one else and he would be there for them, even if it was his doing. To his surprise Sole stood and faced him. But there was little effort in their stance.

“Elder, Sir, my apologies, I had, well… I was a little lost for a second. What do you need of me?”

“Nothing really, I just need you to be honest with me, you never showed up to the war meeting.” Sole just sighed, Maxson knew they were hurting for other reasons. “Come on. You can tell me over a drink.” Sole knew they couldn’t refuse.

Maxson handed them a shot of whiskey as they sat and Sole accepted out of politeness.

“Talk to me”. Sole had no choice. But truly Sole didn’t mind, if they were going to get through the night then they had to tell someone about their pain and Maxson was probably the best person to talk to. Sole just sighed, looking at the floor.

“Everything I have ever loved is now gone. My partner is gone. My son is now dead.” Sole looked away, trying to stop the tears. “The world I once knew and loved is gone.”

Maxson eyes diverted downwards suddenly. He would never know Sole’s pain. He had ordered them to destroy the Institute and to truly do that they had to kill their own son. He was its leader after all.

 What was the name they used? Father? It was something along those lines anyway, but no matter who he was he was still Sole’s son. That one person Sole had been searching months for. 

It was pain Sole simply could not cope with alone.

Maxson knew this and decided he would just have to make sure his Sentinal knew they weren’t facing this pain alone. Not anymore. He stood as he finished his drink.

“I’m truly sorry Sole. But you’re not alone in this,” he placed a calm hand on their shoulder. Maxson didn’t expect them to look at him. Sole would always blame themselves for what happened.

But Maxson would put a stop to that. “I know there’s nothing I can say or do to make this any easier on you right now and trust me I get that. But don’t blame yourself. Never in a million years is this your fault.”


God Sole was a great General. They were a pretty damn good leader too. An amazing person with purpose and bravery installed into them like it was natural. Sole was just something the Commonwealth had been missing for the last two hundred years, but now they were here now and everything seemed a little brighter. Life was getting better.

And when Mama Murphy had first mentioned Sanctuary no one could have believed it would turn into something so incredible in such a short space of time and it was all mostly down to Sole. They had inspired so many people and brought their hopes up to a point where they just wanted to help and get things done. It really was incredible. Sole was incredible.

Speaking of Sole, where were they? Preston wondered, Sole was always disappearing. Preston knew that they had a lot on their mind but maybe it was too much for them to deal with alone? He didn’t know but the only way he was going to find out is if he asked.

As Preston walked across the bridge to see if Sole was at the old Red Rocket Shop he noticed a dog. Alone. Dogmeat? That dog… Sole was never without him, so why was he alone? Preston approached him and knelt beside his friend. Dogmeat seemed tense and Preston quickened his pace.

It took Preston a couple of hours to find Sole. Preston knew that Sole was such a strong person but of course with what they had been through there were moments where everyone worried about Sole’s personal safety. And with that in mind Preston approached Sole with caution.

This time he didn’t call them General.

“Sole? Do you mind if I join you?” He saw Sole shake their head but they were never this quite. As Preston walked towards them; Dogmeat rushed passed him and sat with Sole. 

Preston sat beside them, offering Sole some water. “Talk to me, please… we’re all worried about you. Sole’s expression; It was of a sadness that he could never match.

“My past… it hurts so much. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat, nothing helps, and everyone tries to tell me that everything will be okay, but it won’t. I lost everything even before I woke up. It’s too late for me. I just want to be with my family.” Sole looked away.

“You’re not saying what I think you’re saying. Please you-”

“No. I’ve made up my mind.” Sole didn’t look at him.

“Well, that’s a shame, but may I ask, what of Dogmeat?” Sole now looked at him and then suddenly looked down at his greatest friend. His warm fur was so comforting in a way. “He needs you. We all do. And if this about the work load then trust me I won’t ask for awhile.”

“Do you think he would forgive me?” Sole asked.

“Who Dogmeat? Well, I’m sure he would. But he would never forgive himself. And nor would I.” Preston placed a hand on Sole’s shoulder. “You’re an amazing person Sole. There is a reason you’re here. Your past will heal when you figure out that reason. But for now, I think your reason is a certain someone right here with you.” Preston motioned to Dogmeat.

“I was so sure and now… I’m not.” Sole stroked Dogmeat’s warm fur and to Preston’s relief, a smile had now formed on Sole’s face. “Thank you. I’ve never wanted you to talk me out of anything before, but today I’m really glad you did, you really have a way with words Preston I’ll give you that.” Sole kept smiling at his old friend.

And Preston smiled back.


The dog just watched his friend, he was curious at why they were crying, so he approached. Wagging his tail and letting out a little huff to get their attention. It worked. Sole looked over at him, but that only seemed to increase the crying. So this time, Dogmeat approached more licking their hand. Trying to comfort them.

