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Well, look who arrived in Seattle all arranged in their traveling trunk! Despite a 12 hour delay (don’t get me started), we are settled into our hotel near the Washington State Convention Center and ready to meet Ms. Balfe at 12:30 pm PST on Friday. Sindy Claire and DDPJ are most grateful to @outlanderedandoverhere for their amazing wardrobe, including t-shirts to represent their charities. Happy birthday, dear Fiona! How fitting that the DollFrasers will be delivered on your special day!

Brad Simpson Imagine: You stay the night

REQUEST: Hay I love this blog could I have an imagine where you meet his family an stay the night an in the morning his mum say how cute the two of you are then you and his dad takes Jess for a walk my name is Sophia I have dirt blond hair and green/blue eyes x

Turning the corner to reveal my boyfriends house, I smiled. I’d been invited to go round and spend the night with him, seeing as his parents were going out with his sister and her boyfriend. He apparently didn’t want to go because he felt like he was third wheeling without me, so instead asked me to go and have a movie night with him, which I quickly accepted. 

Knocking on the door, a small smiley woman opened it and her face lit up when she saw me.
“Oh you must me (Y/N), ooooh Brad’s told me so much about you, I’m Brad’s Mum, come in come in!” She hugged me tightly and then beckoned for me to go into the house.Cleaning my feet on the door mat, a big golden retriever came bounding up to me. 
“Hey there Jesse” I giggled, stroking her soft mane.
“She likes you” His mum smiled
“Jesse in here now please” A man shouted from the kitchen
“Oh hello there (y/n) and how are you?”
“I’m really well thankyou, how are you?”
“All the better for seeing you” He smiled
“Well aren’t you just the prettiest little thing, oooh my boy has done a good job finding a little stunner like you…”
“Muuuuum, shhh” a familiar accent said coming down the stairs.
“Hey there Bradley” I smiled
“What’s up buttercup” He laughed

Brad led me into the Kitchen, where his mum and dad were getting ready. We made some snacks and then went into the living room where we were going to be watching movies for the night. I ran up into Brad’s room to fetch some blankets while he sorted out the films we were going to be watching. Walking back into the living room, Brad was spread out on the sofa and there was nowhere else for me to sit. Brad looked at me and patted the sofa in front of him. Not denying his request, I snuggled into him with the blankets around us. 
“See you guys later!” His mum shouted
“See you, have a nice night” I replied
The door slammed and Brad and I were alone.
“Looks like you’ve made a really good impression on my mum”
“Brad she’s lovely! and I am particularly fond of your dog too” I laughed
Jesse was in her bed, settled in at the side of Brad. Our movie night started, and we watched everything from Pitch Perfect to The Woman in Black. Listening to Brad scream like a girl at the horror films definitely made my night. As the night went on, my eyes became heavier and I could feel myself drifting, I knew I wasn’t staying the night but I couldn’t leave Brad on his own, then I…..
“Aw look at these two love bugs” a voice said
As my eyes fluttered open, the daylight from the window blinded me and I saw the silhouette of a young girl. As she became clearer I could see that she looked a lot like Brad, so I presumed that it was his older sister. Hearing a groan from behind me, I looked down to see Brad’s arm around me and his face nuzzled into my neck. We must’ve fallen asleep last night. 
“Shut it Nat” Brad mumbled
“I don’t want to move” he whispered in my ear
Suddenly there was the sound of a camera click and Nat giggling. 
“That’s definitely going online” she giggled, leaving the room
“NAAAAAT….” Brad groaned “She’s always that annoying”

After waking up a little, we made our way into the kitchen. I was still in the clothes from yesterday so Brad gave me one of his hoodies and a pair of his sweatpants. Surprisingly, the sweat pants fitted me perfectly but the hoodie was a little too oversized. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and began to make breakfast for the family. 
“Do you know how attractive you look wearing my clothes” Brad mumbled in my ear, placing little kisses on my neck
“Not here Bradley” I giggled as he tickled my sides, forcing me to turn around and place my arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his lips as our foreheads touched. 
“Brad, stop with the PDA for goodness sake man” Nat laughed
“Leave them alone, god they’re adorable” His mum said walking in behind.
Brad’s face went bright red as he returned to helping me prepare the breakfast. All of a sudden, both of our phones beeped and we checked to see that we’d both been tagged in a post by Nat on Twitter. There were two photos, one of Brad and I sleeping and another of us hugging in the Kitchen with the caption ’My two little love bugs’. 

The breakfasts I made for the family were widely complimented, apparently I do actually make really good pancakes. Brad went upstairs to take a  phone call from his manager whilst his parents went into the living room to watch the television. I stayed behind in the kitchen to clear things up. 
“Need any help?” Nat asked
“Oh yes please, if you wouldn’t mind”
Coming next to me, she dried the dishes whilst I washed them and we talked. Nat told me a lot about what Brad was like when he was little and she said that I was the only girl Brad had ever seemed genuinely happy with. We also had a little bit of a water fight, which was stopped by Brad’s mum, ending up with us both in giggles of laughter on the floor.
“Listen, do you want to borrow some of my things to get changed into? I mean you’re probably going to be spending the day here and it’ll save you putting the stuff you wore yesterday back on”
“Are you sure Nat?”
“Of course, c'mon!”
Nat led me up to her room where she let me borrow a pair of tights and a really cute dress along with a burgundy cardigan. Nat had such a good dress sense.
“Wow, Nat your wardrobe is amazing, man I wish I could dress like you”
“We’ll have to go shopping some time, it’ll be fun!” She smiled
Leaving me in her room to get changed, do my hair and my make up, I went back downstairs and sat in the living room with Brad’s family as they asked me questions about myself as well as Brad. 
“Urgh” Brad groaned, flopping himself on the sofa
“Sup?” asked his Mum
“Joe needs me to go to the studio to record the last verse vocal for Can We Dance but I wanted to spend the day with (y/n)”
“Awwwwwww” Nat cooed
“NAT!” He shouted
“Jeez soz” she laughed
“Brad go” I smiled
“Yeah but…”
“Brad, (y/n) is right, Your mum and Nat are going shopping for food, and I’m going to take Jesse for a walk around the park, (y/n) can join me…that’s if you’d like too (y/n)”
“I’d love too!” I smiled

