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Let's Try--A Zankie one-shot

So I just started writing something else and this is where I went. I guess I wanted to write something a little more current. This one picks up when Frankie’s second Out Magazine interview comes out and Frankie gets back to NYC after the AMAs gig. 

Let’s Try

Zach was leaning back in his seat with his headphones in. The train was humming along and making its way toward NYC. He only had about 45 minutes left on the train. He was so anxious. He was trying to focus on the music, but he was having a hard time. He could hear Taylor Swift belting it out, but he couldn’t really listen to the words. The song ended and the next song playing was “Break Free.” Zach shook his head a little and hit the button to play the next song. He couldn’t listen to Ari right now.

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