Jumping up on the bed, Dogmeat tired to get underneath Sole’s arm, he was trying to push his way in and Sole told him to stop but he was having none of that. He huffed again, this timing jumping off the bed and leaving the room; coming back moments later with something in his month.

It was his teddy bear.

Sole couldn’t keep a straight face at this. They didn’t even need to tell Dogmeat what was wrong, somehow he just had a way of cheering Sole up. And Dogmeat knew how much Sole loved him for that. A small sigh came from Sole and he beckoned him over. Dogmeat went to their side. Looking up at Sole proudly, he had created a smile on Sole’s face once again and he couldn’t have done a better job if he tired.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you boy, but one things for sure. I wouldn’t be here… Thank you so much.” Dogmeat went up to Sole once again and jumped up and gave Sole one of his doggie cuddles; he let Sole cry into his fur, holding him tightly Sole let it all out and Dogmeat would stay here until Sole was done. For he would never leave Sole and he would make sure that Sole would never leave him. Not for a little while longer at least.


“I’m so sorry Sole, I had no idea but please know I’m here.” Curie held Sole close.

“You couldn’t have known Curie, please don’t worry.” She just hugged them tightly. Her sweet voice soon resumed.

“Please listen to me?” She let them go. Sole had hesitated at first, but knew they probably would have regretted it if they had said no. “It may not seem like it now but everything is going to be alright. I wish you had told me sooner of course, but I need you to fight this just a little longer Sole, for the people who love you… Because I love you.”

“Curie… You do fine by me.” It was Sole’s turn to hold her. “You know I love you too” Sole smiled widened into her soft hair. Curie was so sweet and she just brought everything to life. She had also done the impossible it seemed; she had brought Sole’s dark world back to life. No one else could have done that and Sole knew that, they really had fallen for this beautiful doctor.

“You need to have more faith in yourself. That day… I cannot begin to imagine your pain, but no one in that position could have done anything. I can promise you that.” Curie was so kind with her words. “What happened that day wasn’t your fault Sole.” Sole didn’t let go of her and Sole did believed her words, but didn’t say a word. Sole just wanted to hold her a little longer. Sole took in her wonderful scent, and in that moment, Sole’s pain just seem to go away, Sole felt free and Curie could feel them relax which helped her calm a little.

“Curie…” Sole now cupped her cheeks with their hands, catching her beautiful smile with their eyes. Sole kissed her forehead and then her cheeks, and then finally kissed her soft untouched lips before whispering something she could never forget.

“I’m never going anywhere. My love for you keeps me going. That’s all I need.”

She felt only joy in that moment. It was just her and Sole now and she couldn’t have felt happier.


“Aw jeez Sole, that’s horrible. I’m sorry, truly.” She didn’t know what to say to her friend. Sole had never deserved to go through what they had, man, no one did. Having to watch something so devastating to begin with was just messed up. Cait sat with Sole for a while, but knew when Sole wanted to be left alone.

So she left them alone for awhile.

“Sole? You in here?” She looked around and there but there was no sign of them. She cursed. Where could they have gone?

Sole had been her support for over three months now, and she couldn’t believe that someone could care about someone like her, but Sole did and they had proven that to her on more than one occasion, she would admit that. They had stuck up for her, supported her, been there in her darkest moments and had saved her life more times than she could count. And life debts were something Cait knew she could repay them for. Taking a bullet for someone was easy. Admitting your worry for someone however was a different story altogether.

Damn it Sole!

Cait wouldn’t normally worry about Sole, but recently she had been noticing signs, signs of pain and angst she had never seen before. And Sole knew that she had nothing but respect for them, but they hadn’t really been themselves recently and it bugged her. It pissed her off that Sole wouldn’t speak to her. After all they had done for her they still wouldn’t let her help them? Sole knew Cait always paid her debts. But as usual they wanted to be alone.


But they were her idiot and she wasn’t about to let anything happen to them. Not while she was still breathing that is. She soon found them, all alone.

Ah shit Sole… Her piercing eyes softened a little.

“Sole? You need to talk to me.” They didn’t even looked at her. Cait eyes now showed only anger. “Why are you doing this?! You idiot! Why won’t ya talk to me?”

Sole didn’t answer.

“You’re hurting me Sole. I need ya to talk to me.” Angry tears now streamed down her face, they were hot and she was angry. She needed her Sole back. The Sole she fell in love with.

“I never wanted to hurt you.” Sole now looked at her. “I never wanted that Cait you know that.” Their voice, always so soft and understanding.

“Shut it and start talking Sole!” She wiped her own tears away.

They did. They told her everything and it broke her heart to hear what she was hearing. Her anger had now turned into pure guilt. She was so mad at herself she couldn’t contain it. She was far from weak.

“Idiot”. She looked up to see Sole.

“Hey I’m-” Sole cut her off, pulling her into a hug.

“You’re more of a comfort to me than anything in this world.” Sole admitted. Cait’s strong heart filled with relief. She wasn’t going to lose her Sole. Not today, not for a long time coming.


