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↖️️ Who’s going to see SHINee?

This girl, that’s who! Not only will I be going to SHINee World V in Dallas but I will be in ROW3!!!! How completely insane is that?! I’ve been losing my mind about it all day. I’m finally home and it’s really, really, really setting in how close that is to SHINee and I want to cry. Is it March 24th yet?! 

Let me tell you a story about this courageous little male Anthela Ocellata that I released today…

Well, I took this little guy out to where I usually release my moths and took him over to the specific pot that I usually hide them in until it’s night where they come out and fly off.

There were a lot of skinks out today and one was in the pot so I decided that I would release him into a different part of the garden where I couldn’t see any skinks.

So he catches the breeze and very happily flies off and lands in the garden as he tried to figure out where to go next and it was a very beautiful goodbye… until a skink came racing out of nowhere and took him!!

So there I was, distraught and jaw-on-ground as I was trying to process that I may have just spent months… raising this moth from an egg… only to have accidentally fed him to a skink!! I was so terribly speechless and distraught!

My husband and mum came out and I, head in hands, told them what happened. “I was releasing him and a skink took off with him in his mouth!”

My husband saw some wings under the bush where the skink took my little moth and called for me to come over. The lizard had dropped the moth and run away! I picked up the poor little thing and found that he wasn’t even injured, just in shock!!


I took him over to a bush and put him within the bush, hidden from any predators and balanced a thick leaf over him to further hide him. He grabbed onto that bush and seemed to recover, despite still being in a bit of shock. I was so happy to see that he was okay, and tonight he should be able to venture out in search of a mate with no troubles (except the usual night predators).

And that’s the story of the little male Anthela Ocellata and the skink.


Before I got here, I was in the hospital.  I have… well, I had? I don’t know.  This thing that I couldn’t shake where I felt like, because nothing was ever not going to be pointless and empty then, uh… why go on.  

And then I got here and… it’s amazing I survived as long as I did not knowing that I was a magician.  

I can’t go back.

Bless Eliot’s “I just came out here for a cigarette and now you’re pouring your heart out at me and, oh Christ, now you’re crying” face.


“Because of the gunshot that went through the left hemisphere of my brain I was totally paralyzed on my right side, and it basically impacted my ability to see clearly, read, write, walk and talk. It went to the language center of my brain. So I rolled over on my back and began to push myself with my left leg that still worked, still functioned, and the nearest exit just happened to be that second floor window.

So on my back, basically crawling or pushing myself with my left leg, weaving my way between strewn about tables, chairs and other dead bodies basically. And it took me - from the time that I was shot to the point that I actually got to the window - was a three hour period. So I just sat there for a second, resting, regaining my strength, and eventually I was able to fill up enough strength to push myself, my back, up against the wall there, and flip over. The window had already been broken out so I remember sweeping away excess pieces of jagged glass and hearing this voice shouting at me from across the parking lot, and it was actually one of those SWAT-team members, yelling at me to stay there and that they were coming to get me. - Patrick Ireland 

I feel like Emeryn’s death in Awakening is one of the most beautifully done and meaningful death scenes in any video game and sadly very underrated. It is because of this that I have never gotten her as a DLC character, in my mind she died from the fall and it made an amazing moment, having her survive (albeit with severe brain damage) just doesn’t seem right, having a person as naturally peaceful as Em fighting and killing others seems even more wrong.


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Introducing the PJO Fluff Guard! 

In the shadow of World War Angst, we have decided to create the Fluff Guard to help the fandom survive the amazing and painfully wonderful Angst that will be coming. 

This is a place for Fluff writers to share their creativity, get recognition, share ideas and prompts, and take requests!  

Members will be taking requests for headcanons, art, and fics!

So send us asks with a prompt for any ship you want us to see us post!!!!!! 

You don’t have to be a member to get rebloggedWe will be posting and reblogging any fluffy fanfics, headcanons, art, and other creations tagged with #pjofluffguard or @pjofluffguard

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~ The Generals aka: Sami ( @riptidescap, ) Jessalyn ( @percycalypso, ) and @darkdiangeloofhades

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