amazing weekend!


To all the Fannibals that are attending this event:
Pleeease keep me (or basically everyone who can’t attend the event) updated with pictures! Tell us what they said, what they did, how they looked like, the questions that have been asked… I’m so sad that I couldn’t go, so could you guys do us that favour? ☺️
I hope you guys will have an amazing weekend!

Hey my lovelies

So as some of you know, i’m starting college in the fall (or maybe july depending on the last few decisions i make). I’m going to be studying engineering and it’s probably going to take up lots of time.

I’d like to have someone to help me run the blog and make sure the queue stays full if there are days i can’t log on. 

So if you’d like to help me run the blog you should send me a message because I’d like you to start as soon as possible so that you can learn the tagging system I use and all of that. 

I’d like at least one person to help me out, but i’m willing to have three or four helping run the blog if there’s enough interest. 

Much love and have an amazing weekend lovelies!




 You’re nice and an amazing chef —— there’s no way I’m letting you go. 


anonymous asked:

Hello! How have u been?

been doing well! i just got back from visiting and spending the weekend with @tayegi which was seriously A M A Z I N G. she’s exactly the same irl and i’m so glad we’re still friends even though we’re both so busy and dying but here are some pics from the weekend! (minus pics of us. gotta respect that privacy~)

btw that ddukboki was literally death. so good but SO BAD but SO GOOD AS;DLFKJ

anywho besides that, school’s still killing me, but this short break has been really nice and rejuvenating. also i really need to catch up with bts cuz they WON’T FREAKIN LET ME LIVE. but thanks for checking up on me lovie! <3

i wanna know how you guys all are too! i miss y’all, so leave an ask telling me how your day, week, month, year, etc. has been! :D