“SIr/Mum, there’s no need to worry about all that!” Codsworth tried to comfort Sole. Despite their pain, Codsworth tried very hard to see Sole through these hard times. He knew how they felt. That fateful day, he had seen it, he had been there too.

“I can’t do this anymore Codsworth.” Sole told him honestly. Sole truly had cause for what they were saying.

“Yes you can Sir/Mum, I have faith in you and you’ll always have me!” Sole let out a soft laugh through the tears.

Everyday Sole tried to think of new ways that they could repay Codsworth for his services and his loyalty to them. Even after two hundred years, he was still there when Sole needed him. But everyday Codsworth told them there was no need. 

He was here to serve them. To be their faithful friend for as long as they needed him.

“I know I do, but don’t you sometimes feel like this all gets a little too much to handle? This isn’t the same world we once knew Codsworth.”

“I know but there is still hope and you give these people that hope and that does includes me of you know!”

“You gave me that hope first Codsworth, I should be thanking you.”

“No need Sir/Mum. I’m always here to lend a comforting word.” Codsworth hadn’t changed a bit over the last two hundred years and he knew Sole wouldn’t have it any other way and so that’s how he would stay.


Yeah he felt for Sole, he truly did. And after taking another puff of Jet, he kind of felt worse about the whole thing. At first Hancock thought it was just a load of bad luck… and usually he would just leave Sole to their grief. It was none of his business so he wasn’t going to get involved and at the time that seemed like the right thing to do, or so he’d thought.

None of this was Sole’s fault and he knew that. Damn it. This was cold. Even by his standers. Damn, he could be a harsh bastard sometimes. Hancock knew that. He had to admit Sole was strong and he rarely heard them complain about anything. Man, he couldn’t remember the last time Sole spoke let alone complained.

Maybe, he should go see if they were alright. He didn’t want them ending their life on his watch.

With another puff of Jet he walked into the room Sole had shut themselves in to a couple of hours beforehand and damn he couldn’t have been more ashamed by what he saw. Hancock knew he should have checked in on Sole sooner. Sole looked fucking rough. 

“Hey kid…” Hancock at least tried to start a conversation with Sole, but when they finally looked up at him he could see nothing in their once perfect eyes and that kinda saddened him. He sat with them and offered them some Jet. They declined his offer but thanked him none the less.

“Look… I know things are hard, I understand that. I’ve lost people I once cared for and trust me it’s a pain you never truly get over. I know the feeling. But ya can’t do this to yourself Sole. You’re one of bravest people I know and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this take you away from everyone who cares about ya.” Hancock sighed, he knew Sole was listening. They were just broken and they needed to be glueing back together. Yeah sure, there will be cracks left behind. But at least they would be standing tall again, just like they been when they first met.

“Sole, you are gonna feel better soon. Trust me.” Sole looked at his friend and decided to give Hancock’s words a chance. They both knew that Sole had nothing to lose, so what was the point in denying help? There was really no option at all, not for Sole anyway.


Nick just listened as Sole told their story. And even though he was a Synth he could still feel a sort of pulling pain in his chest area. He could always explain this pain but he could never understand why it was there. He was an old model Synth. He wasn’t designed to feel pain for others. But over the years things had changed. He had changed.

And yes of course, like so many others Sole needed his help. But this was different. Sole had risked their life to save him and not many would do that for a human let alone a Synth like him. So he took Sole’s case with a pinch of salt. He didn’t really know what he was dealing with here and he knew Sole didn’t either. But he decided to hear Sole out.

He watched Sole’s expression and saw nothing but a pain. It seemed to serve as a reminder of what they had been through.

Nick like most people in the Commonwealth had lost people, people were murdered or went missing all the time but he knew nobody that could only watch on as their loved ones were taken from them. This one was a new one even for him and he had no concept of this case and Nick’s pity only increased with every passing question. He tried his best to comfort Sole but he knew nothing he could saying would make the pain go away but he knew action might at least ease it.

“It’s gonna be alright. I’m gonna do my best to get your son back Sole. You have my word.”


Yes, X6-88 knew of Sole’s past and yet hearing about it again from them personally gave him a feeling. A new feeling he had never felt before. He questioned it everyday and in the meantime he tried his best to comfort his new travel companion. But with no success on the matter, X6-88 wondered if Sole could ever really be comforted through something as deep and as complex as this. He knew it was normal for humans to bottle in their emotions. 

X6-88 truly hated to see Sole unhappy, because he knew it would effect Sole’s combat effectiveness by 60% but the truth was deep down, even though he didn’t know it yet, he really didn’t want their past to get in the way of their future, he truly didn’t want to see them hurt anymore.


He reacted like any person would. At first he didn’t know what to say. He was truly shocked to hear the anyone could put another person through such cruel situation; but they had made the fatal mistake of doing it to Sole. He cared a lot about them and to see them cry, it hurt him. They had both been through at lot together recently and he really did owe Sole a lot. He had lost count when it came to saying how many times Sole had saved his life. But hey, he would always try his best to repay them. 