That was decided, Brad’s mum drove Brad to the studio and then was going straight for the shopping. Brad’s Dad put the lead on Jesse as I put my converse on and we started off on our walk. I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward at first, but we bonded and we talked a lot about different things. 
“Brad’s smitten with you”
“He is?”
“You’re his world, you’re the only thing he speaks about, he idolises you and, well, I just want to thank you for making my son so happy”
“It’s my pleasure” I smiled
“Cm'ere” He said, pulling me in for a hug.
We finished our walk and returned back to the house where Nat and Brad’s Mum had already arrived home with the shopping. Brad then got in from the studio and cuddled up to me on the sofa whilst we all watched the latest episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’


[Continuing with our list of reasons to watch Timeless, a little belated, to be completed (hopefully) before we hear about the renewal. Really hoping we will get one! #Timeless #RenewTimeless]


It’s wonderful to watch these characters in their costumes. Every week we look forward to where they’re gonna go so we can appreciate the amazing work the wardrobe crew does. It’s educational and fun, and really true to the time periods they’re in. Plus, have you seen Abigail Spencer in all her fantastic costumes? That has got to be the best part of it. There’s not one time period she can’t pull off. The costumes are not limited to the main characters, the extras and guests also have amazing outfits to go with the eras. The whole ensemble is amazing, it feels like going back in time with them.

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Coming Soon: Reason #5

in collaboration with @officerparker

This was supposed to be made in the week leading to the season finale, but that plummet in ratings left me really down and I had no motivation to continue. SORRY! And then after that real life got kinda crazy. But this shall be finished. 

Celebration Orlando

Finally had some decent sleep so here are some untidy notes from Celebration.

- Did not regret spending 2 nights in a row sleeping on the concrete floor and not showering. Was able to enter both the 40th Anniversary & The Last Jedi panel.

40th anniversary
- I cried as soon as they mentioned Carrie Fisher.
- Billie Lourd was incredibly strong. You could tell she was speaking fast not to get too emotional when talking about her mom.
- Seeing Harrison Ford was a real surprise.
- Hayden Christensen received a round of applause. Not sure if he was expecting such a warm reaction from the crowd.
- Seeing John Willians was an even bigger surprise. Not in a million year I’d expect him being there with an orchestra.

Last Jedi
- I still have chills. Everything was so incredible.
- Rian Johnson must have the time of his life and I regret not getting up to get his autograph. I didn’t expect him to stay for 4 and half hours and I was too tired to move when he showed up. He seems genuinely to care about Star Wars, the fans and the crew.
- BB-8 is so life like. I wanted to cuddle him. I like the idea of having him the Buster Keaton of the movie as Rian said.
- It’s so good to finally know more about Rose!
- KMT had a great story about how she managed to convince her parents that she was filming an indie movie in Canada for 4 months because she wasn’t allowed to say anything about shooting Star Wars. She even had mapple sirup sent over to cover her tracks 😂
- Daisy said something about Rey’s expectation concerning Luke, like sometimes you shouldn’t meet your heroes.
- Mark joked about him being such a troll that he knew nobody would believe what he said on April 1st about Luke having taken a vow of silence and communicating telepathically. @tehanufromearthsea immediately thought of your story.
- John was so cute when he said “Poe is my boy.”
- I gasped when I saw the first look at the character’s design. That picture of Rey walking on the cliff is so beautiful.
- Rian looked so revealed after the trailer when he came to announce they’d play it once more. Like genuinely happy! It was so great.
- The poster is so beautiful.

While watching the trailer
- OMG it’s here! I’m here! *squee*
- It’s less flashy than TFA.
- Leia wardrobe looks amazing.
- Luke is the Light, Kylo is the Darkness, Rey is the balance. *pees her pants*
- Scar!!
- The Resistance base is under attack. Oh noes!
- Much lore, Wow Force.
- Yaaaaaaass!!!!
- OMG OMG!!!!!

so many gay stereotypes operate under the assumption that all gay men are upper middle class and can afford to have amazing wardrobes and go to plays and stuff like that and it can be disheartening so here’s a shoutout to all my fellow poor gay men & boys, you’re all super gay & great


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Day 1 get tatted and kick some ass. 😜😜😜😜All my aloha to my crew and cast. Safe journey. Ready for this adventure. Cheeeeeehooooooooo aloha Arthur

#Repost @prideofgypsies ・・・ Me and Jen I love working with amazing artists. From our wardrobe to set design. From stunts to makeup. Truly an honor I’m a very lucky man. Aloha Arthur