MacCready cleared his throat.

“I know this is hard Sole but you’ve… you-” He sighed. “Nothing I’m gonna say is gonna get rid of this pain and it’s not gonna happen overnight… and maybe it will never really go-away but I want you to know I’m here for you Sole. You’ve done so much for me and I hope you know without you life just wouldn’t be the same.”

“Thanks.” Sole looked at him and tried their best to give him a genuine smile; but MacCready knew this was still too raw for Sole, so he put them out of their misery for awhile.

“Don’t worry I’m here for ya for as long as you need me buddy.”


Piper had asked for a new story and she got one. But she couldn’t bring herself to write it. She thought, at the time that it would be a great read but everytime she tried to write something down she began to tear up. Just like she did when Sole had told her about it all in the first place.

God! How could she have been so selfish? She had to find Sole and apologise and she found them near her office. They were fixing one of their guns at the repair station and as she approached, she became nervous all of a sudden and she tried to convinced herself to step forward but she still hesitated.

“Sole?” They turned to face her, a smile was there but to her it seemed broken, forced maybe?

“Piper… Is everything okay?”

“No it’s not”, she told them honestly. Sole now looked concerned.

“Why what’s-” Piper cut them off.

“I’m so sorry. I was selfish and I was only thinking of myself. When you needed me the most I was more concerned about my news report. I shouldn’t have asked you all those personal questions! I had no right too and I really hope you can forgive me Sole.” Piper felt truly ashamed for the first time in her life and she didn’t know how to react to such a feeling. So she was panicking a little. She knew it showed in her voice but she didn’t care. Piper only wanted Sole’s forgiveness. “I only wanted to help you find your son and I never meant any of it Sole. If I could take back what I asked you I would. I really am sorry.” She really did feel ashamed.


“I understand if you don’t want to see me.” She began to turn away when Sole stopped her.

“What are you talking about, Piper? If I didn’t want you to know I would never have told you in the first place. I do have a mind of my own you know. I trust you and you were there when I needed you, trust me I know you were, and you helping me find my son is more than most people are doing. You don’t need to ask me to forgive you. But if it makes you feel any better, I do, okay?” Sole gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Now stop worrying. Don’t you have a paper to write”?

Piper couldn’t find the words to express how thankful she was. But she knew she didn’t need too.

She was glad in knowing she would sleep well that night. Nothing made Piper happier. But she had to admit she really liked it when Sole had kissed her on the cheek. Piper soon blushed at the thought.

No no no… no!

She still smiled at the thought and thanked God that Sole was around, she didn’t know where she would be without them and she was happy that they felt the same about her.

It was a very comforting thing.

I haven’t slept yet. Is that bad?

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Opinions o Dan and Phil doing stuff on YouTube red?

I’m not surprised to be honest - it was inevitable that we’d have to pay for the footage of TATINOF and the documentary [x] considering it was an event people had to pay to go to, and required most definitely a lot of expenses to make happen.

As this post implies, I think it only makes sense they are doing it through YouTube Red…considering YouTube is their livelihood and YouTube’s next step to stay relevant commercially (to compete against stuff like Netflix, Hulu Plus etc.) is nudging their YouTube Red stuff towards consumers. Not going to lie, I’m pretty impressed by the marketing move by YouTube to use Dan & Phil to spark/celebrate YouTube Red finally being available in the UK [x]

Branding and marketing aside, I genuinely just think it’s fucking cool. We’re going get professionally filmed HD footage of D+P doing TATINOF and a behind the scenes making-of documentary…???!!! That’s honestly my dream come true???

To get a lil sentimental now, I’m so proud of Dan & Phil.
I’ve watched them since 2009 so to see them go from two dorks messing about in a bedroom, to two dorks on stage (after going through their personal doubts about ever being able to do something like that) around the UK and USA, Canada and Australia …and now to two dorks creating a, in Dan’s words, ‘meaty feature length’ film… in such a short amount of time as well (HONESTLY IT’S ONLY BEEN 7 YEARS!!! STUFF LIKE THIS CAN TAKE OVER DECADES WITH TRADITIONAL/OTHER FORMS OF MEDIA!!!!) while being continuously and increasingly creative, passionate, kind and genuine…. is just… amazing?! inspiring?!
I honestly don’t know what word gives all this justice.
It feels impossible yet they pulled it off.
They’ve grown so much as content creators and I’m so glad to see that pay off (literally too if we’re talking money here ahaha).

I see so many people have their cynical doubts about this and I can’t help but have a feeling of deja-vu while I read people’s immediate reactions to this. It’s just like how it was with the book & tour and app.

So many of us assumed it was going to be awful, so many of us believed it was D+P’s way of sucking money from us (if you still think this, I recommend reading this post and this post)… yet what did the general consensus become after we experienced the book and tour? It was one of the best things that D+P have ever done and they made sure it was worth every penny. They put so much creativity, effort, time and passion into the book and tour (and app, and merch) and all of it reflects that. To see all that being literally recorded, preserved and then further distributed - including to those who possibly couldn’t make it to TATINOF - is a great next step.

For anyone worrying that you have to sign up to YouTube Red’s monthly payment fee in order to get the videos…YOU DON’T.

As he said, like with Scare PewDiePie, they will just be videos on Dan’s channel that will be needed to pay for. 
It won’t disrupt their content - it will only add two lil extra special videos. Knowing the phandom though, it wouldn’t surprise me if people get a copy of it and distribute it for free illegally although I understand why people do that, I would highly recommend paying for it if you can if you want to support D&P (and those who also made TATINOF and the documentary possible) further. It can help them make more stuff for us too!

TL;DR: I personally have no reason to doubt or not trust D&P (and their team) and what they are capable of making for us - based on how much I love their merch, book, tour and app - so I am very excited to see the additional content.

Can we talk about Daisy Ridley and John Boyega for a second? I feel like sometimes people make them seem less important or less amazing than they actually are. Daisy received a SCHOLARSHIP to a performing arts school which she attended for EIGHT YEARS. She is already nominated for many awards for her work on Star Wars including Best a Female Action Star. John was invited to a theatre school at age nine and attended there for 5 years of his life. He is also nominated for many awards because of Star Wars. I think what is actually most important about these two people is that they are 23 years old and seriously changing the world. Daisy has become a female icon to so many people including me across the world and John has become a person of color known by so many. They are showing the world that anyone can do anything. Being so young, I know they will both do amazing things. They are talented, hilarious, and bring light into this world. I am so thankful for these two and I hope the rest of the world can also see how absolutely amazing they are.

Yennefer of Vengerberg in The Witcher book series

After writing a post about Triss in the Wicher book series a few days ago, I feel that I should write something about Yennefer as well, she is my favorite character after all. Oddly this post is much harder to write than the previous one. Yennefer is such a complex character, I still feel like I’m finding out new stuff about her everyday. Every time I think I got her all figured out, I’m wrong. Even though I spend so much time reading about her I’m still fascinated by this character, she is a mystery I have yet to solve. She is also the best written character I know about. I always had a thing for strong female characters, I have a full list of characters I really like. None of them compares to Yennefer though, not even close. So here are my thoughts about Yennefer.

Where it all started

Sapkowski doesn’t explain who Yennefer is right at the beginning of the saga, he clearly intended her to be a character that the reader would learn to like gradually. Though, to simplify things here I’ll start at the beginning.

Yennefer never had an easy life. She was abused by her father as a child and her mother failed to protect her. So yeah she had a pretty miserable childhood, she never knew what a caring family was, she was not loved. Then she was saved, kind of, thanks to her magical abilities. Even though we don’t how she came to Aretuza, she did, and she was trained to become a sorceress. She even found some kind of a mother figure, Tissaia. But well, we all know the way Tissaia felt about sorceresses and motherhood… Anyway, Yennefer wasn’t that lost little girl anymore. She was safe, she was to become a powerful sorceress and yet this broke her even more. She was taught that love was a weakness. She found out that she would never have friends, not ones she could fully trust anyway because, yeah sorcerers are not what you could call trustworthy. She learned that she shouldn’t love anyone. And well, sorceresses can live for a few hundred years anyway, which love could endure that ? And most of all, she found out that she wouldn’t be able to have children, ever. That this was the price she paid to become a sorceress.

So, here’s the character we meet in the last wish. A powerful sorceress that has been through a lot, thinking that she would never be loved by anyone. She is good at what she does, she is feared by most people. She has that confidence that only people who have been through a lot and survived can have. She can even be a bit arrogant from times to times because she knows she can get the shit done. She is independent because she has to be. She is very smart. She is reasonable because she knows that life is hard sometimes and that dreams rarely come true. She is bitchy and selfish  sometimes because she learned the hard way that she could only count on herself. She is secretive and don’t allow anyone to be close to her. Yet there is more to her than that, so much more. She likes to pretend that she has no heart, that she is a bitch, she uses it actually to push people away, to protect herself but there is more beyond the armor than what meet the eyes at first.

The early days of the Yennefer/Geralt relationship

Here comes Geralt. Their first encounter is… well not an ideal one. And still Geralt sees right through her walls, falls in love with her and makes the famous wish. He could have wished for anything, he could have fulfilled his greatest desire and yet, yet he wished to bound his fate with hers, a woman he barely met. And Yennefer is astonished, she wasn’t expecting that, nobody ever did anything for her, nobody ever cared for her this way before. I don’t think she fell in love with Geralt right away but she was deeply moved by what he did. So deeply moved indeed that here it was, the first crack in that armor of hers.

And there it all began, The Story. I know The Story, you know The Story, everyone knows The Story. It has been told countless times already, in almost every book, tv show, video game out there. Here it goes, the strong female character meets her knight in shining armor and so she doesn’t have to be so strong anymore, that’s why you will find out that beyond the walls she built she is in fact some kind of a damsel in distress that will be brought into the light again by the knight in shining armor. Well Sapkowski wouldn’t be much of a genius if he had written that right ? And fact is, Sapkowski is a genius and he didn’t write that at all. Geralt was nothing remotely close to a knight in shining armor. Thing is, he was just as broken and hardened by life as Yennefer was. Yet he did crack her armor. He succeeded in making her think that she could be loved. And she was willing to make this work, she was willing to risk everything she had, everything she ever believed in for a witcher, a mutant, a monster killer. She opened up to him, for the first time she opened her heart to someone even if it meant than he could break her all over again. She still didn’t let go completely though, she was still being reasonable. That’s why when it became obvious that Geralt was not ready to commit she pulled away. And well truth is, she was not ready yet either, she needed something more.

Something more

There are clues in the firsts books that Yennefer is more than what meets the eyes at first. Among them is the fact that she is not satisfied with the life she is living. She wants something more, something she could never have, she needs somebody to love, she has so much love to give actually. And she also needs someone who could love her back, love her for who she really is deep inside. And so she wanted to have a child, which of course she couldn’t have being a sorceress and all. And here we can tell two things : First, Yennefer has so much love to give, she wants nothing more than to love someone, she would give anything for a shot at being a mother. And then, one of the things I like the most about Yennefer, her determination. When she wants something, when she cares about something or someone she is all in, she never stops, she never gives up. She knows it’s impossible but she tries anyway. It is heartbreaking to imagine her trying and trying again for years, and yet it is beautiful to see that she still has so much hope and faith.

And here of course comes Ciri. And Yennefer’s maternal instinct kicks in really fast. She instinctively behaves like a mother with Ciri, and a damn good one too. She is strict when she needs to be but also really warm and caring. And most of all she doesn’t let go of her strength, her wit, her sarcasm. Sapkowski is one of the few authors who understands that you can show the softer side of a character without depriving her from her personality. The result is great. And I love the fact that just like Geralt, Ciri can see right through Yennefer’s walls, she sees who she really is and she loves her deeply.

Then there is that moment when Ciri calls Yennefer mom for the first time. And then everything changes. Geralt had managed to crack the armor, Ciri at this moment, with only one word, tore it to pieces.

Reinventing herself

From this moment on the character development for Yennefer is an amazing ride. Her love for both Ciri and Geralt blossoms and it is wonderful. Yennefer is that person that doesn’t offer her love easily but when she does she gives everything she has and you can always count on her no matter what. And her whole arc is absolutely beautiful. This story about a ninety years old sorceress, willing to reinvent herself entirely, letting go of everything she ever knew for the two people she loves the most is heartwarming.

She allows herself to dream about a future with Geralt. She would do anything for Ciri. She is usually so reasonable and smart but for Ciri she went after Vilgefortz, knowing that it would probably not work, knowing that she would be tortured and that she would probably die. She did it because there was no other options. She couldn’t sit there doing nothing because once again she never gives up. So she did it anyway. I’m laughing hard right know thinking of the reaction most gamers had to the necromancy thing in the game. Come on guys, Yen was willing to give away her life in the books when she ran out of options, so yeah she would do necromancy too if needed. It doesn’t mean she liked it.

The thing that is absolutely amazing about all this is that she is still Yennefer, she is still strong, she is still sarcastic, she can still be bitchy sometimes, she is still the character we met at the beginning, but we get to see the golden heart she was hiding back then too. She can show her soft side, she can care about Geralt and Ciri without letting go of her strength. She is still a strong woman, but she shows it in a different way. When she endures torture she has faith that Geralt is coming for her but she is not waiting for him to show like a damsel in distress, she uses that faith she has to keep fighting. Her love for Geralt and Ciri is making her more confident and stronger than ever. In my opinion the moments when Geralt made her wish and when Ciri called her mom for the first time are very important transitions for Yennefer. I could talk about that for a very long time but I’ll just quote the Sapkowski in The Last Wish short story : The whole world had ceased to exist for a brief moment […]. And then the world started to exist again but it existed very differently. That’s how meaningful these moments are for Yennefer.

A sorceress’ tears

One of the things Yennefer learned while she was training to become a sorceress is that showing her feelings was a weakness, crying was a weakness. This is one of the many reasons why she built her famous ice queen mask.

At the end of the books though, Yennefer dies giving away all of her vital energy trying to heal Geralt, and she dies crying. This shows just how much she has grown. She doesn’t care about showing her weaknesses anymore. She doesn’t care about what people will think. She only cares about her family. Once again she gives everything she has for the ones she loves, out of pure love without a second thought. And in that moment, kneeling on the ground crying she is stronger than she ever was before, this is Yennefer at her very best. Her determination, the strength of her love, until the very end.

Usually fantasy literature will tell you about these normal people, leaving their home and their family to go out in the world and achieve greatness. The witcher does the opposite. It will tell you about these extraordinary magical people finding their humanity again, finding their way home to their family. And it is so much better.

2016, what a year you’ve been!

Where do I even start?

Let’s start with something personal, 2016 gave me two amazing holidays with hubby where we made unforgettable memories visiting beautiful new and old familiar places. We experienced a lot of new things together and it only brought us closer, there is no doubt in my mind there is only one man out there for me and I thank my lucky stars that I’ve found him and get to spend every day with him.

2016 is also the year that made me realize how fragile life is and how quickly it can all be taken away from you. How important your health is, how without that nothing else even matters.

2016 made my faith in humanity crumble, terror is everywhere, even on our doorstep now and fear is slowly but surely taking over. Fear makes people stupid and dangerous, and this may be the saddest thing to come out of this year, it’s an evolution that scares me, the state of the world right now scares me and should scare all of us.

Let’s get back to more positive things: it’s been a year of beautiful new beginnings. It’s the year that made me realize how unimportant some things are and how I shouldn’t let it affect my real life or my emotions. 

It’s been a year of new crushes, new fandoms and with that came new friendships, it’s also the year that strengthened some old friendships and showed me who I can rely on. 

2016 is the year I got over Tom Hiddleston. (I should have this printed on a t-shirt! I never thought this would happen!)

This past summer has been freeing and eye-opening, it showed me how ugly the internet can get and how angry people can get over things that don’t really matter. It also learned me that it’s okay to be critical and to use your voice and to let go of things that no longer make you happy.

2016 brought a new muse to me and a love for writing that is only growing, I am so thankful to have this creative outlet and to have readers to share it with.

I want to thank everyone who is still with me, those who have been here from the start or only recently joined, the ones I chat with regularly or those quiet ones I see in my activity every day. 

Oh and a special shout out to all my toxic bitches! ;)

You all make this Tumblr experience amazing! It’s been a fucking crazy year and you all helped me get through it!

I wish you all happy holidays and I hope you get to spend it however you want to spend it. I hope 2017 brings good things for all of us, and if not we still have Tumblr and each other (and a bunch of gorgeous Marvel men) to distract ourselves with ;)

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(1) (Feel free to ignore this, just wanted to put this out here :) ) so, like today i watched these old Videos of larry, like where the closeting started to became really bad and those fan made videos, and like I wasn't here back then, I only started believing in Larry in early 2014 (before that I was a hardcore elounor-shipper) and I have to say that this is just so idk so incredible, like they have been (I assume) together since after X factor and now look at this, how far they are now,

ik that they are still In the closet and that it’s a long (but somehow short) way to the coming out, but it just makes me really happy that they are still together, that they are still going strong, after almost 4 years.. It actually amazes me, because I wasn’t really the right person that should give you love advice, I had had these bad experiences with love (romantically and friendly(?) ) but now i can see that yea, sometimes love is not so good and life is hard, but if you have the person you love the most by your side (and so many people that support you) than you can make it. And like I said it before, I was an elounor shipper, I was negative towards the Larries and wasn’t really keen on the LGBTQA-community.. 

You could say that I was really homophobic but not like saying the things in my mind out loud, and I didn’t even realize how much those things I thought must hurt people until I started being a Larry-believer.. I, myself am now (and always have been) bi and I don’t really wanna imagine how I would have reacted on this fact, like 3 years ago.. I’m halfway out if the closet (my friends know, some of them not really nice reactions, only one of them supports me 100%; my family will never know, unless I marry a girl, they don’t support this, <- reason why I grew up as being homophobic) and actually I came out to my friends only last Friday and l&h/the whole Larry community really inspired me to do this, and I hope that those two (this band) and this fandom realizes what they can do to a person.

 And now this got really out of hand, my point is, it amazes me that they are still going strong after I all these years (& many after) and I just wanted to thank all of you, you all are great people and I hope you realize you can make a person live his life better, really I wouldn’t have it any other way to learn all of this, so thank youuu<3 sry this is so long now._.

this is so so amazing, congrats to you and much love, thank you for sharing ♥

I’ve been asked to share my story here. I’ve commented bits and pieces of it when it seemed relevant on posts, but I’ve never told the whole thing before, so here goes:

I didn’t have it easy growing up: I lived with an abusive parent and spent my teenage years struggling with anorexia and then bulimia, whilst cutting myself and eventually becoming suicidal. When I moved away to college, rather than finding the freedom I’d hoped for, my depression only got worse. Then I discovered Supernatural.

I quickly caught up (watched seasons 1-8 in a month) and then a week after finishing I suddenly realised that I hadn’t cut myself, I’d eaten good healthy meals and been genuinely happy for that whole week. I’d always admired Sam greatly and identified with him to a certain point, I knew even then that this monumental shift in my thinking was due to his amazing example of perseverance through adversity and fighting for the good in this world even when it seemed hopeless. In retrospect (and after many a re-watch) I now know that the line that caused this turn around was from 7x04 Defending Your Life: “I finally feel like my past is my past and I can move on with my life.”

At first, after this first good week in years, it was hard not to relapse, but it seemed like if I did it would be betraying Sam and this miracle that he had done me. Then I went online to investigate the fandom and discovered the incredible SPNFamily. I soon realised that Jared is just as amazing as Sam and it became my dream to be able to go to a convention and thank him in person for changing my life. The thought of doing that is what I held onto when the road to recovery was hard, but I can proudly say that it’s been over two years now and I have not once relapsed and that is all down to Jared and the wonderful character he portrays.

But that’s not all Jared’s done for me. 

Despite now having lived away from home for six years, my biggest fear (really my only fear) was my abusive mother. On the rare occasions where I did have to see her - Christmas, grandmother’s birthday etc - I would spend the entire train ride to my hometown silently crying. When I got off the train (and at any time during the encounter I was struggling) I would imagine Sam was walking with me, holding my hand, and that gave me just enough courage to make it through the time I was there. Over the years, every time I re-watch season 1, I’ve noticed myself shifting from the way Dean blindly follows his father’s orders to the way Sam stands up to him and argues for what he thinks is right. Very recently I finally found the courage to stand up to my mother and confront her over the way she treated me as a child. We’re not quite there yet, but things have definitely improved and I do have genuine hope that one day we will be able to have a good mother/daughter relationship. Again, thank you Jared and Sam for making something that seemed impossible come true.

Finally (if anyone’s still reading), there was the time last November when everything went to shit and I nearly killed myself. I’d thought that I was in a good place, stable mentally and emotionally, and so was excited when I had the chance to move to another country for work. I was not prepared for the return of my depression along with crippling anxiety. I was having weekly panic attacks, I was so terrified that I’d made a mistake in something that I was unable to check my email or listen to my voicemail. I felt like a complete failure of a person and that just by being alive I was a burden to everyone around me and that they were constantly wishing I wasn’t there. I would spend the entirety of my work day counting down the seconds til I could leave, but then get back to my apartment and wish I were dead because being alive was so painful. I couldn’t even sleep because I felt so paranoid, but I didn’t even know what I was scared of. Just that I was shaking and had a pain in my chest that nothing would get rid of. Then one day when I was just staring out the window at the city (my apartment was on the 7th storey) it occurred to me how easy it would be to jump and end it all. I got up and walked to the window. I opened it. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, then another miracle happened. 

I had a flash of memory of Jared at a recent convention talking to a fan who was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. This is what Jared said to her: “Getting rid of yourself won’t help anyone. Keep fighting, even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for, one day it’ll become clear.”

It was Jared’s voice I was hearing in my head so I automatically listened. Then the words sank in and I was immediately overwhelmed with the knowledge that I didn’t want to die. That I wanted to live, and it didn’t matter if I’d been through hard times, I wanted to be like Sam and keep fighting for good and to help others wherever I could.

Since that moment I’ve never once thought about killing myself again and I know now that I never will. I’ve come to accept that yes, some days will be more difficult than others, but even when those days happen I just think about all the amazing the things Supernatural and the SPNFamily has done and it doesn’t seem so hard to carry on. 

I always enjoyed writing and now I focus my efforts on writing SPN fics dealing with triggering topics and the response I’ve had of people saying how I’ve helped them or made it possible for them to make it to tomorrow has been truly overwhelming. “I’m not some hero who can just hit the road to go fight monsters” but I’m trying to follow both Jared and Sam’s example to do a little good and help people where I can. 

I guess what I really want to say is: THANK YOU JARED for bringing such a truly inspirational character to life through your incredible hard-work and talent. You’ve definitely made the “saving people” part of the family business true in real life as much as on screen and the response to the #Always Keep Fighting campaign is proof of that. I wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t said those words, and I know the same goes for so many people in the SPNFamily. So, thank you.


This is 1000% inspired by the headcanon that Gajeel writes his own lullabies and sings them to his kids to help them go to sleep and Levy thinks it’s the most adorable thing on the face of the earth. 

And I was feeling the need to write more Gajevy fluff.

You can find it here on

­­­­It’s not the shifting of the mattress that wakes her. Nor is it the padding of his feet across the carpeted bedroom; Mavis knows that for being a hulk of a man, he’s certainly light on his feet. Really it’s the click of the door closing behind him and the incessant need to pee that’s been Levy’s constant best friend and worst enemy for the last seven months that rouses her from a fitful sleep.

She tries to settle back down, adjusting her position in bed to alleviate some of the pain in her hips, her back, her shoulders, her everywhere, from her ever-expanding body. But sleep, well sleep is like her feet, an illusion, just out of reach around the expanse of her belly.

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